New Years Eve with Dungeonmaster

By Mistress Monica

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I returned after Christmas with my father, Stefan. He had retired from his position as a programmer with IBM, being terminally ill with cancer, and decided to spend his remaining years time in Los Angeles helping us with Blowout. Dungeonmaster got him a place to live on a boat in the marina, which is nice, since he can walk to the office whenever he wants and he is close to me. It is nice for us because we get a hotshot programmer to help with out site. It will wonderful for you (our customers) because you will continue to have a free place to visit on the 'net.

DM immediately lined Stefan up with a retired nurse-slave who also had a liveaboard in the harbor. It seemed that they hit it off and were going out to dinner.

For Christmas Dungeonmaster had gifted me with himself as my slave for an evening and an offer to do anything I wished. He was crazy when I wanted to spend a conventional evening at the Magic Castle, a private club for magicians and their guests in Hollywood.

"You want me to go to a black-tie dinner, spend the evening with a bunch of weirdoes, dance to a 50's band and drink Champaign", he cried.

"Yes", I said, "and I want to invite some of our old friends that aren't into Blowout. I want you to spend a normal evening."

"Normal, Shit", he yelled. "I am normal. All of them are weird."

"OK ... then we'll spend a weird evening with weird people at the Weird Castle."

That settled, we closed the office early and went to get dressed. We still don't live together and I think it's something that DM needs, a separation or some Master thing.

So, I went to my place and got out the black gown I was going to wear and took a long hot shower. I removed my pussy rings, tongue pins and slipped into the corset I used to wear. Pulling on the strings I thought of ropes being tightened and my pussy started to moisten. I wondered what I would do without the normal things and how I would pull off this masquerade. I hadn't gained too much weight and I looked pretty good as I slipped into my sleek black dress. It reminded me of my life "before Dungeonmaster" when I was a real Jewish American Princess ( JAP ) and played the dating game in Laguna and Beverly hills? I must admit that, even then, I didn't wear underwear. I liked to think that men could smell my strong scent in the room.

I placed a short haired wig on my bald head, added some dangly clip on ear rings I had borrowed from my neighbor, slipped on the knee length hose and some three inch black heels. Looking in the mirror I thought that I could pass the test as a conventional JAP. It was nine and I heard DM at the door. "You're wonderful", I cried, planting a large kiss on the rabbit's nose. "And who is your friend?", I asked. The rabbit seemed to answer in a high pitched voice, "this is Dungeonmaster, the famous magician of the occult. He will pull rabbits out of hats, make your pussy weep, fill your asshole with juice, pinch your nipples and drive you crazy with his tongue. That is if it is your wish, Mistress."

"It is my wish ... Slave", I answered. "My New Years Eve Wish."

The Magic Castle is an exclusive club overlooking Hollywood and we entered the main lobby. After Dm convinced the receptionist that he was really a member he spoke to a small owl and said, "Open Sesame", and the wall seemed parted and my Slave and I entered. A couple of people approached DM, asking about his absence and he replied that he wasn't into magic anymore, not their kind of tricks. They said, too bad, but I know he is magic ... real magic when it comes to cum. As we walked through the crowd no one starred, snickered nor whispered about us. We looked like everyone else and I swear the men could smell my scent the minute I entered for their hands rubbed my ass casually as I passed.

We met our friends, saw a close-up magic show and went to dinner. I stuffed myself with oysters, lox and roast duck while my Slave, DM, had blood rare prime rib. He was a hit at dinner with his hat and almost let the rabbit out of the bag, so to say, when one woman wanted to take the little creature home. DM mentioned the dungeon but quickly corrected himself and said the rabbit lived in the hat munchin' lettuce. He did show that bitch the tip of his tongue, so I swiftly told him that he was my slave tonight. My slave had better be good or I would slice his cock off when we left. After that the rabbit and my slave were very obedient.

We finished dinner just before midnight and went downstairs to dance in the dungeon of the Magic Castle. We were right at home, my slave and I, circling the floor as the band played 50's music which must have made DM feel good but made me feel very young. He mentioned that he had danced to "Blue Moon", in high school. DM is a great dancer and my Stave and I swirled around the other couples. DM's hand held my ass so my wet pussy rubbed against his stiff cock. As the bandleader counted down to midnight the dancers stopped, waiters passed Champaign through the crowd, confetti was thrown, the spiral paper twirls floated through the air as the people waived noisemakers and blew on horns. In the dim light it looked like people jacking off and sucking pointed cocks.

At the stroke of midnight I took my slave's tongue deep into my mouth and sucked it into my throat. I felt the laces of my corset as Dungeonmaster pushed his hands into my ass and pulled his cock hard against my pussy. I held him by the hair and wanted to have his mouth around my dripping cunt but the best I could do was suck on his swollen tongue as he poked at my middle.

We poked, danced and sucked our way through rest of the evening until we were the last survivors on the dance floor. It was two O'clock and the Magic Castle dungeon was closing so I whispered into my slave's ear, " ... my dungeon is still open. Would he like to cum and visit?"

