By Amy Wilson

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Dear John:

I don't know if I should call you my "shrink" of my "father confessor". I am very glad that I have you to write as I am having the time of my life. I can't believe that I'm doing what I am ... and ... I love it! Thank you for being with me.

I was petrified when Mistress Beth mentioned the parking lot and all I could see was the knife in my hand slashing Linda's tires while she took my photograph or something. The only thing I could think to do wa lie.

"I don't know Mistress", I answered. " ... who did she see?"

"She saw an old friend of her's and called me to say that she was going to be late tonight. I gave her permission to stay out for awhile tonight. A present so she could catch up with her friend."

"Really, that must have been nice to run into an old friend", I sighed, swallowing my shame. At that point I had no idea what was going on. Why didn't Linda tell Mistress Beth what happened? She must not have known about me, or, she was afraid that she would be in trouble. This was certainly a most fortunate twist of fate.

Just then the front door slammed and I heard Linda's voice calling Beth. My Mistress took my leash and led me to the front room. I followed her, nude and scared as I saw Linda standing by the door.

"Mistress Beth", I said " ... I have prepared a wonderful meal for you. Would you like me to serve you tonight?". I stood quietly as Linda looked at my nude body and my Mistress's naked cunt, black stockings and heels. At this I wasn't going to say anything, The possibility of licking her sweet pussy were all but forgotten.

"No", Mistress Beth said with her usual authority. "Tonight A has been such a surprise I want you and Linda to be able to spend some time together. It seems like she is always too busy working to get to know you."

"Oh boy", I thought, " ... how exciting. But I was going to have some fun knowing that Linda had lied to our Mistress. That was certainly a bit of leverage. "Thank You ... Ma'am ... that is very kind of you. How long do I have with Linda?"

"Take as long as you need. I will be downstairs if you need me. How does that sound ... bitch?" Mistress Beth dropped my leash and turned to leave.

"That sounds wonderful Ma'am ... Thank you ... very much!" I hated lying but it might actually turn out to be fun anyway.

I watched Mistress Beth's wonderful ass as she left. I turned to Linda. "How was your friend", I asked.

"Look ... you bitch. I saw you in the lot. I know what you are up to. You are not going to get away with this."

But ... Linda didn't understand that I had leverage too, "But I did not directly lie to Mistress Beth ... you did ... Linda!"

She looked shocked, obviously she had not considered this aspect. After a bit of thought she replied. "You have a point. This is a bit of a stalemate."

I couldn't help but grin at this point. I would not be able to service Mistress beth's sweet pussy but at least I wouldn't have to serve her slave's cunt. "Mistress Beth will be upset if she does not see me training you a bit", Linda whispered. "I can tie you lightly and pretend to be forcing myself on you. If she comes back, she will be happy ... and ... you will be happy. Most of all ... I will be happy because you will not tell our Mistress what I have done ... Deal?"

"Sure ... deal ... but I don't think you need to tie me up to do that." I wasn't going to let her get away with that. Two could play that game. "I will tie you ... and teach you a thing or two."

"Maybe later", Linda whispered, but tonight you are to do what Mistress Beth said. You are to obay me. I will be easy on you .... just pretend." Since she asked so nicely, and since it was just for show I turned away and put my arms behind my back as Linda fastened them together with a pair of cuffs. When she fionished with my arms Linda put cuffs on my ankles and pushed me forward onto my knees. I was moving my arms a bit but the cuffs were tight. "Linda ... not so tight", I whispered, " ... could you loosen them a little? It is a bit tight in places."

By now Linda was done with my leg and I heard a click as the cuffs were fastened together. i strained as she wrapped a belt around my waist and pulled it tight. I pulled my arms but the strain was on my legs as I knelt on the white rug. linda looked down on me and said, "No, you will learn your place. If you are good I might remove your bindings before you go to bed."

I pulled and wriggled against the bonds but it turned out that Linda was wiser than I had thought. I began to panic and was really pulling against the cuffs on my arms, I tried to move forward but I fell flat on my face. I couldn't get my arm free to protect my fall and it was extremely painful. I knew at that point that I was going to have some bruises on my face to show for the fall, but I wasn't going to be alone in my suffering.

Linda was laughing hysterically, her face was red and she was bent over in laughter. I told her, "If you don't let me go right now, I assure you our Mistress will find out about your lies. Then it will be me who laughs and you who is hurting."

She laughed, saying, "I will take that chance, but for now you are mine. You will learn what my Mistress has told me to teach you. I personally don't see why she would waste time on you, but she is kind to less fortunate people"

I started screaming for Mistress Beth at the top of my lungs. She would see to it that Linda was punished for this. Linda, in the meantime, helped me up from the floor and helped me hop to the bed. There she shoved me onto my back to a kneeling position and started to remove her clothing. At this point, I do admit, Linda is an attractive woman. Her dark hair contrasts nicely with her light complexion. Her breasts are well proportioned and she is in good physical shape. I was actually starting to feel sorry for what was going to happen to her later.

