Weekend In The Mountains

By Wrangler (Steve Wheeler)

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Steve stood at the door of the cabin watching the snow slowly fall to the ground, only the dark spots were visible where the snow had not covered the dark earth. In the distance the dark gray sky was the back ground to the snow covered mountains that looked like large white pillars reaching into the sky with dense clouds around the tops. The freezing north wind would occasionally blew the snow causing drifts to collect around the his ford truck that he parked in front of the cabin. It had only been an hour earlier that him and Angela had made their slow journey up the mountain because of the bad road conditions. It felt good to be in the warm safety of the small cabin.

His thoughts were interrupted when he felt the warm arm of Angela, as she wrapped it around his waist. He looked down at her smiling face as he put his arm around her shoulders pulling her to him. Her sexy beautiful eyes met his as he lean forward softly kissing her on the lips.

"Gosh .... its looking bad .... that wind just goes through you ... burrrrrrrrrr.", she said as she pulls his body closer to hers for protection against the frigid wind.

Pulling her closer, wrapping both arms around her to protect her. "Mmmmmmm ... .... baby, you feel so good."

"Lets close the door baby, and go get in front of the fireplace ... ", she whispered softly as she looked up at him with those soft green eyes. "I've got the wine and glasses waiting on us.", said Angela as she raised up on her tip toes to softly kiss his lips, with that cute wicked look in her eye.

With a grin on his face, he closes the door and they walk arm in arm to the living room. All the lights where off, only the light in the room came from the flickering fire in the fireplace. In front of the fireplace was a bear skin rug, at the end of the rug was the bucket with the iced down wine and two crystal glasses.

"Mmmmmmmmmm .... sounds like someone had something more on their mine than drinking a little wine ... ", he said with a large grin as he pulled her body against his .... her breast crushed against his chest .... looking into her beautiful eyes .... seeing the flicker of the fire from the fire place .... passionately kissing her .... her lips feeling warm, soft to the touch .... sucking her tongue deep into his mouth ... ... gently sucking ... "Mmmmmmm", he softly moans as he takes in her taste .... as the excitement of the kiss travels through out his tall lean body.

Her arms wrapped around his neck .... slowly pulling him down to the bear skin rug in front of the fireplace. Their bodies pressing against each other .... their lips forced together in a passionate kiss .... his hands caressing up and down her clothed body .... pulling her closer to him ... .... her warmth .... her softness sending waves of pleasure through his body .... his cock becoming hard as he presses his body into her softness ...

"Mmmmmmmmm ... oh baby .... I want you so bad ... ", he softly whispers in her ear as he hugs her to his body.

"Lets have some wine.", she says as gently pushing him back.

"I would rather have you.", as a grin comes across his face.

"That comes later.:", she said, with a sexy smile came on her lips .... looking up into his baby blue eyes.

In front of the fire place, both set close to each other as Steve popped the cork on the wine bottle. With care he pours the wine into each one of the crystal glasses. With a gentle smile on his face ... he hands her the wine glass. ... Looking into her sexy eyes he lifts his glass up to hers in a toast..the clink of the two glasses as they come together ... "May our passion for each other last forever.", he says in a soft voice as each take a drink of the wine from their glasses.

After setting his glass of wine down ... taking her glass from her hand ... setting it next to his ... he pulls her warm sexy body closer to him ... he softly kisses her gently on the lip .... then kissing her passionately ... sucking her tongue deep into his mouth as she lean backwards ... pulling him toward her soft warm body. The warmth of the fire place caressed their bodies as they passionately pressed their flesh together.

"Mmmmmmmmm ... ", she moans as his hands caress up and down his back ...

Her tongue slowly slips from his mouth ... as he sucks in her lower lip .... gently biting .... her body stiffens from the sudden rush of pleasure. The warmth in his body increasing as he gazes into her sexy eyes ... seeing the glimmer of her burning passion ...

"Oh, yes.", she softly moans ... as he feels the waves of pleasure going through her body as he presses his manhood against her softness.

His hand slowly caressing down the curves of her warm soft sexy body. His own hart pounding from the excitement as his cock begins to harden.

