Nice Guy That I am !

By Jason

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It was late at night, when I hid in her van in the parking garage. I had been watching this one beautiful woman that worked in an office upstairs. Cathy, her name, was a lawyer for a large firm, and always wore a no nonsense business suit. Her looks had turned me on since the first time I had seen her. I had delivered a box to the office, and saw her as she was talking to some men. She started a fire in my balls, and I knew that I would possess her to the fullest. Today, while checking her out, I overheard her say to someone that she was going to be away at a cabin in the mountains for a week. A week of no phones, no neighbors, and no people, she said. This sounded like a gift straight to me, so there I was waiting for her to come out.

It was after 9 P.M. when the elevator doors opened and there was Cathy. The garage was deserted as she walked towards the van. It wasn't a standard van either! This was one of those large vans that were set up like a house on wheels! It had a table and some nice chairs bolted to the floor. But now, it was full of boxes of food, drinks, and all the stuff a woman has when she is going to be away for a week. I had no trouble hiding in the back and when she got in she didn't even look around. As we started off, I settled down for what might be a long drive.

And a long drive it was! Nearly three hours before the bumping down old roads, around turns and up hills. I felt we were getting close and I was right for in another thirty minutes and the van stopped. It was very dark now, and I heard her get out. I peeked out of the window and saw her walking towards the door of a large log cabin. The windows were all dark, but lights came on after she entered. I quickly got out of the van and hid in some bushes near the door.

Cathy returned and started to unload the van. I waited until she had everything inside, and then looked through a window. She was there unpacking a few items and I watched her make a drink and go to another room. At another window I saw that she was in a bedroom starting to undress. First she slipped out of her blouse. Her large breasts were still confined by her bra, but they looked even bigger than when she was dressed. Next came her bra and, as her breasts came free, I could see her nipples sticking out. They were enormous, pink and pointed. She ran her hands around and over them, and my cock throbbed with desire. She slowly slid her pants down to her ankles and stepped over them, put her thumbs in her panties and slid them off also.. As she stepped out of her panties, I saw her black patch of hair covering her pussy. It looked good enough to eat ... and that I would!

She went into another room that I saw was the bathroom, and I heard water running. She was turning on the shower. Well, that would fit my plans just perfect, I thought, watching her as she gazed at her figure in the mirror. As she got into the tub, I left for the door. I tried the knob, and the stupid bitch hadn't even locked it! Easing it open, I entered and tip toed to her bedroom. Since there was only one door and the bed was near it, I waited while she went about her shower. Soon I heard her get out and a smile crossed my face as I knew that she was in for a shock.

As Cathy came into the bedroom, she had the towel over her face as she was drying her black hair. She was only about four feet from me, when she removed the towel and saw me sitting there. She jumped back like I was a coiled rattlesnake and screamed loudly. I just sat there watching her as she looked between me and the door and I knew she was going to make an attempt to escape.

Sure enough, she bolted to the door. I grabbed her by the hair and jerked hard enough to pull her back and on the floor. She tried to cover up a bit, but she had too much body to cover with the small towel. She crawled to the wall, and I followed her. She whimpered about my not hurting her when I reached down and grabbed her wrist and I pulled her to her feet. One hand held her by the hair while I kissed her hard on her red lips. I wanted to fuck her right then, but I knew that I had all week ahead of me. I would enjoy her completely before the it ended. I grabbed her breast in my hand and squeezed the nipple between my thumb and finger. I pinched it rather hard, and although she winced, she didn't scream. This woman had possibilities!

Still holding her wrist, I dragged her to the main room. Looking in her suitcase I found some red scarves and used these to tie her wrists behind her back. I shoved her into a large chair while I looked through the other bags, sacks and boxes finding enough food and drink to last the week for both of us. But, when I found a small luggage case, I saw her eyes get bigger. When I opened it up, I saw why, because inside were a whole bunch of sex toys! There were four dildos, a couple of small butt plugs, some nipple clips, a set of leather cuffs, a soft rubber ball-gag with a strap running through it and a large roll of soft rope. With a wicked smile, I took the cuffs, and fastened them on her ankles. Then tied the cuffs to each leg of the chair spreading her legs nicely and leaving her pussy open to view. The second pair of cuffs, I put on her wrists then tied them behind the chair. She was truly immobilized now and I wouldn't have to worry about her getting away.

I let my hand slide across her breasts, and down to her pussy. Cathy's hair was wet, but it might have been from the shower. My finger slipped into her cunt so easily. This bitch was getting hot from being tied up! Damn, I thought, walking around the cabin to get an idea of the layout. Besides the bedroom and the main room, there was a kitchen with an attached storage room. The storage room had a bunch of junk in it that looked like leftover furniture or gym equipment. There was also something that looked like a vaulting horse, and some weights.

When I returned to the main room, she had moved the chair a bit towards the door so I told her that I didn't appreciate her trying to get away. I reached down and grabbed a nipple in each hand. Looking her in the eyes, I began to pinch and twist them. It took quite some time for her to yell and by the time I stopped, she had gotten the idea that she should obey. But, just in case, I told her, any attempt to get away, or to do ANYTHING I didn't like, would be rewarded with pain! I pulled the chair near the kitchen table and made something to eat, I watched her as her eyes wandered around the room looking for something, some help for her escape. I sat in front of her and ate my meal. When I finished, I untied the ropes holding her shackled arms and legs to the chair and led her to the bedroom. I pushed her onto the bed and tied her wrist cuffs to the headboard. As she lay on her back, she looked even more defenseless and desirable and my cock was throbbing with desire for her.