I was also starting to get excited with this slave's domination of me. I couldn't figure out why ... for the life of me. But I was. There was no doubt of that. After undressing, Slave Linda sat next to me and explained many things about our Mistress Beth. She is very particular about how she likes to have her pussy serviced. As Linda explained the points to me she would point to exact spots, using her body as a model.

I started loosing tract of time as I knelt before Linda looking straight into her pink cunt. Unable to move except to bend at the waist or knees I found the position was becomming excrutiatingly painful. Linda, after a long time explaining ... pointing ... probbing ... feeling, Linda said that I would need to begin practicing my tonguing techniques, which would please our Mistress Beth. She stepped forward so that her pussy was in front of my lips. She straddled my face and said, "Today, with your hands cuffed, we will only be able to work on your tongue technique. you woll concentrate on nothing else nor will you use any other part of your body."

She was very mechanical and matter-of-fact in her explanations. I could see, as she straddled me, that Linda was not the least bit excited about the fact that I was about to eat her. But, after many tries and instructive corrections by Linda, I was able to get her aroused. My tongue was deep inside her cunt, licking the sides as I rubbed my nose against her clit. Her hips started to move in a slow, undulating, motion as my tongue slid in and out as her cum started flowing. I cupped my lips and covered her hole so that the juices would run into my mouth. I swirled the rich cum as if gargeling, tasting the rich liquid as Linda moaned in pleasure. I had he now ... I showed her that I was able to perform well with my tongue.

To be honest ... Linda did taste very nice and she had been patient teaching me what she thought I needed to know. Not one drop of her cum excaped my mouth and I licked her pussy-lips and thighs as held my head ... softly at first and then with great strength she shoved my mouth deep into her crotch as my tongue imbedded inside her cunt. I despersately struggled at the cuffs that held me secure, wanting my finger her ass ... her clit ... her lovely mouth ... but ... I couldn't move. I knelt there as Linda writhed on my tongue ... her cunt dancing like a ballerina on her toes.

Her hands dropped to her side and I pulled my tongue from her sticky cunt and blew softly into her moistened hole. Linda threw her head back as the soft breath cooled her pussy as she fell to her knees in front of me. Linda leaned forward and placed her lips to mine, tasting her cum on my lips as our tongues met. My arms were cuffed to my ankles and Linda knelt with her hands behind her back. Our tits rubbed softly as our tongues played dancing games around our mouths.

"Was my performance everything that you expected", I whispered between kisses.

"Not bad for a beginner", Linda answered, pulling away as my tongue tried to stay inside her mouth. "Not bad at all ... for a beginner."

"Beginner", I thought as Linda rose from her kneeling position and turned. I was pretty danm good ... great I think. "What do you mean ... Not Bad!", I asked as she crossed the room.

"Just that ... You're Ok ... but ... you'll get better. Much better after Mistress Beth get's through with you."

I tried to stand but couldn't and it was difficult to crawl on my knees so I just stayed where I was. "She couldn't just leave me here", I thought. "Linda ... get back here and let me out of this ... I am so sorry what I did to your car. I won't not tell Mistress Beth about your lie. I promise ... please ... let me out!"

Linda smiled and kept walking to the door. She turned, looking at me with her sly smile. "I have already told Mistress Beth about my comments. She knows ... she knew ... Mistress Beth finds out everything. You will learn. You'll get better." As Linda turned out the lights. "Think about what you did ... How much Mistress Beth works to make you and I happy ... What you did to betray her trust ... What you are going to do to change ... How you are going to please her ... And please me. you are the bottom ... my dear ... remember that. don't fuck with me!"

The door closed and I was in total darkness. I knelt there for some time, angry at first. Then, as time ticked on, I started thinking about what Linda had said and how I should appreciate what she and Mistress Beth do for me. I wasn't even angry anymore, she did what needed to be done. I was, so to say, the new kid on the block ... or the new slave in the blocks, and shit doesn't flow uphill. My plan had succeeded but my press for control backfired. I wondered what would happen when my Mistress returned.

After what seemed an eternity Mistress Beth came in with Slave Linda trailing behind her. They approached me in the dim light that came through the door, looked at my face and stood their with blank expressions. I looked down as I had been taught. "I told Slave Linda not to hurt you. I see you have red swellings on your face", Beth asked. "What happened?" Linda cringed behind her as mistress Beth pulled my face up stared into my eyes. "Tell me what has happened to cause this, you have nothing to fear, tell me now ... Slave Amy!"

This was my chance at revenge, I could make Linda pay for this, now she had two things to answer for. Linda was terrified. I could see the fear in her eyes. "You have been lied to. Your trust has been misplaced Ma'am", I said softly.

