By Jim Ford

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You walk in wearing only a long T-shirt. You look at me under the impression that I am asleep. You walk over to the bed and remove the sheets to find I'm stark naked. You smile with a devilish grin and walk away. I, upset that you walked away and wanting to make passionate love to you, turn over and finally go to sleep. Suddenly I awake to you sitting on top of me. I love when you're on top. You lean over and our lips meet then your tongue explores the inner reaches of my mouth. I am so turned on by the way you are sitting on top of me and the way we are kissing. Then you slowly begin to pull away. As you pull away I move forward so that we can keep kissing. It's then that I realize I'm shackled to the bed. My hands and feet are cuffed to the bedposts! I begin to panic and when you sense this you bend down once more allowing us to kiss.

You pull away once more, and this time I ask you why I'm cuffed.

"I want to see what you are made of", you say in a mysterious way

"Well can you take me out of the cuffs first", I half ask.

"If you are worthy ... now shut-up", you command.

"But how can I show you that I'm worthy", I had to ask.

Then you reach down and slowly pull up your T-shirt. That exposes first your gleaming wet cunt, then your beautifully huge breast. Then you pull the covers off, exposing me completely. You position yourself so that your steaming cunt is right above my rock hard prick. The feelings send shiver up my spine. You lean over and we kiss for several minutes when you say.

"Its time to see if you are worthy."

"You haven't checked that out yet, how do I prove it then?"

You slide forward on me leaving your sweet honey trail from my chest to my face. You sit completely on my face. At first over whelmed so I do my best, considering I'd never eaten any one's cunt before. I stick my tongue in and just move it around, lapping up the sweet honey you have made. Once all of your juices are removed I concentrate on trying to find you wonderfully swollen clit. It wasn't too hard to find and it was worth the effort once I touch it you immediately begin to grind hard on my face, working your hips just as you do when we are dancing. You reach down and grab my ears to pull my face closer to your sweet pussy. Just before I about drown in your sea of juices you slide off of my face.

"You have completed phase one. Are you ready for phase two", you tease?

I nod my head still licking your cum from the side of my mouth. You then reach across to uncut my right hand. As you do so I kiss first your neck and then your breast. I'm confronted with one of those beautiful tits as you cup them between your hands. I slowly lick around the nipple, closing my circles each time I go around by sucking on the hard tip. I love your wonderfully soft tits. I begin to suck on the nipple. Once you release my hand, it shoots straight for the love organ, which is in my mouth. I grab it and caress, pulling your tit closer to my mouth. Then I nibble on the outer edges, moving closer to the nipple. I play-bite and pull you back towards me. You move over to undo the other cuff and purposely place the other breast directly in front of my face. I do the same and this time once I get my other hand free. I push both of your breasts together and smother my face in between the two mounds.

"Phase two is complete. Ready for the third", you ask already knowing my answer.

You then move from my chest down to my painful hard on. You glide down on top of it as I sit up to get a better view. As you move your hips so exquisitely I begin kissing your tits again. Moving up to your neck and back down to your breasts I suck more. It's then that you linger at the tip of my cock and move up and down very quickly. That drives me wild. I just lay back and shutter as you do suck. I know as well as you do that I cannot hold my orgasm any longer. You lean forward and kiss me just as I cum into your waiting love bucket.

You release my ankles and we go to the shower for another session.

But ... that will have to wait.

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