By Frank Musk

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The sun is shining brightly, glistening off of the sea. A gentle eastern breeze blowing across the stern, the jib sail was full and the boat drifted ever so gently across the glassy surface. The clouds drifting across the sky, puffy and white, depicted shapes of imagination and perplexing forms unknown.

The helm stood unattended as the occupants bathed each other in slow tasteful kisses, sharing and tasting each other. She throws her head back as he moves his lips to administer a vaginal tongue-lashing. Her moans of pleasure sound across the water like the love song of the blue whale. Her clitoris, engorged with blood, was being expertly sucked and licked. Every drop of her sexual juices were being savored, drunk eagerly by the man who enjoys bringing her to ecstasy.

Her thighs quiver as he probes deeply within her pink petals, her pussy spasming around his tongue, squeezing and loosening, sending wave after wave of sweet nectar to his mouth. Her breasts are being gently massaged, around the tightly swollen, areola. He is kneading and pressing his palm into her hard, bright red nipples. Her tits are afire and sensitive to his caress. She thrusts them to his large, callused palms, ever deepening the pleasure. The sun goes dark, the breeze becomes cold, her mouth opens and she screams the shrill scream of what the Asian's call, "The Little Death".

She arches her hips, her pussy is sliding up and down his licking tongue, and his full warm lips, send her into a second wave of fireworks. Her body slumps onto the deck as exhaustion over takes her. He raises her hips to suck her little brown hole and buttocks to retrieve every drop of succulent fluid. His unshaven chin rakes her now protruding clitoris and, with no warning, she sits straight up to pulls his face to her now flaming pussy. He drives his tongue ever deeper into her. She calls to him, to suck her, over and over as she cums again for her man and herself in waves, one, two three, in succession. He slowly kisses her thighs, and her lower belly, and then suckles her breasts as she gasps for air from the intense pleasures he has given her. He moves up to her neck with little nips and kisses. The kisses are like fire from his smoldering lips. Then her ears, carefully sucking the lobes, whispering with his warm breath his gratitude for her giving herself to him this day. Then the lips meet, the sweet, sour , musky taste of her, is overwhelmingly welcome as she hungrily sucks her cum from his face. Their tongues intertwine sharing that special flavor she has created. His body presses down on her. The wanting heaviness excites her again as her belly tightens.

They collapse together , under the warm sun, breathing together, sleeping the sleep of Lovers.

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