MY DESIRES . . . . !

By Passion

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You were alone for the weekend. You had no plans except to enjoy the quiet. You sat alone in the dark on a Saturday night when you heard an unexpected knock on the door. Going to the door you were surprised to find Mary standing outside. Quickly unlocking and opening the door you were full of questions that were to remain unanswered as I stepped inside and tentatively kissed your lips until your breath came fast and you couldn't ask anything. I entered and you closed and locked the door behind me.

Your hand drew seductive traces along the curve of my breast and hips, pressing me closer to the hard shaft of your cock as it already rode between the softness of my thighs. I sighed, closing my eyes and turning my head from your mocking gaze as the familiar wave of heat melted my insides. You had but to look at me and my legs weakened. Your touch fueled an already roaring inferno. You could see from the darkening of my blue eyes that I wanted to play a game of love and lust with you tonight. I hoped that you were ready for anything on this night of unexpected surprises.

Suddenly ... you were no longer satisfied with my lack of response to your caresses. You set your jaw firmly as I turned away from you ... even in play. Your hands quickly removed my jeans and panties .... unbuttoned my blouse and undid the clasp of my bra. I slipped out of my clothes as you felt your way over my naked body. With deliberate purpose, your hand slid from my hip to the entrance of my body, piercing and probing with experienced fingers until you felt me shiver ... tense ... clutch painfully at your arm. With vivid malice, you glanced at my soft face, my blue eyes shuttered, my long lashes flicked as I clung desperately to your strength, waiting for the moment when you would put an end to this exquisite torture.

Instead ... you pushed me away, prying my fingers loose. You grasped my arm roughly and pulled me to the study where you threw me on the couch and pinned me back against the pillows, forcing me to meet your gaze. I leaned back ... licking my lips ... spreading my pussy ... caressing my breast ... waiting for you.

"Mary ... admit that you want me between your thighs. Beg for me to be in your cunt. You want me there ... don't you!" Your voice was gruff and hoarse with passion as I starred up at you with dismay and wonder. The chiseled features of your face held determination. I winced under the clarity of your eyes. It was as if you could see right through me, but, admit that I wanted you ... I would not.

"Beg ... Never", I answered as your hands pressed on my stomach. Your eyes showed anger as you bent your head to nibble at the sensitive lobe of my ear. Your breath tingling against my cheek and my hair was restless on the pillow. Your mouth moved downward, caressing the fine line of my jaw, teasing at the corners of my lips, pressing gently against my throat. You finally returned to the warm softness of my lips and I gladly met your kiss with equal passion. There was no fighting the rapidly mounting desire of your kisses. Your mouth possessed me ... claimed me ... controlled me ... and I allowed your caress and begged for more with my body. My lips parted, aching for the explorations of your kisses, welcoming you with uninhibited anxiety as your tongue took me gently, lovingly as it had so many times before in my dreams. You released my hands and they flew around your shoulders, pressing you closer so I might feel all of you. Your hardness stirred me more, and eagerly I sought to return your pleasures. Again, you pushed me away, your hand wrapped in my golden tresses spilling across my shoulders. Your eyes burned fiercely as they met the blurred hesitation of my azure glare.

"Deny it now. Tell me your body does not hunger for my cock." There was triumph in your demand, your hard body hovered ... poised above mine ... waiting for me to speak the words that would free us both to the ecstasy of the moment. I felt the aching need to part my legs for your cock, but I refused to speak ... I would not bend ... I would not yet surrender to your lust.

"I deny it", I yelled in your face. "I deny ..."

Your eyes glittered more brightly. You stood and stripped off your clothes. The length of your muscled body lingered just above me as you looked down at my nude figure. Slowly, you lowered your weight until your hips pressed insinuatingly against mine ... your hard shaft probing the soft, wet lips of my pussy. Denied entrance, you moved lower, until your mouth closed about sensitive nipples. I gasped with the fire of your tender contact. I tried in vain to shove you away, but you clung firmly. Your lips were sucking my breasts while your hands played freely over my body, driving me rapidly to a frenzy of desire. The pressure you applied with your mouth ... your hands ... your body ... decimated all of my control. My fingers slid through your hair, pressing your head eagerly to my breast while my hips rose urgently to the rhythm of your demands. The fires of desire swept through my veins, consuming all rational thought, destroying any trace of blind reluctance. Yes ... I was yours. My throat cried out your name as your tongue lapped sensuously around the hardened tip of my breast one more time. You raised yourself up on one elbow, fires of triumph blazing in your eyes, as you gazed down upon my heaving breasts. You waited silently, expectantly for a word. There was only lust in me when I raised my arms to your broad shoulders ... my azure eyes pleading.

"Please ... no more", I begged, unable to say the words you wanted to hear. I could not speak but I was unable to resist the fires burning through my loins. My legs pressed against yours, wanting to open and welcome your cock, but they were held in place when you refused to move.

"Say it ... Mary ... Beg me to fuck you !" Your tone was cold ... hard ... flat ... demanding ... but ... the heat of your gaze and the fire in your loins spoke of another story. The desire to rebel against one and to surrender to the other confused me. The touch of your hand to my breast determined the outcome of the battle. I closed my eyes and I turned away. You forced me to look directly at you and say those words you demanded.

"Please ... fuck me. I need you ... I want you to fuck me."

"Spread your legs", you command sternly as the heated tightness of my young body beckoned you and the clinging softness of my arms pleaded with you. With a loud groan of mixed satisfaction and frustration, you lifted my hips to accept your thrust and you plunged deep inside of me. You rocked back and forth pushing your cock deep within the confines of my wet cunt ..... warm ... wet ... safe

We drifted into the darkness fulfilling each other's sexual desires.

Finally ... cumming ... we lay quietly in each other's arms .

All My Love, Passion!

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