By Annie Mohre

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I had seldom seen a summer as hot as this one. After doing a boatload of yard work, Glenda and I decided to go swimming. The bad news was, we didn't have a swimming pool. The good news was, we knew someone who did. But, therein lay the Catch! Jason had put in a large, oval-shaped, pool, complete with ladders, semi-circle redwood deck, and sundeck furniture. He had even added a special umbrellas, which shaded half of the deck. I knew all this, because I saw it standing on a rock, peeking over his fence!

Since moving in with Glenda earlier in the summer, we had seen little of Jason. He was gone, or else he was "entertaining" indoors. Once in a while we would spy him in the yard, mowing or sunbathing, but that was all. He had kept his activities clandestine, and it was driving me crazy ... which was his plan ... of course! He didn't like sharing, except sexually, and he wanted me to come back to him. I wasn't inclined to do that. Not because I had any less interest in his fine, hard body and big cock, but because he still wanted me only as a pet. At least Glenda treated me like a real person!

Glenda and I have our sex games, but she's a better Mistress than he had been a Master. I was infatuated with her beauty and charmed by her kindness. Even so, it was Jason's touch that I dreamed of, night after night, and, somehow, he knew this. He could manipulate my emotions, clear from the other side of the six-foot fence.

So there I was, spying in his backyard, trying to figure out how we could use that pool without asking permission. I heard a soft rustling behind me and looked around to see Glenda approaching with two tall Screwdrivers.

"So, is he home or what?", she asked, handing me a cool drink, which I sipped slowly.

"Or what.", I said flatly. Everything looked quiet, but who knew? Jason was just the kind to lay in wait. Glenda hopped up on another rock and leaned her arm over the fence to steady herself. She surveyed the yard, the pool area, and the back porch. The area was deserted. Then she looked back at the pool and so did I.

"He's cleaned the pool, see?", Glenda pointed. Sure enough, the there were no leaves floating on the surface.

"What does he do, come out in the middle of the night? Why wouldn't he want us to know?", I pondered, out loud.

"To make us think he isn't around, dummy! He thinks if we don't see him out here, we'll assume he is gone. He wants us to sneak over so he can catch us red handed ... or bare breasted."

She shook her blond pony tail in annoyance, stepping back to the grass. I followed and we slumped against the fence, sucking on our drinks, considering options. "I say we just jump right over there and go swimming, I said, being tired of the whole game. what's he gonna do, arrest us?"

"Fuck us", Glenda chirped as the sweat was drizzling down my back and all I could think of was falling into that clear, cool pool! We both knew he wouldn't call the cops, except maybe as a prank, and we both hoped that he might screw us. After all, it would be some of his friends in his pool. I looked at Glenda expectantly since she was the one with all the big ideas. She was finishing a long draw on her drink, almost to the bottom.

"Well??", I prodded her impatiently.

"I'm thinking", she muttered, batting my hand away as we walked toward our house.

"this is getting us nowhere", I said, my mind was searching the patio for something sturdy enough to climb on so that I could make it over the fence. I finished my drink and went inside to see what Glenda had in mind to find that she was just fixing us another Screwdriver.

"Do you think that table will hold me", I asked plaintively. She glanced out at the green metal table, which had a large potted plant in the center.

"Guess so ... let me find out. Better see if his car's there first, though." Pretending to go to the mailbox, I felt inside and glanced over at his driveway. His garage door was closed and he never did that unless he was going out of town. But if he were out of town, the pool would be covered. This was a little suspicious! Frowning, I trotted back inside to tell Glenda and found her bedroom. "Jason's either gone or out of town!"

"Sounds just like him. He's trying to keep us guessing."

"Well, he's doing a damned fine job!", I said, flopping on Glenda's bed. I stared at the ceiling and wondered how we had not killed one another in the three months that we had been living together, her being a neat person and me not so neat! Then I wondered why it had been three months since Jason's last party. Maybe we just weren't invited", I thought.

"AH-HA!", Glenda exclaimed as she pulled out a long box.

"What is it", I asked?

"A Telescope!", she answered, as she raised it up. I raised my brows.

