By Amy Wilson

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Dear John:

I was so excited to meet Beth. I had to write you and tell you all about it. She is the woman I told you about that I met in Blowout's Chat Room. You may remember that I told you that she sent me a photo. She has on this red latex skin-tight suit and she's straddleing this gal. She has amazon tits and her skin is very tan and shines in the dim light. I was fascinated by her strength and I just had to meet her.

She gave me her address and I drove to her house. I arrived and when she opened the door, I went to hug her. She stepped to the side and shoved me into the room, slamming the door behind me. There was no smile on her face, as she told me that I was late. I tried to explain that I got lost but she seemed so mad, and wouldn't let me talk.

At first, I couldn't understand it but I sort of started to catch on when she ordered me to sit on the sofa. I did and she went to go get some drinks. When she came back she seemed a little friendlier and I began to relax. She brought my drink over and dropped the whole thing on me. I couldn't believe it. I had worn jeans but still!

She apologized, half heartedly, and said she could wash them for me. She directed me to the bathroom and she told me to put on a robe that she handed me. I went in and took off my pants. She knocked on the door and said to hand them out. When I handed her my jeans she said, "Give me the blouse too." I said it seemed OK, but she yelled, "Give me your damn blouse."

Well, I did, but she still wasn't happy. She said that my panties got wet, so she made me give her those too. She left and I put on the robe. Needless to say I was confused and uncomfortable with the speed, abruptness and directness of her commands.

I went to the couch and heard the washer running in the other room. I called for her, but she was no where around. I waited a little longer and called again, still nothing. At this point I was ready to just get my clothes and take my ass out of there, so I went looking. I couldn't find anything on the first floor so I went down to the basement where I heard the machine. I went down there, wearing only my bra under the robe.

It was pretty dark as I went down but there was a light in the far room on the right, so I figured that's where she was doing the laundry. As I got closer I heard voices. I turned to leave and bumped into Beth who was standing behind me. I was so glad to see her, or so I thought.

I told her get my clothes because I had to go. She smiled, but she said, "You're not going anywhere ... bitch."

"Look", I said, "I got to get home."

"Not until I am satisfied you know respect", she said.

I asked her for my clothes were and she told me to fuck off! "They're in the cat's litter box", she said, laughing.

"The damn litter box!", I said. I am leaving. I stormed up the steps and nearly broke my nose when the door wouldn't open. "Let me out of here ... now", She screamed.

She was very calm when she said, "Not until you know respect. Come down the stairs and kneel." I pushed hard on the door but it didn't budge so I went back down the stairs. "Kneel", she commanded as I slowly got on my knees in front of her. "You will obey. You will do as I command. Rise and go into the room where the light was on. I went in before her and it turned out the radio was on and that is where I must have heard the voices. There was a strange table and a chair. She told me to sit in the chair. I did with hesitation, figuring it was better to obey than fight in a strange place with a woman much larger than I was.

"OK", I said, " ... what do you want me to do so I can get out of here?

What I command", she said. "If you cooperated you can be out in ten minutes."

I figured what the heck ... I'm sitting here almost nude anyway so I said "Fine, what?"

"Just let me do a few tests of trust. If you trust me I will let you go."

I said, "OK, do it."

She put a blindfold on me. She then said, "Would you trust me to put some straps on your wrists?"

I said that I wouldn't trust her to do that and lifted my arms, which had been resting on the chair. She said that if I did, she would then walk me out of there and I was free to go. I said "Then, that's it .. nothing else ... ?"

"Yes", she answered as I held my arms up and she put the straps around my wrists as they made a kind of jingling sound. I asked her if we were done and she said yes if she could walk me to the door with them on.

"Finally", I thought to myself, "it was over."

She helped me up by my arm and walked me up the stairs to the door. She then stopped and I heard a loud CLICK, followed by another loud CLICK. I pulled my arms back, but they wouldn't move. I asked her what was going on and she said I was going to make her happy. I couldn't see for the blindfold but I felt her hand lift the robe and I heard the whisk sound of a whip and a sharp sting on my ass. "Now call me Ma'am. And ... don't ask me any more stupid questions ... you whore !"

The next few hours were a blur. I remember that she whipped me for awhile and then made me lick her asshole. I had to suck on her amazon tits but she wouldn't let me likk her sweet pussy. I remember that and find it very upsetting. She did take me anally while she wore a strap-on dildo and I sucked her toes while she twisted my nipples. She put clothespins on my breasts and pussy lips. She called me slut, whore, cunt, bitch and her slave numerous times. She made me call her Ma'am, over and over and told me I was going to service her friends next time. I was terrified, yet I had five orgasms. The cum ran down my thighs like a river as Ma-ma pinched my nipples, driving her dildo into my tight ass hole as her fingers spread my cunt and pulled me toward her sweaty body. I really wanted to suck on her wet cunt but she wouldn't hear of it!

Now ... I can't wait for my next trip. It's very strange ... John ... but I really want to see her again.

I want to be her whore.

Can you understand that?

Love, Amy

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