I'm a young Spanish economics student so maybe this text is not as good as I Expected (especially in the vocabulary). My name is Jose Gines Juan Soler and my e-mail is Mamolajg@mailcity.com so I want readers to write me and share their opinion about my short story. Click Here to send comments to Jose


by Jose Gines Juan Soler

The students kept on copying the nonsense as long as the teacher didn't finish. The were really fed up with it so they began to speak with the other students breaking the silence.

Molly was really sweet and she was disagreed with others in the row. Her friends thought she was a "freeze girl", with high self-control and she wore a long skirt and high boots. Sitting near her was Eddy, a complete teaser always joking. He was playing with his ballpoint pen, completely absorbed. Suddenly the ballpoint pen fell off the table stopping between Molly's feet. He bent to pick it up when saw her violet knickers when he was under the table. He got close to them and then breathed hot and deeply. She noticed that something strange happened but she couldn't guess what it was.

Eddy brushed her silk knickers tenderly with his expert fingers, kissing her naked thigh. Molly was so astonished she didn't know how to react. It was really pleasing but she worried about being discovered in such embarrassing situation. Unconsciously she opened her legs and sat up slightly making Eddy's acts easier.

He took off her panty's bands and made a wide thread with them. He stretched it and rubbed her pussy with it. Her breath became labored and she had to bite her lips to avoid moaning. Her face was distorted and she lost her fantastic self-control completely.

Eddy stopped for a second and spread her pussy's lips with one hand while he kept on rubbing her cunt with her panty's thread. Molly's pussy became moistened in a few seconds and he could notice her excitement by the way she was convulsing.

When she was wetter than a sow he stopped playing and began to kiss her pubic hair. Molly wanted more, a lot more and she tried to play with her pussy but Eddy stopped her hand. She realized that she was his slave and didn't struggle any more. She brushed her erect nipples and didn't damn that a lot of eyes were fixed on her excited face.

Eddy played with hair and caressed her belly. She moved to keep her excitement up when Eddy, once again, spread her lips and played so softly with the thread. A moan came out of her mouth and more eyes got fixed on her. The teacher kept on with his explanation but nobody paid attention.

Eddy put his hands under her ass and tried to lift her. Of course he couldn't but she lifted a little unconsciously allowing him to remove her wet knickers that ended into his pocket. Then he massaged her ass cheeks and softly, so softly, inserted a finger into her asshole. It hurt her a lot and Eddy stopped in the act. He kissed her protuberant clit and brushed her slit. He began to lick her wet and hot pussy real slowly, playing first with her delicate lips, surrounding her clit and introducing his tongue as deep as he could. When he noticed she was nearly at her orgasm he introduced a couple of fingers into her cunt. She moaned once again and she bit her lips so strong that began to bleed. He pulled out his two fingers and inserted three into her hungry pussy.

Her body seemed electrified as she arrived to her orgasm, cum and relaxed completely. She heard Eddy ordering her to go down under the table. She obeyed him completely and when she was under the table he ordered to lie on the floor while he smelled her violet knickers.

He removed her skirt, discovering once again her still wet pussy. He then undid her skirt. Her nipples fought against her bra just like they were a couple of obelisks. She unfastened her bra and let her young, soft breasts free. Eddy sucked first her right nipple while he caresses her cunt and then he sucked the other one driving her near the orgasm once again.

He opened his trouser and his big, erect and tough cock appeared and he began to brush it against her sweaty body. He used the canal between her breasts as an unexpected cunt and fucked it with his cock. She could watch his cock near but the rub on her breasts hurt her so much.

When he thought she had more than enough he stopped playing with her mountains and descend to her wet valley. His cock penetrated the wet pussy with just one stroke until the hilt and she moaned once again. In a couple of attacks she came and he came too, a few seconds late. She felt his sperm into her body but it didn't matter, it was so incredible.

When the other students noticed that it had come to the end they gave an ovation to the couple. The teacher thought that the ovation belonged to him and thanked his pupils who all smiled a lot.

That day Molly's cunt was more crowded than a bus station. Eddy fucked her one more time but a lot of other students tasted her honey. She kept being sweet but their friends (men and women) thought she also was a real bitch.

Molly's such a good slave she never said "no" to Eddy, her master.

The teacher's explanation seemed endless.

The students kept on copying the nonsenses as long as the teacher didn't finish.

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