"Why didn't you get this out sooner?", I scolded her as we unpacked it.

"I forgot about it. It's actually Jason's."

"I looked at her incredulously. "You stole his telescope!"

She nodded in agreement, as we wrestled the long black scope out of the box. "Help me carry it into your room.", she said. We carried the scope into the front room and set it on the tripod. "Jason used to have this set up on his guest balcony so he could check out the neighborhood, not to mention the girls over there." She waved in the direction of the the private, Girls College down the street. "He said he was in to Astronomy.", Glenda added, rolling her eyes.

"More like Ass-Tronomy!", I quipped, giggling. After some tussling, we got the contraption put together and pointed in at Jason's house. Glenda had the first look as I fidgeted about impatiently. I was about to start bitching again, when she straightened up with a gleam in her eye.

"Looks like Mr. Cloak-n-Dagger forgot to close his curtains", she said, motioning for me to peek! The scope was trained on Jason's bedroom. I gasped.

"I don't believe it! He's asleep?!" I looked once more to be sure. Yep ... there he was, sprawled out on that king-sized bed, in all his masculine glory. I kept looking, and Glenda laughed.

"Don't bother ... his cock's sleeping too", she grinned at my embarrassment. It surprised me that after all we had done, I could still blush. "Our Party Boy must really have tied one on last night! It's almost three O'clock!"

After a moment, I stopped looking. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking", I questioned?"

"Wait! Let me see where the dog is." Jason had a new, black Lab. Apparently, he needed a dog around, since I wasn't available.

The animal was in the backyard, lying in a shady spot under the very tree where Glenda and I had first experienced each other.

We left our house at the same time, like two women on a mission. We moved the table to the fence and, one at a time, jumped over the fence to Jason's poolside. We ran to the pool deck, and hid on the far side, peeling off our damp, sweat-soaked clothing. I dropped mine in a pile and was making my way to the ladder, when Glenda told me to wait. Just then the dog ran up and started licking my face. "Nice watch dog", I thought, rubbing the Lab's underbelly as he stretched.

"I'll be right back!" Glenda streaked across the grass and found a spare key hidden between a couple of bricks next to the back door. The dog kept licking me, trying to sniff my cunt, while I pushed her head back ... but I felt aroused with the attention I got from her tongue.

"A new lover", Glenda asked as she saw the dog nuzzling my wet pussy as she appeared, holding a large, plastic garbage bag. "For our clothes", she laughed.

I didn't get it, so Glenda explained that if Jason come out while we're in the pool and found our clothes we'd be at his mercy and he would use the advantage to extract some favor. I got the just and I don't want to give Jason any edge at all. We stuffed our shirts and jeans into the bag and tied it to an inner tube.

"We can keep this within reach", Glenda said, meaning to take the bag into the pool with us.

I was ready to jump into the cool water but Glenda made me slip in slowly, as she did, so that we wouldn't make noise and wake up Jason. After dunking ourselves several times to cool off, we wiggled onto some floating cushions and lay back, exposing our nude bodies to the warm sun.

I was on my stomach on a blue pad while Glenda lay on her back on an orange one. After a few moments she mumbled, "Oh shit."

I looked up, thinking we were caught, but Glenda said she just wanted another Screwdriver. "Well", I said, " ... go make us a couple." Glenda went through the gate since it opened from Jason's side and propped it open with a piece of wood. I lay on the float with the light breeze kissing my butt cheeks like a lover blowing softly. I must have dozed. for when I felt more than pool water between my thighs I opened my eyes to see Glenda fondling my pussy as she lazily played with herself. She pulled at her wet pussy curls as she fingered my cunt. I watched her as her hand entered her sweet pussy as we lay side by side. I wanted to touch myself ... touch her ... but I know the pleasure of anticipation, so I concentrated, flexing my pussy muscles in and out, in and out on her probing fingers. I dreamed of us lying on the warm deck, eating each other. Then ... I thought of Jason, and imagined his cock pushing into my hot cunt as Glenda's fingers moved slowly.

