My Masters Private Possession

By Annie Mohre

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SO ... I'm buck-naked with my doggie collar, and I have to crawl around on my hands and knees all day. I can sit on my haunches, if my pussy is fully exposed. I'm not allowed to speak in human language, only doggie noises. I can whine, bark, growl, yip, etc., but no words allowed. I have to drink out of a doggie bowl on the floor, and eat out of one too. . I get chopped, cooked, hamburger or something like that. (I won't go so far as to be eating dog food! hey, it's MY fantasy.)

I have to let my hair go as it is, dirty or clean, no clips or anything to hold it back. I can get on the furniture when allowed by my Master, but only in a crawling fashion, no sitting on my ass. In fact, when I'm on the floor, my ass is in the air quite a lot, 'cause I'm sniffing around, like a good doggie. Speaking of ASS ... mine is lubed up just enough to allow a soft wand to be stuck up me. On the end of the wand is one of those pom-poms like cheerleader's use. This I my tail. The wand itself is soft so that my ass muscles can keep gripping' it all day, and so that I can lie on my back when I want to. I like to shake my tail, cause the pom-pom tickles the cheeks of my ass, which keeps my cunny nice and wet. Oh, I am allowed to sit up and beg for scraps.

I'm "Doggie", even if Master has company. Everyone treats me just like a pet; patting my head, or anything else they desire. In this pussy tail, my Master is usually having people over to dinner, and every time the doorbell rings, I'm there to greet them, barking, wiggling all over and shaking my tail with excitement. I'm not allowed to jump up on people though. Punishment is getting whacked with a rolled up newspaper, or if I'm really bad, being put in the garage naked. I can howl all I want out there, but will get no sympathy. THIS TIME, I'm being good, so I get to stay inside. Since I'm close to genital-level, I'm always hoping to catch a whiff of fresh juice or cream from the ladies. My Master lets me lick his balls sometimes, and I've come to adore human cum.

While the Master is getting ready for the party, I'm following him about, sniffing and sometimes nuzzling his ass or his crotch, hoping for a lick or two. He gently pushes me off, telling me what a naughty dog I'm being.

"Go play with your toys!", he says. I go into the Master bedroom and to my basket. I sleep in a basket, when I'm being Doggie for a whole weekend. I paw out my sock, content to lay on my belly, rubbing my bush into the carpet, and tearing at my sock like it's Master's pants. He can hear me playing, my little whines and growls, and my cunt is SO VERY, VERY WET! Well, since it is physically impossible for me to lick myself, I am allowed to use my paws for that. I roll over on my back, and started dipping out my cum using four fingers at a time, and lazily licking it off. My clit is so hard, that any touch sets me writhing in ecstasy.

My Master walks out of his bathroom, to find me shaking and howling on the floor as I orgasm. He watches, and I can see the nice bulge in his pants. I want it, but I know it is better not to bark. He will offer himself if he wants me. And, turns out, he does!

"Here, Doggie, come here! Good Doggie. Wanna lick Daddy's balls, hmmm? Yeah, I bet you do, don't you...?" He takes them out, all swollen and dark, and his cock bobs out, too. I lick my lips, my eyes glued on his Prick.

I give a little bark, as if to say, "Well, hurry up already! I'm dying for my licks here!". So, my Master lets me lick his balls, and his cock. I don't usually get to lick the cock, but he's feeling pretty randy. I slurp and whine happily as he pats my head and scratches my hair a bit. I'm spurred on when I hear his moan. . He takes himself in hand and jacks off, and I try to catch his sperm in my mouth, and end up licking a lot of it off the carpet. Cum is also all over my face, hair and tits. I'm allowed to paw it off, except for my hair. I then lick my paws.

Afterwards, he sits there for a few minutes, getting his strength and I watch him intently, hoping for another go. But he has things to do, so he stuffs everything back inside his pants, out of my reach, and gets up. He looks down at me and smiles, patting my head lightly. "Good Doggie", he whispers as I sniff and lick his cum-scented hand.

