My Neighbor Dawn!

By Mike West

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I got to my place around two A.M. and I saw the light on at Dawns place next door. Thinking that maybe she had a date, I went to my apartment and poured myself a drink. Soon there was a knock on the door, I answered and Dawn came in. "I thought you might have had a date Dawn", I said. "I was very busy tonight, and just got home from work. But, tell me about your night?" I told her that I was exhausted and would share time with her in the morning.

"Can I stay the night?", asked Dawn, "I just wanted some company."

I told her sure but I was too tired now to play around. She agreed and we retired to the bedroom.

I awoke around eight A.M. to the smell of fresh coffee. Dawn heard me stirring and sat down on the bed with a cup for me. Feeling more awake I gave her a big hug and a kiss.

"Mike, tell me about your date last night. What is she like?", Dawn asked.

I explained the whole story, from the time I met them both to last night at dinner. Dawn was very excited, I could see her nipples showing through her nightshirt. She told me I should invite them over, she would like to meet them. "Dawn", I said, "do you have an interest in being with another woman?"

"Yes, Mike I have always wanted to but never got the nerve to try. I think with your help, I can do it." Dawn pulled the covers off the bed and climbed between my legs. "You made me so hot telling me that I want to eat me", I said as Dawn, kissing my cock, sucking it head first and then swallowing my whole prick. She gave me an excellent blowjob. Dawn and I have made love before so she knew all my sensitive spots, all of the places that make me cum quicker. She got my cock to full hardness, moved over and sat down on it. Rocking up and down, fucking me slowly, Dawns hands found her clit. She teased it with her fingers, as she rode my rod with style. I reached up and played with her tits, squeezing them gently and playing with her nipples with my fingers. Dawn's tempo increased as did the moisture around my cock. Her cunt was so wet, I could feel her cumming. When Dawn cums her pussy tightens up like a glove around my prick. All of the sudden she started moaning louder and louder, her pussy squeezed my cock tight and I felt her juice ooze from her pussy. I started cumming with her. "We are having our orgasm together", she cried, " ... I love it." Then she fell on top of me exhausted.

Shortly after that I called Beth and told her about my friend Dawn, and that she wanted to meet them both. Beth asked her friend, Jody. I heard them giggle in the background and Beth said, "Sure. When?"

"Well, tonight is good for me", I said.

"We'll, Mike, see you around eight then. Should we bring anyone else", asked Beth? I told her that I just wanted her and Jody over tonight and maybe another night we could involve someone else. Dawn helped me clean the apartment, we had lunch, smoked a little grass and took a long cuddling nap.

Dawn then left around five that evening so I took a shower and went back to bed. I set my alarm for seven and continued my nap.

When I woke I shaved and put on a nice outfit. I put on some music and called Dawn, telling her to get ready. Debbie and Jody got to my place on time. "Where is your friend", asked Jody? Dawn, I believe?"

I told them she will be here, I just called her. I left the door open and we sat down and rolled some joints. Beth opened some wine, which she brought with her and when Dawn came in and I introduced them. We sipped some wine, smoked a joint and just chatted. Dawn was looking Jody over and I could see Dawn's nipples growing under her dress.

"Mike, tell me how you all met", asked Dawn.

Beth and Jody giggled. "Yes we were going to spend the day together, but when we met Mike, we decided to have fun with him", Jody answered, and eyeing Dawns now parted legs.

Dawns interest in Jody got the two of them talking. Beth grabbed me and kissed my mouth, her tongue finding mine and exploring my lips. Jody put her hand on Dawns legs as they watched Beth and myself making out.

"Looks like they are getting involved", said Jody, Dawns legs parted more, allowing Jody to slip her hand under her dress. Dawn got closer to Jody and kissed her passionately on the lips as the two got into a long, involved, kiss. Beth and I glanced over at them.

"Jody will take good care of Dawn", she whispered.

Jody helped Dawn out of her dress, slipped off her bra and panties. Beth was naked by then and she went over to help the other two girls play. I finished undressing and watched the three playing on the black sofa. Everyone was naked except Jody, who was stripped to her white garters and stockings. I rubbed my hard cock, watching the girls until I could stand it no longer.

I moved over to the couch and took off Jody's stockings. I laid down in the group while Beth and Jody sucked on Dawn's firm tits, each taking a nipple in their mouths and tickling them with their tongues. Dawn reached for my cock and took it in her lips. Beth and Jody kissed their way down to Dawn's tummy. She was enjoying this, moaning and writhing back and forth. Beth reached Dawn's pussy first, and licked her cunt-lips with her mouth. Then she stuck her tongue deeper, exploring and kissing the inside walls of her pussy. Dawn sucked my cock harder and harder. It sounded as if she was starting to cum, her body tensed up and quivered like it does when she's ready. As Beth and Jody concentrated on Dawn's clit, teasing, and nipping at it, Dawn started cumming real hard and fast. She stopped sucking on my cock and held me tight as she rode her orgasm through.

After Dawn had calmed down I asked her what she thought. "Damn", she said, " ... that was great." She kissed Jody and Beth deeply thanking them both for the wonderful time.

Beth and Jody came over to me and started kissing my cock. "Come here Dawn and help us", Beth asked and three tongues and lips caressing my cock when Dawn joined. All three girls took turns sucking my cock and seeing who could get my prick the deepest into their throat. Dawn was the one who took that title, she swallowed every inch. Then, they tongue lashed the head of my cock, swapping kisses and playing with each other's tits.

I got up and turned Jody around, sliding my cock into her pussy from behind. She let out a moan and started moving her ass toward my hips, matching my strokes. Dawn slid between Diode's legs and slowly started licking her pussy. Looking over I could see Beth going down on Dawn. Jody started cumming first, with Dawn sucking on her pussy lips which surrounded my pounding cock. Jody rode out her orgasm as Dawn licked up every drop of cum that oozed from Jody wet pussy. I pulled my cock out and Dawn then milked me dry.

As Dawn milked my cock, Beth slid a finger into her butt-hole. Beth sucked her clit, pushing her finger deeper into her ass as Dawn shivered and started cumming. I moved over and slid my semi-hard cock into Beth's shaved hole. Soon, I was hard and pumped her pussy faster and faster. We both came together and I grabbed her tits and played with her hard nipples. Beth had a second orgasm, which lasted about two minutes.

After that we all took a little nap in each others arms, Jody and Beth left around two A.M. Dawn and I stayed up longer and talked of our experience.

I told Dawn that I had met another friend of Beth's that might like to play. "Shall I call this girl in a day or two", I asked?

"You'd better", said Dawn, "I'm anxious to meet all your girlfriends."

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