"We ... or ... I ... must have dozed off", I thought as I moved on the floating cushion. The dog was barking his head off, and someone was shouting.

"Jason! Damn!", I whispered, motioning to Glenda who was waking up also. We each slid off our rafts, without a lot of noise, retrieved the bag with out clothes inside and we glided over to the ladder. If Jason were really mad, we could always change in the bushes on the other side of the house. We hung onto the ladder, waiting and listening.

Jason was playing with the dog and I wondered if he had taught her the same tricks he had taught me. Jason was the sort who would try any challenge. Glenda and I moved to the gate, putting on our damp T-shirts as we went. It was a shame we weren't in a Contest, the way out nipples were shaping up!

As we went through the gate Glenda had left open, we could hear the dog barking, as Jason had let her out of the house! As my feet slapped against the hot cement sidewalk, Glenda was right in front of me. It always amazed me how strong her legs were! The dog was looking for us but we didn't stop to think, just bolted around the corner of the house and across the front yard, toward home. I thought I heard something behind us, but I didn't stop to see what.

We rushed into the house, realizing that we were freezing from the air conditioning. We ran through the house to the back yard where it was warm. We panted and giggled so much that we couldn't speak for several minutes. Then Glenda punched me in the arm and wheezed, "Close call!"

I punched her back, and we shoved one another to the ground and lay there laughing.

"Well ... I ... panicked!", I cried, holding my stomach.

"I'll remember not to take you along on my next bank robbery!", Glenda hooted.

"Oh, shit!", I moaned. "I didn't even get to finish my orgasm!" Glenda cracked up. "Not funny!", I said, swatting her breast. "Just 'cause you came?!" She grinned wantonly at me, "Waste not, want not, I always say!"

We could still hear the Lab barking madly and by now Jason must have figured out what happened. I wondered what his reaction would be. It wasn't too long before we found out.

Jason had never fully forgiven my moving out, so I wasn't wrong to be wary of his possible wrath at our having used his pool. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't have cared, but I knew he didn't like it when I went behind his back for things. In the old days, he'd have locked me in his Dungeon and doled out some form of "special punishment", usually involving a whip. Sometimes I wasn't sure where the game stopped and abuses began.

Since the party, when Glenda and I had enjoyed his bath and bed, we three had worked out a kind of truce. At times, it seemed as if his part was rather begrudged though.

A couple of nights after the swimming pool incident, Glenda and I stayed up late, talking. Naturally, the discussion ended up on Jason's doorstep, so to speak. I was still "in love" with him, but, I knew he would never give me the "happily-ever-after" in the fairy tales kind of love. But, it disappointed me that he was so adverse to any sort of control from a woman. The only sexual exception was when he was "in the mood" to "play slave". I wanted to get completely away from the slave/master relationship, but Jason seemed determined to hang. During our talk, I was surprised to learn a few things which Glenda had never spoken about.

"It all did start out like a game.", she had told me. "When I was living with him, at first, we were really happy. I even had fantasies that we might some day get married. I went along with his bondage fantasies to please him. In the beginning, he "trained" me. Later, I learned some things on my own, including how to be a Mistress. I liked it, but, without so much cruelty. I went through something similar to what you did, but it didn't take me nearly so long to rebel. One day, he came home from work, and I was gone. I just left", Glenda said drying her eyes.

"You see, that's what confuses me.", I interrupted. "Why the hell did you move next door to him? I thought you wanted to get away!"

"I wanted to get away at first, but, Jason isn't the murderous type. He's a person that wants what he wants when he wants it type! I wanted to keep an eye on him for a while. And ... ", She couldn't help smiling, " ... I guess I wanted to taunt him a little. You know ... here I am, but you can't have me. That sort of thing. He's more like a sex-bully than an abuser. He never quite crosses that line. I learned how to take care of myself, to level the playing field. He knows I can stand up to him, and it's like a thorn on his butt!"

"So, why didn't you just waltz right over and demand to use the pool?"

She shrugged. "Sometimes I'd rather get the best of him, than put up with his bitching! More fun!"

"But he must know we were there! I'm sure he saw us running off."

