Our Night

By Mike Apthorp

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She smiled as she drove. She knew I'd be sitting there waiting with the video camera to see what new thoughts she'd had on her weeklong trip. I was always there; waiting.

"This time", she thought, " ... it would be different."

She'd been especially horny since she bought that tight little red leather mini-skirt with matching stockings and five inch red heels. She remembered all the men in the mall doing double takes as she paraded in front of the mirror. She loved to be watched. Especially when .... Her smile grew as she neared the house.

I heard the key in the door. This was my cue to start filming. I watched her through the camera as the door slowly opened. She looked so beautiful, so sultry in her red leather outfit. Her long black hair draped down over her red leather jacket that was cut just enough to show her beautiful dark skin enough for me to know there wasn't much under it. She shut the door and dropped her purse on the carpet.

"God, those long drives make me so horny", she said as she turned on some light music on the stereo. Then she looked right into the camera, "You know what I do when I get extra horny don't you", she asked with a wicked little smile?

Images raced through my excited mind as I got up and followed her shapely ass to the bathroom. When I turned the corner to catch her in the view finder again, my jaw almost dropped to the floor. She was sitting on top of the vanity with her skirt up around her waist showing the red leather garter belt that held the stockings over her sexy legs and her red g-string panties down around her beautiful ankles.

Now ... I knew I was in for a treat as I watched her sweet cunt, brushing against her swollen clit as often as possible. She was so wet and excited, plus the excitement of being watched, even video tapped, so we could watch it again and again. This heightened her pleasure to orgasmic delight. I watched her eyes as she continued rubbing her dripping cunt while she must be imagining herself and her man making passionate love.

"That will come later", she whispered as she carefully began to trim the hair from around her swollen pussy.

I could see she was excited as her cum was glistening as it flowed from her pussy down to her tight asshole. I wanted to taste it so bad, I could feel my own pre-cum oozing from the head of the hard cock in my pants. That would come later also, and, with a smile, as I continued taping this wonderful event.

Her dark skin glistened and looked so good as she slid a finger inside her dripping cunt and rubbed cum on her clit. She then spread her pussy lips apart to show the camera her beautifully pussy.

"Looks good enough to eat, doesn't it Honey", she asked as she quickly hopped off the counter before I could reply.

The camera caught up with my beauty again in the bedroom. She was looking for something in the closet. My mind wandered as I prayed that she wasn't looking for a different outfit. Finally, she pulled out a big thick fur blanket and an oversized gym bag. "The bag of fun", she called it. It had everything from handcuffs to massage lotions. Again she smiled her sultry little smile at the camera as she made her way out the door past me. Hungrily, I followed her every sexy little wiggle and step to our Game room. Just an empty room, except one small chair. She spread the thick fur blanket on the floor, dropped the bag near one side and unzipped the top as I sat in the chair off in one corner, filming her every move.

She stood up and gave the camera an evil little look as she slowly began to unbutton one of the three buttons on her jacket. Between opening each button I watched as she tantalizingly rubbed her thighs, then stomach and breasts while she looked at the camera through a slightly turned head licking her ruby red lips with her long tongue. Finally the third button opened and, as she slipped off the jacket, she turned her back to the camera. The coat was tossed aside showing the back of a red leather bra against her dark skin. The cups had holes, which allowed her dark nipples to show. I watched her from behind as her silky hands ran up the back of her lovely thighs to her firm ass where she gave a light squeeze then over her stomach to her huge tits. Slowly she turned back toward the camera as she pushed her huge tits up to meet her tongue. She licked her rock hard nipples in long slow licks from the leather bra that did nothing to hide her lovely breasts, but merely held them out for me to admire.

She was facing me and, altering long slow licks on her huge nipples, she fantasized of her long hot tongue running up and down the length of my hard cock. Then slowly she turned away again to let me watch as she opened the j-hook and zippers of her mini-skirt. She didn't let it fall to the floor, but rather bent over at the waist and moved it to the floor. Her beautifully rounded ass pointing in the air. She gave the camera a little wiggle as she stepped out of the skirt and tossed it aside. I could see the dark red g-string of her panties running up her tight ass.

She removed her panties, next, without standing and spread her legs, reaching around to spread her butt to give the camera full view of her tight dark asshole. My mouth began to water as I imagined my hard cock being engulfed by her hot pussy, but the show wasn't over ... yet.

