The Mad Room

By Annie Mohre

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As time passed, Lucy Andover found herself more and more attracted to the goings-on in Phillip Bradstone's house. After but two weeks, she had seduced and recruited her personal maid, Annabelle Starn, into the fold of debauchery at the Bradstone mansion. Annabelle, in turn, had tricked her best friend Constance Butler (the downstairs maid in the Andover home), into sexual service.

Mrs. Cornelia Andover never spoke of or acknowledged the prior incidents she had been an unwilling victim of, and she kept her distance from her daughter's private life.

In any case, to the outward eye, all appeared as it should be. Annabelle often accompanied her Mistress on afternoon outings, supposedly to "take in the air" of the fine, spring afternoons that had followed winters chill. On her day off, Connie, as she was informally called, went with them. To an observer it appeared that a young woman of a sociable age was merely taking a carriage ride through the park, escorted by her servant girls. It was only when they reached the Bradstone estate on the far side of the park, only after they entered and made their way upstairs, that their duties changed.

Miss Lucy became "Mistress Lucy", while Annabelle and Connie became her sex slaves! The three young women were the worshipful servants of "Master Phillip"!

In the course of time, the fold of women had expanded, also. Phillip had held several "teas" and "dinner parties", to lure in new conquests, with Lucy's help. He now could boast seven pussies ready and willing to do his sinful bidding!

Aside from Lucy, Connie and Annabelle, there were the new additions: Mable, a local bar maid at one of the underground taverns Phillip frequented, a buxom blond girl about twenty-five years old, who took direction well in matters of sexual adaptation;

Jane, a flower girl of eighteen, who sold posies in a street market; small and dark-haired with a Cockney accent, she gave incredible head, to any man or woman available. Susan, a society friend of Lucy's, having long coppery curls and dark green eyes, a perfect body, and a lust for female cum. Shazon, a Nubian whore, fresh of a Jamaican vessel, bound for the brothel where Phillip had borrowed some of his sexual supplies. Her chocolate skin, jet hair and eyes, and exquisite figure were mesmerizing to anyone who experienced them. She was "on loan" to Phillip every Wednesday afternoon, for a price, of course, and an S&M Mistress in her own right.

Sometimes all seven "ladies" were present to perform, but not often, as they all, with the exceptions of Susan and Lucy, had livings to earn, and only one day off a week. On the day that Lucy and Annabelle were approaching Phillip's abode, only Shazon was scheduled to be available. As the girls alighted from the Andover carriage, Connie sighed, and whispered, "I wish Miss Susan would be here today!" She tossed her light brown locks as she glanced at the driver to see that he didn't hear her. "She gives such lovely head, she does!"

"That's because you're her Pet!", Annabelle sniffed jealously. "You've got her wrapped around your lit'le twat, you have!"

"I know, and it's sooooo delicious, the way she does me!"

Connie murmured, with a secretive smile. She craved seeing those copper curls bobbing forcefully upon her bush! Let the others have Jane and the black bitch! She wanted Susan all to herself! Even now, as they went into the main hall of Master Bradstone's home, her pussy was getting all soppy just imagining Miss Susan's tongue on her clit. She turned to her friend Annabelle, and suddenly planted a big kiss on her mouth. Annabelle looked surprised, and Lucy scolded Connie quietly as they climbed the first flight of stairs.

"Connie! Not out here! There are prying eyes about!" She was referring to the household staff, who often wondered, and gossiped, about what must be going on upstairs several times a week.

"Begging your pardon, Miss ... but I couldn't help me self! It was the best trick you and Annie pulled on me that day! I just wanted to thank her! And you!" She blushed and did a quick curtsey on the first floor landing before they took the second flight. "I'm just so grateful to be..." She didn't know how to finish.

Lucy understood. "We all are grateful, Constance! Master Phillip and the others are wonderful, and we are very, very lucky! Now come along girls, we're late!"

Annabelle's eyes lit up. "Oh Miss! Do you ... do you think he'll ... punish us?!"