"Well, his motto is the same as mine: Don't get mad, get even! And don't think he won't! He will find a way!"

I cringed inwardly and that bothered me most! As it turned out, Jason got his chance to get back at us the very next weekend.

We were giving the party and we had invited Jason, because Glenda said he would just show up anyway. Several of the same people who were at Jason's earlier bash were at ours. I received several curious looks, and at one point I quipped to a couple that, "Yes, I really did wear clothes from time to time!" They looked quite disappointed and said that was too bad! A woman I hadn't met before ran her hand lightly across my ass and murmured, "I liked the doggie show, honey! If you ever want to play, call me. Glenda has my number."

This party was more conventional than Jason's was. Drinking, dancing, pigging out, making out, quickies in the back bedrooms ...the usual. Jason stayed entirely away from Glenda and me, choosing instead to flirt with every other woman there. He prowled around the rooms, circling like a cougar about to attack from ambush. Every time I glanced in his direction he was watching Glenda or myself, but immediately pretended not to be. I thought the whole scene was getting silly, and was just about to tell him so when Glenda came by and stopped me.

"He's just baiting us. Ignore him!"

"He's pissing me off! I wish he'd either grow up, or leave!"

"Hey, if he tried to grow up right now, he'd have a brain hemorrhage all over my rug and I'd have to clean up the mess! He'll leave when he's finished."

"Finished what?", I asked.

"Being a Butt Head."

"Yeah, but then what will he do for a living?", I smirked.

"That's the spirit!", she squeezed my shoulder and went off to welcome some latecomers. A couple of hours later, the festivities wound down, and people began to leave. Jason was still there, but now he was sitting quietly in an armchair, finishing off a six-pack of Coors. If there was one thing I could say for him, it was that he could hold his booze. Glenda called him "The Human Sponge".

Then we noticed, as we began to clean up, that Jason was lending a sociable hand in seeing the last guests out. I wondered what he was up to. I just had a feeling he was waiting around for something, and it was making me nervous. When he walked up and actually offered to take our garbage out, I knew something was amiss! I tugged the bag away from him.

"Oh no you don't! I'll take the garbage out! Just go on home, why don't ya? Party's over!" No way was I going to give him a chance to fling beer cans and wine bottles over our front yard!

"Oh, come on ... the night is young! It's only one in the morning. Tomorrow's Sunday, so you can sleep in!"

"No ... way ... I feel a sudden urge to get to church ... pray for you!", I said and slammed the door as I went out. I could hear him laughing as I walked out of the garage. But, I had confidence in Glenda! She would toss him out on his ear before I even got back ...probably.

I returned to find deja vu ... Jason shoving stuff in the dishwasher, and Glenda no where in sight. I watched him carefully, and asked where she was.

"Changing", he replied and he was actually humming. I didn't like this at all.

"Into what", I growled, looking it back to her bedroom? I couldn't believe what I found.

Glenda was taking her clothes off. I stared at her for a moment, and held my temper. , "What do you think you're doing?"

She looked at me like I was the loony one and said ... very simply, "Oh good ... you're back!"


"Yes",, she said, stepping out of her panties and kicking them aside, having already tossed her bra. "She is one gorgeous broad", I thought as she sat down and slowly removed the belt and hose as if it were the normal thing to do. "Jason invited us to go for a dip", she said. "I don't know about you, skinny, but I could stand some cooling off in the nude!"

I stared at her long, tanned body as she stood up and began to twist her braided hair into a bun.

I walked into the room and whispered to her, "Have you completely lost your mind?" I closed the bedroom door and confronted her. "Jason is out to get us! He's planning some smart-ass stunt, and you're going over there? Are you nuts?!"

"I know", she seemed not disturbed in the least. "That's why I'm going!"

"I repeat my question ...are you nuts?!"

"What better way for us to keep an eye on him? He's going to do something sooner or later, and I'd just as soon see it coming! You can't dodge bullets if you don't know where they're coming from!"

"Well, that depends on who's doing the shooting, I think!", I crabbed. "If you want to play right into his hands, go ahead. But I'm staying here!"

