By: Mistress Dalila

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he ... his ... him ... you ... in this story are not capitalized, intentionally.
Thus, the author emphasizes the inferiority and degridation in the situation.

I was standing at the bar talking to my friend Michael, at least, trying to talk. The music was pounding around me, through and my body moved subconsciously to it. Something catches my eye over Michael's shoulder.

Goddess, he is CUTE! I WANT him ...

Keeping an eye on him while telling Michael I do not realize, until later, that he reminds me of both my sparrow, and my first love. he is blonde, short hair but long enough to grab, blue eyes, and nice full lips. Toned body, not too muscular, but he is just right. he is shorter than I by about six inches. I would guess he is about twenty-five years old, but he looks to be around eighteen.

By the time I have finished describing him to Michael, he is gone. Michael, who is acting as my bodyguard tonight, offers to go get him for me, but I tell him that it is not necessary, I will get him next time I see him.

We spent an hour on the dance floor and it is just indescribably wonderful to be able to just let go and have the music flow through me, especially after a night of bartending at the club.

We were back at the bar, having another drink and I saw the cute boy walk up. Michael saw him too, and I just winked at him. I took another sip and walked up to the boy. I leaned up against him, towering over him and I whispered in his ear

"I want to take you home. I want to torture you."

he glanced up at me, smiled and said, "Sure."

Goddess, he makes me HOT!

I bit his earlobe and whispered, "Wait for me here." Then I went off with Michael to dance some more.

An hour later, my girlfriend, Marie, wanted to go to the beach for a swim and, as my boy had disappeared somewhere, we went outside. We had some breakfast at a hot dog stand while the two of us, Marie and I, were persuading Michael to take us to the beach.

As we were standing there I saw the boy come out of the club and walk towards the train station. We quickly finished our hot dogs while Michael got a cab and we followed the boy. As we approached him, Michael and I got out and virtually dragged the cutie into the car and kidnapped him.

We all went to the beach. Marie and I got naked and jumped in the water freezing, but refreshing, water. After a short swim we dried off, got another cab and we went to my apartment.

Michael knew what I had planned. Marie was falling asleep so they only stayed for about half an hour. As soon as they were out the door I got to work.

I had some music on, and the cutie and I started dancing, pressing my body to his, kissing him lightly, and teasing him with my tongue. Then I would move away to have another sip of my drink, or a drag off my cigarette.

he had seen me dancing and swimming and making out with Marie. he asked me about her and if she is really a lesbian. I chuckled, and nodded. Then he asked me, "But ... umm .. You aren't .... like that? Are you?"

I laughed, pushed him to walk backwards through the hall and into my bedroom/playroom.

"I'm like this ...", I said as I pushed him down to sit on the bed, bent down, kissed him deeply as our tongues were wrestling.

"Do you remember what I said before? When we met?"

"That you wanted me to torture you?"

I laughed. Have to give the boy credit. he tried at least.

"Quite the opposite, sweetie."

"You want to torture me?"

I nodded, smiled, kissing him lightly, one thigh pressing between his legs. Breaking the kiss I caressed his face with my soft lips, nibbling lightly on his ear and whispered, "Well?"

Slightly out of breath he whispered back.


I pulled off his T-shirt, pushed him down on the bed pinning him down with my own weight. As he lay still I kissed him deeply again. I pulled his arms up above his head and held his wrists down. he didn't even struggle.

"Don't move", I told him.

I got up, going to my toy cabinet to get the wrist restraints and some other little things. he was watching me and I could see the hesitation and fear struggling with the excitement. I straddled him, putting on the restraints as my eyes locked on his.

With the restraints on, I pinned his wrists to the bed, kissing him again. Then, with one hand holding his wrists, the other found the little bag of clothespins, and I took out two, to begin with. I attached them to his nipples to find out just how sensitive his tits were.

I had been a little careless in fastening one of the wrist restraints, and as I attached one of the clothespins he managed to pull his right hand free. I quickly grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the bed. he tried to break loose, but I was stronger, and in a much better position, sitting across his chest. I pinned him down completely.

he gave up struggling. Instead he tried and talks his way out of it. I responded by silencing him with light teasing kisses, never letting go of his wrists. I would stop, look into his eyes, and talk to him in a low, hypnotic voice. Eventually I persuaded him to let me restrain him again. I buckled the restraint tightly this time, and then proceeded to torture his nipples, putting the clothespins on and letting them come off by themselves. I watched his face intently, enjoying his moans and grimaces of pain. I put the clothes pins aside and went on to pinch and pull his nipples with my fingernails. Several times he raised his arms as if to push me away, but he couldn't.

Finally, I leaned forward and kissed him deeply, my fingers tangled in his hair, tugging. I could hear his muffled moans of pain, before I sat up to remove my shirt and bra, keeping my eyes locked on his still. Leaning down again, brushing my nipple against his lips. he sucked it into his mouth. I let him suck and lick my nipples for a little while, occasionally pushing, smothering him with my breasts.

