Fire and Ice

By Nancy Slave

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I set about getting everything ready to complete my Master's assignment.

I place two big towels on the floor, layering them one on top of the other, a taper candle in a candle holder, a box of matches, paper towels, my butt-plug and lubricant. I walk out to the kitchen to retrieve the final items .. filling a cup with ice. Thinking to myself for a minute I decide to add some cold water to cut the edges off the cubes. Carrying the cup of ice water out to the living room listening to the clinking of the ice on the glass and setting it down next to my other toys. I lower myself onto the towel, laying down on my stomach. I generously cover my finger with the lubricant. Circling my finger around my ass, slowly spreading the lubricant around my tight ass and gently pressing my finger in as the muscles loosen. Working my finger deeper and deeper I feel the muscles relax, allowing my finger inside.

Twirling my finger inside my ass, spreading the lubricant and enjoying the sensations as my ass is stretched and prodded. Feeling comfortable that I was relaxed enough I reached over to the glass and pulled out an ice cube, nicely shaped from the water. Pressing the cube against my ass, feeling the puckered ring tighten against the cold intruder, a flash of fear crosses my mind. I continue by pressing harder and consistently until the icecube slips inside very cold inside ...holding still and breathing deeply as my body adjusts. Finishing the preparations, I press the butt plug into my ass hole to hold the ice and I roll over onto my back.

Working to hold the plug in ... concentrating hard to hold my ass tight ... I lift my knees up and spread my thighs wide. Feeling the cool air on my hot wet pussy lips I reach over and remove another icecube from the cup. I quickly press this cube into my pussy and follow it with the second one as my master had ordered. My thighs press tightly together to hold the ice deep inside so that I could finish my assignment. Resting for a moment, feeling my entire body react to the cold ice inside my hot cunt and ass. Taking in a deep breath I get ready for the next step.

I remove the burning candle from itís holder. Moving the candle over on top of my chest, my hands trembling, I hold my breath and bite my lower lip, preparing for the hot wax. My eyes focused on the melting wax and waiting for the droplet to grow large enough to fall. Then, watching as that first drop falls, burning against the skin of my breast for an instant and then fading just before the next drop falls. I wait for the drops to fall over my nipple and the top of my breast. The heat causes a sting of pain and then a nice heat on my skin. Tiny splashes of the hot wax fall over my chest and neck adding to the torment. First the hot wax covers my right nipple and then my left. I concentrate hard on making the wax fall where it needs to be, though my hands are shaky.

At last enough wax on my breasts so, holding my hands over them, I feel the heat still in the wax as it slowly hardens, noticing how hard my nipples have remained even through the pain. I let my thighs relax and was surprised by a gush of cold water between my legs. Ohhh ... a shiver of pleasure as the cool water coats my wet and hungry pussy, awakening the sensations from my swollen clit.

The ice was melted and the cold water remaining was flowing from my pussy. I reach my hand down and play with the water mixed with my cum. Scooping some with my fingers and watching the syrupy mixture drip onto my stomach. I playing with the large puddle on my stomach, swirling it around, fascinated with the amount of sweet juices flowing from my pussy. Moving my fingers to my mouth I taste the faint sweetness of my cum, savoring it in my mouth. Thinking to myself ... Now it is time for the hard part.

Getting up onto my hands and knees I hold the lit candle in one hand while I spread my pussy lips with the other. I reach under and leip the candle into my dripping cunt, feeling the heat from the flame warming my ass hole. I stay in that position and count to one hundred as my Master had demanded, gritting my teeth as my ass gets hotter and hotter.

Finishing the count I remove the stub of a candle and slowly circle the flame under my breast, feeling the heat and watching the wax on my nipple slowly melt. The wax drips onto the paper towels. Occasionally the candle getting to close and I feel a sharp sting of pain. The wax melting still clings around my nipple. Until finally, I can't stand the heat on my nipple long enough to make the wax melt. Whispering into the air "I am sorry Master ... but, I have to stop".

The tiny globs of wax surrounding my nipple taunting me. I can not stand the heat with the candle so close to keep the wax hot and melting. I remove these last bits of hardened wax with my fingers. My breasts are feeling so warm and my nipples are very tender. My thighs are covered with a mixture of my sweet juices and the water from the ice ... such a nice surprise. Laying back down on the floor I raise my knees up and resume the position from before. I am increasingly aware of the butt plug in my ass as the muscles threaten and cramp. Running my fingers over my smooth shaven pussy, dipping my fingers between my swollen lips, parting them I feel my wetness. My fingers pressing deeper and stroking up and down my slit ... searching out my clit... teasing it. My clit already swollen and awakenedso I let my index finger circle around and around that sensitive area. Increasing the pressure and the speed of the movement with every circle my body grows even hotter and my pussy is starting to tingle with excitement.

My finger brushes over the very top of my clit sending a shudder through my body. My hips press upwards involuntarily and a soft moan escapes my lips. Arching my back and closing my eyes and I feel my body take over control. Circling and brushing over my clit furiously with my index finger I add the second finger. My thighs shake and my breathing comes hard and raspy. I feel an incredible pressure building deep inside me as my fingers work my body to a frenzy. Taking in one long deep breath, my body explodes as my fingers press against my clit. My hips lift and jerk up with the spasms from deep inside. My pussy and ass are griping and releasing hard with each wave of orgasmic pleasure. The plug slips from my ass and I feel a flood of my juices sliding down my crack and soaking the towel below me.

"MmMMm", I whisper as every muscle in my body relaxing in ecstasy.

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