A Letter to Monica

By Dungeonmaster

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My Dear Monica:

I am so lonely tonight and I wish you were here instead of visiting your ass hole sister. I know that she is trying to get her tongue into your cunt and run that strap on dildo up your ass. Oh, I wish you were here.

I love you so much, my dear. I realize that sometimes you think that I am only into our affair because of my strong desire to control you in every way, but, there is much more. I need to force you to do what you need, and, that is to obey. You love to beg and you want control and that bitch sister will only fuck your ass with her phony cock, draining you of your love and need for me. Don't let this happen and please remember how ...

I love it when you walk in wearing no panties and I dream of the way you move when I finger you in public places. I remember you leaning over at Spago's and asking me to play with your wet cunt under the table. Then you asked me to lick my fingers while we were having dinner. The pizza was nice but the flavor of your juice was heaven.

Later at the concert I rubbed your wet pussy as you listened to Beethoven, experiencing great orgasmic climaxes every time the violin screeched a high whine. It was like you were a string on the instrument and the bow stroked your cunt and you gave birth to the most beautiful tones. I wanted to crawl under your skirt and part the hair, opening your warm tunnel to my extended tongue. I swear the lady in front of us could smell your rich sex-odor as your cum oozed from between your thighs. She turned as if to ask us to stop but the smile on your face told her to fuck off so she turned back around to watch the bow stroke the violin.

After the concert and in bed I tie your legs to the bedposts with your arms free so that you will control my head and tongue, pushing me deep into your womb.

Monica, I love your pussy and the soft skin smooth skin and the rings on the lips. I want the hold you and help you shave around your crack so that when you move from side to side trying to position her warm pussy in front of my mouth I can feel your softness on my lips.

Sometimes I prefer to tie your arms so that I can bite the nipples of your pert breasts until the sweat runs from your forehead and the cum drips from your cunt. I stop arousing your tits and kiss my way to the soft skin between your cunt and ass hole. Remember ... the smooth wet area just below the crack where the juice drips. Sometimes, when I'm down there and your arms are strapped to the posts or you twist the red nipples of your tits, I close my eyes and press my tongue up your ass as you spread your legs.

In the moonlight I can watch the sweat glisten on your breasts as you lift up and raise your legs in the air, crying for me to push deeper. I will look past your stomach and see your eyes wide open, watching me lick that smooth, warm, cum soaked patch of skin just under your cunt. I look from your face at the picture above my bed and dream that I would be the swan and my long beak is deep into your ass.

I am the swan and you, Monica, are my lady and I stroke my cock, thinking of you.

What great sex we have ... you and me ... myself and myself. Faster I stroke my cock ... faster ... and you pump your hips, holding me tightly between her wet thighs as the cum surges from my balls and explodes from my cock and the warm, rich fluid spurts onto my chest. If you were here you would lick my skin clean. You would beg for me to suck you dry.

God, I love you. my dear Monica. I love to think of you, to fanaticize about us, to taste your cum in my mind and feel my tongue surrounded by lips.

I dream of you when I masturbate.

Sweet dreams of a happy man, alone in bed with himself.

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