Connie chimed in with her friend's hope. Lucy nodded. "With any luck, he will!"

The three latecomers hurried up the third and final staircase, and nearly ran up the last steps. They turned into the West wing and to the huge oak door at the far end of an unused hallway. They stool there, whispering, while Lucy firmly pulled a hanging silken rope three times.

It was ... Their Signal. Susan, Shazon, Jane and Mable each had their own signal pulls as well. After a few moments, they could hear the inner bolt being removed. It was the only sound that escaped the room until the door was opened.


It was Shazon who let them in, and she rebolted the door. She was completely nude, save for an extremely long strand of white pearls which wrapped around her body. Beginning at her neck, they flowed down between her heavy breasts with their dark cinnamon nipples, down through her large cunt lips, up between her chocolate cheeks, and back over to her navel. There, the glistening jewelry was secured to a gold ring, which pierced her "belly button". She had long red fingernails to match her ruby lips and painted toenails. Her hair was short and very kinky. Whenever one of her customers would remark upon her hairstyle as it was very uncommon, she would laugh and say that it covered up an equally "kinky" mind.

She smiled at the girls, and helped them undress quickly. The Master liked all of his inmates to be clean and naked, upon entering the inner sanctum. All the girls were by now used to this, and much preferred it, as it allowed them at least temporary freedom from their awful corsets.

Actually, Mable never wore a corset, or any constraining undergarments, anyway. Her loose and ample cleavage helped her bar trade, and it didn't hurt to give the men "easy access" to the domain under her skirts either. She was a lusty wench, who had been working in taverns since she was fifteen, deflowered when she was thirteen. She loved sex, and showed a healthy appetite for it. She loved men, but quickly became accustomed to "doing women", too.

If anyone had asked her about it, she would have shrugged and said, "A fuck is a fuck, ain't it? Just move yer ass an' have them cum! It's all the same to me!"

She was proving it at that very moment, bouncing on top of her Master, as he lay on a pallet in the middle of the cold stone floor. This time, Phillip was completely naked. The two of them were huffing and moaning in their eager pursuit of his orgasm.

Shazon directed Lucy to one of the steel tables at the left of the big door. She was strapped into it, including the intricate head clamps, but her legs were pulled up and widened by an iron bar attached to a pulley overhead. The only thing that Lucy thought as her ass lifted slightly off the table was that Master had finally secured his new toys from the circus! She also wondered who was going to have at her pussy, and with what?

She didn't have long to wait for her answer. Even though she could not budge her head, because of the high angle of her cunt, she could watch what was happening. Presently, Connie appeared and began sliding one of the silver hand bell dildos inside her. The hard coldness made Lucy's muscles tighten in a vein effort to grip the object. As soon as the handle was the only portion showing, Connie took some of the Master's shaving lather and began coating Lucy's mound. Lucy's heart began to beat faster, as she wondered if Connie had ever handled a straight razor blade before ...

Across the room, in the big iron chair, sat Jane, her dark brown hair wet with sweat and hanging all matted in her eyes. She could not rearrange it, however, as she was gagged and bound in an immovable position. Her thin, long legs were hiked up over the chair arms, and her ankles were tied down with black velvet cords. The cords pressed into her skin, almost cutting off the circulation in her feet. Her arms were lifted up and crossed behind her head, with more cords around her wrists and elbows, tying her arms to another ceiling pulley. Her small but perfectly white tits were lifted and the dark rose nipples were hard as nails. Her wet, pink pussy was wide open and dripping, having just been sucked by Shazon ten minutes ago.

Now, Annabelle stood before her with an Ostrich feather. Jane's eyes were as wide as her cunt lips were open as she watched it brush her inner thighs ... Annabelle had discovered a wicked love for sexual teasing! She loved to watch her victims twitch and squirm, and grunt through a gag, begging for release!

