By: Mistress Dalila

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he ... his ... him ... you ... in this story are not capitalized, intentionally.
Thus, the author emphasizes the inferiority and degridation in the situation. Dungeonmaster

Like a wisp of mist I enter his home. Quietly, like a spirit, I move through the rooms until I stand before the door. It is slightly ajar, and through the crack I can see him sleeping. I push the door open and just stand there and look at him. That beautiful body, each time I see it I crave it more.

I listen to the others talking about him:
Knowing that they want him as well ... but for a different purpose.
I wonder what they would think if they knew what I want to do to that beautiful body.

Slowly, carefully, I float towards the bed. I set the black leather bag on the floor and gently pull the cover off him. I smile, he sleeps naked. Very carefully I retrieve the metal cuffs from the bag, set them on the bed, beside the pillow. Slowly, gently, carefully, I move his arms into position, then fasten his wrists together, and to the headboard, with the cuffs. Holding my breath as he stirs slightly I proceed.

The chains to the shackles make a slight noise as I pick them up, but he is fast asleep. As carefully as I moved his arms, I move his legs and fasten them to the corners of the bed.

I sit on the edge of the bed, fingering the black silk scarf around my neck, thinking, admiring his wide chest and his bulging abs. Finally I decide to blindfold him so carefully tie the scarf over his eyes. I move up on the bed, making myself light as a feather, straddle his chest while keeping my weight on my knees. I wait.

I lean forward and lightly bite his neck, his neck, and his shoulder. I feel him stirring. I move up and nibble his ear, whispering.

"Wake up, little lamb. The big bad wolf is here to play with you." Feeling little movement I rise above him, raise the stiletto heal of my black pumps above his limp cock and slowly, ever so slowly, grind the sharp point into his limp cock until I hear the ever so pleasant scream of pain.

I feel the straining as his muscles moving beneath me as I lower myself to sit across his chest. I bite, his neck, his shoulders, and his throat.

He speaks , wonders who is there ... but knowing the answer. I brush my lips lightly on his as I bite harder. My breath flows across his cheek as he struggles, making me more excited. I crave him. I crave his body.

I crave his blood.

One sharp fingernail traces the outline of his collarbone, down his chest. The sharp nail finds his nipple. My fingers move almost automatically, rolling the nipple, then pinching, lightly, harder. A gasp of pain as the other hand imitates the movements of the first. I hear another gasp.

Cursing, swearing, not very convincing as my hands move up his chest, twirling his hair, pulling slightly. My nails rake down towards his belly, flicking his hard nipples in passing. I hear him breathe and feel more straining. The way his muscles move beneath me ... I feel a shiver down my spine and more wetness between my legs.

My fingers grasp his nipples and start to twist and pull. A cry of pain escapes his lips, and then a whimper. I pull the blindfold off and ... Yes ... there are tears. I pinch harder ... twist ... pinch ... pull. his eyes close, tears run down his temples, into his dark hair. I lean forward to lick the salty tears from his face. My warm wet tongue is on his cheek, as my fingers twist harder. he whimpers again and I shiver with pleasure.

My breath brushes against his face again, I whisper: "Open your eyes."

They open and I see dark gray pools of pain shimmering with held-back tears. I feel the grim smile on my face as my fingers let go of his nipples. Instead ... my right hand searches, and finds, the twelve-inch silver blade beside the pillow.

My eyes are locked on his , hypnotizing him. I speak to him in a quiet voice. Telling him he is mine ... forever. I hold the blade up for him to see. The silvery light of the full moon glimmer on the blade, revealing the runes of power engraved on it. I watch his eyes change focus as they go wide with fear. I feel his renewed struggling against his bonds, which are of no avail. I hold the blade still, keeping my eyes on his , as I move down until his now semi-erect penis is trapped between his belly and my wet cunt. Even as he continues struggling, his eyes flick between the glimmering blade and my gaze as I feel his cock growing hard.