In her excitement .... she pushes him over onto his back .... looking into his blue eyes .... as she takes her hands and rips his flannel shirt open. The sound of the buttons hitting the floor breaking the silence of the cracking fire that burnt in the fireplace. She presses her lips to his chest ... gently kissing the warm flesh .... her warm moist tongue teasing ... gently biting .... as she feels his heart pounding in his muscular chest against her soft lips. The sense of his excitement created the wetness between her legs.

Looking up into her beautiful face ... seeing the hunger of her passion in her warm green eyes. Her warm sensuous body squirming against his. Her warm soft body crushed against his muscular frame .... the firm mounds of her breast pressing into his body .... her erect nipples pressing into his flesh through the material of her sweater.

Looking at his lips .... she takes her wine glass .... dipping her finger in the dark liquid ... .... she slides her finger along his lower lip .... leaving traces of the wine on his skin ... she leans forward ... ... using her tongue to lick the wine as it runs down his chin ... gently sucking the moistness of the wine from his lower lip .... "Mmmmmmmmmm", she softly moans ... Angela reaches over .....taking the glass of wine ... as she leans back ... ... she pours a small amount onto his chest ...

"Ah ... ah ... Yes..", he softly whispers as his body stiffens to the cool touch of the liquid to his flesh. His body shaking with passion as her tongue spreads the wine over his chest ... licking ... sucking the wetness of the wine from his body. Her tongue licking his nipples .... using her teeth to gently bite ... "Oh God yes!", he said as he arched his back ... pushing his chest to meet her sexy hungry lips .... as they press against his hot flesh. Her hands caressing down his body ... her fingers gently teasing the hair on his chest .... his stomach .... and then gently massaging the swelling of his hardness through the material of his jeans .... His body filled with excitement of her touch ... he raises his hips to meet her pressing hand.

"Oh, God, baby ... ... your making me so hot..", said Steve as his body became tense from her teeth sliding on his tender flesh ....... He gently caressed her warm sexy body as she unloosened his belt ...... then with urgency she unbuttoned his jeans. The sound of the zipper broke the silence as she opened his jeans to reveal his red jockey shorts.

Angela kissed the warm flesh above the waist band of his shorts as she pushed the jeans down his lean muscular body .... He used his legs to lift his ass off the floor as Angela pushed the jeans around his butt ... ... down his hips .... his thighs .... shoving them down to his ankles .... Her eyes fixed on the bulge of his cock in the red sexy shorts. She slowly leans froward .... kissing his hard throbbing cock through the material of the soft fabric.

"Oh ... Oh ... Yes.", he whispered to her as he feels the pressure of her lips pressing against his hard cock. Waves of pleasure racing through his body .... his cock slightly jerking from the touch of her lips.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm ... ", she moans ... as she pushes the shorts downward .... his hard cock staying close to his body.

"Oh yes ... mmmmmmmmm", moans Steve as the fresh cool air caresses his hard throbbing flesh, causing his body to shutter with excitement.

"Oh baby ... ", she whispered as she takes his hard cock in her small warm hand ... his throbbing cock warm to her touch ... using her fingers to caress down its length ... feeling the swollen veins in his love shaft.

"Oh, my God ... ", Steve moans with passion. The burning desires deep inside of his body becoming hotter from her warm soft touch ...

The glass of wine in her small hand .... she pours the cool liquid over the head of his cock. His body stiffens from the touch of the coolness as the wine flowed down his pulsating shaft ... ... sending tremors of pleasure throughout his body as the wine covered his balls ... ... running down between the crack of his sexy ass .... "Oh, .. Oh Baby . ", he moans as he closes his eyes tightly.

Her eyes locked on the beauty of his pulsating flesh ... her mouth watered with anticipation as she leaned forward .... pressing her lips to his hardness. Licking the moistness of the wine from the head of his passion filled cock .... she slowly licked down the length of his shaft .... "Mmmmmmm..", she moans as she uses her lips .... her tongue to tease his hard flesh. With hunger for him she sucked the wine from his shaft .... licking around the base of his cock. She takes his warm balls into her small hand .... his balls feeling so soft in her touch. With tender care she gently massages their softness. Moving his cock to one side ... she licked the moistness of the wine from their warmth .... "Mmmmmmmm", she moans from the excitement of her lips touching his warm flesh.

