By: Nick Danger

There Dave and I were in our favorite bar, not much had been happening, so we were about to leave. This women appeared out of no where and "going somewhere boy?"

"We were just about to leave and go over to my place and party"

"If you let me cum I will suck off both of you without the use of my hands."

Of course you don't need a building to fall on us. So we arrived home and Dave went to get some beer from the kitchen. When he got back Ashleigh, that was her name, had me on my back on the floor and was pulling my pants off. "Shit you don't waste time do you", he said.

She put her hands, palms flat on the floor and began to work. At an inch at a time she slowly turned with her velvety lips kneading at the crown then at a very slow pace started to swallow more and more of my big 7 incher. The movement of her body and the slow rippling of her throat muscles against my dick is all it took, without even the slightest break in the slow rhythm of her mouth she swallowed every drop of cum I could supply. While I lay convulsing on the floor she grinned at Dave and said. "Well your next, but only if Nick fucks me while I'm working"

After some positioning we were ready.

She started working in Dave's dick, but differently then mine, I entered her soft warm pussy slowly moving with her, Dave's dick is larger then mine (B00-HOO).

"Let see who cums first", Ashleigh said. I decided I'd join in and not use my hands either. Dave was groaning slightly from the treatment he was receiving. Since Dave was on the bottom he started to gently twist her nipples which increased her eagerness. While were we both surprised when she came first, but did she stop what she was doing? Certainly, she did not. To both your chagrin Dave and I came at the same time.

Ashleigh swallowed Dave's load, and without missing a beat she suck what little I had left after depositing it her lovely sweet pussy.

We did it all without the use of your hands.

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