A New Year Show

By TJ & Lee Star

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It definitely was a wild New Years Eve for us ... and a few others ...

We started the night with Ginger and Scott having drinks at our place. If you've read our last episode you know that TJ gave me full permission to suck Scott's cock and to let him fuck me both in the cunt and in my ass. It was wonderful!

I'm not sure if we'll be an orgy four-some forever ... but I have lots of images to recreate in my mind for those quality moments with my dildo collection.

The four of us went to a party ... your typical thirty-something boring cocktail party. We couldn't wait to leave, which we did around midnight ... any earlier would have been rude. Scott asked us to come back to his place for champagne. When we got there he poured us some expensive champagne. Ginger said that we should all go out in the hot tub. I thought this was crazy because it was only eight degrees that night. She assured me that you would hardly notice once we all got in. I figured what the hell.

We all got naked and wrapped big towels around ourselves and quickly made it out to Scott's deck. It was a beautiful night with lots of stars. The view ... the champagne ... the hot water ... all of it was a wonderful combination for the senses.

With the four of us naked in a hot tub on New Years and with only about two weeks from a wild orgy I knew something was going to happen ... and leave it to Ginger ...

"You guys ... I'm really horny ... will you all indulge me a bit?", Ginger said in a sheepish tone. "I want to show off a bit ... will you let me ... will you cheer me on", Ginger continued?

With a couple of enthusiastic ... "You Go Girl!" ... comments from us ... Ginger smiled, got up and went back inside through the sliding doors. The hot tub and the champagne had the rest of us feeling awfully loose. She returned with her oversized purse and got back into the tub. After a moment Ginger hiked herself up on the side of it and started to play with her cunt. Her cute little shaved lips were pink and obviously engorged. She spread them apart for us and let her tongue roll around her lips. The cold air had her nipples rock hard.

"I want you to all get off watching me ... I want the guys to jerk their cocks and you ... Lee ... stroke your clit", Ginger commanded. With that ... TJ, Scott and I got up on the sides of the tub. Thankfully Scott got us all robes to drape over our shoulders!

Ginger took out two dildoes from her bag. Neither were familiar to me. One was solid black and huge ... I mean huge! The other was about eight inches long and tan. Ginger leaned really far back and began to fuck herself with the smaller dildo. The other cock she put in and out her mouth and leaned back without any hands as the gulped and took the huge rubber prick deep into her throat. She gagged as the cock slipped out and she turned to the guys.

"Scotty ... stroke your fucking cock for me ... you two TJ ... I want the attention of your cocks! That's it ... stroke them men ... you know you want to .... my cunt aches for your cocks", Ginger said before she put the cock back into her mouth.

My cunt was spread wide and I was going nuts on my clit. What a sight ... Two men transfixed on Ginger ... there bodies pink from the heat, their cocks fully hard and glistening as they stroke their meat without any reserve. Ginger had brought oil and both men used plenty as they expertly pleasured themselves in front of us women.

I wanted so much to suck a cock ... fuck one ... better yet do both! But ... Ginger had asked for this scene and I wanted cooperate with her fantasy. Just the same ... watched my friend fuck herself I was getting ready to get cum

"Oh Gin, I'm really close ... I got to get myself off", I muttered.

Both Scott and TJ's eyes were going back and forth between my maturation scene and Gin's more elaborate self fucking.

"Please ... Lee get loud with it ....", Ginger said, removing the of the rubber cocks from her mouth. "But you two ... show some self control ... I don't want you cum yet."

Both of the guys were pretty close to orgasm, I could tell by the pre-cum all over the heads of their erect cocks.

"You're going to cum on my demand ... I want each of you on either side of me ... NOW ... ", ginger yelled. The men were too horny to disobey any orders now. Ginger poured a ton of massage oil over their hard cocks as they beat their meat in rhythm.

"Jack off those sweet cocks for me ... if you don't jerk off on my face I won't fuck either of you the rest of the night! Lee ... honey ... please lick my cunt ... dear...."

I loved the contrast of her order to the men and the sweet request to me. I got half in the tub and began to suck her clit like a mini cock. She shimmered in a tense orgasm immediately.

"I want you two studs to cum all over me ... stoke your cocks ... CUM ON MY FACE ... HARD!"

What a sight ... TJ and Scott whacking their meat ... at full speed ... knees bent ... almost collapsing ... Ginger cumming ... cumming in my mouth. Scott shot his load first ... drenching her face and neck .... he was moaning loudly as TJ came right after ... Ginger catching his cum in her mouth ... letting the some flow to her neck and tits. She spazzed in orgasm two more times as my tongue lapped up her cum.

"Ahhh ... the joys of being a fucking slut", ginger laughed ... covered in cum ... exhausted.

"Thanks gang! Now lets go inside and get warm .... let me suck some cock ... lick some pussy ... I will open every available hole for your pleasure ... I will take anything you have to offer", Ginger screamed as we went inside.

Which she did .... but that's another story!

Bye ... Lee ...

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