While Annabelle and Connie "did their chores", Shazon approached Phillip and Mable, as they approached a simultaneous orgasm! As Phillip opened his mouth in a scream, he found it stifled by Shazon's dark cunt lips. He took the pearls between his teeth and began tugging. The woman's breath caught for an instant, but that was all. She could feel the strand digging into her ass, and one of the pearls was lodging itself in her hole. She kept brushing her "lower lips" over Phillip's mouth, until he let go of the pearls, and began sucking on her ebony vulva. Shazon leaned forward as Mable lifted herself off of Philip's softening penis. Besides "handling the girls", it was Shazon's job to keep Phillip hard as much as physically possible. She was an excellent cock sucker! She cupped his balls in her experienced hands and began gently massaging them, while she gave his member a tongue-bath from stem to stern.

Meanwhile, Mable went off to see if Connie needed assistance. She found Lucy wild-eyed with fright as the sharp instrument moved across her delicate skin. Mable took the long blade from Connie, and holding it by the handle at one end, gave her a shaving demonstration, complete with commentary. This eased Lucy's fears, somewhat, but she was still sweating. She couldn't help but utter a whimper, now and then.

"Hey luv, there's no need for that! I've shaved more men then I can count, face and cock, and this ain't that different! Just hold still now!" As if Lucy had a choice!

Connie watched intently, for she knew she would be called upon to do this task many more times in the future and she wanted to be expert at it. The Master loved shaved pussy, and they all had to comply with his wishes, sooner or later, on both ends of the blade. As she watched the instrument flash and scrape, her hand went to her own furry twat. She began rubbing herself vigorously, creating her own cummy lather, for her turn came next!


Annabelle busily worked her feather over Jane's breasts and swirled it into her armpits. Jane's muffled shrieks of mirth filled the room, but no one paid her any mind. Except Annabelle of course, as she watched her victim twitch. She had placed the sole of her bare foot squarely into Jane's cunt, as she masturbated with her free hand. Every time her own ass wiggled, Annabelle's foot was pressured into Jane's cunt. Annabelle began digging her heel into the outer canal, rubbing the clitoris, while her toes flexed up and down, like small fingers, over Jane's hairless mound. Jane would have thrust forward if she could have, and her dark brown eyes begged the other girl for more! Annabelle's hips swayed to and fro as she shoved three fingers up her own love tunnel. She was rocking on both heels now, one on the cold floor, and one in the hot pussy!

Shazon had four inches of Phillip's cock in her mouth, and a great deal of her cunny in his mouth. She wasn't always fortunate enough to receive head when she was working, so she was grateful for the opportunity. It was her luck that this man loved pussy as much as he did! She was vaguely aware of the grunts and groans coming from the iron chair, since she was giving all of her concentration to the meat she was taking in! She could hear Phillip slurping and sucking and she could fee his hot tongue devouring her saturated flesh ...

As a reward for her "bravery", after the shaving was done and the excess soap was wiped off, Mable began licking Lucy's wet mound, "I want to see if I got it all smooth!", she whispered. At the same time, an incredibly wet Connie had perched her honey-hole over Lucy's face and 'commanded' her to LICK! Lucy was so grateful to have her pussy still in one piece that she obliged with gusto! After a few moments, Mable climbed up on top of Lucy, with her plump ass facing Connie. She buried her face in the silky twat and continued her "examination". Connie needed no further invitation, and grabbed Mable's ass cheeks, pulling them apart so that she could stick her tongue in her hole. She licked her way back and forth from asshole to cunny, alternating her tongue with two fingers. Mable's ass began bucking against Connie's face, but Connie didn't mind, and kept right on licking her territory, with occasional audible sounds of pleasure. Her own cunt was receiving a thorough wash, and she screwed it into Lucy's face as if her life depended upon it!

Annabelle had been observing all of this trysting, and decided she wanted some, also. She pulled the gag from Jane's mouth and was about to climb up onto the chair, when the doorbell sounded. It was Susan's signal!!