"I can't wait", he replied. We said goodbye to the weird band, left the remaining weird people, collected our weird souvenir tee-shirt, exited the weird castle, got in our car and drove off. As we went down the driveway I grabbed the wig and threw it at a passing car, pulled off the uncomfortable clip on fucking ear things, pulled up my dress and pushed DM's hand into my warm crotch. As he drove I inserted his finger deep into my cunt and held his wrist as his hand groped between my thighs. I pulled his hand away and raised it to his lips and made him suck and smell the strong fregrance. "Hungry, again", I asked as my slave sucked my fingers while my nails scratched his tongue and entered his nose. "Want some dessert?"

Before he could answer I pulled the dress over my shoulders and heard a small tear as the hem slid over my pulsating tits. "Fuck", I said as I noticed the tear in the front of the gown. I was so pissed I threw it over my head, crawled onto the seat next to DM and pushed my hands through my thighs and opened my cunt so he could see the hot, wet inviting hole as he drove down Hollywood Blvd. I stayed like that expecting horns to blow or something but no one seemed to notice or give a shit. I sat next to my slave and removed the fucking corset that squeezed my like a prune. When I was naked DM put his jacket over my shoulders and I cuddled next to him as we drove to the beach.

It was three in the morning when we got to my dungeon and my Slave followed me through the door and fell onto the couch. I jokingly asked if he was going to sleep on the sofa or come to my bed? Letting the soft velvet jacket slide to the floor I rubbed my wet pussy and extended my hand in front of his nose. Taking a long sniff he got up from the couch as if there was a string connected to his nose and followed my hand as if hypnotized.

"Stop, Slave", I commanded and Dm stood motionless as I removed the silver jewelry, untied the tie, unbuttoned his shirt and unhooked the suspenders. As his pants slid to the floor I smiled at the stiff cock that stood erect in the soft light and noticed the wet tip shining in the dim light. I went down on my knees and softly sucked the drop of cum and licked the shaft of my slaves. My hands went between his legs and massaged his balls as he pushed deep into my throat. "Not so fast, Slave, I have plans for you. Lie on the bed."

Dungeonmaster lay on the bed as I went to the dresser and removed my rings, giving them to him. DM insert the rings one at a time into the six holes surrounding my wet cunt. When the rings were in place I crawled onto the bed and placed my pussy in front of his nose and handed him three bands with hooks that I had made the night before. I knelt, pulling his head tomy dripping cunt, and told him to hook each band to the hooks and pull them around his head. The first band pulled my pussy open and my slave's nose and mouth entered my wet hole. After he attached the second band I opened further. The third almost pulled his face inside me. His tongue was deep into my hole. As he tried to breathe the air came through my crack cooling on the moisture.

I twisted my hips and my cunt opened wider and my slave's mouth was pulled deeper and his tongue circled the inside of my wet hole. His hands pulled me forward and the bands pulled on my lips that engulfed his head between my thighs. I held his ears and rocked forward and back as my slave sucked and snorted and gasped for air.

"I can't ...", I heard him whimper, " ... breath", as he pushed deeper inside me and my pussy lips stretched around his face as his glorious tongue circled around and around inside me.

"I can't ... breath", he whimpered again as I grabbed my slaves head and pushed it hard into womb. I moaned as his tongue circled around and around inside my hot, wet, open, deep hole and the cum oozed from the side of his face and streamed down his throat. He gulped and snorted pulling his head from under the bands as he almost tore my pussy lips off.

"God, damn, I can't breath", he cried as he grabbed my head in his hands and drove his cock between my mouth lips. My Slave rammed his prick into and out of my open mouth hole.

"I can't breathe", I moaned as my lips and rubbed the length of his stiff cock and my tongue licked the underside of his shaft.

My hips were moving and my cunt opened as I screamed at my slave to fuck me. He pushed his cock deeper into my mouth and the head slid down my throat. His hair caught between my teeth as I pulled against his skin but he didn't slow.

I felt he was going to cum, so I yelled, "Stop ... Slave", but he continued to push and pull and stroke himself with my mouth until I grab his hips and push him back and he lands on the bed pushing his stiff cock into the air and wildly grasping for my head.

"Stop ... Slave", I scream as I crawl on top of him and lower my open hole over his giant cock. He pushes himself inside of me and I rise and lower myself on his pole. My slave moves his hands under my ass and helps me move up and down. Each time I repeat his fingers drive further into my ass and his cock pushes into my gut. My mouth finds his tongue. I suck him into my throat as he fingers my ass and drives himself deeper into my cunt. I take his tongue between my teeth and bite the swollen member as his cock drives into me and his fingers tear at my ass. I start to cum and the fluid runs down my thighs and my slave throws me into the air with a giant thrust as he cums inside my running, dripping, swelling hole. My ears ring with his screams as his orgasm starts deep in his soul and shoots into my body

I bounce up and down on his cock as the wonderful shaft starts to weaken. I feel his strength draining as his hands glide over my sweaty body, grasping my tits, kneading my stomach, fondling my lips as his fingers probe my open mouth and he pushes his tongue deep into my throat.

"I can't ... breath", I moan as he drives himself deep into my mouth and our cum runs from my lips.

"I can't ... breath", I whisper as I fall beside my slave. I hold tightly to his sweaty body.

"Master", I whisper.

"Slave", I hear.

"I love you, Master", I whisper.

"I love you, Monica", I hear.

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