By: Gabriellet Xavior

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Coming home from work, Brandy sees Bo, her neighbor, outside mowing his lawn. Waving at him as she heads into the house, admiring his body. She quickly starts to change, slipping out of her work clothes, grabbing shorts and top, heading to take a quick shower before going outside.

As she's taking her shower her mind drifts off to Bo, thinking of how it would feel to be in his arms, she closes her eyes as she slowly begins to wash her body. She imagines that it's his hands caressing her. Slowly her fingertips slide down her neck, she feels a tingle start inside her body as she moves them lower. Moaning and arching her back as she starts to tease her nipples feeling them getting hard and erect. Shivering as thoughts of Bo cross her mind, her hands drifting lower caressing her body, down her stomach, to her thighs washing and caressing first one leg and than the other. Sliding her hands up and between her thighs, gasping as her hand finally reaches her mound.

"Oh, my God!", Brandy whispers, as she closes her eyes once more , thinking of Bo and how wonderful it would feel if it was his mouth, instead of just her hand. She starts to rub her clit, feeling it start to throb and get bigger. Sucking in her breath, she slides two fingers into her hot wet pussy, "Oh, yes! Mmmmmm!!" she moans. Her fingers move faster as she feels herself about to explode. "Aaaaaahhhhhhh.... I'm Cumming!", she screams, cumming as waves of pleasure course through her body .... Her knees grow weak as her juices flow from her pussy down her thighs ..... Trembling, she feels the release that her body was screaming for.

Leaning against the shower wall, catching her breath, she starts to blush hoping that no one heard her. She quickly finishes her shower and dresses. She is glad that she can still hear the lawn mower going, knowing no one heard her. Smiling as she looks out the window seeing her backyard mowed, she heads to the front and sees Bo who is almost done mowing it. She grabs two glasses of ice tea and heads out the door. Finishing the last of her yard, he walks over to her.

"Thanks a lot, Bo, you know you didn't have to do my lawn." She smiles up at him and hands him the glass of tea. "Now, I'm going to feel bad asking if you will take a look at my car."

"I don't mind doing it, darlin', now tell me what's wrong with your car.", Bo says, winking at her as he takes the cold drink from her hand.

"The engine light keeps going off and on. I have to keep putting water in it and I think it has to be something with the radiator, but I don't know what." she answers, blushing as he winking at her.

"No problem", he tells her. Brandy watches his tall lean body as he walks to the car. She feels the heat raising in her body as she thinks of how she would love to be running her hands up and down his back and across his bare chest. She is deep in thought so she doesn't hear him talking to her. "Hey, darlin'!", he calls out a little louder, grinning as he sees where her eyes are heading.

His voice penetrates her thoughts. Blushing, she realizes that he had been talking to her and he seen where her eyes where going. Stammering she says, "I'm sorry, what did you say?" Walking over to her, he tells her that it is a radiator hose and if she would like he would go pick it up for her and put it on.

"You're such a doll! How about I make dinner for you in exchange? I'm not the best cook and it's the least I can do for all your help."

"That sounds great", he says, smiling at her, thinking that he knows of a better way to thank him. He can feel his cock stirring at his thoughts. Turning to leave before he embarrasses himself, he says, "I'll be back shortly."

As she's fixing dinner she looks out the window seeing Bo is back and has already fixing her car. At least I can watch him from here and he won't see me, she thinks.

A shiver runs up Bo's spine as he feels he's being watched, knowing it has to be Brandy. He starts to think of her, how he would love to make love to her all night, caressing her body , hearing her moan and calling out his name.

"OH, DAMN!", Bo shouts as his hand slips cutting the back. Well, that will teach me to keep my mind on what I'm doing, he thinks. Finishing up he walks to her door, knocks and hears her yell to come in and goes to the kitchen. Seeing the blood on his hand she stops what she doing. "You okay? Let me see your hand." she says with a concerned look on her face. She takes his hand in hers, a small gasp escapes her lips feeling as if she was shocked by electricity . She would have taken her hand away but he held onto hers as waves of pleasure course through his body. His other arm wraps around her waist as he pulls her to him. His mouth comes down upon hers, kissing her passionately, his tongue entering her mouth. He hears her soft moan as she leans into his body, nibbling on her lower lip then kissing her neck. Holding her tighter, he whispers into her ear as he nibbles on the lobe. "My God, Brandy, I have wanted to do this for so long."

Sighing, she looks into his baby blue eyes and reaches up and caresses his cheek. Breathlessly saying, "I have wanted it too." They feel the passion building up deep within them.

The moment ends as they hear the water bubbling over, on the stove. Brandy rushes over and turns it off, with a disappointed sigh, because of her thoughts of what could have been. Bo walks over to her, lifting her chin and softly kisses her lips. "Darlin', I'm going to go and clean up. I shouldn't be to long", he says giving her another kiss and a wink.