"Oh, baby .... God, yes .... Oh, baby .... God you make me hot ..mmmmmmm ... baby..", he softly moans as he raises his hips .... pressing his hard throbbing cock against her soft lips. His hands caressing the back of her hair .... the softness sliding through his fingers .... His breath becoming rapid ... ... his heart pounding in his chest as her hot wet mouth worked the magic on his pulsating shaft.

Slowly opening his eyes ....... his eyes fixed on her beauty as his hard throbbing cock disappeared between her warm sexy lips ... " Oh, God, yes", he moans as his body stiffens from the waves of pleasures that rocked his insides. Her warm wet mouth taking in his hardness. His hand resting on the back of her head as he raised his hips to meet her sexy lips that stretched around his pulsating cock.

Angela slowly slides his hard throbbing cock into her mouth ... wanting to feel every inch as it disappeared between her lips. The head of his cock touching the back of her throat .... her hand gently massaging his balls as she applied pressure to his cock with her hot wet mouth. Slowly rising her head up and down .... his shaft slowly slide in and out of her warm wet mouth. As her mouth reachers the end of his shaft .... she used her tongue to tease the sensitive head. "Mmmmmmmmmm ... ", she softly moans as she presses the soft mounds of her breast to his body.

"Oh, yes, baby! ... Suck my cock darlin! .... God yes!..", he moans with his eyes closed .... raising his hips to meet her hot warm wet sucking mouth ... His passion for her burnt deep within the soul of his body.

The warmth from the fireplace caressed their soft flesh. In the distance ... the roar of the wind from the snow storm outside the small cabin went unnoticed. The small room of the cabin became their own private world, the outside no longer existed to the two tempestuous lovers.

With long fast strokes ... Angela worked her mouth up and down his pulsating shaft ... faster ... harder ... deeper. His balls becoming tighter in her small soft hand. Her other hand around the base of his shaft as she hungerly sucked on his throbbing cock ... with the desire to devour the hot passion that burns deep within his body. "Mmmmmmmmmmm ... ", she moans as her own passion sends waves of pleasure through her body .... feeling the moistness of her own juices between her legs. Her passion turning to lust .... her only desire is to taste the love juice of the pulsating cock that was between lips.

His body thrusting wildly ... driving his cock deeper into her mouth. The fire from his lust burnt with intensity deep inside of his lean muscular body. His heart pounding in his chest with each grasping breath. The burning lust inside of his body taking control. The heat in is balls becoming unbearable .... "Oh, God ... I'm fixing to cum!", he shouts as he thrust his cock deep into her hot wet mouth ... using his hands to gently push her head toward his pulsating cock. The heat in his balls exploded with intensity .... his body stiffens as his climax tightens the muscles in his muscular body. His cock jerks deep inside her mouth ... spewing his hot cum against the back of her throat .... "Oh, God! ... .... ahahahahahahahah! .... Yes .... oh .... Yes..", as his body goes limp .... feeling the relief of the tension brought on by his passion.

"Mmmmmmmmmm .... ", she moans as his cum baths the back of her throat. She hungerly sucked his hot love juice down .... her body shaking with excitement from the feel of his body climaxing into her mouth. Not being able to hold all his cum in her mouth .... a small amount leaks out around her lips ... slowly running down his shaft. After sucking his hard cock dry she uses her tongue to lick up and down his shaft as it slowly goes limp .... cleaning all of his cum from around his shrinking cock. Her passion still burning hot within her body she leans forward pressing her cum soaked lips to his.

He passionately kisses her cum soaked lips .... sucking her tongue deep into his mouth .... their lips slightly sticking together from the reminisce of his passion ... "Mmmmmmmmm", he moans as he tasted his cum on her tongue ... sending a wave of excitement through his body .... Pulling her tightly to him .... the soft mounds of her breast crushed against his chest .... her hard nipples pressing into his flesh through the light ski sweeter she wore. The passion in his body returning ... wanting to taste her like she had tasted him ...

