Menage a Tois

By Annie Mohre

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I lolled back in the tub, watching Jason and Glenda, as they forcefully groped one another. The warm water was relaxing, but it was making me sleepy; after all, it was two or three in the morning! The wee hours seemed to be having little affect on my Master and Mistress though. I had been so busy with my "doggie duties" earlier in the evening that I had paid scant attention to whether Jason had been drinking much or not. Apparently he hadn't, because he was being extremely attentive to our next door neighbor right now. He was happily sucking her hard, wet nipples, and pulling her ass cheeks apart. She had brought him to stiffness with her capable hands, and was now sitting on his post.

Her long tan legs slid over his shoulders, and she pulled herself up and down by pushing her hands and thighs against his upper body muscles. She was not just sexually fit, she was also an athlete, running from five to ten miles per day, and competing in statewide marathons. I knew her legs must be like iron, and this was just a light workout for her. I was in good enough shape to hold my own with Jason, but I wasn't in Glenda's league and I knew Jason must have missed her peak performances. It was one reason I was willing to let him fuck her. Even if I had protested, it would have done no good. Might as well sit back and enjoy the show, as long as I could stay awake ... anyway.

Glenda had stopped moving so rapidly and was changing the position of her legs, which in turn changed the angle of his prick in her cunt. She was also quite adept at moving her pussy muscles to massage his meat, or just to torment his cock, if she so desired. He had several fingers stuffed up her asshole by this time, and she was gently rocking back and forth between her two orifices, grunting and moaning. He cradled her head in his free hand and visited long, tongue lashing kisses upon her red mouth. They sexually devoured each other's faces, as she continued to rock around his cock!

I blinked and realized I was not so sleepy anymore. I had unconsciously stuffed my hand up my pussy hole as far as possible and had been fist fucking myself in time with their movements. I caught Jason's eye, and he motioned me to move over to them. I got up and staggered over with my hand still up inside my puss. He yanked mine out and stuck his bigger hand in, which made me grunt in pure pleasure. Nobody I knew could fist me like he could, and he knew how much I loved it! I lifted my right leg and braced it against the edge of the tub, to give him wider access. Then I braced myself against Glenda, so I wouldn't slip. She didn't mind one bit, in fact, it gave her the opportunity to play with my shiny, wet ass! She began working her right hand between my cheeks. Thankfully, I was drenched and slick, from the soapy water and my sudsy cum-twat! She managed to slide three fingers inside my hole and teased me with her thumb, flicking it along the tender bridge between asshole and pussy. I WAS DEFINITELY CUMMING AWAKE!!

Somehow in all of this maneuvering, Glenda had timed her movements to match mine, and now all three of us were rocking in unison. I knew if Jason had had a free hand, he would have grabbed my tits, but, as it was, they bounced tantalizingly just out of his mouth's reach. He was twitching his hand in a way that always made me start to lose control.

Glenda was grinding down on him harder and harder, because she was nearing her climax and she wanted him to cum before her. Suddenly, as she pulled up, she gave her body a violent wrenching movement, which caused Jason to scream, "OH, GOD ... AAAHHHH!!" She had given his sensitive cock head a cruel squeeze with her cunt, which made him shoot his wad like an oil gusher. She was so perceptive about his pain-pleasure centers that she could make him let go without real injury. She was rubbing her clit up and down the shaft of his cock, quickly, so that she might cum before his was finished. I, in turn, rode with them, my tongue licking Glenda's ass, as they moved in rhythm.

She did cum, screaming, "YESSSSS!!!...", while the water bubbled and churned with their hot additions. Her hand, still inside my ass, pounded mercilessly! Jason's hand inside my cunt did the same, until I could actually feel them against one another through my inner skin. I was bucking and jerking, to and fro, as if I were possessed. They both were screaming and laughing, as I helplessly gyrated upon their fists, gripping their shoulders, eyes wide in my sexual trance, grunting like a cave woman...

Getting the Fuck was everything at that moment!!

After what seemed to me a tortuous, tempting, eternity, I burst forth with my cum, shrieking my thanks, and begging for anything! I legs gave way and I collapsed. Jason caught me as I fell into their arms and we spent a very sexy, cuddling, giggling, and caressing moment kissing one another...

And, wisely, Glenda suggested we dry off and hop into bed. We almost had to hold each other up when we toweled off, wobbling toward the King Sized softness of the bed. Jason preferred being in the middle no surprise and Glenda and I sandwiched him in our warm, feminine, nakedness. His arms encircled us as we tugged the sheet up.

As I drifted off to sleep, I vaguely heard my Master's first snore, and a contented sigh from my new Mistress.

Three wasn't a Crowd ... it was Just Right.

* * * THE END * * *

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