Office Fantasy

By WiLd1TeXaS

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I am looking around your office, while your are finishing up your work! You're paying no attention to me as I sneak up behind you and give you a surprise.. I start to kiss your neck, licking and sucking your soft skin.

Keeping your eyes on your work , you start to let out little moans. You find yourself having a hard time paying attention to your work. I reach around you and cup your breasts into my hands and squeeze them together .. Rolling your nipples through my fingers you start to moan a little louder with excitement ! I pull your back into me , letting you feel my cock pushing against my jeans and throbbing to be let free ! I run a hand down over your stomach and rub all over your tight little belly , and barely brush it over your pubic area..

I whisper in your ear, "Baby , I want you ! I want you to cum on my fingers."

I undo the button on your jeans, unzip them and run my hand over You're sweet pubic hairs. I tell you to reach back and rub my manliness.. You do it willingly.. I let you undo the zipper and you slip your hand inside my jeans. Realizing that I have no undies on you rub over the bare fleshed mushroom head of my cock!!

I run my hand down a little and feel you getting wet, yearning for penetration. I begin to run my finger over your swollen clit and press into it and I shake my fingers all over it and run my finger around It.. On it .. Over It..

You begin to moan louder and squeeze the length of my cock in your hand. I whisper in your ear to take your clothes off. I take mine off..

Once we are undressed I ask you to lay down on the table and put your legs in the air. I sit in your chair right in from of your beautiful body. I rub and squeeze your breasts as I lean forward near your waiting cunt!

Breathing heavily, my saliva drips down on your pussy as I look up into your eyes and see you all excited. I push the tip of my tongue against your swollen clit. You start to arch your back and moan with pleasure. I do lizard licks over your juicy clit, darting my tongue across it and right below it! You begin to moan louder like you are now out of control. With my tongue flat I go down to the tip of your asshole and lick my way up over your juicy cunt. I run it flat over your clit ! Then I surprise you and I thrust my tongue deep inside your awaiting cunt. Licking all around and deep inside you while I taste your sweet juices. I enjoy having my face buried deep in your pussy. You start to moan louder and you are yelling, "I'm going to cum for you baby. I'm cuuuuuuuummmmmmmingggggggg. ohhhhhhhhhh Godddddddd. I'm cuuuuuuuuuuumming all over your mouth baby. Oh, yes, Baby."

Licking your cum into my mouth and tasting your sweet nectar on my tongue I stand up and have you sit in the chair. I lay down on the table, letting my legs dangle over the sides. You begin to lick up my inner thigh and do little lizard licks on the head of my cock rolling your tongue all around the head. You suck the head in and bob up and down on it. With your tongue you lick down the sides of my cock, then back up the underneath side to that little spot right under my head. You then lizard lick on it. Oh baby, you suck the head back in your mouth and you suck down the length of my cock and deep throat my entire prick. You are still licking and sucking my man-meat!

"Gonna cum soon!", I yell, as you start bobbing your head up and down more. You reach down between your legs and start playing with your clit.

"Oh, yes, Baby! I'm going to fill your mouth with my hot juicy cum! Oh baby, I'm going to cum for you. OOOhhhhh God Baby..... Ooohhhh Yesssssss I'm cuuuuuuuummmmmmmming... Oh god Baby ... awwwwooohhhhhh.. yes..

"Baby", I whisper, "I hope you have enjoyed this."

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