By Annie Mohre

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Last night I was reading a story called Creation of a Sex Slave It started off kind of slow, but really picked up soon.

There's this one scene where this woman give her lover a tray of freshly baked sweet rolls. After they've had sex, he takes one of the rolls and wipes it around on her wet pussy! He tells her that he has "iced" the roll for her, and that now she must eat it. So she does! It also has his cum on it too, and she thinks it is DEE-lish! This reminded me of something I did recently and forgot to tell you about.

The other morning when I got up, I put on my panties, an old sweatshirt and went into the kitchen to make a little breakfast. I decided that I wanted some toast, so I made it and realized I didn't have any butter.

"Oh darn!", I thought. Then I realized, oh yes you do, right between your legs! So I scooped out from my bubbling twat a couple fingerfuls of fresh, hot cum and spread it all over my toast!! And then I ate every bite very slowly, so as to savor every scrumptious cummy piece!! Mmmmmm--GOOD!! My only regret was that I didn't have a big sweetroll handy to shove up my twat, too! I'd rather have YOURS, of course, but I guess those "Grands" sweetrolls will have to do ... Sigh!

I sure would enjoy "buttering your roll for you"!! Then you could spray your "icing" all over my "turnover" (my ass!) and lick it all off, while I suck my butter off your big Loaf!! Mmmm!!! Pussy Script: My nipples get hard just thinking about your cock! And my honeyhole heats up all bubbly, just dreaming of your tool slam dunking my ass with you drop your hot load!

I think if you did that while playing with my clit, I could have a multi-orgasmic-delight for sure!! Then I'd be one hot, cunny-minded slut, willing to do anything you say ... Your Pussy Girl, Annie

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