At the ringing sounds, Connie felt a tingle run through her ass into her twat, causing her to come all at once! Her Mistress had arrived!

Even though Connie worked for the Andovers, Susan had become her sexual Mistress. With a cry of delight, Connie hopped off of Lucy and joined Annabelle in releasing the door bolt. Connie was all a-twitter, thinking of the cunt sharing that was sure to follow! But, when Susan entered, she had a surprise for them all. She had brought two beautiful young men with her!


She briefly introduced them as "her cousins" from "the Colonies", (that meaning America)!! The twin boys, who were actually teenagers, were agog at what lay before them, and their cocks quickly leapt to attention! Susan and Annabelle helped the boys, Samuel and Hanibal, disrobe. Annabelle, who had completely forgotten about Jane, led Hanibal to a floor mat, as she would rather be fucked by a cock than a cunt any day! By this time, Jane was literally screaming for attention! Susan directed Samuel to "take her", and he dazedly stumbled in her direction, not sure if he was awake or dreaming!

Connie was practically ripping Susan's garments from her slender body, when they were approached by Master Phillip and Shazon. Susan quickly explained that her cousins were visiting from "across the pond", and she had been given the task of entertaining them in the afternoons. She had decided that it would be rude to leave them behind, and she wasn't about to miss another day of Sex! ... So ... she had sworn them to secrecy and brought them with her.

"Have I made a mistake, Sir?", she asked Phillip with all the courtesy and respect due her Master. Phillip looked over at Hanibal humping Annabelle, and at Sam voraciously eating Jane's twat.

He smiled. "I think not, my dear! You have shown excellent judgment ... this time."

His inference was not lost on Susan. She had taken quite a chance in bringing the boys, but he was letting her off the hook for now. He might punish her later, but for now, he had a young, male ass to screw! Phillip walked forcefully toward Samuel's unsuspecting butt. Jane, of course, saw him coming toward them, but knew better than to say anything.

Shazon gave permission for Susan and Connie to assume their favorite position, which would in modern times be referred to as "69". Connie was ecstatic, as it had been nearly a week since she had even seen her Mistress. They headed over to a floor pallet and began playing with one another, kissing deeply, sucking and fondling their tits and mounds ...

Shazon went over to Mable and Lucy. Mable had long since replaced Connie's pussy with her own, covering Lucy's face. Suddenly, a loud butt muffled scream made them all stop for a moment!

Everyone in the room, especially Hanibal, watched as Phillip's cock pushed into Sam's ass, all the way to his balls! Instead of struggling to get away, Samuel merely tried to relax his ass muscles, and went right on eating cunt! He had merely been surprised to feel the large cock penetrating him out of nowhere, but he was not unacustomed to the action. As Hanibal panted to Annabelle, by way of explanation, he and Sam had been "kissing cousins" for quite some time!!

"B ... but aren't you brothers?", she panted back, as he kept on slam dunking her.

"Only by birth!", he moaned. She didn't understand, but soon, she didn't mind either. If this boy wanted to do incest in another country, what did she care? As long as he kept fucking or sucking her, that was all that mattered, now.

Shazon turned back to Mable and Lucy, making Mable get off so that she could unclamp Lucy and untie her. Then Shazon lay herself down on the table and instructed them to re-do all of the entrapments, including the leg pulley. By this time, Lucy was dying for a pussy fuck, so she climbed up first and placed her cunt over Shazon's. Mable, who adored receiving head, sat herself down upon the dark face. As they were fucked, the two girls began kissing and suckling one another's nipples, French kissing their mouths, and rubbing their breasts together. They could hear Shazon moaning beneath them, and they ground down upon her in earnest!!

Annabelle and Hanibal had turned into their own "69" position, and were happily snacking upon one another's juices. Not far away, Susan and Connie were still doing the same.

