By: Nikita Sanchez

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It was to be a long day in the computer room ...

I was alone, the gentle humming of 22 computers around me was making me excessively horny for some reason. I heard the door open and instinctively darkened my screen ... I didn't want anyone seeing the XXX pics I was scanning

"Hey, Nikita!", I heard and nearly jumped out of my skin, but looked up to see one of my classmates peering over my shoulder. "Watcha doing?" she asked.

Reluctant, I showed her the pics. She licked her lips, seemingly turned on by what she saw. She asked me if I ever did what I saw in the pics ... you know the ones where girls have dildos up their pussy & asshole ... but I didn't answer. What did she want, I thought.

I logged in to a chat room, finding a friend there. We started talking, then we started cybering ... Maria was intrigued watching meand before I knew it, she had her hand in her jeans, rubbing her wet clit. I could hear her moaning. I was getting pretty wet myself, but I had never had sex with a woman. Soon I abandoned my cyber partner and took Maria by the hand ... I led her to the workroom down the hall and locked the door behind us.

She had an impish glint in her eyes. She took off her clothes, as did I, and she came forward and took me in her arms. We kissed ... so deeply ... and I could feel my pussy getting wetter ... my juices wetting my clit. We laid down on the floor ... she looked up at me ... her eyes very mischeivous ... she dipped down and licked my swollen clit ... her tongue thrusting into my pussy ... mmm ... my hands held her head to me ... mmm ... she came up ... kissing my tits

I turned over and pushed her wet slit into my face ... I ran my tongue from her clit to her asshole ... it tasted so good ... finally ... we were tongue fucking each other so fast and hard ... her cum tasted so good ... she turned over ... kissed me ... and stuck two fingers into my asshole

"Oh, yea ... so good ...", I whispered.

I had countless orgasms that day and now we meet in the computer room at least once a day ... and we end up in the workroom down the hall...

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