"Oh, how I do love my Master!!!", I bark. Later, after the party when guests arrive I must lie quietly in front of the fireplace, my pussy on the carpet and my legs sprawled out so my ass is up just a little. My shoulder length pageboy hair is gleaming in the firelight, which also lights up every sensual curve of my doggie body. Once in a while someone will come over to pet me, usually a woman. I adore this, as I can smell her scent. I know nothing of perfume, and assume I'm smelling her special smell. Sometimes I can even catch a little whiff of cum, if she's wearing a skirt and I get my nose between her thighs. Oh, how I'd love to bury my long tongue in one of those bushes! All that yummy, juicy stuff to lick up!

Sometimes they ask what kind of dog am I and my Master says I'm a Cocker Spaniel. Someone throws me a ball and I get up to play with them, wagging my ass-tail all the while. My Master has given me a bath earlier, so my cum from the morning is gone, but my mound is already staring a fresh batch.

The nipples on my tits are like rosy pebbles, and in the back of my brain. I know every man there ... and perhaps some of the women as well ... want to suck them! This gets me so excited, it is hard not to jump up on someone, nosing for cum!

At one point, a woman with green eyes and long blonde hair gets up and says she's going out on the patio for a smoke, asking if she take the dog with her. It's okay, so I go out with her. The patio light is not on and she leaves it that way. It is summer and very sultry outside. Nocturnal insects are buzzing about. It's better not to give them any ideas, so the only light is coming from the chandelier, which is brilliantly lit over the dining room table. The light shines through the door screen, and throws odd shadows across the patio and back yard. Being a dog, I take my chance to piss, going out into the grass to find my spot. Glenda, the woman who took me outside, stands there watching me do my thing, slowly lighting up and taking a drag on her cigarette. I'm busy sniffing, and my ass is waving about, the pom-pom tail rustling and tickling me.

Glenda finishes the drink in her hand and kicks off her shoes, pads out after me onto the grass. I look up from my sniffing as she walks over and sits down next to me, scratching my head softly. I watch her for a moment, and then turn over, raising my legs, hoping for a belly scratch. The scent of my steamy cunt is unmistakable and she looks at my pussy and her eyes start to sparkle. She lets her hand slide down between my legs and begins to play with me. I whimper softly, happily.

"I've never had doggie cum before.", she whispers as she takes some on her fingers and sucks it all off. "MMmm.", she moans. "Good!" she says, continuing to stroke my body, running her delicate hand over my bush and my st. I wiggle hopefully wondering what to expect. As you know I have only having been around my Master. But, I'm getting pretty excited about this female!!

We are far enough out in the yard so that the light doesn't quite reach us, so, after a quick look back, Glenda decides to take a chance. She puts out her cigarette on the grass and leans over my cunt. "I bet you never had a woman suck you, have you little doggie? Does Jason ever go down on you? hmmm? Well, I'm going to! I just have to taste some more of your juice!"

I lay still, waiting, staring up at the sky, my arms bent so that my paws are over my nipples, barely touching. I'm ready for anything. She puts her head down, and softly opens my lips, which are puffed up and swollen, in anticipation of her "soul kiss"! She begins sucking on them gently, taking one lip, then the other, then both. She uses her own lips to rub my cunt lips against one another and I whine softly.

"Shhhhh!" she whispers. "Be good now, and let mama have you!" I lick my doggie lips and breathe deep, my eyes half-closed, as she sinks further into my cunt. Her tongue laps the inside of my lips, slowly. She really loves my juice and doesn't want to miss any! I sprawl my legs out wide, to give her room, but being a dog, I can only go so far. It's far enough, however, to allow her to insert her tongue further. She ignores my clit completely for now, concentrating on my other delights. Glenda moves in, licking every thing she can reach, lapping up all my hot syrup eagerly. I lay there, dreaming of a doggie cock and my Master's cum, since I know nothing of human female lovers.