I undressed and when my cock sprang into view, I saw her eyes blink with joy or fright? Not knowing which sign her eyes gave, I removed the cuffs from her ankles and spread her legs. I crawled on the bed and started to lick her wet pussy. I knew from the taste that the moisture was not from the shower and the bitch was really hot. A few more minutes of licking and sucking at her clit brought forth a soft moan. I moved up to her breasts and sucked on her nipple, biting the pink lobe of her tit. This made her even more aroused so I rested on my hands on her hips and positioned my prick the entrance to her cunt. I pushed forward a bit and the head of my cock slipped just inside. Looking in her eyes, I grabbed her hips and suddenly slammed my cock into her open cunt. I rammed as deep as possible ... in one stroke, I had buried my cock ... all the way in her wet hot pussy!

Cathy's eyes opened wide as she moaned and I started to stroke in and out. Her cunt made wet squishing noises each time I plunged in and a sucking sound coming out. Her head snapped from side to side and soon her legs were wrapped around my waist as she was squeezed my bucking torso, holding on tightly. With one last deep thrust, I started to flood her cunt with my cum. Each spurt seemed to last forever! She came also and her pussy seemed to snap at my dick as she milked the cum like a hand squeezing a cows udder.

At long last, it was over. I looked at her, I thought that this was going to be a week to remember! I rolled off and smiled. Her eyes opened and she started to cuss at me! Such language she used ... she was calling me every name in the book! Feeling upset, I reached over and backhanded her across the mouth. I then took one of her pert nipples, squeezed it tightly and pulled up hard stretching her tit in the air. I swung my hand and placed a stiff swat on the side of her breast sending it bouncing from side to side.

That shut the bitch up a bit. It had been a long day and I was tired. But, what to do with her while I was asleep?

While I thought about the dilemma of her future that evening I let her go to the bathroom to get cleaned up. She asked if I would remove the cuffs and I told her bluntly, "fuck ... NO!"

Then, I remembered the vaulting horse in the storage room. I moved it into the bedroom and placed it next to the bed, securing one leg of the horse to the bedpost with a piece of rope so that it couldn't be moved. When she finished in the bathroom, I tied her ankles together and had her straddle the horse so that her knees just touched the floor. She could stretch her thighs lift her weight off her crack but she couldn't get off since the rope went under the wooden support. I wrapped her arms with ropes so that they were behind her back and removed the cuffs, tying the end of the ropes to her ankle ties. She started screaming so I tied her black bandana over her mouth, saving the ball-gag for another night.

Now, I could sleep without worrying that she would get away. As I walked by her on the way to bed, she mumbled though the gag, presumably cussing me out. While undressing, I removed my belt and gave her ass a few hefty smacks! Only about eight or ten strokes and her ass was bright red. I saw that her pussy was wet again as her juice dripped from her cunt onto the sawhorse. I went to her toolbox and got a pink dildo. I greased the end with some Vaseline and shoved it into her ass so that the end stuck under her ankle ties. A short piece of the rope remained so I tied the rubber cock in place. "Don't fuck with me", I said, turning off the light.

"Well, I thought, tomorrow is another day", as I softly kissed her forehead, as I retired for the evening.



I woke up early, refreshed, yet a bit horny as I am every morning. Looking over the side of the bed I saw her, bent over the horse, with her head resting on the wood, asleep. I got up and took a leak, returning to let my hands roam over her body. I played with her nipples and she moaned, lifting her head and mumbling. From behind, I could see her pussy was wide open, spread over the wooden brace so, deciding to get her attention I gave her a couple of swats with the belt. She brought her head upright and tried to scream but the gag muffled her cries. A few more hard strokes and her ass was turning red again! Stopping for a minute, I stuck my fingers in her cunt and pushed the dildo further into her ass hole.

Being the nice guy that I am, I removed the dildo and loosened the ropes that tied Cathy's ankles and secured her legs over the horse. Her legs were weak and cramped so I lifted her up, leaning her over the wooden brace so that her head hung down and her red ass was just the right height. Standing behind her, I rammed my morning cock into her cunt. Her pussy was just the right height for my cock in and the horse kept her from falling forward.

It took a few strokes and she responded to my movements by squeezing her pussy around my prick. But, this was for my pleasure and not hers! I slapped her ass a few times and this seemed to make her more aroused. I continued to ram my cock in and out of her, until, with a rush, I started to cum again. I hosed her lovely pussy with my cum and soon felt drained. She was still moving as best she could, which wasn't much! She was close to cumming, but hadn't. Pulling my spent prick out of her cunt, I walked around in front view. Slapping her on the cheek, I lifted her head and led her to the bed. I untied her arms and her hands fell limp at her sides. I threw her onto the bed, tying each wrist to one of the bed posts and left the room as she fell asleep.

I was gone for an hour or so closing the heavy wood shutters on the outside, and nailing them shut. When I returned and let her free and led her to the bathroom, and told her to get cleaned up. There was no way she could escape from the windows and I had the keys to the doors. This cabin would be her cell until I decided to let her out. I heard her bang on the window, but knew she wouldn't get away so I continued making some breakfast. When I heard the water stop, I waited a few minutes and then called to her to come. She didn't come, so I decided to get her. I found her trying to push open the shutters so grabbed her by her hair and pulled her into the bedroom, showing her the horse.

"Now ... listen bitch", I said, "You come when I call. You do whatever I want. You will like it. You will learn to want whatever I give. For trying to escape, you've earned some pain points ... the more points ... the more pain!"

Dragging Cathy back to the horse, I pushed her so that she was lying over the brace and started to whip her ass with the belt. This time I didn't stop until her ass was bright red and tears were running down her cheeks. I stood her up and grabbed hold of her nipple. Using this as a handle, I pulled her into the kitchen and made her sit in the chair facing me. I picked up my coffee, taking a sip from the cup. She started to ask something, but I interrupted her.

"When you address me, you will say ... Master." I could see that this didn't sit very well with her, but she started again.

"Master ... I am very hungry and thirsty. May I have some breakfast?"

"Now ... that's better! Of course ... you may have some breakfast. You can move around ... make whatever you wish." She got up and looked around the kitchen making breakfast for herself. When she sat down, I told her what I expected.