After a short silence, she said quietly, "Maybe that's what he wants you to do."

I glared at her, but couldn't dismiss her statement. The fact was, I had no clue what plot Jason was hatching, but I knew I didn't want to face it alone.

"All right!", I moaned and began undressing. "But you watch my back, and I'll watch yours!"

"Count on it!", Glenda said as she finished her hair.

We locked up the house and, with beach towels for cover, followed Jason over to his place. All sorts of things were skipping through my mind, as I watched him unlock the front door. He waived us on through to the back where the Lab was waiting and wagging her tail. I felt a little better. At least the dog liked me, so maybe she would protect me?

"Go on ... I'll be out in a minute", Jason said disappearing toward his bedroom.

"Shouldn't one of us stay in here, just in case?", I whispered.

"I don't think whatever's going to happen will be in here.", Glenda replied, and led me out into the backyard. The porch light was on, throwing weird, long shadows across the dark grass. I was reminded once again, of the night I lay under the stars with Glenda's face in my pussy. As usual, all I really wanted to do was go to bed. I sighed and followed her beautiful ass up the ladder to the deck. The awning was rolled up for the night and we had a perfect view of a full moon and the sea of stars. We sat down and dangled our feet into the cool water. Glenda slipped her ass off the edge of the pool and let herself fall in. I followed suit and quickly swam over to the opposite side. I wanted a clear view of Jason at all times, and there was only one way to climb up to the deck.

It wasn't long before we heard him coming, whistling and chatting to his dog. The dog whined as approached ascended to the deck, and Jason softly chided her, "No, you can't get up here, girl. You might get hurt."

Well ... at least the man was kind to animals. I found that to be small comfort as he jumped into the water, making a huge splash. He whooped and exclaimed about how great it felt. I tried to follow Glenda's lead, but found myself playing a secret game of keep-away with Jason. Glenda could see that I was really uneasy, and confronted him straight out.

"Hey, tell us something."


"Are you pissed about what we did the other day? Sneaking into the pool?"

He laughed, and made a lunge towards me. I ducked underwater and swam away. When I came up, he had Glenda pinned against the side of the pool. I felt safer.

"You mean when you trespassed on my property without my permission, used my floats, and knocked over my trashcan on your way out? Not to mention, leaving your trash in my yard. You mean that?

"Yeah, that. So?"

He grinned like Prince Charming. "Now ... why would I be pissed off? Of course, you did wake me up from my nap, but hey-who needs to sleep all the time? Like I said, the night is young!"

"So we're pals again, right? Buds? Neighbors?"

suck my cock ... hmmm?"

"Gee, that's mighty white of you, Jason!"

"Yeah, I thought so." He placed his arm snugly around Glenda's bare shoulders, and kissed her. Up until that point, I was willing to be convinced, but, this was too much.

"Oh brother", I said, shaking my head.

"What's wrong with her?", Jason asked Glenda, as if I wasn't in ear-shot.

"Oh nothing ...She just thinks you're going to murder us in our beds, that's all."

"Or drown us." I mumbled.

"Now what kind of way is that to talk, after I was nice at your party and invited you over for a swim? C'mon, Annie! All is forgiven!"

I still looked doubtful. He squeezed Glenda closer to him. "See? She trusts me!", he says stroking her nude ass.

Glenda gasped, "How can I not ... when you've got your other hand in my wet pussy?"

Jason pretended innocence. "Oh, that's what it is? I thought a squirrel got down there!"

"A squirrel?"

"Yeah, you know ... like a flying squirrel, only it swims."

And, before either of us could do anything or say anything, he dove under water and began sucking on her clit! The look on her face was like a child at Christmas. My own cunt was warming up to the idea, and I couldn't help myself. I slipped under the water to watch. At least as long as I could hold my breath. The moonlight filtered down through the water, giving me a shimmery show of Jason's oral sex. I moved closer for a better view. Jason's hair was flowing so that I had to move quite close to actually see his face up against her cunt. I wondered how he could lick her and hold his breath at the same time!