With dinner made she quickly changes into to her maroon panties and a short maroon dress that buttons down the front. Brandy puts on her thigh high nylons. Hearing the doorbell she takes one last look, to make sure she looks okay and answers the door. Her heart skips a beat as she sees Bo standing there in his western shirt, tight wrangler jeans that hug his ass, boots and a Stetson hat. Her eyes devour him as he gives a low whistle, stunned at how lovely she looks. Both are standing there, Bo outside the door and Brandy inside, each with their thoughts of how they would like the night to end.

Shaking her head, realizing she hasn't asked him, she says, "I'm sorry, come on in." Walking pass her, his cologne filling her , she takes his hat, hangs it up and leads him into dining room. The table is set with candles burning and wine chilling.

As they eat she feels his eyes upon her. Gazing into one another eyes, they both see the passion within the other. He smiles at her, saying, "Did I tell you how lovely you look tonight?". Bo reaches out and covers her small hand with his. Brandy feels the blush on her cheeks, thinking of how cute and sexy it makes her look. She shivers as he touches her hand, not from being cold but from his touch and feeling herself blush from his complement and touch.

She stammers as she moves her hand and gets up, taking the plates. "Would you like some dessert?", she asks, as she heads into the kitchen. Setting the dishes down on the counter she turns and Bo is standing right in front of her.

Taking her chin in his hand Bo lifts her face, whispering, "I would love dessert if its you." Bo places his lips on hers, She moans, leaning into his body, her arms wrapping around his neck. He pulls her tighter to him, feeling his manhood stir as her tongue slides into his mouth. He moans, tasting the sweetness as her fingers running through his hair and their kiss becomes more passionate. She feels the wetness between her legs as her juices flow and she feels his hardness pressing against her. Her head is spinning and her knees are getting weak. His hands reach up, caressing her breasts through her dress. Kissing and nibbling her neck he feels her shiver as he starts to unbutton her dress, kissing his way down to her breast, taking her softness into his hands. Hearing her breath coming more rapid, he feels her heart beating faster. He whispers softly, "Brandy, I want you so much."

He lifts her, carrying her to the bedroom. He gently sets her down having her stand before him as he looks into her eyes, seeing the passion, knowing that she wants him the same way. He slowly unbuttons her dress, letting it slip off her shoulders onto the floor at her feet. A small gasp escapes her lips as the cool air hits her body. Bo slowly starts to kiss and lick his way down her body. Down her neck, to her breasts kissing each one, teasing the nipples with his tongue as his hands slide down her sides.

He feels his cock growing harder as the pre-cum starts to seep from the tip. He moans as he feels her small hands holding his head to her breasts. Slowly he starts moving down her stomach his hands caressing the inside of her thighs, touching her womanhood through her panties. He feels her trembling, hears her gasp, as he touches her there. Brandy is so wet and hot. Kissing just above her panties Bo's hands reach up and slip under her panties. His head is spinning as he feels her pussy, so moist with her juices. He kisses his way down to her clit, flicking it with his tongue.

"Oh, my God, Bo! I feel like I'm on fire!", she moans, holding his head to her clit. His senses filled with the smell of her perfume mixed with that of passion. Sucking her clit into his mouth he slides his fingers into her pussy.

"Oh God, I want you so much", he whispers. He wanted to make this part of their lovemaking last longer, but, he just couldn't. He wanted to hear her call out his name and taste the sweet juices of her pussy as his fingers slide in and out faster and deeper, sucking her throbbing clit harder. Their breathing becoming more rapid, as she squirms holding his head to her, grinding her pussy into his face.

"Oh, my God, Bo!", she screams. "I'm cumming!", she yells as her whole body shakes and trembles, her pussy pulsing around his fingers as she explodes. Her juices flow out and down her legs.

Bo quickly slides his fingers out of her and starts to suck her pussy, wanting to taste her, moaning as her juices drench his tongue. She cums again as his tongue darts into her as her pussy squeezes his tongue while he sucks her. His cock is throbbing for release. Brandy sinks to her knees, taking his face into her hands, she licks his lips, tasting herself on his tongue. Kissing him passionately, with shaking hands she unbuttons his shirt and caresses his chest as they move up his body to slide his shirt off.

"Oh, Bo, do you know how long I have wanted to touch you like this, I can't believe its finally coming true", she whispers into his ear as she nibbles the lobe. Kissing down his neck to his nipples, teasing them with her tongue, her hands slide sides down, caressing him. She hears him moan as she sucks and teases his nipples. Then she hears the sharp intake of breath as her hand touches his manhood through his jeans. She feels it throbbing as she excitedly fumbles with the zipper. Bo stands up and undoes his jeans, slipping them down as his cock jumps out at her. Looking up at him, licking her lips, her small hands run up his thighs. Wrapping one of her hand around his cock, her other hand caresses his balls. Her tongue flicks out, catching a drop of his pre-cum from the tip. Tasting it, she , moans as she starts to lick up and down his cock, her hand gently squeezing and caressing it. Her fingertips softly caress his balls. Bo's heart beats faster, his breath comes more rapidly as he holds her head. She licks down to his balls, kissing and licking each one, taking them into her mouth and sucking them gently.

