My Master's Pleasure

By Angelica "Baby Slave" St. Jean

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Maybe if I had done what he said he wouldn't have punished me? Or ... if I had been nicer to his friends? Who knows? Although, to tell you the truth, I am some enjoy it.

You see, my Master and I recently moved to a new town with different people. He got a new job and met a lot of interesting people. Of course, like always, he wanted to show me off, so we all went out for dinner. I dressed up nice and pretty for him, his friends and their girlfriends. We had fun at dinner and my Master's new friends drank, but of course, my Master didn't. He doesn't do that sort of stuff.

After dinner he decided it would be a good idea to invite his friends over for dessert. When we got home I had to make dessert. I was in the kitchen and he came in and told me that we would be showing them our scene. He told me that a few of them were in to SDSM also

Well, to make a long story short, I wasn't feeling well and, in front of his friends, I told him, " ... No!"

My Master just looked at me and I knew I had said the wrong thing. For punishment I had to suck his cock in front of them. Being the bad girl, that I am, I bit down hard on his stiff cock and pulled so that it would hurt him. I really was not in the mood. He didn't even blink, and I am sure that none of his friends knew what I had done. I knew and understood that I would pay for later.

When the guests left my Master lead me to the playroom I began to get scared, thinking I should have done as he had told me. When we got to his room he had a long chain hanging from the ceiling. There were hooks on the ends and I knew what they were for.

I stood quietly in the center of the room, waiting for my Master's command, which came quickly. "Strip", he demanded. Slowly, I removed my tight leather pants and halter-top. I wore no undergarments and, as I threw my clothes across the chair, my Master had placed next to the chain, I stood naked, except for my black leather collar, my Master's his eyes investigated every opening with which he would have interest. After his inspection, he slipped his fingers into my cunt, my asshole, brought then to his nose for a qualifying sniff. It had been several hours since my shower and I preyed that I pleased his nose. To my delight a smile crossed his lips and I was positioned under the hanging chain.

He tied my hands together with rope and attached them to the hook that hung from the first chain. He then secured my feet and tied them to the second set. He pushed my down so that I was lying with my stomach and face toward the ground. I lay motionless as he rubbed my butt, spread my cheeks and slipped his favorite blue dildo into my ass, telling me not to let the cock slip out ... or else. Then he connected one of the large hooks to the rope holding my ankles together, another through the bonds holding my hand and the last was placed through the ring on my collar. Slowly, very slowly, my Master pulled on his apparatus and I was raised to a height about three feet off the floor. He knew I would pass out at some point, what point he did not know.

He began to call me names. He told me I was a little slut, a whore, a cocksucker and I should have done what he said. I was a good for nothing bitch. All of this was to be expected as he hit my ass with his paddle. My ass was hot from the beating when my Master slid the chair forward, took a seat, unbuttoned his Levi's and grabbed my pony tail.

I opened my mouth, instinctively, as he pulled me forward and his stiff cock slipped between my lips. As he pulled harder his prick slid deeper until his giant cock was well down my throat. Pumping his hips as he pulled my hair it didn't take long before he shot his load of rich cum into my stomach. While his cum filled my throat he slowly pulled his cock from my mouth as I closed my lips, not wanting any of his seed to drop on the floor.

"Good slave", he said, buttoning his fly. "I'll be back. If there is a drop on the floor it will be your ass."

I hung there until I lost consciousness. I don't know how long my Master was gone, but when he returned I felt the pain of a mouse trap clamping down on my right nipple, then on my left. I screamed, but I knew that the sounds would not leave the well-padded room. He then took weights and attached them to the end of the mousetraps. He lay on the floor, under me, and spent about ten minutes swinging them back and forth as I yelled in agony. My screams continued until he placed his finger to his lips. "Shhhhhh ... ", he said softly and I immediately stopped my cries by biting my lip.

I wanted to scream so badly, " ...Oh ... God ... ", I was in such pain.

He then lowered the chains so that I was just touching the floor, which took most of the weight off of my arms and I was in less pain. I couldn't see what he was doing but next thing I felt was a needle pressing my pussy lips. I screamed loudly and he told me that would be one whip. Then there was another needle ... another scream ... another blow from the whip. It hurt so badly, this was something that was new for us. I wasn't used to this at all. It hurt terribly and he told me to keep quiet so I tried my best.

My Master then went behind me and began to push at my feet. I began to swing back and forth as he pushed harder till I was going extremely fast and each time I had to pull in my stomach so that it wouldn't hit the floor. Of course the point of this was to shake the mouse traps and the weights that were hung from them. My Master left after a few minutes and I was still swinging.

I swung a few times until I stopped the motion by resting my stomach on the floor. I think I passed out moments afterwards but of course am not too sure. When I woke up the mouse traps were gone, the dildo was out and I was just hanging. I was sore all over.

My Master lowered me to the ground, un-hooked the chains, untied my feet and left me in a heap. I collapsed and remember being there for close to an hour, naked, sweaty, sore on the floor.

When he returned he brought a few of his friends. "Now ... you're going to suck some cock", he said, turning to the company with a laugh. I rolled to the side, placed my knees under my body, struggled to a kneeling position with my hands still securely tied behind my back.

I can't remember how many cocks I sucked. I just knelt there as the men approached, stuck their cocks in my mouth, humped a few times, shot their load of cum and left. One after another they fucked me in the mouth as I swallowed their cum.

When all were finished they left and my Master carried me upstairs and laid me in the bed. I noticed that I had been in his room over night and all day. "Yikes ... that is a long ordeal", I thought as I fell asleep.

When I woke up my Master was holding me in his arms, kissing my neck, fondling my tits as he whispered that he loved me.

His cock was quietly stuck in my ass.

Love, Baby Slave!

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