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Night in Moscow

by Jorge Garcia

It was Eva's first visit to Russia, her parent's native country. She was thirty years old and was there on a business trip. She was working for a telecommunication multinational and she was the only Russian speaker in the company so she was assigned to this trip and she had full authority to sign a very important contract with a Russian network firm. In the airport there was a limousine waiting, as her company wanted to dazzle its future partner. She went to her hotel, the most luxurious hotel in Moscow, and she was pleased that her Russian, including her accent, was perfect and she understood each and every word she that was spoken.

Eva had a shower, which she didn't enjoy because the water wasn't hot enough. She dressed, as the aggressive executive she was, in a gray tailored suit, a pale pink blouse and silky gray stockings. Her blonde hair completed her great looks. The limo was waiting her in the street as she had a meeting in half an hour but she had to contact the home office. She sent them an e-mail:

I'm OK, I'm gonna meet the Russian Bear.
All for now, Eva.

She went down and got into the limo. The Moscow atmosphere was so depressing she couldn't believe it was the same place her parents had talked about with so much pride. Russia was a very different country; it's dramatic change from Communism to savage capitalism had taken its own victims as it seemed there were a lot of homeless people and whores everywhere. If you had dollars you were a target to all kind of people. The limo arrived to the network building and there were two executive and five armed people waiting her. She got out and told the driver to wait.

"Miss Eva Swann, I assume", said the younger executive in not so perfect English.

"Yes ... Nice to meet you", she answered in her perfect Russian. The gentleman sighed in relief, explaining that he didn't have much of a chance to practice English. She told him her parents were Russian and her real surname was Levitskaya. The young executive was good-looking and very active and his name was Steve. The corporate attorney was waiting her in the office and he was one of the most prestigious of Moscow lawyers.

The three sat down around a large table while the five armed men waited outside. "Russia is not a secure country", Steve said, "you have to provide your own security."

The meetings lasted eight hours and when they were finished Steve asked if she would have dinner with him.

"Why not" she answered. "I'm at the Moscova Hotel. Pick me up about nice." Steve knew she was lodged in the Moscova as his firm had sent her flowers.

Eva got a call at ten to nine and she went down dressed to kill. She seemed a different person. "You look lovely, my dear", he said in broken English as he opened the door so she could get into his car, a last model Porsche. Russia is the country of the contrasts, you can find the poorer people and the richer. Our economy contributes to our war of classes", he commented as he drove like a fool, running all the red lights as if they were not for him. They had dinner in the most fashionable restaurant in Moscow but Eva was disappointed as she wanted authentic Russian food and the restaurant was international. During dinner they had vodka and Champaign so by the time dinner was over, Eva was smashed, to say the least. "Where do you want to go?", asked Steve.

"I don't know, you're my guide", she answered, smiling.

They got into his blazing Porsche and drove through the city, swamped with neon lights. The nightlife was in its climax. They pulled into an underground auto park and an armed man asked him for a special card, which Steve presented. They got out the car and went to an elevator where Steve inserted the card and selected the upper floor. The security staff recognized him so they let them into the club. It was crammed with people and Eva noticed that the immense majority of people were men. She had a bad feeling because of the way the men were looking her, but, Steve caressed her hand and that bad vibes disappear.

They were escorted to a front table where they were seated. On the table was a bottle of Champaign, several glasses and a pitcher of vodka. They were seated just as the curtain was raised revealing the illuminated stage. Eva was surprised to see the row of naked women on stage. The ladies were linked together by a long golden chain that ran from pierced nipple to pierced nipple. With closer attention Eva realized that her pussies were also pierced. The crowd of men was acclaiming enthusiastically yet she felt almost ill. She thought of business and decided to keep quiet and see what happened. Soon a seven-foot giant appeared on the stage.

"We're gonna begin tonight's show", the giant said. "We hope you'll enjoy it. Our most submissive slaves are at your disposal."

The row of naked women went left the stage and walked harmoniously through the crowd as the curtain was lowered.

"I hope you enjoy the evening, Eva. It's the most chic show in all Russia. I hope it doesn't upset you."

"I don't think I'll be upset, Steve", She answered, taking a shot of vodka and flushing it with a glass of Champaign.

She was really, in fact, upset since she was a convinced feminist and this was not her idea of fun. But, business was business, she had to pretend she was enjoying herself.

On stage, in front of the curtain, two girls were chained, spread eagle, on the floor. They lay on their backs and the ties were loose enough that they could move a little, but not get up.