She finds the little ridge below my clit area, and licks it up and down, 'til I'm whimpering and wiggling uncontrollably because it's one of my most sensitive spots! She pushes her tongue hard along the sides of my outer canal opening, which also makes me crazy. She just happens to find the Spot that really sends me off. It's just above my clit actually, outside of my cunt. There is a small depression there, right above my hooded Rosebud. She presses harder into this spot, and I stark bucking and giving out little whine and growls of pleasure. No boy dog ever did this for me before!! I'm whimpering uncontrollable, but not loudly and my whole cunt is gushing! She moves over to my clit and carefully slides the hood back, revealing the hard little thing, standing up like a baby penis. She runs her wet tongue over it and I groan and lurch up into her face. I can't help whatever happens now...

Glenda keeps licking me, but not quite so gently now. She even uses the underside of her tongue to rub my clitoris, applying more and more pressure to my hard bud! There is the tiniest bit of pain because I'm ultra sensitive there, but not much, and more and more tingles of hot pleasure fill my cunt. The pleasure pain even spreads through my whole ass. Just one more lick and I'm cuming! My eyes roll back, my body lifts and stiffens, my ass shakes for a moment and I forget that I'm a dog as my legs move so that my ass come up off the grass. Her face in hard into me, still sucking and now blowing into my canal, making me even more crazy. I can't help it. She's making me do it!

I don't care who hears us or who sees us. The whole damned bunch of them can come and watch for all I care! "Don't stop licking me, PLEASE!!!", I whimper. "Maybe I can get some other mamas to lick me, too...", I think.

Glenda moans blissfully into my cunt, and the vibration of her acts like a vibrator, causing me to come again. I'm turning into fuckin' Niagara Falls!! I'm moaning loudly, and getting into my howling range. I just can't help it!! It's so cunny-good, so pussy-lishes!! She moves her tongue out of me and along the crack of my ass, searching for my hole. The summer air hits my bush and it's cool and tingly there, but also hot. My nipples are saluting the stars as I unconsciously rub and flick them back and forth.

"Oh, I want more ... more ... more ... more ... more!", I whimper, as she finds my hole and digs in without hesitation, using my ample cum for lubricant. I'm almost screaming now, twisting and digging my heels into the grass. "Oh, mama ... mama ... mama ... you sweet pussy fucker, you!", I say as she tongues my open cunt and slides three cum soaked fingers inside. I grunt and moan, but don't resist. I've gotta have it!

Glenda keeps licking me and then suddenly stops, returning to me cunt. My clit has softened and she has to coax it back into shape. I'm almost crying now, it feels so damned wonderful. She slides her hand inside me, her whole hand inside me, and wiggles her fingers. I'm seeing stars and my mind is far away on some other planet where a doggie girl pussy-eating slut isn't allowed.

I'm so disconnected, a marching band could go by and I wouldn't know it. Now I can't even howl. My mouth opens to emit tiny squeaks and deep-throated groans. I'm completely helpless as she is my Mistress now. I'll do anything she wants if she will only fuck me some more.

After five orgasms, my cum is bubbling out of my doggie hole like witches brew. I'm lying limp on the wet grass, dazed but blissful. I don't know if I'm doggie-girl or pussy-girl. Whatever my Mistress wants, my Mistress gets. I manage to raise my head a bit and watch her licking my cum from her hand. Her face is all shiny from my fluids and she makes little "mmmm" sounds and she doesn't miss a drop. She looks over at me and smiles, whispering, "Such a good girl! Such a good pussy." She stretches her lithe, slender frame next to mine until we are face to face. She stares into my eyes for a moment, and whispers. "How long has he been making you be his Doggie?"

"A Month" I manage to say. We started a month ago and have been doing it mostly on weekends.