"Now ... each day you will cook for the both of us. You will ask permission before you start ... you will ask me what I would like to eat ... you will provide me with whatever I want ... no matter what I request ... you will do it pleasantly ... and you will not complain. If you are good ... you will get bonus points ... if you are uncooperative ... you will get pain points. At the end of the day, or during the day, I will administer pleasure or pain in accordance with your performance.

She just nodded. "What do you say?", I asked.

She swallowed quickly, answering, "Yes Master, I will."

"Will what ... ?", I command. "I will do as you ask ... Master."

"Then, you may I get dressed after you have cleaned up the kitchen. I will select some clothes for you to wear."

An hour later, when the kitchen was clean, I led her to the bedroom. I brought her suitcases with me, and looked through it. I picked a blouse that buttoned down the front and had her put it on, along with some socks. I picked a pair of blue jeans and I felt would be very tight on her. Leaving her there for a moment, I got a fair sized dildo from the other bag. I had her spread her legs, and then pushed it up her pussy before I had her put on the blue jeans. It was a lot of work for her to do, but she got them on and zipped up. The jeans held the base of the dildo completely inside her cunt. I put a red scarf around her neck and tied it in a strong knot that wouldn't slip. Then, taking a length of the soft rope, I fastened it to the scarf. Now I could lead her around on a leash. I reached in the case and got the nipple clips and put them in my pocket. I jerked on the rope and made her follow me.

I unlocked the door, I lead her outside for a walk. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining through the trees, reflecting on the lake that in front of the cabins where we were staying. We walked down a trail and around the area. After about an hour Cathy complained that she was getting tired so I stopped in a grassy place under a tree and we sat down. She had been quiet so far, but now she started to talk. She tried to scare me by saying that I would get caught, go to jail, but, I just let her ramble on. When she stopped, I turned her around, and using a piece of rope, tied her wrist behind her back. Then turning her around again, I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off her shoulders.

Cathy's nipples were standing up so I got out the clips! I noticed that these clips had a spring also a small screw that could tighten them. There was a chain between the clips. I put one on a nipple, and then began to tighten the screw. It only took a few turns to get a response. Then I placed the second clip on her other nipple and I unfastened the rope from her scarf and tied it to the chain between the nipple clips. Now, when I pulled on the rope, it pulled her nipples. I jerked the rope a couple of times, and saw her wince each time. Getting to my feet, I lead her back towards the cabin.

About a hundred yards from the cabin, I had her sit on the ground. I removed her shoes and socks and then had her get back up. This time, I lead her between trees, over branches, and finally across the gravel drive to the cabin. At one point I thought she would stop, a couple of times I thought she might scream, but a few jerks on the rope and she obeyed. Once inside the cabin I locked the door and removed the clips. I took each nipple, one at a time, and sucked on it. I played with the nipple with my tongue and nibbled around the breast. I worked her jeans off, and removed the dildo from her pussy. I noticed that her pussy was extremely wet! This bitch must get off on pain, I thought. "Did you enjoy your walk", I asked.

"Yes ... Master ... I enjoyed the outing ... Master", she replied looking down at my feet.

Meanwhile, My cock was hard again. I released her hands, and had her sit in the large chair. I told her to play with herself, but not to cum. I sat on the couch and watched her. At first she was hesitant to do much, but after a bit, I could see that she was getting aroused. Her finger went in circles around her clit and rubbed her pussy lips, back and forth ... back and forth.

"Inside ... I want your fingers inside", I command and Cathy slipped them inside her wet cunt. I saw her face was getting flushed and my dick was hungry for her too. I told her to stop and led her to the bedroom. I removed my clothes and lay down on the bed facing her. I told her to sit on top of me and slide her pussy down onto my prick! Her hole was so hot and tight that I could have cum with no trouble. She bounced up and down on my cock and when I was getting close to an orgasm I had her stop. I attached the nipple clips again, but this time she moaned as I tightened them. Once they were on as tight I had her turn around so her back was towards me. I handed her a dildo, and told her to push it in her pussy! She moaned as the rubber cock entered her cunt and I lifted her up a bit, and guided my cock toward her asshole. When she felt it poking at her ass, she tried to move away, but a few jerks on the nipple clips stopped that. She still she wouldn't let herself down on my dick so I pulled her down as she twisted and avoided my stiff cock.

"Two ... pain points", I yelled, pushing her off the bed. I grabbed her by the hair, and forced her over the vaulting horse beside the bed. I quickly tied her hands to the legs of the horse, and started to whip her ass! This time I struck her ass as hard as I could. Welts quickly formed, and her ass was a striped fiery red! She whimpered with each strike. when my arm was tired I rammed the head of my prick at her asshole, and, holding her hips with each hand I plunged deep inside her. She yowled in pain as my cock hair crushed her butt and I plunged my cock in her ass to the hilt.! Her yowl turned to a scream as I pulled my prick so that the head was just inside and I drove it deep with one hard thrust. As I pumped in and out of her ass her screams tapered off and she clutched the legs of the horse with her hands. With a last hard thrust, I was all the way up her ass and I stopped, reaching down to wiggled the dildo in her pussy. As I did that, she moved her hips. I continued to wiggle the dildo without moving my cock.

A second time, I slowly pulled my cock until only the head was still in her ass and then I thrust hard, burying deep inside of her. After about ten strokes her yowls had turned to moans, and I pumped in and out more quickly. I humped her ass for all I was worth as she was moaned constantly now. She grasped the horse-legs and I knew she was almost ready to cum. I reached around her and grabbed the chain to the nipple clips. As I pulled her chain, she bucked as hard as she could and started to cum! I could feel her ass muscles tightening on my cock with her spasms. I stroked into her a couple of pushed as deep into her ass as possible! As the cum spurted from my dick, it caused her to cum again! A few more jerks on her nipple clip chain and she was cumming in orgasmic bursts, trembling against the wood brace.