With his body pressed against hers, he slowly rolls her over onto her back. Her radiant warm green eyes showing the lust of passion that burns deep inside her warm soft body. Overwhelmed by his returning passion he presses his lips to hers ... hungrily sucking her tongue into his mouth. The taste of her warm moistness sending waves of pleasure through his body. His strong desires to taste her sweetness .... he presses the hardness of his cock against the softness of her flesh, wanting her to feel his excitement. Her tongue slowly slipping from his warm mouth, he gently nibbles her lower lip.

Angela wrapping her arms around his body, her hands caressing down the warmth of his muscular back. She takes the cheeks of his ass into her hands ... gently squeezing the firmness of his flesh. Her body squirming under his from the intensity of her passion, hungering for his soft gentle touch . With her eyes closed, waves of pleasure traveled through her body, her panties becoming wet from her flowing juices. "Oh, yes..", she softly moans.

The softness of his lips caressing across her cheek ... down to the warmth of her neck. His warm breath caressing the softness of her skin. Pressing his lips to the soft warm flesh .... the fragrance of her perfume filling the air around him ... inhaling her closeness deep into his lungs. His heart starts to pound deep inside his chest from the excitement of her closeness as he gently kisses her warm skin. His warm moist tongue teasing the flesh of her neck ... leaving his moistness on her skin. Gently sucking her skin into his mouth .... he sucks the moistness from her skin. Her body squirming under his from the pleasure that raced through every fiber of her of her existence.

The soft crackling of the fire in the fireplace ... the warmth of its glow caressing their semi nude bodies. Steve slowly helps Angela out of her sweater, slipping it gently over her head. His eyes looking at the white lace bra that hide the soft mounds of her breast. He reaches around her warm sexy body, unsnapping the garment that hide her beauty from his eyes. Steve pushes the straps from her shoulders ... he pulls the bra from between their bodies, revealing her gorgeous breast. The touch of her warm firm breast sent a wave of pleasure through his body, feeding the burning passion deep inside him. His hand softly messages the warm firm flesh ... the erect nipple pressing against the palm of his hand. The heat in his own body becoming hotter ... his cock becoming harder.

"Oh, God", she moans as he teases the nipple with his fingers ... gently rolling the sensitive hard flesh back and forth.

The warmth of his breath on her flesh as his lips caressed up the warmth of her neck .... gently kissing .... his tongue teasing her softness. Taking her ear lobe between his lips ... his tongue teasing the tender warmth of her lobe. He gently sucks on the soft flesh .... "Mmmmmmm", he moans. Her soft hair caressing the side of his face ... the freshness of it filling the air around him. His breath becoming more rapid .... the heat in his loins sending waves of pleasure throughout his muscular body. The desire to taste her .... to smell her .... to touch the softness of her body hungered deep inside of him.

Her hands caressing his body as he kisses down her neck .... down the warmth of her chest .... over the firm mound of her breast. His warm moist tongue gently teasing her flesh as he licks around her erect nipple. Taking the it between his soft lips .... using the tip of his tongue to tease the end of its hardness. He gently slides his teeth over the hardness of the nipple ... then gently biting. Her body stiffening from the brief pleasure, sending another wave of excitement through her passionate body. She grabs the back of his hair and gently pulls at the moment of passion. His hand cups the soft mound of her other breast .... gently massaging .... teasing her erect nipple with his fingers.

Lost in her passion for him, she runs her hands through his hair. Her body squirming from her excitement. "God, baby ... your so gentle ... mmmmmmmmmm .... I am so hot", she softly whispers to him. In her passion she wraps one leg around his as he presses his pulsating shaft against the warmth of her body. The feel of his hardness against her hot body set her on fire, her juices flowing through her hot pussy. The strong desire to feel his hard throbbing cock deep inside her .... to extinguish the fire that burned out control deep inside her.