Glenda smiles. "You are the sexiest piece of ass I've had in a long time. Maybe I can borrow you from him."

"Maybe you should ask permission first."

We look up to see Jason standing above us. We have no idea how long he has been there. In fact, we don't even know how long we have been there.

He smiles, and squats down. "Been having fun with my doggie, I see." Glenda isn't afraid of him, but I, as his submissive, am embarrassed to be caught. I can't look at him so I turn my head away and lower my eyes, hoping he will understand that I know I've been a bad doggie. He knows, but the wine, and a nice party have mellowed him so it seems he isn't going to punish me. At least, not in front of Glenda.

"So now, what.", she says. "I'm not your slave pussy, you know."

"I know", he says, "Maybe we could ..."

Glenda doesn't wait for him to finish as she gets up. I steal a glance in her direction as I hear Jason follow her as they walk away. I slowly turn over and begin crawling after them, head down, hoping not to make any further waves with my Master.

"It was all my idea, ya know. I made her do it. So don't go blaming her!"

"I won't.", he says. "I'm not so sure, and neither is she.

"Yeah, right! I've seen your basement! Remember how I gave you all the head you could stand, 'til you couldn't even get out of bed in the mornings?"

"Now why would I wanna forget something like that?", he said, an edge to his voice.

Shit, she was making him mad, I thought. Shut up lady, I'm in enough trouble!

"Well, if you ever want that again, you'll spare the whip and save the pussy!', she paraphrased hotly.

"Hey", he scolds, "She agreed to this in the beginning! I'm the Master, and she's the slave!"

"Yeah, well, I'm the Mistress, and I say, give the cunt a break! Try a little tenderness now and'll get you a lot further!"

"But you're missing the point! This is what turns me on!"

"You don't own her, Jason. Lincoln freed the slaves!"

"Sexually, I own her.", he growled.

After a moment of silence Glenda said, "Well, now I do, also. If you'd seen the look of worship on her face after that last cum, you'd know. She'll do anything I want, and it isn't 'cause I tortured her."

"You get off your way, and I'll get off mine! It's a free country, Glenda!"

"You know, you're missing a golden opportunity here, asshole. If you would wake up and smell the cum, you'd know that we could be having a three way in your bed right now, instead of out here arguing! You have no idea how wet I am!"

Jason raised his hand and stared at her for a moment, then at me. I had been watching them, wide eyed and silent. I was astonished at her defense of my sexual welfare. Jason looked at me, kneeling naked on the grass, my head down, cum still dripping from my swollen cunt. He knelt down and gently took his head in my hands, forcing me to look up. "It's okay, you can look at me. You won't be punished ... now." I looked up, still fearful. "Have you been unhappy with me?", he asked. I dutifully shook my head up and down, whispering, "No, Master. You ... you know I love you."

Glenda rolled her eyes. "She's still playing the game!"

Jason brushed my tousled hair back. "You know you agreed to be my slave", he says looking at me. "Remember? You even signed the contract. Move in, and be my slave. That was our deal. Isn't that right?"

"Yes sir." I nodded.

Glenda sighed in exasperation and knelt down. "Honey, forget about the fuckin' deal for a second. Didn't you like the way I treated you out there?"

I nodded vigorously. I didn't care. I wanted Jason to know I'd loved it.

She continued, "I still treated you like the doggie girl, but it was nice, wasn't it. No big pain, no harsh treatment. You liked me loving you ... didn't you?"

I nodded again, and looked at Jason. I wanted to change the deal, but I didn't know how to ask.

"I think it's time you altered your agreement.", she said, also looking at Jason. "A little more sweet, a little less beat. She obviously wants to please you, dumb butt! Hell, she's in love with you! Don't you know that, ass hole?"

Jason looked kind of surprised. "I ... I never really thought about it. It was just for sex."

"Well, not to her. She wouldn't be here if she didn't love you. Would you?", she asked, looking at me.