Cathy was unbelievable, I thought, as my legs became weak and my cock lingered in her ass. I had finished spurting my load of cum inside her. I pulled out of her and her asshole stayed open for a few seconds. I quickly slipped the dildo from her pussy and pushed it into her ass. I pushed the rubber cock in as far as it would go! I released her from the horse and let her fall onto the bed. I tied her wrists to the headboard, and left to clean up and relax.

This was going to be a great day and it was only two in the afternoon. There was a lot of time to go.

I heard the crunch of tires on gravel from outside so I raced to the window, and saw a small blue car pulling up. I looked in her case, and grabbed the ball-gag. I ran back to the bed and quickly forced the ball between her lips and into her mouth. I tied it securely in place as I heard steps approaching the door.

Quickly pulling on some pants, I went to the door. When I opened it, I saw lovely young woman. She looked as surprised to see me as I was to see her! We looked at each other for a moment, and then we both tried to talk at the same time. I let her go first. She asked me if this was Cathy's cabin, saying that she was going to meet her here. Now the food and drink for two people made sense. I told her that Cathy was out walking in the forest, but that I was a friend that she had invited over. I asked her in, knowing that the ball gag would keep Cathy quiet. She brought in a suitcase and another small luggage case. I had her sit down, and offered her a drink, so she asked for a martini. I fixed one and while I was stirring the cold gin I wondered if I dared to grab her too.

She told me that her name was Linda and she was a knockout. Brown hair, green eyes, and a figure that looked perfect. As she drank her martini, she wandered around the cabin. She looked out the door for Cathy to return, and then back to her chair. Her eyes examined me like a doctor. She smiled as her eyes landed on my crotch. I was getting hard again from the excitement of another beautiful woman. I took her luggage into the bedroom where Cathy was secured, being careful that she couldn't look inside.

Cathy 's eyes showed fear as I looked at her. She tried to make some kind of sound, but the ball-gag stopped it. I opened Linda's case, out of curiosity, and was not too surprised to find more sex toys. Coiled up among them were two2 black whips. These were a surprise. There was also a set of silver handcuffs that I slipped into my pocket. Closing the case quickly, I returned to the main room to find Linda was over by the front door looking outside. As I came close, she handed me her glass, and said that she wanted to freshen up. She walked towards the bedroom door, and I followed close as if I was heading to the kitchen. She opened the door and took a step inside before she realized what was in there I stepped inside and shut the door behind us. I saw her eyes widen as she looked at Cathy tied to the bed. Before she could do anything, I grabbed her hands and fastened them with the handcuffs. She started to yell and cuss at me, but quickly stopped that when I slapped her face. I pushed her over to a chair and made her sit down. She didn't make any more sounds so I left her mouth un-gagged as I sat on the bed, looking at her face. At first, there was a look of fear in Linda's eyes. Then the fear turned to one of satisfaction, and lastly a small smile appeared on her lips. She looked at Cathy on the bed, and back at me.

"Now this is a change", Linda commented. "Usually I am the one that does the tying, not the being one tied. I see ... you and Cathy have been having fun."

"What is this?" I asked. "You ... telling me that you and Cathy play these sex games ... yourselves?"

"Why of course", she said. "We are both submissive, but once in a while we meet here and take turns being dominant. It is not as much fun, but we relax and enjoy it. You look like someone who can wield a strong hand." With that, there was a catty smile on her face.

Making sure that Linda could not slip out the door, I moved aside and undid Cathy's ball gag. "Is this true", I asked her. "Do you and Linda like to be dominated?"

At first she looked a little embarrassed, but then replied. "Yes ... we like to be dominated."

"HAH", said Linda.

I interrupted her in mid sentence, commanding, " ... dominated ... what ... bitch?" " ... dominated ... Master", Cathy replied immediately.

"Two pain points", I say, " ... continue Linda.

"I was saying", Linda continued, "before I was interrupted, that she loves it ... and ... the harder the better. I am usually the one that plays Master cause she loves to be forced into sex. You must have noticed that by now!"

"We are not playing", I said. "And ... you ... Linda?"

I moved next to Linda and unlocked the cuffs. "If you like it this way, then assume the position", I commanded, and Linda quickly dropped to her knees, sitting back on her heels. She spread her legs as far as her skirt would allow and her arms were crossed behind her back. Her head was bowed with her chin on her chest. In this position, the material across her breasts was pulled tight. I could see that she was not wearing a bra, that her nipples were standing out and she wore no panties.

"Raise your head", I commanded and Linda looked into my eyes. "I want you to suck Cathy's cum off my cock."

"I'd love to", she said leaning forward.

"Love to ... what", I questioned loudly.

" ... love to suck your cock ... Master." "Later ... ", I said, deciding to take a chance and releasing Cathy from the her bonds. "Assume the position ... bitch", I demanded and she quickly sat on the floor beside Linda in the same position.

This was a dream come true! Two beautiful woman willing to be my slaves for a week! I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I told Linda to get undressed. She stood up, and started with her blouse. As she removed it I saw that her breasts were as good or better than Cathy's.! The skirt came next and her black thatch showed in the sunlight. As she stepped over the clothes at her feet I saw that her pussy was glistening with moisture. When she was naked, she dropped back to the floor and went into the same position.

"Are there any other people coming up this week", I wanted to know?

"No ... Master", Cathy replied. "We don't know all that many people that we would trust. Slave Linda is an executive with a bank, and I am a partner in a large law firm. If anyone found out we could lose everything."

"I know where you work, Cathy. But, why didn't you say something earlier", I asked Cathy.

"I was enjoying it ... you ... Master. I was afraid that you would discover our secret. I thought, you might leave before Slave Linda showed up."

"What is your favorite way of being fucked?" I asked.

"Master", said Linda. "I like all kinds. But Slave Cathy only likes to it when she is forced and it includes pain. That's why I am usually the dominant one."

"Is this true Slave Cathy? , I ask?

