bY: Frank Musk

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She awakens in the darkness. Did she hear a noise or was she dreaming? She let her eyes adjust, the room was simple, a broad beam of moonlight shone in her window, as the moon comes from behind a cloud.

There it is again, a bump or a scrape. She rises and puts on her robe, she is unsure what to do, if indeed it is an intruder, but her curiosity carries her toward the stairs. She listens closely, turns her head back and forth like radar, moving stealthily down the hall. The moonlight shining in the windows, makes a macabre image as she looks down the stairs.

She descends ... one stair at a time ... walking as if on eggshells ... looking deep into the spaces back lit by the moonlight. As she reaches the bottom of the stairs, someone grabs her. Cold steel chill her neck, hot leathery gloves wrap around her waist and she can feel his chest heave as he holds her.

He whispers quietly, "Anyone else in the house?"

"No" she squeaks. She wonders why she had said that? Why hadn't she said her husband is upstairs calling the police! He moves his hand upward to her breast, and squeezes, feeling of the soft flesh but not hurting her, only caressing with his fingers.

She should feel repulsed by this, and think about what he might do to her, but his touch feels good, she can not control the nipple that stiffened between his fingers. He picks her up in one strong arm, never moving the knife from her throat. She can feel his cock through his pants, growing with each step, pulsating with anticipation of defiling her. She is scared.

He takes her robe, ties her hands to the head of the bed, and places a handkerchief around her eyes. She can here him moving around the room, searching for something ... What?

She feels the bed move as he sits down. She gasps, thinks of screaming, but once again she feels the cold steel blade press sharply against her throat. "One sound ... any response other that what I ask for ... one little move to get away ... and I will cut you ... deep ... woman. You will be bleed to death before anybody can arrive ... Do you understand?"

It doesn't take her long to comply. She is helpless tied. He strokes her hair in long soft strokes, then she hears what sounds like two knives being sharpened together ... Scissors ... Yes ... He has a pair of Scissors. She feels the first locks fall as he snips and pulls them away from her face. Then another snip, and another, nine in all as she can feel the slight breeze on her neck as he moves about. Then she feels the coldness of steel at her throat, and hears the cutting sound again. This time the sound of cutting cloth as he strips her of her gown and robe by cutting them down the middle.

Her nipples rise like towers, under a will of their own. Filling with blood and excitement they begin to hurt with the fullness. She feels the bed move ... a brush of cloth across her neck ... then warmth ... a feeling that fills her ... makes her dizzy. He is suckling her breast. He feasts on her tit as his hands explores her firmness, and rolls the hardened nipple between rough fingers. She feels his whiskers as they brush the underside of her breast as he nibbles the nipple incessantly. He makes little growling noises, much like a puppy chewing bone. He moves his lips and tongue to the other breast, as he explores her cunt. He moves his fingers up and down between her soft pink petals, brushing her clit as he moves his finger in the moistness.

She has no control over her body as her hips arch and he inserts a finger deep into her hot wet cunt. She is sure his hand glistens in the moonlight from the fluid she is producing as he strokes her cunt, and suckles her tit.

He pushes her back on the black and white quilt and climes over her stomach. She feels his cock slide between her throbbing tits and, with her mouth agape, he inserts his cock between her lips. He presses forward, forcing his stiff prick into her throat. With drawing, only to repeat the process as she begins to suck him hungrily, straining to get more of his cock inside her mouth, deep into her throat as she grabs and pulls his thighs. She hears him moan as she sucks him, his fingers working in and out of her sopping wet pussy ... faster and faster.

She feels the orgasm rising from her toes, moving to her legs, which spread farther apart to allow him better access to her dripping cunt. Her belly tightens and she explodes with white light, and raises her head to swallow all of his prick, feeling him deep into her throat as she is in the thoughts of the little death consumed her. He withdraws his fingers and pulls his prick from her mouth. She can feel the mattress deepen as he positions himself above her. He entered her pussy roughly, slamming his hips against hers ... pounding ... hammering ... pushing her over the edge to another orgasm.

She felt his balls slap against her ass, feels his breath upon her breast as he roughly sucks her nipple. He pumps ... tenses ... and she can feel the hot boiling semen gush into her wanting womb. In mid-orgasm he pulls free and continues to spout cum over her stomach ... tits and face. She opens her mouth to catch some but his aim was poor. He brings his cock to her lips and lets her suck the remaining cum from his limp prick. The taste ... the mix ... of her and him ... lingering on her taste buds makes a screaming sensation. She sucked him well, getting every last drop of cum he has to give her.

Then he leaves.

She frees herself, showers and redresses for bed. She looks out the window ... hoping for his quick return.

She decides that her window will never be locked again!

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