Her erect nipple slipping from his warm moist mouth ... his lips caressing her skin as he moved between mounds of her breast. The beat of her heart against his lips as he gently kissed her warm soft flesh ... the rise and fall of her chest as she struggles to control her breathing, but the lust inside her body made it impossible. Her squirming body against his increased his excitement, his cock beginning to pulsate against her warmth. He desired her with every fiber of his body, fighting the urge to rip her clothes from her body, and thrusting his throbbing cock deep inside her hot wet pussy.

"Oh, God, yes..mmmmmmmmm.", he softly moans as he soft lips caressed her flesh over to her other breast. The tip of his warm moist tongue teasing the hard flesh ... gently sucking the nipple before taking the firm mound deep into his wet mouth. As he passionately sucked the firm mound .... his hands caressing up and down her soft warm body. Her body shaking with excitement from his soft touch.

"Hummm ... ", she softly moans .... her eyes closed tightly .... lost in her passion. Arching her back ... pushing her breast deeper into his wet mouth .... Her hand on the back of his head ... she slides her fingers through the softness of his hair. Her panties soaking wet from her juices that trickled from her hot wet pussy, her body screaming for release.

The soft mound of her breast slips from his lips. He kisses down her warm soft stomach ... his moist tongue teasing the warmth of her flesh. She raises her butt from the rug as he slides her ski pants down her sexy body. His hands caressing her warm flesh as the garment travels down her soft thighs. Pulling the pants from her sexy legs ... letting them drop to the floor at her feet. His naked body slowly siding down hers ... pressing the hardness of his cock against her softness .... wanting her to feel his excitement. His body shaking with excitement from the touch of her softness. Their two bodies pressing together generating heat that penetrates the soul of two lovers.

"Oh, baby ... God your so gentle with me..", she softly whispers to him as he kisses down her stomach ... The touch of his lips sending waves of pleasure through her body, his touch so gentle. Their passion had created their own world ... she not longer heard the high winds slamming into the small cabin outside .... she no longer felt the warm of the fire place ... their only existence was to be joined together. Her heart pounding in her chest with anticipation as his kisses come closer to her hot wet pussy, her body screaming for him to taste her hot passion.

Kissing further down her stomach ... the tip of his tongue teasing her belly button. Her body stiffening ... then squirming under his assaulting tongue ... He licks down to her pubic hair ... leaving a moisture trail on her flesh. The sweet smell of her hot wet pussy filling the air around him. The aroma of her passion sending another wave of passion through his hot body. The heat in his loins becoming hotter ... his cock throbbing against the softness of her sexy legs. His mouth watered with desire to taste her ... to devour her passion.

Angela lifts her butt off the rug as he pulls her panties down her body ... using her foot to kick them aside .... Her legs slowly spreading as his lips nears her hot wet opening ... His lips driving her crazy with desires as they caressed her flesh .... every part of her body begging for his attention .... "Mmmmmmmmmmmm ... Oh baby .... yes .... yes ... ", the moan escaping from her lips. The though of his lips on her womanhood sent another gush of juices into her hot pussy. Her body moved out of control ... being driven by her passion. She desired him ... her body screamed for him to extinguish the burning inferno in her body.

"Mmmmmmmmm", he moans as his lips caress across her public hair, the softness the hair tickling his lips..his nose. He inhales the aroma of her hot wet pussy into his lungs .... his body shaking with excitement as he moves closer to the object of his desires. Gently pressing his moist warm mouth to her pussy ... kissing the softness of her swelling lips. The moistness of her juices clinging to his soft lips as he licked them to taste her heated passion. "Oh, baby .... mmmmmmmmmmm ... ... God you taste good ... mmmmmmmmmm", He moans as his own burning passion rocks his body. His hands caressing down her soft thighs..her skin feeling warm .... soft ... smooth to his touch. Using the tip of his tongue to spread her warm pussy lips, he runs his tongue up and down fold of the wetness of her pussy. Her body squirming under his from the excitement of his assaulting tongue.

Spreading her pussy lips with his fingers, he uses the tip of his tongue to tease her hardening clit. In her passion she grabs him by his hair, pulling him toward her throbbing wet pussy. The waves of pleasures from the touch of his tongue rocked her body. Her hips squirming under the touch of his warm moist tongue that mixed with her own juices. Her heart pounded from the excitement of his assaulting tongue on her sensitive clit. "Oh, baby .... yes .... oh .... yes .... hummmmmmmmmmm ... ... God don't stop", she shouts to him with the look of lust in her sexy green eyes.

