MY Mistress (Part 2)

By Amy Wilson

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Dear John:

Thank you for being so kind and chatting with me about Beth. It must seem strange that I would have a fascination for a bitch like her ... but ... I really can't get away. Or ... I don't want to get away. Which ever ... here is the second episode!

My plan goes into action today. I have lived with Mistress Beth now for a month and I have not yet had the chance to lick her sweet pussy. I believe that the problem is with Linda, the long-standing submissive bitch that she keeps in her room. She's the one that services my Mistress's sweet pussy. So ... I have devised a plan.

My day started early, with extra time spent cleaning the house and shopping for dinner. A nice dinner will help get her in the mood, and she always likes a clean house.

The next step in my plan was to drive to the parking lot at the school where Linda taught English. I found her car and slashed the two front tires. I figured that Linda would think that some school vandals had done it for spite. After returning back home I took a nice hot bath, using oils to soften my skin. I spent an especially long time shaving my legs and armpits to get everything just right. I also shaved my pussy as I wanted to be as clean as possible for Beth when she came home.

As time neared for Beth's arrival , I stripped from my uniform, put on my favorite perfume, "Mackie", put flowers in vases and soft music on the stereo. I even laid a red rose on the bed where I hoped I would soon be with Mistress Beth.

I took the phone off the hook, I found the black leash Mistress Beth had given to me after our first encounter, attached it to the black color that I wore, took my position on the sofa and waited. I loved the couch as it was covered in a maroon velvet comforter, which felt so good on my skin. I laid back, dreaming about Mistress Beth's beautiful cunt, pushed my favorite vibrator in my wet cunt and fanaticized about licking and sucking my Mistress. It must have been a half-hour, and I was very wet, when I heard the sound of a car entering the drive. I sat up quickly, putting the vibrator away and checking to make sure that dinner was ready to be served anytime and everything looked great!

Mistress Beth was a little late but I didn't mind waiting, knowing what would hopefully be in store for me. No more dreaming about eating her flame red pussy. "Tonight ... I will feast on her hot cunt", I thought.

When Beth did arrive she looked great as usual . She always looks good dressed for work, but I prefer the way she dresses around the house. She was wearing a black skirt and white blouse that she likes to wear to tease the men at her office.

I asked her how her day had gone and she said it sucked and traffic was deplorable. "... like a fucking parking lot. Where's Linda", she asked?

"I don't know ... Mistress Beth, perhaps Slave Linda got stuck in the traffic also?"

Of course ... I knew Linda wouldn't be home soon with two flat tires, only one spare and no way to call since the phone was off the hook.

I then asked my Mistress, ... " since Slave Linda wasn't in, would she like me to help her undress?

"I am not too thrilled about it but I will let you do it this one time. But ... you know the rules slut, do not touch my pussy without permission."

"Yes Mistress" I answered, getting up from the sofa, handing her the end of the leach and following her into the bedroom.

As we entered her room Mistress Beth noticed the rose and thanked me for the kind gesture ... so far things were going well. I lowered myself to my knees softly, almost whispering, asked, "Ma'am ... if you are ready I'd like to help you undress now?".

She said that it would be all right so I started with her blouse and slowly undid each button. After removing her blouse I unsnapped her bra which had a clasp in the front. In my position I had to look up to see her nipples. I was becoming very excited as my mouth started to water, thinking of her soft nipples between my lips and how I would soon be sucking on her wet pussy lips. "It would not be long now", I thought.

but Mistress Beth stopped me. "No", she said, "you will remove my panties first ... using only your teeth ... like sluts are supposed to do." I started to push her skirt up and she admonished loudly ... "NO HANDS ... ARE YOU A DEAF BITCH?"

Even if I were deaf, I would have heard her yelling. I stuck my head up under her skirt and grabbed the front of her panties in my teeth. The strong smell of her hot cunt filled my nose and I felt the wetness between my own thighs as I started an orgasm, thinking about her wonderful hole. I found I had to bite on her sweet panties in front, in back, and on the side to get them down over her large hips. It took a long time to get them started up near the top of her skirt. When I had them almost off, I could see her lovely bush, red hairs matted against her body. Mistress Beth stood there with her cunt open, black thigh-length spider hose and black spiked heels. This was the dreamland.

When I had completely removed her undies I saw that my Mistress Beth was indeed wet, hot and ready for action. I knew that she would need service soon. "Please ... Mistress Beth ... since Slave Linda is out ... could I take your panties to bed with me tonight", I asked?

"I approve if you will promise to sleep with your nose in the crotch."

God ... they smelled so sweet ... rich ... strong ... sexual. I was so wet ... hot ... horny! I asked Mistress if she would like to have her feet sucked. Mistress Beth said that would be fine and lowered my head and sucked for all I was worth. I sucked her toes the her hose and licked my way up her leg until I was looking right into her cunt. Mistress Beth was really getting excited now and showing me her pussy. Her cunt-lips were protruding nicely, her clit was growing and I could smell her sex. I asked if she would let me smell her pussy and she said, "No!".

I told her I would just smell, nothing else. "Please let me smell your sweet cunt ... My Mistress. I dream of smelling your pussy."

I guess I must have looked pretty sad, kneeling there begging to smell her pussy. Finally, after much begging, she answered, "lie down and let me see your cunt ... bitch ... slave."

I laid back and spread my legs so that Mistress Beth could see my clean ... shaved ... wet cunt. She lifted her foot and brought the bayonet heel of her black pumps onto my skin. She pressed the spike against my clit and the pain made me moan with pleasure. "You may smell my pussy ... my pet", she said, lifting her foot so that I could resume my kneeling position. She patted my head like one would a dog, and added, " ... but ... be warned ... do not touch it."

"I would work on that next", I thought, but for then all I wanted was to smell her pussy. I needed her rich, strong cunt that hadn't been washed in hours. I started raising my head toward her dripping cunt but she told me to put my leash under her foot so she could be sure I didn't get too close. I of course obeyed. I could get to about two inches from her pussy if I strained against my leash. I pulled until I almost choked, her cunt smelled so nice ... so erotic ... so rich. Her pussy-lips were so inviting, but I know that not to be true. I was not welcome at her lips ... yet.

At one point ... for a moment ... she let the leash go and I smashed my nose into her wet pussy cunt. I started to wipe it off but she told me to leave it wet. The smell only made me hurt worse since I was ale to smell but not being able to touch.

I begged Mistress Beth to just let me lick her sweet pussy and I promised I could make her cum ... I offered myself ... I offered anything ... nothing worked. I offered to hand feed her but she said I would do that anyway ... she was right. I offered to lick her ass clean after she took a shit, as I had been told Linda does for her, but, I she knew I would do that anyway. There was nothing I could offer that she couldn't get ... anyway.

I was so wet, the cum dripped through my panties and ran down my thighs. The pain from my neck from reaching up toward her fragrant cunt, the smell of her pussy with the juices forming on her hot red hairs drove me wild as my juices flowed. I tried to push closer and Mistress Beth laughed at me. It was then that I saw Linda through my Mistress's legs.

"Guess ... What", Mistress Beth said. "Linda called me at lunch. Guess who she saw in the parking lot today?"

What happened then is another letter.

Another note ... another day!

Bye for now ...

Love, Amy

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