I gulped and shook my head as if saying No. He pulled me into his arms and stroked my hair. "I'm sorry puppy. I ... we were just having fun. We didn't say anything about falling in love."

"I know.", I answered into his chest. Then I looked into his eyes. "I don't need your permission for that."

"Looks like the rules have changed for you.", Glenda said softly as she stood up to leave. I looked up, disappointed.

Jason slowly removed my dog collar, and began massaging my neck and shoulders. I signed with relief. It had been a long month! Not to mention the other five months which came before. Doggie was the mildest game we played. The basement held things that sometimes gave me nightmares, though I'd never told him about it. Jason said quietly, "I'm not sure how I feel, but I know I don't want to hurt you ... I mean, not really ... not seriously ..."

Glenda glared at him.

"Well, I can't help what I like!" , he defended.

"Yeah, well from now on, I can.", she said firmly. "C'mon, honey, you can come home with me for a while." All the other guests had gone home and I was still naked, and by this time, shivering in the midnight air.

Jason objected. "You can't just leave! You're my ..."

"Oh, shut up you prick!", Glenda yelled. "Sometimes you are so thick! You've got two great pussies here, willing to please your ass off, but you're stuck in your sadistic rut! Damn it, Jason, she wants something different, don't you get it?"

"So you want her now, is that it? My cock not good enough for you all of a sudden? I didn't hear you complaining two nights ago, when I had it up your ass!"

I'd had enough of this. I turned swiftly, shedding my slave demeanor. "No, you fucker! Yes, I want her. I want you too! I'm not in love with her ... just ... infatuated! Intrigued, I guess. She's the first woman I've ever been with and she's wonderful! But, I love YOU ... YOU dick head! I love you. I just don't wanna be tied up so much anymore. I'm not saying 'never again', I'm just saying ... couldn't we ... space it out more. You've been whipping my ass every week, hanging me up like freezer meat, making me piss myself silly, every stinking week, and I'm sick of it! There's more to life than this, damn it! I love you, I adore you, I practically worship you! You know that! But ... I want some tenderness. I want to lie in bed with you holding me, touching me, playing with me ... making me cum, and then I'll make you cum. Oh, baby, I ... I wanna turn your ass inside out, but you won't let me. You won't let me ... be me. I'm sorry if this isn't what you want. I'm really sorry, but ... maybe I should just move out."

His head snapped up at that. "Noooo! I don't want that! Please!" He looked at me almost frantically for a moment, and then glared at Glenda. "Why do women always have to make everything so fuckin' complicated?"

All Jason wanted was his S & M. He need3ed to be Master. It was fun. He couldn't help it. That is what turned him on. But he also didn't want to lose her.

"Can I make a suggestion?", Glenda asked.

"Don't you think you've done enough, bitch?", he shouted.

"I was just going to say, ... save the heavy metal sex for special occasions. You don't have to ram it every day to enjoy one another."

"Well, thank you, Xaviera Hollander!"

"Fine! I'm out here. If you wanna come with me, honey, this trains leavin'."

I looked longingly at my man, wishing he'd understand, but I had to go. I just couldn't take any more. I followed Glenda inside. Behind us, we could hear Jason muttering, cussing about pussies being more trouble than they were worth. Glenda helped me pack a small bag while I was hoping to work things out somehow. I got dressed and we went towards the front door. Ordinarily, I would have been told to clean up the party mess but Jason was still out back. I sighed, "Shit", and Glenda put her arm around my shoulder. "Men! Can't live without 'em, can't shoot 'em!"

She opened the door and we stepped outside and began walking toward her white 280Z. I kept looking back at the open front door, still hoping for a call, a command ... something.

"Will you forget it?", she said, pulling me down the drive. She had parked at the end, having come late to the party

"He can either come to his senses and have two divine pussies on top of him all night, or he can jack off 'til hell freezes over!", she said adamantly, as she unlocked the car.

