Making Our Own Bubbles

By Annie Mohre

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I was going to write you a "What If" Valentine's Fantasy, but I didn't have time earlier. It involved you and me, and one of those places where they have the heart/shaped Jacuzzi tubs with the mirrors all around.

I would also want candle light around, reflecting in the mirrors and making the bubbles in the bubble bath sparkle. That would be the only light in the bathroom as we slipped into the tub together ... The flickering candle light makes our skin glow, as we sink into the bubbles and embrace while your hot, hot lips burn mine! I'm hungry for more so I open my mouth to let you in, and my tongue slips into yours ...

The romantic and sexy music drifting in from the bedroom CD player is playing with my emotions, and my passion begins to rise, as we kiss deeper, deeper ... I'm moaning, but I love it. Especially when your warms hands slide over my body, stopping only to play with my breasts, squeezing gently their firmness, kneading them with your palms, flicking my erect nips with your fingertips. Flick, flick, flick ... I feel the increasing stiffness in my points, and my abdomen feels your penis responding. I slip my left hand underwater to find your cock, and start stroking him boldly. You pull me closer, and I guide the big fella into my waiting lower lips. At the same time I am adjusting my legs to wrap around you, to give you full access. My Lips are not just wet from the water. They remember how you eat me out before we stepped into the hot tub.

You lean back against the side of the tub, and I lean into you, allowing your love rod to move further inside. You still have one hand on a tit, and the other is on my ass, helping to guide me right. I'm licking and suckling your nipples, breathing heavily, panting, moaning with pleasure and anticipation. I've never wanted any man so much in my life as I want you at this moment!

Nothing else in this entire World matters, except that you Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me. Oh Baby ... Oh God, that feels sooo goood!! Ahhhh! I can't help crying out as you travel and the music plays that slow Tango, or is it the Lombada? I don't know, don't care, just keep moving like that! In and out, in / out, in / out ... Ohhhhhhh, Yeah, Oh, Sugar. My honeyhole is feeling like hot candle wax! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie Boy ... Give it all to me now! I'm rocking back and forth on top of you, gasping and beginning to squeal. You make me lose ALL CONTROL, and I can't help whatever happens now ... I'm YOURS completely, utterly, totally ... You are Mine!

My hard clit is feeling that lovely, excruciating friction, laced with an ass numbing tingle that I must prolong! Being the Magician that you are, you sense what I want, and slip one of your middle fingers up my flexing asshole. I jerk and groan my appreciation. I imagine your finger is another cock, that I'm being double fucked, impaled on one long, hard member, wiggling and totally helpless ...!! You start talking dirty to me, 'cause you know how it gets me so excited!

"C'mon, Bitch, Fuck it now, FUCK IT GOOD! Fuck it, you cunny slut! You're such a pussy whore, aren't you?! Aren't You?!"

You pinch my nipple for an answer. In a breathy, high-pitched voice, I reply, "Yes! Yes! Oh YES!", but that's isn't good enough.

"Tell me what you are, Bitch! Say it, or I won't let you come at all!"

I scream and buck, trying to think straight. "Pussy!" I manage, twisting around your hard Master Craftsman. You demand more details, pinching my other tit. "P ...Pussy Whore! I am your Pussy Whore!", I scream a high note, and almost rise off of you, but you won't let me go. You still aren't quite satisfied although we are both coming close, or close to cuming ...

You force me down again til your balls meet my hips, now gripping my ass cheeks with both hands and you rock me so hard that water to splashing out of the tub. I scream as the precum quake begins throbbing in my clitoris, moving ever outward ...

"I AM PUSSY, WATCH ME WHORE! " You press up to meet me, grinding and groaning. I'm cuming, shaking, clinging to your shoulders, head back, eyes closed.

I can think of nothing else but my hot gush until yours hits inside of me, and then I'm screaming your name, "JASON ... JASON ...JASON!!! OH GOD! OOOHHHHH!!!!! GOD! " And, with a moan, I fall onto your heaving chest.

We lay in the bubbling water, panting and still moaning at the after-shocks. "Oh, my Precious!", I whisper, and you know that means you've made me the happiest woman in the world. Your arms encircle my body, and our hearts come together as we kiss, slow and soft, warm and tender ... and I know there is no place on earth I'd rather be..

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