Master Phillip had instructed Samuel to assume a new position. He placed a small bench, which was the exact seat-height of the chair, in front of, and extending out from, the iron chair. Sam then lay down upon it. He slid his ass up until his cock could slide into Jane's Canal. The rest of his body lay back on the bench, with Phillip standing over him. Sam was now ready to receive Phillips member in his mouth! As his head hung backward off of the end of the bench, Phillip was able to slide his penis right down Sam's throat! And, because the iron chair and the bench were both raised more than normal, Sam's head was at the right position so that Phillip could keep standing.

Sam felt as if he was swallowing a "fire-cracker"! His throat constricted for a moment, then relaxed. He had done this act many times for his sibling, so he knew how to deal with his gag reflexes. At the same time, his cock was being squeezed by a hot, wet force beyond his control, and he began to moan. It took some tricky timing for him to be able to fuck Jane and be mouth fucked by Phillip simultaneously!!

Master Phillip was having the time of his life, so he decided not to punish Susan after all...


When Phillip had had his fill of both boys, he decided to give Susan "her just reward", that being a powerful fucking by none other than himself! He knew, from past experience, that she liked to be doggy fucked, and so he told her to "assume the position". She knelt down on the cold floor and put her ass up for him, her arms straight out in front of her, her head down upon her hands.

Phillip informed everyone present that, because Susan had used such fine judgment in bring him "two virile, young stallions to fuck", he was going to, in turn, give her "A Proper Fucking" of her own! Everyone was instructed to stop his or her activity and watch carefully. He wanted all his slaves to take note of the Rewards for pleasing him. He was nothing, if not fair! As he meted out Punishment, he also dealt Rewards.

Master Philip pumped his engorged cock between her perfect cheeks, as she trembled and moaned reverently, "Master! Ohhhh, Master! Yes! Oh, yes!"

Connie's ass tingled, and she wished that she could become a man for just one day!

Sam's cock was stiff as a brick, and he kept wishing Jane would come suck it.

Hanibal's prick bobbed as he played with himself, but did not jack off ... yet.

Shazon smiled as she watched the Reward. She had been treated to such a boon many times, and knew the pleasure!

Annabelle kept looking at Hanibal's dick, and wishing that she could just deep throat him right then.

Jane was busy rubbing the feeling back into her ass, after all that time in the iron chair. She made up her mind to sit on Sam's cock as soon as possible.

Mable looked on in reverence, wondering what she might do to earn such a Reward?

And Lucy ... ?

Well, Lucy watched Phillip and Susan .... and then she stole glances at everyone else, too! All those stiff cocks and wet holes! She shivered in pure delight. She thought back to the day, weeks before, when she had been "forced into slavery" by her Master. She thought what a stupid, stupid cunt she had been, for crying like she had! Little had she known all the sexual joys that were in store for her then!

After the Reward was given and received, there took place several more sexual exchanges, until all present had had everyone in the room in some way, at least once. By this time, the late afternoon sun was slanting in at the high windows, and it was time to dress.

Everyone, except perhaps the twins, was exhausted. All they wanted now was their Four O'clock Tea and a nap!

They all helped one another clean up and spruce up, as they donned their normal apparel.

Phillip was in a fine mood, and asked the twins if they would like to accompany him to dinner. He would then show them "the sights" of London. He also invited Susan, Lucy, and Shazon. Because of Class status, Master Phillip could not be seen with the likes of Jane and Mable or Connie and Annabelle, for they were of the working class, after all. This unequal treatment was to be expected outside of the house, even by Sam and Hanibal.

The servant girls all had to work the next day, anyway, so they needed to go home now. Mable had to get ready for her night's work at the tavern. The twins planned to frequent that very establishment, as soon as they got Mable to tell them the location! This day had already been a working day for Shazon, and she planned to sleep late the next morning. So too, did Susan, Phillip and Lucy plan to sleep late.

So it was that another successful sexual encounter had come about in Master Phillip's notorious Mad Room! While his guests made their ways down to the first floor, Phillip bolted the great oak door behind them, making a mental note to have the room cleaned on the morrow.

***THE END***

Love and Best Wishes, Annie

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