My Vacation Relief

By Sandra Clemens

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I recently drove to Florida with my wife, Anne and sixteen-month-old son. We went to some of the attractions and spent time with her family. The nights at the hotel were boring, though, since Anne got her period the day we arrived.

In the three years since we'd seen her family, Anne's sister, Cheri, had grown up to be a beautiful young lady. She was now eighteen and had a body to drool over ... long legs ... small though supple breasts ... and a smooth belly which she liked to show off with tank tops.

One day, while at Anne's parent's house, they decided to go shopping. I was left alone, frustrated over my lack of sex, so I decided to take the opportunity to relieve myself. Walking toward the back of the house, I noticed a pair of Cheri's panties on the top of the dirty laundry. I picked them up and breathed in her strong scent. I was instantly aroused and her sweet smell had me dreaming of licking her cunt until she came on my face. I used this thought to stimulate my masturbation. Holding Cheri's panties to my face with my left hand, I stroked my throbbing cock with my right.

Suddenly, as I heard the key in the front door. I remembered that Cheri was still in school and should be home soon. Well, she made it into the living room before I had a chance to make myself presentable.

"Oh", she said as she looked down at my still engorged dick. "It looks like Anne isn't taking care of you." I was speechless! Anne had told me that Cheri had admitted to her that she had given guys blowjobs, but was still a virgin. Without a word from me, she knelt down and took my cock in her small hand and stroked it gently. "Do you want me to help you", she asked?

"Please", I moaned, running my hand through her short brunette hair, as she slowly, very slowly, licked the head of my stiff cock with her warm tongue.

"Does Anne swallow", Cheri asked, looking up as she took a deep breath. I shook my head and back she went, bobbing slowly on the head and tickling the underside with her tongue. Then, she went way down on my prick with abandon, pushing her mouth over my member much farther than my wife, Anne, ever did. Cheri alternated between deep throating and the slow bobbing that made me shudder with delight.

Feeling my orgasm building and that I couldn't last, I grunted, "God, does that feel so good." With that Cheri started bobbing her mouth and jerking me off with her hand as I neared explosion. When I finally shot my wad she pulled back and let it hit her in the face, licking her lips and swallowing only what hit her mouth. I don't know if I had ever cum so much.

"I hope that will hold you off until Anne takes care of you again", Cheri said smiling. "If she doesn't ... I know who will.

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