After several seconds, we both surfaced, and he continued manipulating her open cunt with his fingers. Glenda held onto the side rail with both arms so that her tits were totally exposed for him. He leaned over and began nibbling on her nipples, one at a time. He motioned to me and I moved around next to them. I was so turned on by now that I was willing to "be forgiven".

I leaned in and pulled her free nipple into my mouth. It was hard as glass, but wrinkly from the water. I slid my tongue around and around, and at the same time pulled gently on the tip of it with me teeth. She was really moaning now, and I felt her leg go around me as she opened her thighs wider.

Suddenly a hand entered my own pussy, and for a moment I wasn't even sure whose! I was so surprised I almost swallowed her nipple! The hard suck made her squeal, but she didn't protest. I had my eyes closed, and was submersing myself in the sensations of touch. The pool was five feet deep, and I had to stay on my toes, literally, to keep my head above water. It was becoming more difficult, and I was about to break away, when I felt Jason's strong arm around me. He pulled me up so that I could lean on him and didn't have to struggle. His hand was holding one of my ass-cheeks firmly, and then I knew the hand inside me belonged to Glenda. She was doing to me what he was doing to her, and I couldn't help wiggling in time to the dance. The mix of warm skin and cooler water was a major rush!

I pulled Glenda's nipple further, and began rolling it in my lips, grazing with my teeth more roughly. I knew her passion was building as she thrashed back and forth!

Some part of my mind guided my hand as I found Jason's stiff cock. He was so excited that his prick had become engorged, even in the luke-warm water. I began rubbing him almost carelessly, up and down, and squeezing a little as I rubbed. He moaned, "Oh god!", and I knew I was on the right track.

I let my palm pass over the head of his bulging cock and massaged it hard, then lightly trickled my fingers down to his balls. I took each testicle in turn, massaging, paying attention to his reaction, so as not to squeeze too hard. Then I returned to pumping. The more I worked his cock, the harder he hand jived Glenda's pussy, and the harder she was fucked, the deeper her fist went into my cunt! I let go of her nipple and wanted to stick my tongue down her throat, but Jason had the same idea about mine! Our tongues swam around one another like two fish about to mate. His fingers dug into my ass as I hooked my right leg around his hips. As soon as he backed out, Glenda took his place, shoving her long tongue past mine, and sucking my lips inside her mouth. She called this a "snake kiss", and it was thrilling if it didn't last too long. She sucked until I could hardly breath and then let me go with a throaty chuckle.

My poor lips were throbbing, but it felt great! I ground myself down onto her fist and screamed, right after she let out a shrill yell. We came into the water, causing a sea of bubbles. Jason shot his wad soon afterwards, and we both felt his hot stream on our legs and bellies. I looked down and saw that the water was churned up and cloudy. Suddenly, I let go of Jason and dropped down into the cum cloud, with my mouth wide open. I bobbed up with a mouthful of hot froth. I thought ... I tasted all three of us, and it was wonderful! Immediately Glenda and Jason followed. We must have looked like ducks hunting for June bugs, the way we kept going around for all that cum!!

It's funny how swimming can exhaust you, and we didn't spend much more time in the water. We clambered out onto the deck to catch our breaths. Jason began playing with my tits, kissing them, sucking, moving up my neck, til he was making out with me. It had been a while since we had made love, and I had really missed having him on top of me.

He was big and warm, and manly—just what I needed! He had been rubbing his thing against my bush as he kissed me, and I could already feel him getting hard again. He had the fastest turn-around of any guy I knew, and it always amazed me.

"Oh, fuck me, precious!", I whispered, and moved my legs around his ass. In another moment, he was sliding inside me, doing as I asked. I knew Glenda was somewhere nearby, and I wished she could get some too, at the same time I was. I turned my head as he nuzzled my neck, and caught a glimpse of her. Anni1954: She was sitting in a deck chair with her legs spread up over the arms, fisting her own cunny, and rubbing her nips into knobs. She was watching us intently, and moaning, "Fuck it! Oh, fuck it, baby!" I decided I would have to fuck her later, while Jason recovered from doing me.