"Yes ... Master." She replied in a very soft voice. "I don't understand why, but pain makes sex more wonderful."

"Well ... then ... Slave Cathy get over the horse ... grab your ankles." I ordered. Once she was straddling the wood brace I took my belt and gave her a couple of hard slaps. She didn't make a sound. "Slave Linda ... get a whip for her ass. Whichever one you pick, the other will be used on your ass!"

Linda went to her case and returned with a short whip that ended in nine strips of leather, I believe it is referred to as a "Cat of Nine Tails". Deciding to watch for a minute, I told Linda to whip her. As she moved next to the horse, I started to get undressed. By the time I had removed my pants, Linda had laid into Cathy 's upturned butt with vengeance! Her ass was bright red, and criss crossed with thin welts. Cathy still had not made a sound. I took the whip, and started to work on her ass. After a few strokes, I moved my blows to her thighs and soon, not only was her ass welted, but the back of her legs was also. By working on her legs, Cathy started to respond with soft cries. Soft moans also escaped her lips, and her hands clutched the legs, almost letting go a couple of times.

I took a breather basting Cathy's ass and told Linda to get on the bed. She lay on her back and I had Cathy lay on her stomach between Linda 's legs and lick her pussy. I watched for a minute, then whipped her ass again. She flinched but her tongue never left Linda's hairy cunt. I changed positions and brought the whip across Linda's stomach and she flinched, tightening her thighs on Cathy's head. Another blow brought some welts and a short cry. Another and her hands clinched the sheets as she started to cum into Cathy's waiting mouth.

I stopped as Cathy licked the cum running from Linda's open cunt went to the case and got a largest butt plug. I had Linda lick it until it was good and wet and then pushed it into Cathy's asshole. Cathy didn't like it but she had no choice! It went in slowly, a little bit at a time. I knew that she was clenching her ass to prevent it, but just pushed harder. When it was all the way in there was a plop sound as it seated firmly in her rectum. I picked up the whip as I watched Linda moan as she hold Cathy's head against her pussy. This time, when I brought the whip down, it was much gentler. But, I made sure that every stroke hit the end of the butt plug. Linda was about to cum again when I stopped, and told Cathy to lift her ass. I straddled her and pushed my cock deep into Cathy pussy! Now, every time I lunged forward, my hips pushed against the butt plug in Cathy 's asshole, and Cathy's face and tongue would mash into Linda's wet cunt. My strokes brought Cathy close to an orgasm and she was moaning, her sounds muffled by the pussy in her face. Watching these two had really turned me on as I slammed into her as deep and as hard as I could. Both slaves were moaning and close to cumming! With a powerful lunge, I slammed deep into her cunt, and it took only a few strokes before I started to shoot my load of cum deep into her hole! Just then, both slaves started to cum. All three of us were cumming at the same time.

When I discharged my last spurt of cum into her pussy, I rolled off and told them to clean up my cock. Both girls quickly moved around and started to lick me clean. Then, I had Linda clean up Cathy 's pussy with her tongue. Cathy was real hot by the time Linda was done. After this, I needed a drink, and some rest, but an idea came to me.

I had the girls stand up by the bed while I went to the case and found a set of 2 nipple clips that were connected by a chain. I snapped on clip on Linda 's right nipple, and the other clip on Cathy's left nipple. I told them that they were to remain that way, until I decided to let them free. I told them to follow me as I went out to the main room and sat down. I told them to fix me a drink, and get one for each of themselves. When they had returned I had them resume their kneeling positions on the floor, but allowed them to drink.

As I sat, looking at these two beautiful and desirable slaves, I wondered who would be too exhausted to move by the end of the week. I had a feeling that it would be me!

By now the sun was going down and it was getting dark, so I had them make dinner. They both acted as chef since their tits were hooked together and their cooperation produced a great meal, the food was delicious! By 9 P.M., we were all tired, and I suggested that we go to bed. I removed their clips and took them to bed, and I had one slave on each side of me as I drifted off to sleep.


I woke slowly and noticed the smell of bacon cooking. I just lay there with my eyes closed, enjoying the feeling and remembering yesterday. My nose itched and I went to scratch it but couldn't! My eyes snapped open, and I saw I was tied to the bed! What the hell was this? I pulled as hard as I could, but the ropes held. I hollered and Cathy came into the room with a large smile on her face.

"I see that you are finally awake." She said. "We decided that it would be only fair if the table was turned. So today you are going to be OUR slave!"

"Like HELL I will!" I yelled. "Get this damned rope off me ... RIGHT NOW!"

"RIGHT NOW ... WHAT ... SLAVE", Linda asked in a loud whisper.

"Fuck You", I cried, pulling on the ropes that only tightened as I pulled.

"Fuck You ... What ... Slave", she said again, pulling hard on a piece of string in her hand. I felt a terrible pain as my balls stretched as the string tightened. The bitches had laced my cock and balls with red ribbon and connected them to the string which Linda pulled in sharp jerks.

I grit my teeth, whispering softly, "Mistress", and there is another sharp pain in my groin." "Louder ... Slave ...", Cathy yelled ... " ... Nice guy that you are", she whispered as pulling the string with all her might." "MISTRESS ... PLEASE ... MISTRESS", I screamed in pain.

"Now that's no way for a good slave to talk", Linda said, taking the string from Cathy's hand before Cathy pulled my cock off. "Not so hard ... love", she said to Cathy. "We may want to use that little, miserable excuse for a cock ... later on", she said as she picked up a whip that I had not seen before. It was smaller, and had only three tails, and, on the end of each strand there was a metal bead that looked like buckshot. "If you keep on with your language, I will have to change your mind", Linda whispered. "If I can't, then I will let Cathy change your attitude. Do you want that", she asked as she swung the whip towards my prick!

