The Friendly Neighbor (Part 1)

By Beverly Smite

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It is the middle of August, so hot and sultry outside ... stuffy inside. So ... I am sitting out on my deck in a lawn chair catching some rays. I always do this on Saturday afternoons since my neighbor, Nick, is out cleaning his car. Damn ... that man has no clue how sexy I think he is wearing those cut-off shorts and no shirt.

As usual, I can't help myself from fantasizing about Nick and how wonderful we would be together ... I mean ... REALLY ... together. I imagine the way his lips would feel against mine, then traveling down my body teasing my breasts and finally, how he would feel against my pussy. I move my hand down to that very spot where his lips would be and begin to tease myself through my swimsuit. I am so damp with sexual excitement. Already I figure it will be a shame to waste a perfect opportunity to see him while I am masturbating.

I watch the play of muscles along his back, thinking about his cock and running my hands down, scratching his stiffness with my nails. I begin working my way under my suit when the object of my fantasy turns suddenly and looks at me. Nick tosses up a hand, waves. I only nod and smile, not willing to stop my hand from reaching it's destination. I feel Nick's eyes travel down my body and I know he sees what I am doing, but I don't give a shit. It's too late to stop now ... and ... I don't want to stop!

I close my eyes, letting the feel of the sun and the heat from his eyes penetrates my body warm me to the core. By now, my fingers are all the way in my pussy and my hips are gyrating slowly as I get a good rhythm going. I lick my index and thumb of my free hand, beginning to tease my nipples under my top. I peek from under long thick lashes to see if Nick is still looking ... and ... sure enough, he has moved to the opposite side of his car so he can watch without being obvious.

I reach up to release the string holding my top up and let it fall to my waist. I can almost hear his groan, across the lawn, as one of his hands disappears below the hood of his car. I know he is stroking the growing bulge in his shorts as he watches me pinching my already red nipples ... at least I hope so!

I am sinking in the lawn chair so he can't quite see my wet pussy as I pull down the thong bottoms of my swimsuit. Nick can see as spread my knees and I know that he understands what I am doing ... at least I hope so!

This makes me hotter ... so ... my hips begin to buck against my hand as I do loose all concepts of space and time. It is almost like he is lying right beside me! As I feel my orgasm approaching I look once again to see his look as I lick my lips. He is so intent on watching my tits that he doesn't realize that I am watching him! I begin to tremble, my back arches, I press my fingers ... more and more ... deeper and deeper ... until finally ... I reach a fantastic orgasm!

Nick continues stroking his cock as I try to breathe normally again. I just had to walk over there and help his out. After all ... it is the neighborly thing to do ... isn't it?

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Love, Beverly!

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Love, Beverly

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