By: Nikita Sanchez

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One night I was out on a date with my then girl friend. We were going to eat and see a movie. It was a nice evening so we stopped in an open field to sit a watch the beautiful night sky.

Afterward, we went to eat at Ruby Tuesday's and while we were eating she was feeling me under the table like crazy! She really needed it! So we left and decided to skip the movie and go back to the field. On our way she couldn't stand it and she started feeling herself all and stripping. Then she bends over and starts to feel the bulge in my pants; she slowly begins to take out my cock and she starts sucking it. Her lips on my hard prick felt so good.

When we got to the field she jumped out of the car. She grabbed the bright purple blanket, unrolled on the ground, and stripped down naked except for her purple scarf! She crawled over to me untied my shoes laces with her teeth. She took my shows off, followed by my pants and everything else. She grabbed my cock and led me to the bag She laid me down and began giving me the best head she had ever done! All the time she fingered herself as she sucked on my cock. I was so excited I shot my load into her mouth and she sucked as the cum dripped on her chin.

She kept sucking and I was hard again in a minute. I wanted to cum again but I held it all in and we got in a 69 position and proceeded. She with another blowjob and my sucking on her warm cunt and stiff clit. This one felt even better. I sucked her cunt so hard, she was gasping for air as she came all over my face. She got off, pushed me aside and spread her legs. I got down and teased her a little and then inch by inch I dove my hard cock into her wet pussy. She was so tight from being eaten that her pussy lips literally sucked on my large cock.

I shot my load into her warm cunt and we both calmed down. We lay in the field and stared deep into the warm night sky!

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