"AAAIIIIEEEEEEE!" I yelled! "That HURT! Damn!" Another stroke, then another, landed on my cock, stomach and thighs until they were red with little welts from the buckshot tips that looked like mosquito bites. Each one brought a scream of pain. Linda stopped and looked at me, placing the whip on the bed. Quietly she leaned over, whispering in my ear, "Damn ... What?"

She yanked on the string and I yelled, "Mistress".

"Cathy and I have agreed that tomorrow morning we will be your slaves once again. But ... today ... you belong to us!", Linda Said.

"And, if you are good we will give you bonus points ... and if you are bad you will receive pain points", Cathy added with a laugh. "Right now, you have three pain points. She picked up the whip and brought three lashes across my chest while she screamed, "ROTTON PRICK THAT YOU ARE!"

Linda took her hand as she started another blow and Cathy calmed down. Thinking fast, I decided that I didn't want that damned whip going again so I agreed. "OK ... OK", I said. "Have your fun today. Tomorrow I'll repay you in spades!"

"That's what we were looking forward to. But ... you forgot! Spades ... What?", Linda whispered bringing the whip hard across my thighs."

"MISTRESS", I yelled as the pain ran down my leg.

"Don't forget", she said, "You must remember to call us MISTRESS!" With that she sent another lash at my raging prick!

"YYYIIIEEEEEEE!", I yelled! "Yes ... Mistress ... Whatever you say ... Mistress!"

With a smile, they left me there as I pulled at the ropes, but they held fast. I was angry and aroused at the same time. My hard on was still rampant but the ribbon restricted the size. My cock needed attention, but until I was let free, or one of the girls wanted something, it would have to wait. Soon both women returned and Linda was carrying a large plate. "Time for breakfast", she said, holding the food so that I could smell the aroma. Now was my chance to turn the tables on them, I thought, if my hands are set free so that I can eat. I was sure that I could get myself untied if that happened. But ... no such luck! The girls cut the food up and fed me a bite at a time. As much as I pleaded with them to let me feed myself, they refused. It took nearly an hour for me to eat and the time passed quickly. Cathy was revengeful as she stuck a sausage in my nostril and moved it around as if nose fucking me. Linda was more subdued and cut up little bites and nicely placed them on my tongue.

I only forgot to say "Mistress" one time and received one lash to my dick for it. When I get free, they were going to pay for all this, I thought, lying spread eagle while they feed me. Several times they mentioned that they might take me for a walk later while I was devising plans to escape! But again all my dreams were ruined!

After feeding me and taking the plates to the kitchen, they returned with two long thin ropes. They tied the ends in slipknots and put them around my balls! One rope lead out in front, and the other one went between my legs and out the back. They untied my feet and one hand, leaving one wrist tied to the bed. As I moved my feet to the floor the girls were at the ends of the ropes and had pulled them tight! The pain was tremendous! Knowing that if I moved, I would lose, so I sat still! They told me to untie my other hand and stand up. I figured that I could grab the ropes, but if I missed ... bye ... bye ... balls.

I figured that I would wait for a better time so I did exactly as they said. They told me to put my hands behind my back and as I responded, Linda carefully snapped a pair of cuffs onto my wrists. Using the ropes, they led me to the storage room. My ... they had been busy, I thought, seeing that the room was now empty and they had put some eyebolts on each wall. When I was in the middle of the room, Linda tied her rope to the eyebolt. The second rope was passed through the other eyebolt. Linda pulled it tight and Cathy tied it off! I was stuck and if I tried to move, the ropes would snub me up quickly! As for pulling the eyebolts out of the wall, that was impossible.

"Mistress Linda", I said, "This isn't fair! If I slipped and fall, I could be ruined! Please let me go! I will do whatever you say ... Mistress!" A part of my mind was devious! If I got loose, I had plans for them no matter what I said now!

"Hah! I suggest that you not slip", Linda answered. "You will be our slave until tomorrow morning, and you will not be given any chance to get free. So ... Stop thinking about it. You say that you will do as we want. I know you will. And ... again ... As for slipping ... DON'T!"

Cathy, had left the room and now returned with a wide leather belt that had a couple of "D" rings sewn on it. She put the belt around my waist and snugged it up tight! I fleetingly thought about grabbing her, but the risk was not worth it and what would I do with my hands in back. She fastened wrist cuffs to the "D" ring in back and untied the rope that ran through my legs. Using the front rope as a leash, Linda pilled and started out the door of the storage room as I, of course, followed with the second rope dragging on the ground behind me. I hoped that it didn't get tangled in anything or I would be stripped of my manhood.

I had no choice but to follow and one hard jerk on that rope convinced me that a struggle would be useless! She led me into the bedroom, and tied the rope to a leg of the bed. I could move around a little, but only about three feet. Cathy and Linda began to dressing but they knew they had a captive audience, and they took their time. They stroking their breasts, played with their pussy mounds, showed me their asses and Linda pushed her finger into Cathy's cunt and waived it under my nose. All this was for my benefit, I assumed, as I contemplated a very long day.

Cathy untied the red ribbon that was holding my cock from growing and I thought the skin would burst as it sprung to life. It stood straight, long and proud until she whacked the head with her whip and it started to shrink. "UP", she yelled whacking the head again as I tried to think it to erection but my cock shrunk from the pain. "UP ... You Bastard ... little ... cock ... fucker ...", she yelled again, striking the end as Linda caught her hand before my cock was brutalized.

"Take it easy ... Cathy", Linda said calmly. "I know how you feel ... but ... now is not the time."

Linda got her desired effect as my cock slowly began to rise and stand at attention. Once dressed, Cathy took the rope and led me outside calmly. As she pranced down the trail she said something about payback for her walk the day before. Stark naked except for the belt, I followed her wherever she went. At first, it wasn't too hard as the ground was smooth, but soon, she turned from the path and led me off through the brush. Anytime I slowed down, another jerk of the 'leash', brought me in line. My bare feet stumbled through the underbrush and after more than an hour I was limping badly! All the time Linda walked at my side whistling a nondescript tune. I was a city boy, and my feet were not used to going barefooted and by the time she got me back to the house, I could just barely walk. The pain in my feet was excruciating and my legs were terribly sore. But ... in my mind had been constantly occupied with the thought of revenge!