"Oh, God, darlin', that feels so good!", he says as he feels her sucking them with her tongue and teasing them. She looks up into his eyes as she slowly licks her way back up to the tip of his cock, rubbing it across her lips. Parting her lips, his cock slips into her mouth, sucking the tip, her tongue teases the slit, as she tastes him. She hears him sucking in his breath as he runs his fingers through her hair.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, darlin', I don't know how much more I can take! Your mouth is driving me wild!", he moans. She starts to move up and down on his cock, sucking it, her tongue swirling around it as she takes him deeper with each stroke. She feels her pussy starting to pulse again, wanting him so much. Deeper and deeper his cock slides in, touching the back of her throat. She moans as she feels it throbbing and pulsing against her tongue. Sucking it deeper, feeling it getting harder, the head growing bigger in her mouth, his balls getting harder and tightening in her hands she sucks.

"Oh, my God, Brandy!", he yells. "I'm cumming", he cries, thrusting his hips up, holding her head, as she takes his cock all the way down her throat. She feels his hot cum sliding down her throat as she moans as she sucks him dry. Not being able to take it all, some escapes her mouth and slides from his cock and down her chin.

Licking his cock up and down, it slowly shrinks as he helps her up, looking into his eyes. Their lips meet in a deep kiss. He sucks her tongue into his mouth tasting himself, moaning as he feels her breasts pressing into his body. His arms circle around her, holding her close to him. Whispering to him, Brandy tell him how wonderful he tastes and Bo, telling her how fantastic she was.

He picks her up and gently lays her on the bed, lying next to her. Her head rests on his shoulder as they both relax and catch their breath. He kisses the top of her head, as her hands gently run up and down his chest, sending waves of passion and pleasure through his body. His hand caresses her arm, moving to her breasts, teasing the hard nipples between his fingers he hears her moan. Her hands move lower, touching his cock, feeling it jump at her touch. His hand slide down and touch her pussy as she moans, arching her back.

"Oh, Bo, I want you! I want to feel you deep inside me!" At hearing this he feels his cock growing even harder as waves of passion flow through his body. He wants her so much. He positions himself between her knees, his cock teasing her clit and pussy as her juices get his cock wet. Moaning and arching her back she wants him in her. Bo slowly slides his cock into her pussy.

Moaning as he feels it being squeezed by her pussy, Bo whispers, "Oh, God, Brandy, your so tight and wet!" Waves of pleasure rush through his body. Wanting her so much, but slowing down, he wants this to last. He stops as he's deep into her, his cock throbbing, her pussy pulsing and squeezing him. Looking into her eyes and seeing the fire and passion in them, he starts to pump in and out. He takes her nipples and rolls them between his fingers. She calls out his name, begging him to make her cum, pulling him to her lips kissing him passionately.

"Oh, Bo, you make me feel so good!", she calls out breathlessly. Her hips start to move with him, Faster and faster they move as she yells, "Bo, I'm cumming!" Brandy screams, her whole body shaking and shuddering as she drenches his cock with her cum. She rolls him onto his back, his cock still deep within her. Sitting up, she arches her back and starts to ride him. Up and down, his cock throbbing deep within her, her pussy squeezing it tighter. She leans forward while her clit rubs against his body, making her hotter and wetter.

"OH, God, babe, I'm on fire!!", Bo yells pumping faster and faster as she moves. His hips move with hers, thrusting his hard cock deep into her. He feels his cock getting harder, his balls tightening. He knows he is about to explode. "Oh, my God, Brandy, I can't take anymore!", he shouts. With one final thrust he explodes deep inside her, his hot cum filling her pussy.

She calls out his name, screaming as her hips moving wildly . Feeling the pressure building up again and screaming for release she gasps for breath as she wraps her arms around his neck, burying her face into his neck.

"Bo, I'm cumming!"

Brandy can't believe the intensity of the climax. Shaking and trembling, her clit throbbing , her pussy pulsing around his cock, she can't seem to catch her breath it's so intense. Feeling as if she's going to pass out her juices mix with his and drench his cock. He holds her tightly to him as he hears her starts to cry.

"Darlin, did I hurt you?", he asks as he's catching his breath. "Are you alright", he says, worried that he might have hurt her.

She slowly lifts her head, looking into his eyes and sees the worry in them. "Babe, you didn't hurt me at all. It's just that it felt so wonderful, so breathtaking. They're tears of happiness and fulfillment. You have made me feel so wonderful!". Brandy tells him as she still feels the aftershocks.

Taking her face in his hands Bo gently kisses the tears away, so glad that he made her happy. Kissing her gently on lips, he whispers to her how fantastic she made him feel. She rolls off his body. Bo's arms are wrapped around her, holding her tightly, her head resting on his chest he listens to her heartbeat. She sighs, being so content in his arms she closes her eyes and she dozes off thinking that she never wants this to end. He gently moves the hair that has fallen onto her cheek and kisses the top of her head. Bo thinks that she feels "so right" in his arms, so perfect.

Gently hugging her to him, he closes his eyes. A smile covers his lips, as he thinks of what's to come..................

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