Shaving Pussy

By Annie Mohre

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Shaving my pussy is something I had always wondered about, and read about from time to time, but never yet tried. It is just recently that, upon the suggestion of a male friend of mine, I decided to give it a go.

My first time was a week ago, and because my hair grows fast, this is something I will have to keep up with each week, but I don't think I'll mind. Keep reading, and you'll see why!

When I shave, I use a straight razor, with those Schick razor blades. I popped a new one into my razor, because nothing can cut you like a dull blade, and I'm not into bleeding. I sleep in the nude, so all I had to do was gather my equipment and get to it! I have a huge bath towel, which is bigger than a beach towel, and this I spread out over my bed sheets, so as not to get my sheets wet. (I don't mind getting them cum-wet, but anything else is a mess.) I use a shaving creme for women, which is not real frothy like men's shaving creme. I also had a small cup of water handy. I lay down on the towel, propped up a little by a couple of pillows, and took in hand a small pair of scissors. I have rather long and curly pubic hair, and have to cut this short before attempting the razor. It took a while, as I was being very careful. Pussy skin is as soft and delicate as baby skin, or at least, mine is ... and I didn't want any mishaps. I clipped all the cunt-hair as short as possible, because this would make the shaving process easier. After the clipping was done I picked up the blade. My cunt was already feeling the affects of less hair and more air, and I was getting excited!

I spread the shaving creme all over my pussy and covered my mound, my genitals, and down into my ass cheeks. Then I dipped my razor into the water, and set to work. I shaved the mound first, and this took quite some time, as my pubic stubble was as thick as a forest! I frequently dipped the blade into the water to clean off excess creme and hair. If you are careful, a sharp blade will not drag, and so you are less likely to be cut. Making certain that the area is properly lubricated is important, though I know dry shaving is possible. (I don't think I would like dry shaves, because og the chance for razor-burn.)

After shaving my mound all the way to the edges, I moved down to my Lips. I held the razor in my right hand, (I'm right handed) and positioned my left hand so as to protect my cunny-lips, just in case of any slips. I have read stories where some men like to cut a woman's Lips or nipples, but I'm not into that. I bleed like a stuck pig, and plus, the chance of infection is possible, not to mention the discomfort of healing the cuts. So now I moved slowly and cautiously, taking short strokes with the blade, cutting down the thick stubble all around the outside of my pussy-lips. I found, to my surprise, that the tiny, soft strokes of the blade were sexually stimulating! I can hear the small noise ... scrape ... scrape ... scrape ... against my skin as I stroked. This was turning me on! With just a couple of strokes, my Lips agreed, by puffing up and becoming slick with cunt-juice! I wished I could go on shaving forever, but I couldn't, of course, or I'd have skin-burn.

So, I moved the razor carefully around my genitals, near my clitoris. This is also ultra-sensitive, and my sweet bud was standing up, hard and wet with my ever increasing cum! (I knew I was going to have to do something about this soon, but I must finish shaving first!)

I finished the clit area and moved around to the left side of my lips, which have fallen open by this time, begging for inner stimulation. I was already thinking ahead to my lovely masturbation, which would follow. I must get on with the shaving! Scrape ... scrape ... scrape, again, next to my Lips ... Ahhh, how sexy it felt!

With my genital area finished, I wanted to try to shave my ass-crack next. There wasn't nearly as much hair down there, but I still wanted to do it. I had to wipe off my hands and the razor, as all had become soaked in shaving creme and cum! I took the opportunity to also wipe off my mound with a small towel, though I left my genitals cum-wet. (I love the way it feels when I'm all soppy down there!)

I hoisted my ass a bit and slid my fingers down between my cheeks, to feel just where the hair was. I was amazed to find that my pussy-cum flowed right down into my crack, so much so, that I did not need to apply any more shaving creme!! This actually was the easiest part of the entire shave. I reached down with the razor handle and slid the blade along the inside of each cheek. In just a few seconds, I successfully shaved my cheeks clean, and the sensation was wonderful! I fantasized about sticking the razor handle into my asshole, but decided to try that another time, when the blade isn't attached.

I put down the razor and did a pussy check, feeling everything to see if I'd missed any hair or stubble. My entire pussy is as clean as a whistle, as wet as a French kiss and as soft as a baby's ass!

I relaxed, lay back, and began rubbing my still-hard clit. After all, I'd earned my reward, after all that work! Mmmm, it felt soooo gooood....!! Rub, rub, rub, ahhhh ... Yesssssssss!! I humped up and down against my fast fingers, until I felt the familiar tingle in my asshole, fanning throughout my ass, and up to meet the hot buzz in my clit!! I began rocking back and forth against the pillows, moaning and panting like a steam locomotive pulling out of a station. Suddenly the orgasm hits, my body stiffens, and I cry out in ecstasy ... Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I lay against the pillows for a few moments, panting and moaning, as I slid my hand around my swimming cunt. I only wished I had a nice, stiff cock up my ass just then! !

Unfortunately, playtime must end, and 'cuz I had to take a shower, but even this had its pleasures. I use those liquid soaps and the little ruffle scrubbers that come with them. I lathered up in the warm spray, and began gingerly moving the ruffle over my dripping twat. I was not sure how this was going to feel against my naked puss, but lo' and behold, it feels great!! I spent more time than usual scrubbing my cunny clean!

When I finally forced myself to finish and rinse off, I realized another great affect of having a naked cunt. My pussy was actually squeaky clean, and cleaner than I ever got it when the hair was there. Now that the hair was gone, and every inch of my skin was fully exposed, I was able to more thoroughly wash myself there, (not that I was any slouch at it before the shave)! So now, literally, I'd gotten a cunt that was clean enough to eat off of, not to mention, to Eat! Ah, the joys of pussy-shaving!! It may not be for everyone, but it definitely has my vote!

Lastly, I must note that yesterday I did my first follow up shave. While the initial shave (and orgasm) took me an hour and a half, the second shave took 30 minutes. I attribute this to the fact that I did not have to use the scissors, just the blade. I also must include that after the first shave, I was a bit shy about how my panties, that is when I wore them. How would feel against my hairless mound? I admit that for the first few minutes, it did feel odd, and I wasn't sure that I liked it. But I went ahead and finished dressing, as I had other things to do. After about 15 minutes, I noticed that the strangeness had vanished, and that the rub of my bare skin against my panties was quite pleasant! I will say that when the stubble grew back, it felt funny, but not really uncomfortable, and not for long. As soon as the stubble was up enough, I wet myself down and shaved it off.

I know that some men do prefer a thick bush to prowl around in, and if my man ever wants me to grow mine back, I will, and gladly. I have nothing against "forest-twats", but I've come (and cum!) to feel that a clean and naked cunt is more comfortable. Someday, I might even let my man shave my bush for me, or I may shave him!

Luv and Best Wishes! Annie !

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