NightGames 2

By: Mistress Dalila

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he ... his ... him ... you ... in this story are not capitalized, intentionally.
Thus, the author emphasizes the inferiority and degridation in the situation. Dungeonmaster

In a daze, moving slightly to give him room to breathe, I slowly come down from my high and find the tip of the blade pressed firmly against his limp cock. Throwing the knife on the floor, I turn to look at him. he is breathing heavily, greedily, sucking the air into his lungs in deep breaths. his eyes are closed again, his face soaked with my pussy-honey. I lean forward, gently tracing my tongue along his cheekbone, tasting my own essence. Dark eyes still closed, he lays limp, out of breath, as I slowly, softly, clean his face, working my way to his lips. he is strong, but, oh so soft. My tongue dances around them, my teeth nibble lightly, lips brushing against lips.

A slight movement as his arms, hands clench and unclench. There are small marks where the rough leather touches his skin. his lips are slightly parted as his hot, labored breath warms my cheek. My tongue gently presses into his mouth, responding, caressing each other. One hand finds his balls, fondling them softly. Kiss, soft, lingering, passionate, wanting, breathing heavily as his muscles move beneath me.

Breaking the kiss, I just look down into his face. Half-laying atop him, wanting to see his dark eyes, I breathe ...

"Open your eyes."

A second's hesitation, then his eyes open, and I see frustration, lingering pain, need, and anger? I kiss him again, softly, demanding. his arms strain. When I break away, a few heavy breaths, then he speaks. he wants to know why I am doing this to him. he needs to know ... he sees the gag and goes silent. Just an ordinary ball gag but it will prevent him from speaking, yet I will still be able to hear his whimpers and moans. It is just the way I like it. I move to put the ball in his mouth and he closes his lips. I look into his eyes and speak softly, pushing the ball. he turns his head to the side. My fingers are in his hair, pulling his head straight as tears well up in his eyes, again, from the pain.

"... you know I will get my way, why do you resist me?"

he looks at me, defiantly. Without another word, he opens his mouth and lets me insert the ball and strap the gag on. I do, tightly, as I watch the straps dig into the corners of his mouth. I hear a slight gag reflex ... it is a big ball ... it passes. My lips brush against his cheek. I look into his eyes again, and am startled. Pain, of course, anger, a little, but disappointment? Why, I wonder?

My fingers, soft, warm, caress his cheeks, and his neck. I move down his body, kissing, and caressing. I can feel the tension in his body as he tries so hard to resist. But, his body betrays him as I sense beneath me, his prick growing hard. I realize the anger in his eyes is not towards me. he is angry with himself, because he enjoys what I do to him. The mixed signals of pain and pleasure have confused him. I smile to myself.

Glimmering, moonlight on metal, I hold a short chain, on each end is a contraption. I see him watching, wondering what it is. I bring one vicious silver clamp to his left nipple and attach it. Immediate response as he pulls his head back. A muffled scream pushes through the gag as his muscles strain. I let the pain sink in, and watch, as his cock rise as his body adjusts and relaxes slightly. Tears flow from his eyes, wetting his lashes. I move to attach the second clamp, and listen for a brief moment to his muffled pleas. I savor his pain as I pull the chain, stretching his nipples, looping the links under his stiff prick so as to maintain pressure on his tender nipples.

Moving down, I kneel between his legs as I pull on a pair of black latex gloves, which cover most of my arms. I see him watching me, blinking to see through the tears. Touching a finger to his hard cock I trace the veins, up from the base to the head. A twitch, a shudder as his breathing becomes heavier, almost panting.

Lubricating the palm of my right hand I remove the chain and wrap my fingers around his stiff prick, moving it slowly, up and down. Out of his sight I lubricate a finger, two, three. he is so lost in pleasure that he does not notice the slick finger probing his orifice. Lubricating the passage I suddenly remove my hand as I hear his moan of frustration. Then realization ... as three well lubricated, slim, fingers are roughly shoved into his ass. Moving my fingers in and out, hard and fast, loosening the muscle, I massage his hot spot. After a minute he throws his head back, the moans mixed with pleasure and pain. I stop, and move up.

I remove the gag, placing a deep, lingering kiss on his lips. his hips moving in small thrusts as his arms strain to get loose. I replace my soft lips with a strip of duct tape. his eyes open wide, wondering. I put the blindfold back on as his head moves from side to side, trying to peek ... no doubt. Removing my left glove, I place my right hand to his stiff cock, stimulating. My left hand moves softly across his face, then, finding, stops, and pinches his nose. This cuts off his breath just at the moment of release.

The struggle lasts only a few seconds, then there is stillness. I remove the blindfold and make sure he is really unconscious. Then I remove the restraints and the gag. Quickly, gathering my things, I leave only my black lace panties behind, as a reminder to him. I cover him up, and stand for a second, looking at him. Then I leave, as silently as I had entered.

he will wonder if it was for real.

The sun is coming up as I exit onto the street.

Copyright © Mistress Dalila, 1999
Not to be reprinted, reposted or distributed in any other way without the consent of the author.

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