I lower the blade to rest the tip of it against his throat. Hard enough to make him feel it, but not hard enough to break the skin. Now he starts begging. I reach over to get my black lace panties that I discarded earlier. I raise myself slightly, just enough to push them against my wet pussy, soaking them with my honey. I shove them into his mouth and cover his lips with a broad strip of duct tape. This makes it harder for him to breathe ... his nostrils flare as he desperately tries to concentrate on breathing evenly.

Still straining, not as vigorously, his erection remains hard against my dripping inner lips. Leaning forward, the tip of the blade presses against his throat as I his s into his ear

"Don't move, or you might hurt yourself."

Increasing the pressure I move the blade to rest on his chest as I watch the red bead form at the hollow of his throat. The crimson liquid slowly seeps from his skin as I lean forward and brush my lips on his cheek. My fingers collect the precious fluid. As I look into his eyes, my hand moves up, my fingers painting my lips.

My lips are red ... blood red ... red with blood ... his blood.

My tongue moves between my lips, licking the liquid from my fingers, savoring the sweet, metallic taste of him. Our eyes are locked together. he is hypnotized. I lean forward, kissing the wound from the small prick made with the tip of the silver blade. My tongue licks up the blood. My hips moving, almost involuntarily, rubbing my wet cunt against his hard cock.

My hands again find the ivory handle of the silver blade as I move it to his left nipple, circling, burning, and biting his flesh. Another cut ... just as small ... a dark red twin to his nipple is forming. My mouth closes on his nipple, sucking, gently at first, then harder. Finally my lips leave his flesh, my tongue lashes out to lick up the last drop of his blood.

The other nipple ... another cut ... suck ... lick ... savoring the taste of him.

I sit up straight, my eyes never leaving his. he struggles no more. No sounds escape his lips. Just the eyes, his dark eyes, filled with pain, and something more...

... surprise ... as I put the blade to my own flesh. A small cut is made in my right nipple. Then another cut on the left as I lean forward, pushing my nipples against his , mixing my blood with his . I rip the tape off his face, pull the panties out of his dry mouth, and replace them with my lips on his , my tongue raping his mouth, probing deep. I feel the response from his arms struggling. My hands, let go of the blade, letting it fall on the floor. I push his arms down, pulling his hair, holding his head.

My hips move, rubbing against him. his hips move in response. I feel an explosion building inside me as I move away from him, only to turn around, and smother him with my dripping wet cunt.

"Lick", I his s as I grab his balls and squeeze roughly, repeating my command: "Lick!"

I feel his hot tongue enter my hungry pussy and my grip changes to a caress. I rub my juices over his face, feverishly, feeling the fire inside me like never before. My hands find the blade and bring it to rest against his thigh. A small cut I make before I lick, suck, cut, suck, lick.

I move ever closer, feeling his right thigh, his left thigh.

"Goddess ... the fire", I whisper. I crave him. I crave his pain. I crave his ... Blood.

Scraping the tip of the blade up and down the shaft of his stiff cock. I feel his shudder beneath me as he misses the rhythm. I cut again as I hear his muffled scream of pain. he stops as my grip on his balls tightens. The Beast is loose ... his sing hoarsely.

"Eat me, little lamb! Before I eat you..."

I crush his balls as the sharp tip of the silver blade pricks his still hard cock. he resumes his task, finding the rhythm as I lean in closer to suck, lick. A moan of pleasure escapes as his hips moving slightly, limbs straining against the restraints.

Another cut and the muffled scream, missing the rhythm, but finding it again. "Suck ... lick ... fuck", I moan.

The fire is burning ever hotter as my thighs crush his head between my soft inner skin. his tongue finds my button, flicking it furiously. My hands caress his balls. Cut ... another cut as he groans. Suck ... Lick ... Moan ... Fuck ... as his hips thrust, searching the release he so desperately needs.

Cut ... Whimper ... Suck ... Fuck ... Lick ...

Oh Goddess! The fire ... The Beast ... Devours me ...

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