The curtain raised and a naked girl was in the middle of the stage, masked and tied to a pillory. She was kneeling and her head was covered and her hands tied to the wooden post. A spreader bar opened her legs. There was a loud ovation as a masked man came on stage. He was not as tall as the Master of Ceremonies was but he was stronger. He picked up a tennis racket and rotated the platform of the pillory so that the girl's ass was in full view of the audience. He swung the racket, striking the girl on the ass and the strings left red welts on the pale skin. The only sounds were the racket's flight and the thunderous hit. Eva expected to hear the girl scream but the mask stifled her sobs. The muscular man repeated the beating ten times and the girl's ass was as red as a tomato. Then the masked man picked her cunt-ring and pulled it. The girl's cunt stretched as the crowd howled. Eva couldn't understand how they could enjoy that kind of torture. The man then picked a dildo up and shoved it into the girl's cunt. He only shoved the head inside, just enough so it wouldn't fall out. He then took the racket and his new strokes went straightly to the half-buried dildo, burying it all the way into the defenseless pussy. Eva felt a pain inside her as she almost felt the stroke within her own flesh. The man kept on hitting her and the dildo disappeared deep in her red cunt. The curtain went down and the crowd celebrated the first act.

Some members of the audience went on stage and Eva was astonished when she realized that a man was unzipping his pants and began to piss on one of the girls chained to the floor. The girl raised her head for the Golden Shower, letting the man's piss run into her mouth. Eva felt humiliated since she had never dreamed that this could happen anywhere. But, it was even worse when one of the men defecated on the girl's breasts and leaned over while she cleaned his ass-hole with her tongue. It was the most depraved thing Eva had ever seen.

Eva needed to pee so she leaned over, asking, "Steve, where is the toilet?"

"On stage. It's one of the best attractions".

"I can't", she replied.

"Don't restrain yourself; if you have to do it, do it".

Eva glared at him as he stood and offered his hand. The crowd cheered as they understood what was happening. Eva remained seated until Steve pulled her to her feet and pushed her up the stairs. She stumbled as she approached the girl closest to their table and Steve roughly held her by the arm. The chained girl opened her mouth and looked into Eva's eyes as if pleading for her to continue.

"See", Steve whispered, "She wants you to piss in her mouth. If you don't she knows that she will be the next center attraction."

Eva was shameless but this was too much. She tried to pull away but the chained girl pleaded with her to do her job. Eva hesitated, but when she saw the giant approaching she reluctantly lowered her panties, squatted over the girl's face and pissed in her mouth. When she had finished she heard the chained girl thank her in broken Russian, the type used by peasant girls in the street. Embarrassed but relieved Eva returned to the table as the crowd cheered.

"I want to go home, now", she said to Steve as she covered her face with her napkin.

Steve leaned over and whispered into her ear, "You can't leave or the girl will die.

The decision, to leave or not, was made for her as the curtain raised and Steve forced her into her seat. Eva had another vodka shooter with a Champaign chaser as she sat back in utter amazement and fear.

In the center of the stage there were a couple of masked girls with their hands tied to a hook that descended from the ceiling. They were hung in the air with each pierced nipple fettered to the other girl's ring. Each girl had a chain attached to her cunt-ring, to which was hung a stone. A special mechanism was separating the two hooks and as they were separated, their nipples were stretching. Their breasts were getting longer as another masked man added an extra stone to their cunt-rings. Two additional masked men appeared on the stage and they began to whip the tied girl's. The crowd was not satisfied with this act so it ended abruptly.

When the curtain finished descending a group of naked masked women began to move through the customer's tables. Some of the customers played with their hostesses' rings while others fingered the hostesses' cunts. Eva was feeling terrible and one of the girls noticed this and came over, sitting on her lap. Her pierced vulva was very wet and Eva found it hard to believe that the young girl was really excited, but it was a fact. The naked girl brought one of her nipples near to Eva's mouth.

"Please, lady, play with my nipple", she pleaded, so Eva began to lick it. She put her tongue into the ring and licked around the pink tit as she felt her pussy getting wet. How could this happen, she thought as the girl on her lap cupped her breast, pushing her nipple further into Eva's mouth. The girl reached over the table and pointed to the bottle of champagne. Eva was going to give her a glass, but Steve took the bottle and pushed it into the girl's wet cunt. It glided easily inside her and Steve pumped the glass dildo inside, removed it, and served two glasses. He handed a glass to Eva and she drank the contents in one gulp.