Mistress Beth spun on her heels and was about to strike Linda when I screamed, "Please ... no ... Ma-ma! It is I who have lied. I have been untrustworthy."

Mistress Beth turned on me. "You cannot protect her. She has to be punished for what she has done! You are not to be hit without my permission !"

"I fell forward with my hands and legs shakled ... I was clumsy ... it was my fault", I said as I explained to my Mistress how I had planned the problems for Linda ... cut her tires ... set her up ... tried to dominate ... failed ... that Linda had been patient with me despite what I had done to her.

Mistress Beth turned to her first slave. "See ... slave ... I told you all she needed was a little discipline. We can trust her now."

"You were right Mistress, Slave Amy may be trainable after all. You are always right", Linda whispered, lowering her head in respect.

I was totally confused. "You mean that you knew about what I did the whole time", IO asked?

"Of course", Ma-ma answered. "Linda would never lie to me ... never! You have learned now ... you will never lie ... WILL YOU ...", Mistress Beth almost screameed in my face. "You little ... spoiled ... fucking ... lying ... bitch." Ma-ma raised her hand in anger as if to strike me across the face ... but ... she stopped. "Linda ... get me some rope and a gag."

Linda hurried to the dresser and removed a long length of rops and a black strapped gag with an orange ball. I tried to scream as the ball was shoved into my mouth and the straps pulled tight. It was hard to breeth as I was jerked forward onto the rug and the cuffs were removed. Linda held me as Mistress Beth tied each wrists to the corresponding ankle. the ropes went between my legs, across my tits, around my chest. Ma-ma was an expert and when she had finished I could not move. I lay still.

I laid there as Mistress Beth looked down on me. "You will, of course, need to be punished for what you have done. How did pet Amy do in her training", Ma-ma asked Slave Linda?"

"She tried. She was Ok for a beginner. But ... she is not trained and has few skills."

"How many times did you cum?", my Mistress asked.

"None", Slave Linda replied. "I tried, Mistress, I faked an orgasm when I couldn't take her fumbling any longer"

I was humiliated. I thought I did a good job.

"What a shame ... my slave ... and you cum with suck ease."

"For you my Mistress ... but ... but for this amateur."

"Well ... I have decided upon Slave Amy's punishment", Ma-ma stated.

I strained to look at her as she stood over my twisted body.

"You will not touch my pussy until your told to do so." I moved my head in a positive motion mumbling through the ball gag."

"You will satisfy Slave Linda whenever I demand." Again, I move my head up and down.

"If you fail to satisfy her you will be punished." Again I answered moving my head.

Mistress Beth, still wearing her bayonet heeled shoes and black knit stockings with no undies proceeded to climb over me, allowing me to look up at her lovely ass and drippng cunt.

Slave Linda approached Ma-ma and slowly sicked the juice that had begun to drip down her thighs. Slave Linda sucked deep into Ma-ma's cunt and the cum drenched her mouth. She stopped licking momentarily and lowered her head so that it was directly in front of my face. Linda's lips opened and she mouthed the orange ball, licking around the smooth surface as tiny droplets of cum dripped from the ball against my lips. I could smell the strong odor of Ma-ma's cum and longed to open my mouth but the straps held the ball firm. All I could do was take a deep breath of her wonderful smell.

I couldn't utter a word but ... in my mind ... I begged my Mistress to let me touch her ... lick her ... please her ... try what I had learned ... learn more ... but ... all I got was to watch Slave Linda lick and suck until Ma-ma came powerfully on top of me. Linda sucked as Ma-ma orgasmed while I watched the sweet pulsing cunt of my Mistress above me. Slave Linda was able to catch every drop of my Mistress's erotic nectar.

Abruptly, Ma-ma pushed Slave Linda away, squated down and let a few drops of her hot cum drip onto the orange ball. Ma-ma got up and went to the bed and removed the rose which I had left for her. Softly she rubbed the delicate peddles against her cum soaked pussy and returned. She pushed the rose against my nose and the whiff the the rose/cum smell sent me spinning.

"Next time ... you lying ... bitch ... slave. Maybe next time", Ma-ma said as she removed the rose from under my nose and held it into the air like a priest blessing a tumbler of wine. Mistress Beth lowerd her hand toward my wet pussy and rubbed the stem of the rose across my stiff clit and stomach. The thornes scraped andI could feel droplets of blood form but I couldn't raise my head enough to see. My eyes were wide as Ma-ma placed the rose on my cunt, took Slave Linda's hand and led her from the room.

"Sleep tight", Ma-ma said as she closed the door and the dim light from the hall was cut off. I was in total darkness ... alone ...

John ... I have to tell you ...

That was the most erotic moment of my life.

Love, Amy


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