By Starry Eyes

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He knew that I was nervous. We had agreed we wanted this night to be beautiful and as perfect as possible. It would be our last evening together for some time.

He led me into his room and kissed me softly and then more and more passionately. He led me to the bed and I took off the shirt I was wearing over my black slip dress. He smiled as my shoulders and much of my cleavage was revealed. I sat on the bed and he gently laid me back as he held me in his arms and smothered me with kisses. He reached up and turned off the light. I frowned and told him that I couldn't see his face. He kissed me and got out of bed. As he lit several candles and placed them around the roomI admired his cute ass through his jeans. While his back was to me, I quickly slid my hands beneath my dress and pulled off my panties. I dropped them under the bed and hoped he didn't notice.

He came back and lay next to me and kissed me some more. He began kissing down my neck and softly nibbled on me, inhaling the scent of the Plumeria fragrence I was wearing. As my body got hotter, it released more of the scent so we were soon enveloped in the fragrence. He began to lightly kiss the tops of my breasts while he fondled them through the fabric of my dress. I moaned softly and began to wonder how long it would take him to discover my panty surprise.

Instead, he surprised me as he got up suddenly and began to undress himself. I crawled over to the edge of the bed right next to where he was standing. Watching me intently, he slowly undid his pants. I admired the huge bulge that had formed in his underwear and practically ripped them off. As his hard cock popped out, I quickly caught it in my mouth. He was surprised and I heard him catch his breath. I calmed down and began to massage his cock lightly with my lips. I blew on the tip and then began to lightly run my tongue over it. When I reached the tip I flicked my tongue back and forth over it with more pressure. I could feel his body start to shake but I didn't stop. I licked more and more and I finally took his cock into my mouth. He moaned as I slid my lips and tongue down over the entire length of his wet prick. I opened my throat wide to take all of him into me. I bobbed my head up and down on his shaft, and all of a sudden, he pulled me off.

He quickly pulled my dress off and undid my bra. He reached down to remove my panties and realized they were already gone. I giggled and told him they had been off ever since he lit the candles. That only turned him on more.

He pushed me back down on the bed and he began to devour my body with his lips and tongue. He kissed me all over my neck and made his way down to my tits. He nibbled on them, kissing each nipple in turn and finally, drew the nipples into his mouth and began to suck hard on them. Little shots of electricity began to run through my body and I moaned. He spent some time at my tits, sucking first the right one, then the left one, then both at the same time. This is a huge turn on for us both and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

He continued to kiss down my body but avoided my pussy completely. I groaned as he kissed his way down and back up my legs. When he got to my inner thighs, he gently spread my legs apart and kissed the inside of my thighs. Then he blew softly on my cunt that he had shaved bare only days before. The coolness of his breath combined with the hotness of my pussy nearly drove me insane.

I moved my pussy closer to his face, trying to get him to lick me but he avoided and continue to kiss my thighs. At one point, his lips brushed against my pussy lips and I begged him to taste me. He blew on me some more while he considered my request.

After an agonizingly long time, I felt his tongue gently part my lips and begin to lick the inside of my cunt. He avoided my clit completely and concentrated on licking my dry. When I begged for more, he ignored me again. I settled back and enjoyed the feel of his tongue massaging my cunt. Suddenly I felt a million bolts of electricity run through me as he began to lick my clit. I moaned and called his name as he licked and licked with more force. I moved my hips against his face as he continued. Before I knew it he, had a finger or two deep in my cunt. He sucked with increasing passion and I began to shake. I rolled around on the bed and he held my down. I screamed and called his name as my body quivered and I felt my sweet cum poor out of me.

He felt it too and kept my clit in his mouth until I finished cumming. When I did, he set about to licking up my cum and sucking his fingers clean. When he moved back up besides me, he kissed me on the mouth to let me taste the sweetness of my own cum. He began to lick one of his fingers and I took his other finger in my mouth and sucked my cum off of it.

I asked him what he wanted to do now. He whispered, "I want to make love to you." Touched by his sweetness, I pulled him on top of me and began to kiss him. I felt his cock between my legs and it seemed to know instinctively where to go for it needed no help in finding it's way to my pussy. He slid his cock in me slowly at first and when I moaned with pleasure, he began to move faster. The waves from the waterbed combined with our waves of passion took us to heights we had only dreamed of. He grabbed my legs and held them up while he fucked me. I called his name over and over and kissed him again and again. He kissed and sucked on my nipples and squeezed my ass in his hands. It didn't take either one of us long to cum again and I sighed happily as I felt his hot cum pouring inside of me.

To my surprise, he didn't pull out. He just continued fucking me. I smiled and moved along with him. Suddenly, I pushed him off and he looked at me confused as I rolled him onto his back and straddled his body. I began to bounce up and down on his hard cock as he moaned, staring at my tits bouncing around. He arched up and fucked me back while his cock slid deep into my hot cunt.

He stopped me and slapped my ass. He told me that I was a bad girl and made me get on all fours. I did as he comanded and felt him slide his cock into my pussy from behind. I grabbed a pillow and moaned while he slid in and out of me faster and faster. He spanked me again and again, telling me that he would teach me not to misbehave.

I promised I would behave as his dick slammed into my pussy and his balls slapped against my clit. Finally, he pulled out of me and rolled me over on my back. By this time we were at the foot of the bed and he climbed on top and entered me again. We finished our lovemaking at a leisurely pace, so we could enjoy just being with each other. I felt him tighten up and cum deep inside me. He relaxed and laid his head down against my breasts.

I held him in my arms for a long time. We were now enveloped in the scent of Plumeria and sex combined.

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