I don't know what to say about my Mother! I never really wanted to fuck her, nor suck her tits and I didn't kill my father to have sex with her. I was just a normal kid with a regular mom. About the only bad thing I can say about her is that she had nice Boobs and liked to show them to the neighbor kids. About the only good thing that I can say is that she had great tits and liked to show them off. Other than that, she was just a nice old lady that died about twenty years ago.

This is Mother's Day Weekend and my Mother always wanted me to be happy. So, let's be happy!

Happy Mother Fucker Day

By Dungeonmaster

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"Monica", I whisper, shaking her head as she sleeps next to me. "Wake ... Up ... Slave!" She moans and rolls over, spreading her legs as if to air her cunt. "Wake up Slave ... We're going to pay our respects to mother."

"Who's Mother", Monica whispers. "Yours is dead and I don't know where they fuck mine is."

"That's the point", I answer sternly, " ... where to fuck. We're going to fuck at Mother's.

"Fuck ... Where", Monica answers, opening her eyes and looking at me sleepily. "Fuck Mother?"

"In the grave", I answer laughingly. "In the fucking grave! Get your ass out of bed ... let's go."

So ... Monica drags her sweet ass out from between the sheets and throws on one of my robe's while I start the Harley and we head out to visit Mother. It's dark and the streets are deserted as we cruise down the freeway, singing.

We are going to ride the skies,
To the place where mother lies,
Mother Fucking basket of pies,
To throw in the grave keepers eyes!

La La ... La La ... La La ... La La

Turning off the interstate we putt putt our Hog through the narrow lanes leading to Mother's resting place. I push my hand under Monica's flowing robe and stick my finger in her wet cunt.

Mother said that we must have fun,
We should fuck or lay in the sun
Stick my cock in your lovely bun
Or cum in your throat my lovely one!

La La ... La La ... La La ... La La

Putt Putt up the last hill our old Hog makes the trip as Monica drips cum all over my hand as I finger fuck her as she bounces on the seat, leaning back against the stabilizer with her knees in the air and her hands on my cock.

"Monica", I say, " ... Mother would love this. She would love to ride in the wind with her tits hanging out. She would wave at the neighborhood kids and show them her fat cunt. Monica ... show the world your cunt", I yelled, throwing her robe over her head and letting the wind blow through her ring pierced pussy-lips. "Show the world!"

Arriving at the plot where Mother lies I shut down the Harley and lead Monica to the small stone that marks my mother's place.

There she lies ... my Monica dear
She was my Mother and had no peer
I'm certainly glad she wasn't queer
Because of that fact ... I am here!

La La ... La La ... La La ... La La

Looking in the cycle-bags I take out four stakes, which I had made last night and drop one on each corner of Mother's plot. I take out my shiv and with the handle I pound each stake into turf as Monica watches, somewhat concerned. "Stand still ... Slave, Monica", I demand as I slowly pull the robe over her head and lay it on the ground between the stakes. I remove my robe and throw it on her's and we are both standing naked in the soft light.

"Now my dearest ... Monica ... Slave ... lie down over Mother."

Monica lies on our robes and spreads her legs and arms so they almost touch the four stakes that I have so carefully driven into the ground. I remove four leather thongs from my pocket and, one by one, I tie Monica's wrists and ankles to each stake.

The sun is rising over the slight hill and the flowers spotting the graves sparkle in the morning light. One by one I remove the six rings that decorate Monica's rosy cunt, placing them in a neat circle around the ceremonial alter. The rings shine in the soft light and Monica's cunt glistens.

"Mother", I whisper, as I place my lips on Monica's smooth pussy and run my tongue around the soft lips. "Mother, I'm sorry I never fucked you", I whisper as Monica's hips move, trying to find my illusive tongue.

Monica pulls at the thongs that hold her spread as I take one red candle and put it through Monica's clit ring and push the end into her wet cunt. The candle is standing straight. I light the wick and sit between her legs, watching the sky as the light brightens. One by one I take her cunt-rings and drop them over the candle and they each clink softly. Monica squirms as I push the candle deep into her cunt so the flame burns near her tender flesh. "Master", she questions as the heat from the flame warms her lips. I moisten my finger and thumb and douse the flame. I pull the candle slowly from her cunt and set it to the side. Once again I place her six rings in a circle, but this time around the candle. A sigh escapes Monica's lips as I take my blade and one by one cut the thongs that hold her spread.

She raises her knees and I lower my lips over her beautiful smooth cunt. I gently kiss her soft pink skin as the morning sun reflects on the rose colored softness of her shaven pussy-lips while my tongue delicately licks the moist surface. Monica rubs my head as I slip my tongue through the folds of her pussy and slide up to her clit. She moans as I lick my way across her stomach, her tits, her neck and into her waiting mouth.

"I love you", she whispers as my tongue moistens her lips and slides slowly into her mouth. Her lips close and draw me in as if my tongue were a hard cock. Monica sucks and milks me as her hands scratch their way down my back and over my ass. I slide forward as my stiff prick slips into her open hole as her legs circle my thighs. Monica arches her back, driving herself around my pulsing cock. Slowly we move, then faster, then harder ... then we start fucking ... I mean ... really fucking ... and Monica screams, "Mother ... where are you?"

"You are my mother", I yell, driving my cock deep into Monica.

"Yes ... Master", Monica screams, "give me life. Please ... Master ... cum into my empty cunt and give me life."

I push harder as Monica holds my ass while she explodes. My cock bursts and our cum mixes inside her hole as the sun peaks over the hill.

Monica and I put on our robes and we stand looking down at the stakes on the Four Corners of mother's plot. The candle rests where mother's heart might be. I pick up the six rings and place them into Monica's hand and we walk toward the Harley. I kick-start the Hog, which thumps to life and Monica puts her hands under my robe. She holds my limp cock, as we slowly rumble down the lane.

A car turns into the cemetery.

A kid leans out and yells:

"Ugly . . . Mother . . . Fuckers!"

But, we just keep on riding!

Back from the hill, from my mother's grave
Riding my Hog like a guy who's brave
She calls me sweet, want's to go to my cave
But, what the fuck ... Monica is my Slave!

La La ... La La ... La La ... La La

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