My Dearest Monica

By Dungeonmaster

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March 17, two O'clock in the morning, St. Mary's Hospital, my beautiful Mistress Monica died at the age of thirty-three.

Stefan, her father, and I were in the hospital as her once strong body, eaten by cancer, was now thin, wrinkled and cold.

Her death happened in months as I was working to open DM's Restaurant and Art Gallery. She lost eighty pounds, seemingly overnight, as she shrunk from her former jubilant, exciting Mistress to the ghost like figure lying motionless, her oxygen mask hissing softly as she tried to breath.

Stefan has been fighting cancer for years, successfully, while his daughter sucumbs in the blink of an eye. It is terrible watching someone you love ... watching anyone ... wither away as the disease eats at the insides of one's body.

The last evening, Stefan and I drank a bottle of Rothchield, 1966, the year Monica was born, thirty-three years ago. A child compared to us, yet, we are sure that her memory will last in the minds of her many fans.

She didn't ... or couldn't ... speak last night but a few days ago she asked that I publish her unfinished essey I Love to Suck Cocks which I have done. I can tell you ... as the one who knows best ... Monica was the best Cock Sucker that I have ever met.

Monica's lips were like velvet, her tongue was like a baby calfs and when she took my cock deep into her throat she would milk me until dry. Monica had the deepest throat and would swallow the largest cock with ease and grace. My average sized prick she took with vital exhubrance ... swallowing the head until her lips puckered in my hair. She would pull my cock into her mouth as if it were growing larger with every suck of her powerful lips.

I often fantacised about Pinochio and think that my cock grew because I lied. Monica wanted a prick that would choke her, fill her throat, tickle her stomach before spurting load after load of warm cum into her gut. She was the eminant Cock Sucker!

And ... Monica was a great piece of ass!

Fucking her was heaven. Shoving my cock between her ringed pussy lips while having a dildo or another man's cock rammed into her ass was the utmost in pleasure. Fucking her in the ass was heaven. Stretching her cunt with her six rings, drinking Champaign from her pussy, sucking her ass ... tonguing her clit ... brought me the most extreem pleasure.

Monica was the best at many things.

She will be missed by myself ... and I am sure the Blowout clientel.

Monica ... I miss you so much!


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