An Office Fuck !

By: Ronaldo Rythmman

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It was the end of the day and everyone was preparing to leave work for the weekend. Cathy, one of the secretaries, said to a few of us co-workers, "I have some homemade wine up in the lunch room. Let's go try it."

About six of us went up and started drinking wine along with several beers that had been left in the cooler. Gradually, most people left for one reason or another, leaving only Cathy, Brian, and myself.

Brian and I started teasing Cathy about sex, and making suggestive remarks. She had the reputation of being a hot number from time to time. We were talking about different experiences, and I mentioned that I used to like to play strip poker with my old girlfriend. Cathy said she had never done that, but that it sounded exciting. Brian and I, of course, dared her to play. She said that we would chicken out before her, so we all agreed there was only one way to find out. Then, we had a problem ... no cards.

Being inventive, as I am, I came up with the solution. We would toss coins and the odd coin would have to remove a piece of clothing. Luckily, we had three coins. We flipped and I lost first. I removed my shoes and we flipped again. We continued until I was wearing only my pants and underwear, Brian had on his shirt and pants while Cathy was only wearing her shirt, bra, and panties. Before we tossed again, we looked at each other to see who would chicken out. None of us did.

This time Brian lost his shirt. It was getting down to the nitty gritty. We tossed one more time and Cathy lost. She removed her bra from under her shirt and you could see her nipples pushing through the thin material. Still ... nobody quit.

We tossed again, covering our coins with our hand. I had a head; Brian uncovered his ... a head. Finally Cathy showed hers. It was a tail.

Cathy moaned, "Oh ... No!" as she slowly removed her shirt revealing two firm erect breasts. I moved to allow the bulge in my pants room to grow ... as did Brian.

"What now", Brain asked?

Cathy only had on her panties and looked very excited. We picked up the coins and flipped, each of us covering our coins. Unexpectedly, Cathy tossed her coin across the room, exclaiming, "I lost. How about I do both of you at once. I've always wanted to try that. Let's toss another coin between you two. Heads I blow ... tails I fuck."

Brain and I held our coins ready to toss when I asked, "What if they come up one heads and one tails?"

"Well ... I'll just have to suck and fuck you both."

We were trembling with anticipation as we each tossed a coin one last time. I came up heads, Brian had tails.

Cathy approached, unfastening our belts, pants, and pulling them and our underwear down around our knees. She grabbed each of our cocks in her hands and started stroking. After a little foreplay Cathy looked at us and suggested that Brain fuck her doggy style, while she sucked me. After that ... she would switch. But ... she demanded ... Brian had to promise not to cum until his cock was in her mouth. I had to promise to cum in her throat.

Cathy walked over to the couch while Brian removed her panties revealing her soaking wet pussy. After fingering her for just a minute, Brian thrust his seven cock deep into cunt while Cathy moaned and started grinding. I approached her from the front and she reached out, bring my cock to her mouth. It only took a minute for us to get into a rhythm. We rocked back and forth moaning and pumping. I could tell it wouldn't last long because we were all too excited and, within minutes, Cathy let out a long sigh. I knew she was cumming and I thrust deep into her throat and shot my load as she swallowed every drop. Brian was about to cum when she pulled away.

"Remember guys ... time to switch", she said, waiting for Brian to move in front while I circled around to her behind.

Brian stuck his wet cock into her mouth and I watched her sweet ass bounce as she pushed and pulled her head, actively blowing his rod. I couldn't resist as I placed my hardening prick next to her ass hole and let her push back as my cock entered between her cheeks. My prick hardened as her ass hole opened receiving every inch of my rather large cock.

Cathy reached back, grabbing me by the waist and pulling me close as my stiff cock plunged into her ass and Brian pumped into her mouth. We all came with such intensity that we collapsed on the couch.

"That was unbelievable", yelled Cathy. "We'll have to stay after work more often. But next time ... bring a deck of cards. I'm a lousy card player."

"Maybe ... but your a great fuck", I said. We all looked at each other, laughing, knowing our working relationship would never be the same.

"This is one great job benefit," I said as I fondled Cathy's breasts, hoping for more after action.

"It sure is", Cathy whispered.

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