Sliding his arms up her soft sexy body ... taking the soft mounds of her breast into his hands, gently massaging the softness of her flesh .... he presses his lips to her wanting pussy .... sliding his tongue deep inside her wetness ... the warmth of her body around his moist thrusting tongue .... sucking in her hot juices into his mouth .... tasting the heat of her passion. The taste of her hot juices sending a wave of pleasure to his throbbing cock. He presses his hardness against her leg ... wanting her to feel the excitement of his desire for her.

His lust filling his body with excitement ... he grinds his lips into her hot wet pussy as he pulls her body toward him. Thrusting his tongue deep ... hungrily sucking. The heat of her pussy against his face ... ... her juices collecting on his cheeks. The excitement of her smell .... her taste ... the touch of her body ... ... causing his cock to jerk. Wildly he thrust his tongue into her squirming body .... deeper ....... faster ..... harder. The fire of his passion drives the excitement of his lust for her ... to become one with her .... in her climax. "Mmmmmmmmmmm ... ", he moaned into her hot pussy.

In amidst of her passion she grabs him by the hair .... grinding her hot pussy against his tongue. His thrusting tongue sending waves of pleasure through her body. The heat of passion in her body becoming unbearable. She no longer controlled her movements .... her lust for him had taken control of her body. Her climax took her by surprise .... her body stiffening as she presses her wet womanhood against his face ... "Oh, God .... Oh, God ... .... yes .... yes ... ah ... ... ah .... Baby ... ", she shouts as her body rocked from her climax. The sudden release of her love juices soak his tongue deep inside her body. Every muscle in here body relaxing as she feels him hungerly sucking her hot love juice from her body.

Her body pressing against his lips .... the feel of her juices flooding his tongue as he thrust deep into her hot pussy. Sucking in her hot cum from her love opening ... the excitement of her taste sending wave after wave of pleasure throughout his own body ... His cock pulsating with excitement. He leans toward her ... looking into her eyes ... she takes his head between her hands .... licking her wet juices from around his mouth .... Their lips join together in a long passionate kiss as they take in each others taste. They press their warm bodies together ... feeling the warmth of each others passion. He presses the hardness of his cock against the warmth of her body. His lust for her still pumping through his veins of his body .... his desires to be deep inside her ... to feel her hot wet flesh around his throbbing hard cock.

His hard throbbing cock pressing against her pubic hair .... she rolls him over onto his back. His hardness bring back her excitement .... her desire to feel him deep inside her hot body ... to feel her pussy around his throbbing cock. She straddles his body ... ... looking down in to his baby blue eyes ... seeing his wanting lust for her ... gently kissing his lips .... She slightly raises her body ... placing the fold of her pussy over the length of his hard cock that rest between her legs. She slowly rubs the length of his throbbing cock along her pussy .... teasing its hardness. His hard throbbing cock pressing against her sensitive swollen lips of her hot wet womanhood. Her body shaking from the sensation of his cock rubbing against her clit. No long able to control herself ... she raises her hips .... taking his hard shaft into her small warm hand. His body squirming from the excitement of her soft touch. She rubs the head of his cock against womanhood .... her pussy lips yielding to shaft ... ... she teases her clit with his hardness. "Oh, .... mmmmmmmmmm..", she softly moans.

Positioning the head of his cock at the opening of her cunt .... she slowly lowered her body down onto his hard shaft .... "Oh, God, baby .... Yes..", she says as his hard pulsating cock slowly slides into her wet pussy. Her starving womanhood yielding to his hardness as it slides deeper into her hot passionate body. "Mmmmmmmm..", she softly moans as a sudden wave of juices flood her hot pussy. The passion that burnt deep inside her body began to take control .... leaning her head back .... her eyes close .... she lowers her body down onto his hard shaft ... driving his cock deep inside her wanting pussy. "Mmmmmmmmm .... baby ... God your cock feels so good..", she moans as she starts to work her hips on his hard cock ... leaning forward .... placing the base of his cock on her clit ... she works her clit on his throbbing hardness. Wave after wave rocked her body.. "Oh, yes .... yes .... oh .... yes ... Mmmmmmmm .... baby!"

