The Initiation of Daddy ( Part 1 )

By Mistress Monica

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As you know I grew up in Laguna Beach as my Daddy's Jewish American Princess ( JAP ) and he used to call me "Princess". He worked for IBM as a programmer and Stefan (I called him Stevie) always had the "hippie" image of the 50's. When he got cancer he moved to Chicago to live with his sister and my relationship with Dungeonmaster deepened, we didn't communicate a lot. When his sister died and I visited him I was on my best, or worst, behavior. I wore a wig that covered my bald, tattooed head and left my rings at home. I really played the part of a JAP and was a perfect companion for Daddy at the Christmas Parties. We had a wonderful time.

When Daddy accepted my invitation to move to California I got a sick feeling in my gut. How would I tell him that I had changed so much and what would he think of my Master? After all, Dungeonmaster was his age.

Well, Daddy and Dungeonmaster get along marvelously which brings me to our story.

When I got to California and the rings went in, the bra went off and the panties went into the trash. I did wear a blond wig my first night at the office. I was at my computer editing the work of some student who sends Blowout these broken English stories to publish and I have to make them readable. I was typing when Dungeonmaster and Daddy walk over.

"Well, Monica", DM says, "shall we give Daddy a surprise?"

I look up and ... swish ... the wig goes flying across the room and my bald, tattooed head shines in the overhead light and I let out a sharp yelp.

"Told you, Stefan. Your little JAP is a Princess ... Princess of my dungeon, now."

My father laughs, taking a big slug from his beer and a long hit from DM's joint.

"So, where's the dungeon", my father asks.

"Behind that door", says Dungeonmaster pointing to the padlocked door in the center of the side wall. "It's in there, but, are you sure you're ready?"

"Only live once", Daddy answers, "and I don't have all the time in the world."

"Monica," Dungeonmaster demands, "Open the door."

"Yes, Master", I reply automatically. I glance at dad and he looks shocked that I answer with neither concern nor hesitation.

"I trained her well, Stefan. She's an obedient slave. Do you want to see her perform?", DM asks as I open the door.

"No", answers my father without hesitation. "Well, maybe ...", he continues. "I don't know ... I .... "

"Confused ... Daddy ?", DM asks, as the door swings open. I enter the dungeon and light the candles.

"Come in, gentlemen", I call as I stand next to the table in the center. Both men enter the dimly lit room. Daddy looks at everything but me as I stand motionless. He can't look at me even though I stare at him, unblinking. "Maybe, I should say cum, like from your cock!", I say with a little laugh.

"I am really confused", Daddy says as he finally meets my stare with his eyes. "I don't know."

"I know", says DM as he motions for me to approach. My hand routinely goes under my skirt and my fingers push into my now wet pussy. Slowly I move in front of my Master and hold my fingers under his nose. DM takes a long sniff and smiles with approval. "Nice", he says. "Now, show Daddy." I approach my father but he withdraws until he is against the wall. He looks straight into my eyes as I move my hand in front of his face. Daddy holds his breath until he turns red. He then ducks under my arm, starting toward the far wall.

"STOP", screams DM and Daddy stops in his tracks. "This is not a game. You must smell or I will punish her."

"I can't ... I ... ", Daddy answers as I approacd with my arm extended. "Please, Daddy." "Yes, Stefan", says DM, as my father sniffs my steady hand in front of his nose. "Now, sit on the stool in the corner like a bad boy and watch." Daddy lowers his head and moves to the corner as if in a trance. He climbs on the stool and lowers his head into his hands.

"Watch", demands Dungeonmaster. "You sit fucking straight and watch your little cunt of a slave daughter. "Or", he screams, "get your fucking ass out of my space."

Tears ware forming in Daddy's eyes as he teeters on the stool.

"Daddy, Please ...", I say as DM grabs my bald head in his huge hands and yells at me to shut up. Daddy starts to rise but stops when he looks into my eyes.

"Stop fucking around, both of you", DM screams as he closes the outside door and motions for me to remove my dress. I flick the straps and my dress falls from my shoulders into a heap on the floor at my feet. I stand naked, looking at my Master's feet with my arms at my side. I am thinking that I am in the room with strangers and my only desire is to please my Master.

It is very quiet and I can hear the hard breathing of the man in the corner. The candlelight glitters on my tit rings and flashes on the six pussy rings, which dangle on my lips. I am proud, standing there in front of my Master and my back arches and I look into his eyes. Dungeonmaster is motionless and his face shows no emotion and the man in the corner breaths hard.

"Monica", my Master commands, "tell our friend the rules."

Looking straight at my Master my voice echo's in the room with no sound of emotion nor emphasis. "This is my master's dungeon and I am his slave. You are here as our guest and you will remain quiet. My Master will do with me as he wishes. My only pleasure comes from serving my Master. If you speak, move or in any way interrupt our pleasure you will be asked to leave and never return. Do you understand?" The room is silent and no response comes from the man in the corner. "Do you understand", I repeat.

"Yes", I hear from behind me. "I understand."

"What is your desire, Master", I ask looking into Dungeonmaster's eyes. "Bend over", I hear, and I immediately bend and take my ankles in my hands. My Master walks around me, examining my body from every angle. He picks up a butt plug from the shelf and walks behind me. I relax my muscles and feel the large plug enter my ass hole. "Wear this for the evening and we will continue in the morning. My desire is for you to put on your dress and leave. We are through for the evening", Dungeonmaster says in a low voice. "Yes, Master", I answer, reaching for the straps and pulling my dress to cover my body. "Is that all." "Yes, Monica. That is all for this evening", Dm says. "Stefan", DM says, "spend the night here." "Yes, Master", I hear from the man in the corner as Dungeonmaster and I leave the room and close the door. I hear the click of the lock as I return to my computer and sit on the large plug, shoving it deep into my ass. I want my Master's cock instead of the plug but I know not to ask. I return to the story of the young Spanish boy butt fucking his tied up slave.

DM leaves and I am alone.

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