The Friendly Neighbor (Part 2)

By Beverly Smite

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I reach out and take the hose from his left hand, his right is resting on the crotch of his shorts, moving ever so slightly. I can't wait to see his cock ... so ... I dispense with all formalities of my playing shy. Stepping close, I press my hand to his letting him know, without words, what I want ... no ... what I need ... right now.

I raise the nozzle up above my chest, and let the water cascade over my body, making my stiff nipples shine in the sunlight. Nick's eyes glisten and a smile covers his lips as he looks intently at my breasts. As I let the hose drop to the ground Nick slides his hands around me and guides my body on to the hood of the car. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him hard ... slow ... deep ... sucking his tongue into my mouth like I want to suck his cock ... into my mouth ... throat ... soon.

His mouth travels down my neck, beginning the decent to my breast. My nipples are so hard it is almost painful as I feel his hot lips surrounding first one then the other. His strong hands spread my knees slowly before he moves his fingers to my inner thighs. I lean back, forcing my breasts out as I rest on my elbows on his car. I moan incoherent words of encouragement as Nick's hands finally touch my pussy. From the outside of my swimsuit tests my wetness, with his fingertips, before pulling the thongs lower and plunging one finger into heat of my wet cunt.

I gasp with pleasure as I push my hips against his hand as his thumb begins to press on my clit. I move against him ... not being shy at all. Oh ... he is much better in real life than he has ever been in my fantasies! I feel my body getting hotter and hotter as his mouth leaves my breasts and travels down my stomach to the soft spot above my pussy. He expertly finishes removing the suit and my eyes close as I feel his mouth on my pussy! His tongue plunges deep inside of me making me wild! I entangle my hands in his hair ... holding him ... as I grind furiously into his face. The car is cold under my ass as I move my hips faster ... harder ... feeling his tongue ... moving my cunt ... his tongue ... moves in and out of my wet pussy a small cock. Nick's tongue is now licking my sensitive clit as he pushes two fingers inside my cunt ... his thumb pressing against the opening of my ass ... his tongue darting around my clit.

I feel my orgasm cumming ... soon .... I gasp ... my pussy tightens ... his fingers play ... his thumb enters ... I feel my juices flowing. He continues to stroke my clit with his tongue as he lets me catch my breath. Things are only beginning!

I pull his face from my hot pussy and kiss him once again. The taste of me in his mouth just contributes to the flames of desire I am feeling for this man right now! I slide to the edge of the car, not breaking the kiss, as my hands move to his waist. I massage his hips as my mouth takes a slow path along his neck ... his shoulder ... his hairy chest ... leaving a trace of moistness in my travel. I tease his nipples as he did mine ... biting softly at first ... then harder ... harder ... as I hear a moan in his chest. Sucking .... nibbling ... teasing as my hands unbutton his shorts. He moans as my hands unzip his fly ... I reach inside ... hmmmmm ... what a nice cock ... hard ... hot.

I knew it ... he wears nothing underneath of his shorts! Almost like he was sure this would happen today. I bend my body lower ... kissing and licking across his stomach as I fall to my knees to continue my path of toward my desire ... his stiff cock.

Nick is watching me carefully as I slowly lick the soft head of his prick. I lick the under side of it so I can watch his reactions as I nibble all along his shaft before moving my lips back up to his head. Nick is anxious ... as am I ... to have his cock buried to the hilt inside my hot mouth ... so his hands go into my hair ... pulls me to him ... thrusts forward ... burring his cock ... I feel his head against my tonsils ... deep in my throat.

I have waited so long for this moment that I want to savor it! But ... I can't stop myself ... moving forward ... on his cock ... I swallow his prick ... taking his stiff cock slowly back out ... he speeds the pace ... he thrusts harder ... faster ... deeper ... but ... before I can get him to cum in my mouth he pulls out and roughly drags me to my feet! I am shocked but I don't resist as Nick turns me around and bends me over the hood of his car. I almost made me cum right then but I hold as he throws a fuck into me like I have never been fucked before! I feel his cock bulldoze into my wet pussy as my tits are pressing against the cold car. His hands grasp my hips as he thrusts his cock deeper and harder! His right hand slides around to pinch and tease my clit while he fucks me!

I bite my bottom lip to keep from being too loud as a scream escapes my mouth as I slam my ass against him ... taking his cock deep ... as deep as I can! Nick is panting behind me ... as much as I am ... more ... louder ... the other neighbors ... where ... who cares ... " ... FUCK ME >>> ", I yell as we begin to tremble and a mutual giant orgasm of flowing cum.

I feel him plunge into me one more time as his cum shoots deep within my womb. I whimper his name, "Nick", as I cum hard ... my pussy squeezing his cock ... fast and hard ... our cum mixes ... we sigh ... hold ... lean against the car.

We come back to earth ... laugh ... put our clothes on... laugh.

I'm sitting at my computer ... writing ... thinking ... hoping ... I hope this is not the last time I get to play with my neighbor.

And ... if and when we do get together ....

I will ... certainly ... let you know !

Love, Beverly

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