Just Another Night

By Rich

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There I was, just sitting there on my computer, writing another program. I was playing Bush in the background, it always seemed to relax my anxious side. Nine Inch Nails did the same. I think that is one part about living alone; you always have to have something going on in the background. In the distance I heard the cars pulling up, I thought to myself, "must be another Wedding" you see, I lived above a reception center. Some times I would turn the lights off, and watch the beautiful young women come and go. I had blocked out the noise, and continued to program when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"It must be another lost guest, " I thought.

Reaching the door, I parted the blinds a little, to see if it was actually some that I might know, but their back was to me. I grabbed my keys, and unlocked the dead bolt.

To my surprise when the person had turned around I could not speak. My eyes wondered around her body, she was amazing. She had deep blue eyes, perfect cheekbones, and those beautiful pouting lips.. Oh those lips. Images flashing through my mind..

"Excuse me" She said again,

"I'm sorry" I replied, "May I help you?"

Then our eyes locked, the charged air around us was almost over whelming.

"I hellip; I hellip; " she stuttered "I was wondering if this is where the brides maids were meeting" Her hands started to fidget a bit at her sides, she was nervous.

"No, I'm sorry, these are private residents, can I perhaps point you in the right direction" by then, she knew I was stalling her, she knew I just wanted to look at her more.

"Umm can I use your phone" She asked, there was a little glitter behind her eyes.

"Please come in." I put my hand on her lower back, and guided her inside.

"You can shut the door," she said, becoming more bold.

As I did she stepped over to me, and whispered "no more words" and looked me deep in the eyes, asking me to kiss her.. I did, her lips were like soft velvet, and I could feel her breast plummet against my chest. My hands ran to the small curve in her back, drawing her closer.

She was running her hands down my thighs, and I could feel her anticipation as she most likely could feel my own.

I lifted her off her feet and swept her deep into another entrancing kiss. Her breath was hot against my face, and I could feel my cock tense in my pants.

I carried her toward my room.

As I laid her down on my queen sized bed she spread her legs, inviting me closer. As I leaned down she undid my trousers, and they fell toward the ground. The passion at this time was almost enough to make me cum.

My hands swept her dress up, which exposed those wonderful thigh high panty hose, and a pair of white lace panties. Her back arched upward.

My fingers perused the inside of her thigh; I could feel her wetness through her underwear.

"AHHHHH, I want you to kiss me, I want you to kiss my pussy", she moaned.

That was music to my ears, I pulled her panties off to expose her wanton clitoris. She was perfect all over; she was by far more eatable than some women that I had been with were.

I bowed my head, and moved kissingly toward the her ripe pussy, when my tongue made contact she grabbed my hair, and thrust her hips forward, my tongue went deep, I explored every craves, I did not want to leave any part of her neglected. As my tongue caressed, she began to cum and said " I want you in me now."

I moved atop of her like a cat, smooth and rubbing, feeling every curve of her body as I approached her perfect face. Her thumbs had found the edge of my boxers and withdrew them. Her right hand grabbed me, as she said, "Be rough, I want it hard."

I drew back a little, and grabbed her thighs, pushing them up toward her face, exposing her fully to my ravenous vision. I rest my cock on the outside of her soft lips, rubbing back and forth. She became wetter.. "What are you waiting for", and with that I thrust my cock deep, putting all of my weight behind it. She gasped for air unable to scream, as I pumped hard, she continually pushed her hips toward mine, letting out sighs and moans, I pulled the one shoulder strap down to expose her breast, they were large, and her nipples hard. I grabbed her tit, as I pushed deep inside her. "Yes", I said tensing all the muscles in my body her hands around my back, her legs wrapping my calves pulling me in and out of her.

I exploded inside of her; she let out a great moan.

"Will I ever see you again", I said.

"Read the news paper on Monday."

By then we were dressed, and she had found out that she was at the wrong place all-together.

"What's your name", I asked?

"Kim" she said.

And with that she left.

On Monday morning I picked up the paper, as I looked through it I saw nothing of any real significance until I got to the Events section and it read " "Kimberly and Raymond Walker were married this weekend in what some say the perfect ceremony."

I smiled, and went back to work.

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