When he was finished, Jason rolled off and sighed. He had cum inside me, hard, but I hadn't quite reached my climax yet. I reached up to Glenda, and silently said "Please!" She almost jumped off of the chair into my lap! On top of me, she scrubbed her bush into mine, like two SOS pads making soap. Anni1954: We lathered up nicely, and the squelching noises were quite audible above our ragged breathing!! She loved being on top, and I didn't mind it, as she was a pretty forceful fucker, for a woman. Faster and faster we moved, bucking into each other, as if we wanted to grind right through into our asses.

Once more, I twisted my legs around her firm butt and lifted mine til all our cheeks met. Somehow she had her legs hooked around my hips and was leaning into me with every push, until I thought my entire crotch was ablaze! We were rocking back-and-forth, our grunting screams heedless of the late hour! My clit was throbbing mercilessly!!

"Harder! Harder!" I panted.

She ground down til our clits met at last, and the sexual Sunomi began to hit us. Her mouth next to my ear hissed, "I'll grind your fucking ass all the way to China, you Bitch!!"

I replied with a scream, "YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!"

Then we both collapsed, she heavy on top of me, both of us shaking as the juice gushed from our hot holes. I was sure steam must be rising from us, too! We clung to one another and moaned til we had only breath enough left to whimper.

Our hearts raced against one another, and her nipples felt like rocks! The glorious release of cum between our legs loosed what inhibitions we still held, as she turned her face toward mine and kissed me. A long, but soft, kiss, thanking me for the Fuck. Was it our fault that men were sometimes too self-absorbed to wait? We didn't think so!

Then I saw Jason above us, grinning. Without warning, he grabbed Glenda's ass and parted it, at the same time shoving her up to "the kneeling position". She was still on top of me, and I couldn't do anything but watch as he slam-dunked his hot rod deep into her asshole! The look on her face was sheer surprise and a bit of shock, but it quickly turned to pain, as he forced his way into her butt. Her hands gripped my shoulders hard, and I could feel her nails cutting into my shoulders.

Suddenly, I heard him whisper, "This'll teach you to fuck with me ... Bitch!!"

Glenda's breath came in jerky squeaks in my ear, punctuated with heavy grunts and moans. I tried to pull her down, since being lower is more comfortable for a woman's ass, but Jason hoisted her higher, slamming so that his skin slapped hers like a hard spanking. I knew if he didn't cum, I would be next. I couldn't get away because Glenda inadvertently had me pinned.

Jason stopped and pulled his stiff cock out of her ass. She was crying, and I wanted to slug him! He grabbed her up and shoved her into the pool. "Cool off ... Bitch", he yelled as he turned his attention to me.

Before I could even rise, he had flipped me over on my knees and was driving his cock toward my ass. It had been several months since he had fucked me and my hole wasn't used to it ... but no matter! He plunged into me, full speed ahead! I screamed as I felt a burning, and sharp tearing pain. I tried to crawl toward the water, but he was too strong. He my hips and my ass was split as he was riding me like a bucking bronco!

"Haven't had this for a while, have you, Baby? Been missing' your ass fuck ... haven't you ... Bitch? Yeah, missing your doggie fuck, haven't you?" With that, he pulled his cock from my ass, pushed me against the diving board and rammed his cock straight into my cunt! My asshole throbbed, my pussy hurt, but I almost forgot about it as he rammed deep, pushing me against the board. "Fuck me ... Bitch ...", he yelled as I screamed and begged him to stop ... but ... he wasn't quite done yet.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, Glenda had gotten enough strength to climb onto his back. I could hear her screaming ... "You're hurting her, you Fucker! Get off!! Get OFF!!"

Then it was over and he pulled out of me. He hadn't even cum, but he was out of me. And Glenda was there, pulling me into her arms, cussing him out and trying to sooth me, all at once.

All I could do was sob, "I told you! I told you!"

Jason and Glenda spat insults back and forth, but he kept his distance, and allowed us to leave. As we stumbled home I thought I heard him say, "Nobody screws with me and gets away with it!"