When Cathy led me into the house, I saw that Linda had moved two sawhorses into the center of the room and placed a sheet of plywood over them. Near the center of the sheet of wood was a hole. Linda had me lay, face down, and Cathy put the rope from my balls in the hole and pulled until my cock fell through. She tied rope to something under the plywood. When she was done, they both stepped back to look at me.

"Now slave, let's see you go somewhere." I tried to raise my hips but couldn't because the rope was taut and tied. I tried to find the rope with my hands but could not reach. "Have a nice rest", Linda said, "But don't have too much fun. This is our party ... not yours", I heard, as the buckshot whip landed on my bare ass. With that remark and strike, both girls left the room. I pulled and twisted, trying everything, but the rope held me fast to the wood! It would not slip off my balls and I couldn't move my hands enough to get at the knot. I was stuck there ... literally!

The girls left and it was several hours before they returned. I think I fell asleep for when I heard the door open and looked, it was dark outside. The two giggled and laughed as if they were a little drunk. They went into the bathroom and I could hear them laughing in the shower. When the girls returned they had changed their clothes . Cathy had on a silky nightgown, and Linda wore a blue negligée. Cathy released the cuffs from my sore wrists and Linda let some slack on the rope.

"Turn over ... slave", Linda demanded as Cathy held onto the rope under the make shift table. I rolled over, bringing my leg under the rope before Cathy pulled and I was again pinned over the hole. She must have tied the rope to the horse leg as the next thing I knew she was sucking on my cock. My prick started getting hard and I tried to lift my hips to drive deeper into her throat but couldn't move. Her lips moved up and down my shaft, biting the tip of the head with her teeth. Cathy took very tiny pieces of cock skin between her teeth and bit until droplets of blood ran from the gorged head. The pain was sharp but, to my surprise, passionate, and I moaned loudly. As Cathy, literally, nibbled on the head of my cock, Linda leaned over and guided her breast to my mouth. I thought of biting her tit but thought better of the idea when I heard Linda whisper, "Don't even think about it."

I decided to play the game and make the best of the tit in my mouth, so, I started to sucked and licked her breast! As her nipple became hard, she pulled it away, and brought the other one to my lips. I reached, taking her breasts in my hands, sucking on the nipple when she said, "No hands!"

Cathy was still sucking on my cock and making me hotter and hotter! At one point, I flexed my hips to drive my cock deeper into Cathy's mouth, but the rope pulled at my balls and stopped that idea. As long as I lay quiet I had no problem. But ... bucking was not going to work. Cathy moved around, not removing her suckling mouth from my cock, so that her cunt was over my face. I played with her pussy and she didn't deny me the use of my hands. Cathy was wet so I slipped a fingers in her yearning cunt and there was no resistance. Pushing in and out with my hand brought moans of pleasure from Cathy. I put my thumb against her asshole, intending to slip that in, but she moved away to prevent it! Linda had been enjoying my sucking on her tit but now she wanted more. She took my free hand and put it on her pussy! Knowing what she wanted, I brutally stuck my fingers into her pussy and rubbed around the inside as I pushed my thumb into her ass.

I was so close to cumming that not being able to move my hips was agony! I wanted to drive up into Cathy's mouth so bad! She must have known this, cause she sucked even harder and took more of my dick into her mouth. I was on the verge of cumming, when she suddenly stopped!

"No ... No ... Slave." Cathy said, removing her mouth from my pulsating prick. "You may cum when we are through with you." With that she slapped my cock! As I yelled in pain, she just smiled and took a tiny piece of cock-head-skin between her fingernails and pinched hard. I bit my lip until it bled. Having been forced away from cumming, Cathy climbed on the table. Linda reached over and guided my cock to Cathy's wet pussy as she slowly lowered her cunt over my cock. Slowly ... very slowly ... slowly ... just a bit at a time ... she moved down until she was fully impaled on my stiff prick. She sat there, and wiggled around and then slowly ... lifted off. Linda held my cock straight and Cathy repeated the slow movements three or four times. Then ... Cathy started bouncing up and down on me and Linda wasn't needed. Cathy was riding me for all she was worth, driving me down on the wood table as the rough surface splintered my ass. I reached up and held her breast as she bounced. A few pinches on her nipple seemed to make her move even faster. Meanwhile I was in agony! I couldn't move! I had to lie there, splinters in my ass, my balls in the hole as she just used my cock for her pleasure.

That damn rope around my balls prevented me from doing anything, as, with one extra hard bounce, Cathy started to cum! Her moans got louder and louder as she had moved up and down until her voice was nearly a scream.

As she came, I wanted to thrust up into her or at least move my hips around, but that DAMN ROPE held me tight. I was just a flesh and blood machine ... for them to use ... and ... when Cathy had finished her orgasm, Linda mounted me! Her pussy was even tighter and wetter than Cathy's and she had a different way of enjoying herself. She would thrust forward and back instead of up and down like Cathy. This movement pulled my cock against the walls of her cunt as if to split her open. Again, I tried to push and the rope held me tight. Linda was on the tip of cumming as I held both nipples, pinching them as she moved. Now, she was screaming, much like Cathy, as her cunt squeezed and her cum dripped onto my stomach.

"PINCH MY NIPPLES SLAVE ... PINCH THEM HARD ... PINCH", she cried as she pulled against my sore cock with her cunt. "PINCH", she screamed.

I did and I mashed and twisted her nipples and rolled the tips as if they were marbles. I could hear the skin as it squeezed between my thumb and forefinger as I pinched the tips between my nails. "YES", Linda screamed as she pushed and pulled my cock against the walls of her pussy.