She knelt down between me and the bag of fun and began rummaging, every once in a while placing something in front of her on the blanket. I heard the familiar jingle of handcuffs, but they never came out. she had only a jar of Vaseline, a dildo, another large rubber cock and a vibrator. My smile grew as I saw the familiar large butt plug came out of the bag. Then she pulled out 'The monster'. She'd only used it once before as she had just recently bought it. She had complained that it hurt her so much that she wanted to throw it away. This massive double-headed dildo is about seven inches in circumference and two feet long.

"This is going to be interesting", I thought to myself as more pre-cum leaked from the head of my cock from my balls that had a week's time to build up. They ached to give their milk. They wouldn't have to wait a while longer though.

She lay on her side with one leg bent up to give the camera perfect view of her swollen pussy lips glazed with her sweet love juices. She began rubbing herself gently across her clit. I noticed the red fingernail polish. "She thinks of everything", I thought as she slid one finger inside her dripping cunt. Soon it was two fingers as she finger-fucked herself and rubbed her hard clit with her thumb. Her other hand was busy massaging one of her huge tits and pinching her nipples. She began fingered her cunt faster and faster as her head fell back and moans of pleasure started past her lips.

Her rhythm was slow now as she reached for the butt plug and dipped it in the Vaseline, sliding it carefully into her tight ass. Her face grimaced a moment when the large plug widened her ass hole, but then went back to pleasure as she could feel the slight pain in her ass. Her fingers darted in and out of her soaking wet tunnel of love as she reached for the bigger of the first two dildos. Without missing a stroke she slid the dildo deep inside her burning cunt and began to fuck herself hard. Her other hand reached down to spread her pussy lips to expose the rock hard clit as she pumped herself harder and harder.

Then she reached for the other small dildo and brought it to her mouth. Her tongue reached out to greet the rubber cock as she licked the shaft and gave the camera a sultry look.

Now my cock really ached and I was wondering how much more of this torture I could endure before I lost all that hot cum to my pants. As soon as I thought my balls would explode, she stopped, removed the two dildos and grabbed 'The Monster'. She closed her eyes as she licked one end of the giant prick. She could barely get her mouth around it as she tried to moisten one end. She finally flipped it over and lay flat on her back with her legs slightly bent, but spread wide apart, as she slowly eased 'The Monster' to the mouth of her hungry, bald cunt. Slowly she eased this thing inside her as her pussy seemed to gobble the inches as she worked it slowly in and out of her hole. Finally I knew she had it in far enough as she rolled over and assumed her position on her side. I watched as she fucked herself with this thing and I could see the anguished pleasure on her sweaty face. The more she fucked herself the faster her rhythm became until, all she could do was to use two hands and lay on her back while she rammed this huge dildo in and out of her aching pussy.

"I'm cumming", she screamed as her rhythm increased and her entire body began to quiver in orgasmic ecstasy.

I watched in frenzy through the camera lens as I unbuttoned my pants to let my hard cock out for some air. Then I saw her look at me. Her eyes told me that now was the time so I set the camera down to film us as I made my way to where she lay, holding out my cock for her inspection.

"Cum in my mouth", she begged as she felt the sting of the huge dildo and the stretching pain in her asshole from the butt plug. I barely slid my cock into her warm mouth when I felt the biggest surge in my balls. She looked into my eyes as she began to taste the hot ... thick ... salty ... cum fill her mouth. My balls kept pumping and my beauty couldn't handle all the jism I had saved for her. My cum began to flow from the corner of her mouth down her cheeks. Finally, the last drops squirted on her beautiful face as she milked my hard-on for more while she kept ramming 'The Monster' cock in and out of her orgasming cunt.

Now it was my turn. I removed the monster and slid my aching cock deep inside her dripping cunt. I could feel the butt plug as I fucked her hard and fast. I could feel the sweat sting my eyes as I kept tried to fill her quivering pussy with a load of my hot cum. I watched her huge sweaty tits bounce from side to side and I could feel her hands on my ass, pulling me deeper and deeper until she felt my hot cum begin to fill her shaved pussy.

I leaned over and kissed my beautiful wife. "Welcome home ... Honey, I missed you", I said.

"I missed you, too. I love you so much", she said.

"I love you too", I whispered as I closed my eyes and we fell asleep in each others arms.

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