Steve's body rocked with hers .... his eyes tightly closed .... his passion taking control of his body as he thrust his hips wildly up toward her hot devouring pussy. Every muscle tightened from the intense pleasure that rocked his body ... "Oh, God, baby .... ", he said as he reached up taking the soft mounds of her breast into his hands ... teasing the hardness of her nipples .... rolling then between his fingers. Her tight pussy grips his hard shaft..her swollen lips stretch around his hardness. A wave of pleasure shaking his body as he thrusts wildly unto her tight pussy. The heat in his balls becoming hotter ... he could no long control his own passion. The heat in his balls exploded as he arches his body under the weight of hers .... thrusting his cock deep inside her. His pulsating shaft jerking wildly in her hot wetness .... his body stiffening as he spews his hot cum deep inside her .... "Oh ... Ahhhhhhhh ... .... God ... ahhhhh", he shouts as his climax rocks his body ... sending all of his passion deep inside her.

The sudden rush of his climax .... his cock spewing into her pussy .... his hardness caressing her clit ... she could no longer fight off her passion. Grabbing him by the hips .... she pulls her body hard down onto his spewing cock. Her body shakes with intensity at the sudden release of her own climax. Sending wave ... after wave of pleasure through her hot body as the sudden flow of her love juices flood his spewing cock. "Oh, baby . .....God", she shouts as she leans forward .... pressing her warm lips to his .... sucking in his tongue ... passionately sucking in his moistness.

"Mmmmmm..", she passionately moans as he kisses his lips. Pressing her soft hot body against his warmth as his cock remained in her cum soaked pussy .. sending another wave of pleasure through her cooling body.

Wrapping his arms around her hot body as they passionately kissed ... her body shaking in his arms. She hungerly sucks the moistness from his tongue as she presses the warmth of her body against his. His hands caressing down the softness of her back as his softening cock slowly slips from her cum soaked pussy. The soft mounds of her breast pressing against his chest ... the pounding of her heart mixed with his. His tongue slipping from her warm moist mouth .... her rapid breath caressing his skin as she presses her cheek to his ... her body totally exhausted from her climax. Neither one wanted to move ... both felt exhausted ... weak ... savoring the moment of their pleasure. He gently hugs her body tightly ... wanting her to know the affection he has for her.

She slowly rolls her body off of his ... laying next to him .... her head laying on his arm. He looks down into her sexy green eyes ... he sees the contentment ... the satisfaction. It could not be put into words what they felt at this moment .... only their hearts understood. She slides her hand along his neck to the back of his head .... her fingers sliding through his hair ... she pulls him toward her .... pressing her warm soft lips to his .... gently kissing ... the touch of their lips making their heart race with excitement.

Taking a glass of wine .... lifting it to her lips ... he watches as she sips the cool liquid. The flicker of the fire on her body gave her skin a soft glow of softness. He caresses her cheek with the back of his hand .... her skin feeling so smooth to his touch. He sets the wine down .... she nuzzled against the softness of his neck .... she slowly drifted off to sleep in his arms.

He laid quietly next to her warm sexy body ... looking down on her beauty. He gently moved a strand of hair from her beautiful face as she quietly slept. In her peaceful sleep he wondered if she knew how much he desired to be with her. He softly caressed her soft cheek with the back of his hand, not wanting to wake her, but wanting to feel her softness. He looked at her closed eyes ... remember the sparkle in them when she looked up at him before they kissed .... her beautiful warm smile when she wrapped her arms around him to give him a hug .... her warm smooth lips when they touched his ... sending a wave of excitement through his body. The beautiful smile on lips when they were together .... her laughter when he told her one of his silly jokes. Her moans of passion when they made love. Her beauty as she quietly sleep.

Pulling her closer to him ... her warm naked body against his. He reaches over, pulling a blanket from the couch ... spreading it over their bodies ... he slowly drifts off in a peaceful sleep.

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