I couldn't keep the tears from rolling, even though I agreed with her. I never wanted it to end this way. I never wanted it to end, period. "Why can't men ever listen?", I sobbed, climbing into the passenger seat.

"Because they all have pricks for brains, and the ass like they got has no ears!" I looked down the drive toward the house as she gunned the motor, preparing to back out. Suddenly, I saw Jason. He had come out, looking for us, and saw the white car moving in the moonlit driveway.

I grabbed her right wrist, and screamed "WAIT!" She looked back, saw him running toward us, and stopped the car. We sat there, the motor idling, and I tumbled out and began running to him. I wasn't going to give up without a fight. "I love you!", I said breathlessly, as he grabbed me.

He kissed me several times, saying, "I don't wanna lose you!" Please stay!"

I pushed away a bit and looked into his dark eyes. "Can we at least look for a compromise? I know you hate it, but ... It's not like I'm asking you to give it up completely. Once in a while, I could take it."

"Once in a while.", he repeated, seeming uncertain.

"Why don't we go inside, hmmm? We can talk about it ... I'll draw you a nice hot bubble bath, okay? I think you would like that. We can fuck in the Jacuzzi ... We haven't done that in a long time."

I was wavering bur he knew just which buttons to push. The bastard knew. I hugged him and glanced over at the car. Glenda was just sitting there, idling, not even looking at us. I knew she was right though. I decided to take my opportunity while I had it. "I'll stay on one ... well, this is the first condition.", I said.

"The fir ...", he spurted, stopping to look at me, then over in Glenda's direction. Two against one, and he knew it. His Pride wanted to kick us both down the driveway, but his prick had other ideas. Oh well ... maybe later he could weasel his way back to total control. I guess he just couldn't get the image of Glenda eating me out of his mind, or his balls either. He signed and nodded, "Okay ... okay. What is it."

"She spends the night with us. And, the rest of the weekend if she wants. On Monday, you and I have a serious talk about this. Agree, or I walk right now."

"Fine, fine ... whatever you God Damn want. Fuck, you people are killin' me." He walked over and got my little bag and giving Glenda the Finger. She grinned knowingly and turned the motor off.

"Wooo ... he wussed out, I see!"

"Oh shut up, or I'll...", Glenda said as he stopped, seeing the flash in her eyes that he had once known so well. "You'll what?", she challenged, "Tie me to the bedpost and whip me wet? Been there, done that, sweetie. Get a clue, why don't cha?"

Glenda joined us as we walked back up to the house. Jason had me firmly in tow, but Glenda was right with us, holding my hand as we walked. Jason glared at her. "I really hate you, you know."

"Yeah, I know, I hate you too, sugar shorts. I hate you so much, I'm gonna tie you down and suck you dry!"

I was surprised. Tie him down? I looked at them in confusion. "But I thought you didn't approve of that.", I asked.

She smiled knowingly. "Well actually I do, in certain situations. It's just that I like to dominate, too. But, he didn't wanna play my game."

Jason wasn't saying anything, just walking straight ahead.

"So you left him.", I asked. "Boy, you really ought to learn to compromise, mister!", I chided at him as gently as I could. "She really knows how to give head, let me tell you!"

Jason sighed and rolled his eyes, as if to say, tell me something I don't know. We entered the house, and he went around locking up.

Glenda called, "We'll be in the back, getting things ready my dear!"

"Hey! Who's gonna clean up all this mess?", he said in annoyance, as he walked into the kitchen.

"Gee, I don't know ... but it's your house, your party ... Duh! " I couldn't helped giggling, as we walked back to the master bath. I could hear Jason slamming things about, taking the Lord's name in vein with every slam.

"Fuck, slut, cunt, ass sucking bitch", slam went the cupboard door, "suckling doggie cunt!"

I couldn't help asking Glenda another question, while we undressed and started filling the Jacuzzi and it would take half an hour to get the water to the right capacity. I began getting the king-sized bed ready for the three of us.

