Morning Shower

By Passion

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I couldn't sleep this morning so I thought I would tell you my story.

I was in my house in the bathroom, about to step into the steamy shower I had prepared. The bathroom mirror was all steamed up because I was lost in daydreams of you. Suddenly I felt you behind me. You pulled my hands from the shower curtain and placed them into cold handcuffs behind my back. You pulled my naked body close to yours.

I could feel the hardness of your deputy belt, your gun, and your badge. I laid my head back onto your shoulder and without a word your hand reached around me and touched my breast. Stroking the nipple until you felt its hardness you then slid your hand to the other nipple to arouse it also. Your other hand encircled my waist and drew me closer to you. I could feel your manliness hard against my ass and I pushed back harder to be closer to you.

Your hand left my breast and traveled down my stomach to the soft hairs covering my pussy. Slowly you just barely stroked the hairs ... teasing me!

I moaned with pleasure as your one finger gently divided the lips and you felt my wetness while your lips were trailing hot , wet kisses around my neck.

Suddenly, your hands disappeared from my body and I heard the slight rustle of clothes behind me. Then your hands returned to my shoulders and you slowly turned me around to face you. Gentle pressure on my shoulders forced me down on my knees in front of you. Your hard cock stood erect before my mouth. I reached forward with my tongue and tentatively swirled it around the tip as you steadied me with your hands on my shoulders. My mouth could wait no longer. My lips opened and I took the head into my mouth. The pleasing warmth and hardness filled me with desire. The sight of me handcuffed , on my knees, at your total control filled you with desire. I slowly sucked the head deeper into my mouth, caressing it with my tongue, as it went. Teasing with gentle pressure from my teeth, which caused at first panic in you then pure pleasure as you realized I would never hurt you. My caressing mouth became a stronger and stronger creating pressure until you could stand it no more. You pulled away from me. You laid me back onto the warm rug on the floor and knelt next to me. Your mouth was inches from my ear, your warm breath caressing my skin causing shivers of anticipation down my body.

"You are all mine to do with as I please," you whispered.

I moaned and smiled knowing the reverse was really the truth.

Your teeth gently nibbled on my ear as you slowly stroked the surface of my quivering body, teasing, and making me wait. Your mouth descended to my breast as you took the nipple into your mouth and licked and teased it. Your kisses descended my stomach and to my hot, waiting pussy. Then you spread my legs as you burrowed your tongue deep into my waiting soul.

"Yes,,,, Oh, yes" I softly screamed through tortured lips. You continued your assault on my open, hot body until you felt I too could stand no more.

You slid up the length of my body and I could feel the skin of your chest, the hardness of your holster, contrasting the different hardness of your cock. You poised over me, looking directly into my eyes, waiting like an animal ready to strike and covet its prey.

My breath seemed to stop, held motionless by your eyes, transfixed and then you struck. One deep thrust and the moment was shattered with my gasp mixed with yours. You lay very still on top of me just absorbing the soft, warmth of my inner self as I unfolded to you like a flower waiting for the sun.

Just when I felt you would never move you began to pull out of me and then push back in. Slowly at first, then faster and faster as neither of us could wait any longer.

The sound of the water still rushing from the shower in the small room sounded like a waterfall. We were both absorbed in the feeling of each other and the sound of the water. It wasn't too long before both of us came.

Panting you rolled to my side and wrapped your arms around me. You rustled around and located the keys to set me free.

Little did you know that you had not done that but in reality I had become forever your prisoner, trapped within my own soul's desire. I could never be free again. My loose arms wrapped around you as you held me close. Silent tears trickled down my cheeks and you felt their wetness on your chest. Your hand lifted my face and yours was filled with concern.

You needn't be concerned. They were only tears of joy. The joy of being fulfilled by one so exquisite. A soft smile forms on your lips as you cradle me in your arms. We drift off to sleep to the sound of the water and to the warmth of each other.

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