Thinking I wanted to see him blindfolded and cock-tagged, so I told him not to move. I felt his eyes on me as I went to my toy cabinet to get a scarf and the black studded bindings. As I put the blindfold on he didn't resist at all. I pulled his pants off and he wiggled, feeling the cold leather as I pulled the straps tightly around his balls. The second part of the tag went around the base of his now semi-stiff prick. When he was wrapped I got on top of him again. A little nervous, he whispered, "This won't make me impotent, will it?" "Of course", I answered, soon relieving his fears with a chuckle.

I went on letting him suckle my breasts, occasionally pinching and twisting his nipples, until the desire to feel that tongue inside me became too strong to resist. I got off him only long enough to slide out of my pants. I then straddled his face. his tongue went to work at once, lapping at my labia, probing into my wet tunnel, circling my clit, and making my pussy hotter with every stroke. I grabbed his hair again, to pulled his face against my wet cunt even harder.

Kissing, licking, nibbling and nuzzling he was able to bring me to orgasm twice. Then I got off to let him breathe, though I could have stayed like that for the rest of the evening as he had a very talented tongue.

I kissed him deeply before I chuckled and gave his hard cock a few teasing strokes. I saw a small drop of pre-cum and collected the juice on my fingertips. I put the juice to his lips, making him taste his own seed.

I went to get a condom, as I felt that I might actually use it.

I straddled him again, trapping his hard prick between our bodies, nestling it against my wet cunt. I went on to kiss him, pinching his nipples, harder than before, and rubbing against him. The poor boy didn't know whether to feel pain, pleasure, or fear, or all of the above.

Now his common sense kicked in and he started asking about protection. I told him not to worry. When I felt that I was ready to let him have some release, I slid down his body to put on the condom. This is something I have not done very often so it took me a while to figure it out. Finally I got the thing on and eventually it was in place. I kept stroking his thick cock a few times before I slid up and positioned myself so that I would just have to push down for his stiff prick to slide wet cunt.

I kept kissing him as I let, just the head of his latex covered prick slide up and down my lips a few times, enjoying the little noises he was making. I watched him thrust his hips upward chasing my cunt before I pushed down, my soft lips enveloping the full length of his prick.

I watched his face intently as I rode him slowly, keeping a grip on his hair with one hand, nuzzling his face occasionally, until he was about to orgasm. Then I stopped as he tried to push into my dripping cunt, his aching cock slipping from my hole as my cum dripped on his stomach.

As I moved to get off him, he surprised me, and not much surprises me anymore. He brings his, still restrained, arms up and pulls me to him to hold me. I stayed on top of him, holding him, letting him hold me, and just enjoying the closeness. It felt very nice.

Eventually, I slipped down over his cock and pumped a couple of times, feeling his shudder as his cum filled the condom like a balloon. I pushed his arms off me, sat up, pulled his blindfold off, and unfastened the restraints. I got off him, he sat up and reached out to me again. We sat for a minute, just holding each other, before he went to wash up while I straightened up in the bedroom, putting the toys away.

When he was through we sat in the living room for a little while, smoking and talking. I told him about me being a Pro-Domme, which he found intriguing. Then he went to sleep while I went online to answer a few emails and talk to some friends, before I too went to sleep.


I woke up a few hours later, feeling his hands stroking my body. I just lay there enjoying the feeling, pretending to sleep, until his hands were going places I did not want them to go. I grabbed his wrist, opened my eyes, and he looked up at me with those blue eyes.

"I woke you up. I'm sorry", he said as he smiled.

It should be illegal to be this adorable!

"There are worse ways to wake up", I said as I rolled over on my back, letting him continue his explorations.

Then, he surprised me again by eventually moving his head between my legs and putting his talented tongue to work. He tenderly sucked my cum instead of just trying to, excuse the expression, fuck me. The one thought running through my head before I gave up to just enjoyed his ministrations.

I want to keep him...

he was almost as good at teasing me as I was he. he kept me on the edge of orgasm for a good half-hour, before he slid up to kiss me. he got off then, for protection is necessary these days, but was soon back. We kissed deeply, as he slowly slid his cock back into my wet pussy. Kissing deeply and moving together in a slow rhythm, all I could think was how much I enjoyed feeling his body against mine, and how I wanted to keep him.

But all good things come to an end. Afterwards, I held him to me. I whispered to him that I wanted him to stay, but I knew what his answer was, even though he did not say it.

he got up to get dressed, as did I. While I was in the shower, he peeked into the bathroom, saying we'll stay in touch. This was laughable, since neither of us knew the other's name. Then he quickly left.

I did not mind though, I had enjoyed myself. I knew this night for what it was, a one-night-stand. We would probably never see each other again, but that was OK with me. This was the first time I had done anything like this. I liked it.

Perhaps next time, with the next toy, I could try some other things.

Copyright © Mistress Dalila, 1999.
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