We didn't see anything of Jason for over a week, and we spent the time tending to our anal injuries and plotting revenge. As we healed we decided things had already gone too far, and we weren't going to play any more of his games. I told Glenda that I thought he had finally crossed the line, and Glenda agreed with me. We didn't report him to anybody, but we changed all the locks.

Another week passed and two big bouquets of roses arrived, one for Glenda and one for me ... both from Jason. There was a long, apologetic note attached, in which he said he was very sorry, and hoped he hadn't inflicted any "permanent damage" to us. Glenda threw her flowers out and ripped up the note. I knew Jason had done wrong, but, somehow I felt sorry for him.

The summer finally came to a sweltering end, and there were no more pool parties at Jason's. Then one day, the first breath of fall touched my cheeks. I was coming home from work, and I saw Jason pull up. I knew he saw me so I hesitated. I got out of my car as he exited his. We just stood, eyeing each other. His car radio was still on and I could hear an old song playing, "Hot Fun in the Summer Time?". After a moment, I turned to go, but was stopped by soft words from Jason: "Please ... Wait?"

I looked back and he was slowly, timidly, stepping towards me. My car sat between us, so I let him approach. He was dressed in a casual office outfit, slacks, sweater, jacket and looking very nice. I noticed his beard, too, and raised my eyebrow.

"You look? different", I said quietly. "I like the a ... growth!", I indicated pointing.

"Thanks", he answered. "You look good. Really good. Getting home from work?"

"Yes. Glenda's probably waiting supper for me."

"Ah.", he nodded, seeing my way out. He turned to go, and suddenly, I didn't want him to leave.

"We got the flowers." I blurted. He turned back, his face curiously anxious.

"Oh? Um ...good. I ... that's ...that's good."

I was mystified, for I had never seen him like this. He was always so controlled, so certain of all his moves, but, not today. I expected to see him duck his head and shuffle his feet, like a schoolboy in front of the principal. But, instead he nervously looked all about, as if he were searching for what to do next. I could feel the seconds pulling away from us, and then an urgency to say or do something to keep him there. In a moment, one of us would have to make an excuse and turn away. My heart leapt at the thought of forgiving him, but I couldn't get the words out.

"Too many scars", I said as I stood still, waiting for Jason to do ... I didn't know what ... I just hoped.

At last Jason locked his gaze with mine, and I understood. He knew he had overstepped his bounds. He gulped and managed to speak.

"I ... I've had some therapy."

I stared into his eyes in surprise. He went on, more quickly. "I shouldn't have ... hurt you like that ... Or Glenda"

I nodded slowly, waiting for more.

"I was wondering if you could do me a favor?"

I shrugged. "What?"

"Would you ask Glenda to come by sometime this week? I need her help to? I'm rearranging some things, and I need her advice."

"What things?"

"I'm dismantling a part of the Dungeon. I need her ... recommendations."

I was stunned. Tearing down his Pride and Joy? I could scarcely believe what I had heard.

"What ... what brought this on?"

"I've had a lot of time to think. I haven't had much company lately, and I've decided to make some changes in my life."

"Oh, really!"

"Oh, you know, just a little more romantic.

You could have flattened me with a feather! "Romantic.", I exclaimed, staring at him. He had seldom shown me any romance! I was doubtful that he knew what it meant.

"That's why I need Glenda. She knows all about that shit. Hell, she's good at it", he said.

"That's true." Now, he was shuffling.

"Okay, so just ask her to give me a call or something?"

"Sure. I will."

"Okay." He was turning away.

"Okay." What else was there?

"I'll see ya." But for the first time since I'd known him, he didn't sound convinced that he would. I was very intrigued.

"Yeah, see ya." I moved off, toward the house. It was then that I saw Glenda standing in the doorway. I could tell she had been observing us. She looked almost pleased by it.

"He wants you to call him.", I said.

"So I heard."

The two of us stood for a moment, surveying the empty street. Jason had turned off the car radio and gone inside his house. The only sounds were the earliest autumn leaves, scuttling down the pavement in the wind.

Well, it was the season for changes.

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