Eva knew that the feminist had lost the match. She was enjoying the show and her pussy dripped as she fingered herself under the table. Steve took her other hand and put in into his pants so Eva Jacked him off as she sucked on the slave's tit. Steve went down on the slave, sucking her wet cunt, as Eva rapidly stroked his cock. Steve stood up, grabbing the slave by the head and rammed his cock into her mouth as he thrust his hips forward, shooting cum into her mouth. The slave sucked him as he finished his orgasm. When he withdrew his cock the girl pulled her tit from Eva's mouth and French kissed her, sharing Steve's cum just as the Master of Ceremonies appeared on the stage.

"We're gonna draw for a surprise", he grunted. Each one of you will get a number. I promise you ... you will like your present."

The masked men distributed numbers to all of the customers as the curtain raised for the third act.

In the center of the stage a masked girl was kneeling, her hands handcuffed at her back, her head on the floor and her ass was held up. She had her legs spread wide with no help of the spreader bar. A masked man walked an impressive Doberman who wore a muzzle. Two more girls encouraged the dog as they caressed his cock. When the dog's prick was good and hard he was turned loose and the Doberman jumped the tied girl in the center of the stage. The giant dog stuck his stiff cock into her cunt and began to pump. The crowd enjoyed this act and when the black animal began to lick the girl's neck it was the delirium. The dog came in a couple of minutes and uncoupled from the girl. The two girls put the leash on the Doberman and led him from the stage. In moments they returned with a Great Dane and the dog quickly mounted the girl and fucked her in the ass. When this dog finished his duty the curtain was lowered and the Master of Ceremonies appeared one more time.

"It's time for the draw. Check your number ... the winner is number eighteen."

Steve looked on his number. "Nineteen ... Shit!", he said, looking at Eva, who was astonished when she noticed she was number eighteen.

"Here", she said, handing the ticket to Steve, "YOU take the number."

"No, Eva, it's yours"

"Who is the lucky one?", asked the Master of Ceremonies, looking right at Eva.

Steve signaled and pushed Eva to the stage.

"You want to know what you've won? Here it is!"

The curtain went up and a naked girl was standing in the center of the stage. Her ankles were apart and chains kept them separated. Her arms were free and she was trying to cover her breasts and crotch as the crowd cheered.

"She's a virgin. We bought her in Kirguizistan. She is yours to defoliate", the Master yelled as the crowd went crazy.

Eva staggered as she stumbled onto the stage but it was plain to see that she was blushing. This was definitive proof that Eva had arrived. Eva lowered her skirt, showing her wet panties to everybody, as a masked man buckled a strap on dildo around her waste, running the thongs between her thighs and pulling the device secure. Two other masked men pulled the girl forward so that her hands were on the floor. Eva was led toward the girls as the first man rubbed her dildo with cream and Eva inserted the dildo into the girl's cunt. Eva's first attacks were weak as she had never dildo fucked another woman, but as she got excited, her attacks were faster and stronger. The girl was crying and screaming as the crowd cheered as Eva pounded at the girl's virgin cunt. There was a dramatic change in the girl's behavior as the hymen was broken and the girl relaxed. Eva remembered when she had her cherry popped as she pulled the dildo out of the young girl and showed to the crowd.

"Everybody ... onto the stage", yelled the Master of Ceremonies. "Make a queue and she's all yours."

As the men lined up for the young girl, Eva returned to the table dragging her skirt behind her as the strap on cock flapped from side to side. Two masked men grabbed Steve by the arms and bent him over the table as a third man stripped his pants, bearing his ass to Eva.

"Here's another virgin for you", yelled the Master of Ceremonies as he guided the dildo toward Steve's asshole. Eva was blind with desire as she pushed the strap on cock into Steve's ass as he yelled in pain. The men held his hands as he pulled from side to side as Eva pumped into his butt-hole until her legs gave way and she fell to the floor. The men released Steve and helped Eva to her feet. She started to thank them when they grasped her hands and bent her over the table. The master of Ceremonies pushed Steve and guided his cock into Eva's wet cunt as she yelled in pleasure as he pumped several times, cumming in a giant orgasm.

"Make a queue and she's all yours", yelled the Master of Ceremonies as the masked men held Eva as the crowd split, some fucking the virgin, some fucking Eva and some fucking both.

Eva's strap on dildo pushed against the table as the men, one after another, took turns at her cunt and her ass.

When the crowd dispersed, Eva staggered onto the stage and stood over the girl chained to the stage and set her lick the cum from her cunt. The virgin was released and led to the second girl who licked the girl clean. Steve sank into the chair and watched his executive piss on the girl who had cleaned her cunt.

Maybe she won't sign the contract. Maybe the Russian's would blackmail her, but, what a Moscow night.

What a Moscow Bear.

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