I wanted to cum in Linda's dripping cunt ... but ... my passion was interrupted as I felt the ropes pull on my balls as Cathy screamed. "NOT ... YET ... Nice Guy that you are ... NOT YET ... You fucking ... slave ... bastard", she screamed over Linda's cries. Both girls were yelling as loud as they could as Linda came with great shudders. She ground her pussy against me until I thought she would push me through the wood.

Still, I couldn't cum because the rope caused more pain than Linda caused passion. My cock felt like it was on fire with the wanting to cum. My balls were full of cum ready to shoot but the rope pinched the flow and prevented my pleasure. Linda calmed down. I kept trying to move the little I could, against the rope. With a smile, she got off me.

I pleaded as the two stood looking at me. "Please ... Mistress ... make me cum ... PLEASE ... LET ME CUM", I yelled, stroking my hand up and down my cock since the tits were not available. "P ... L ... E ... A ... S ... E", I whispered as I stroked.

WHACK ... I felt the sharp pain of the buckshot tips as they landed on my thigh. Again ... across my stomach the whip landed, leaving welts on the skin. Again and again the pellets fell as Cathy, in a craze, lashed out with the whip as my hands tried to cover my skin as my cock began to shrink.

"PPPPlease ... Mistress Linda ... PPLEASE ... Help me CUM!", I moaned in pain.

Cathy got tired swinging the whip and Linda stood there, smiled and nodded at me. "OK ... Slave ... I will help you cum.", Linda said, "But ... first ... I will make sure that you cum like I want." Reaching into the bag she pulled out a giant rubber cock and spit on the dildo-head. "Lift your legs ... Slave", she cried as I obeyed, raising my legs even though the rope pulled on my balls. "Higher", she cried again as she pushed the rubber penis past the rope and into my asshole.

"No ... NOOOOOO ... PLEASE ... ", I begged.

"PLEASE ... WHAT ...", Cathy screamed, "Two pain Points ... Nice Guy", I heard as the shot on the tips of the whip landed twice on my thighs.

"MISTRESS", I screamed. "PLEASE ... MISTRESS ... STOP ... MISTRESS ..."

Linda removed the rubber cock from my ass and, for a moment, I thought she was finished. But ... all she did was to smear some lard on the dildo, and she again began pushing it inside me.

"NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! AAAAIIIIEEEEEE!!!! ... MISTRESS ... NNNOOOOOOOOOOO! PLEASE NOT THERE!!!! NO!!!!!! ... MISTRESS", I begged and cried as the rubber cock was driven deep into my ass.

With all the grease she had rubbed on the cock and around my hole it was easy for her to shove the dildo deep in my ass! Once there, She lowered my legs, and lowered her mouth over my cock. I lay motionless as she slowly gummed my cock and rotated the rubber prick that was in my ass. In a few seconds, I was ready to cum and she knew it. She stopped as I begged with her ... but ... to no avail! She waited until I had calmed and then she started sucking again!

I bit my lip, grabbing her head in my hands and forcing my cock into her throat. Without a gag she took all of my prick and closed her teeth on the base and stayed motionless. My eyes were clinched shut as I gasped for air, holding Linda's head over my cock. I took a deep breath but couldn't get air because Cathy had climbed onto the wood table and lowered her cunt over my face. I gasped as her cum flowed into my mouth and enough air passed by her cunt-lips to keep me conscious.

I let go of Linda's head so that I could push Cathy from my mouth before I suffocated. Linda's mouth left my cock and found Cathy's mouth as the two girls embraced over me.

"PLEASE ... MISTRESS", I screamed, "Make me cum", I whispered as I stroked my cock, watching the two women in a passionate embrace. I pumped on my swollen cock until the girls stopped kissing. Linda grabbed my right hand from my prick and pulled it over my head. I swung at her with my left, but Cathy caught my punch before it landed and forced my hand over my head.

"Click ... click", I heard as the cuffs were snapped in place and my arms were held as my balls pulled on the rope. Cathy tied one end of a rope to the connecting chain of the cuffs while Linda pulled the other end to the eyebolt in the wall and I was secured.

"Please ... Mistress ... Please", I moaned, lying motionless on the wood slat.

"Fuck you ... Nice Guy ...", Cathy whispered, as her finger glided into Linda's dripping cunt. Linda pulled the dildo from my ass and forced in into my mouth, rolling the rubber cock and shoving it deep into my throat. I gagged, vomiting onto my chest around the rubber plug.

Tears ran across my face and the blood from my lip left a rich taste in my mouth. I watched as the girls move toward the bed. Linda stood on the mattress spreading her thighs with her hands as Cathy looked up into her dripping cunt, aiming her tongue at those sweet pussy-lips. Cathy slowly pulled her lover to the bed and straddled her face. Linda's tongue entered her cunt as Cathy lowered her pussy to her mouth, as she sucked long and hard on Linda's pussy.

The two girls sucked each other, paying no attention to me as I lay in my own vomit and blood. I pulled on the ropes but the cuffs cut into my wrists and my balls were numb from being squeezed. I could do nothing but watch Linda and Cathy suck the cum from each others cunts.

I tried to think of the Forth Day but my mind could not extinguish the pain I felt, and the desire I felt in watching the two ladies as they ate each other. Wait until tomorrow, I tried to think, but my mind was blank. I closed my eyes, listening to the moans of the two girls. It was dark and I no longer pulled at my bonds nor tried to escape.

"Mistress Linda ... Mistress Cathy ... Please", I whispered in pain as my cock shrunk and the girls continued sucking and feeling and probing and loving as I whispered again, "P l e a s e ... M i s t r e s s ", as the two women romped on the bed in ecstasy ... paying no attention to me.

The soft moans of the two girls faded as they drifted off to sleep. The last sounds I heard were hard breathing, the last thing I remembered as I tried to think of my revenge.

I just couldn't imaging what I would do on the Forth Day ...

I couldn't think ... as this day had not ended.

Or ... Had it?


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