"So, who's idea was it to put in the Dungeon anyway?"

"Mine, actually.", she said, bending over the tub to test the water. Her gorgeous tits hung down, swaying slightly. Her lovely, round ass made my mouth water. I couldn't believe what she has just said, knowing Jason's pension for torture. If he'd lived during the Spanish Inquisition, he'd probably have been thrilled.

"Your idea?", I asked questioning. "Are you sure?"

"Honey, he didn't even know what a spread bar from a shovel 'til I showed him."

I winced at the memory, but it was kind of funny, too. Glenda came out to help me with the sheets. "We'll just have to remind him that there's a gentler, kinder story in Amistad."

While we were talking, we'd noticed that the other end of the house had become suspiciously quiet.

"I'd better go see if he's okay.", I said, as I started to leave. I looked back momentarily, asking, "Even with you around, he isn't going to change over night ... is he?"

Glenda shook her head, but gave me a reassuring smile. I sighed and walked through the house to the kitchen. I was shocked to find him loading the dishwasher. "I didn't know you even knew how to do that.", I said.

He glanced at me, and kept putting things in. "I may be your average selfish asshole, according to Miss Fuck Mouth back there, but I'm not stupid.", he said.

I padded across the tile and put my arms around him from behind. "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, Master."

"You didn't.", he said putting things in the washer.

"But you're mad, still."

"No shit, Princess. Everything was great until She showed up. I didn't even invite the Bitch!"

"She may be a Bitch, but she licks like a house on fire."

He looked at me and smiled grudgingly. "Yeah, I wondered where you'd got off to ..."

I smiled at his pun. "Oh, I Got Off all right. What I can't figure out is why you ever let her go. She's really great."

"Yeah, well ... irreconcilable difference."

"Is that what we're having, too?"

He shrugged and didn't speak. Just finished loading the machine and slammed it's door shut. He started it and then turned to me. "I hope not. I'm damned fond of you, in my own ass-holian way..."

"I know ... But, you're not in love with me ... are you?"

"Not yet ... Interference from the Neighbors."

"Oh stop it. I know you think she's hot. Otherwise, you wouldn't have let her take me outside like that. You wanted her to have me. Didn't you."

"Every guy's dream ... two naked women humping in the backyard, while the whole world watches ..."

"Well, she wasn't na ... People watched us?", I screamed. "They watched us?" I was truly embarrassed, and a lot pissed off.

"Well, not everybody ... just half the party. The guys mostly. A couple of the girls. I don't have room for a mass fuck, so I made them all go home to do it."

I couldn't tell if he was kidding or what. He laughed, knowing I was befuddled. Then he kissed me. Our tongues danced a slow tango, as his arms encircled me.

"Hey folks, it's really ... Oops!" Glenda stood there naked and waiting, hands on her modelesque hips. "Sorry."

She turned to go, and I tugged at Jason. "C'mon...please?"

He grinned for the first time. "All right, all right! Jesus Christ, you're such a fucking slave driver! Do this, do that ... nag, nag, nag!"

I grinned and backed away, preparing to run. "Last one is a rotten egg!", I yelled, and took off. It was our way of saying, Last one in has to eat the other one first. It was Suck or Be Sucked Time!

As Jason ran by her, Glenda grabbed his belt and yanked, slowing him down enough for me to get away. He succeeded in pulling her with him, all the way into the bath, where I was standing in the tub, over in the corner. I knew what was coming, and I was right. He didn't even stop to take anything off, just got right in, even with his shoes on.

There was a big splash of water all over the floor and Glenda was screaming, "JASON", and me laughing all the way ...

Somehow, I just knew that everything was going to work out fine. When Glenda scolded him for making a mess, he looked up at her with that boyish grin we both loved, and said, "MY house, MY party!", as he dragged her into the water with us. I just had a feeling that everything was going to work out.

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