Dreamboat Annie

By Annie Mohre

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I came home from work early today, and just woke up from a nap, so wet and hot, cause I dreamed the most luscious dream! I wanna get it down for you while it, and my cunt, are still FRESH!! I'm sitting here perfectly naked, my soft, silky tits upturned and adorned by nipples hard enough to cut glass. Well, actually, I do have panties on, but they are pulled down, except for the crotch, which is stuffed into my twat, so I can rub myself against the nylon, and, rub my bare ass against the corduroy upholstery of my chair. I have just dreamt of waking up in your bed.

I've been having my usual wet dreams, and so when I wake up, the first thing I know is that my cunny is wet. The second thing I realize is that my nipples have been UP before me. I can feel their stiffness, and I look at them, and -- Surprise! They each have a tiny metal "lasso" around the base of each nipple, so that the nips are forced to stand up! the 'lasso" is hooked to a tiny clip on the end of each nip, and these clips are chained together, so that my tits are linked. It is such a turn-on! So sexy to watch my cinnamon-chocolate buds saluting and stiffening before my eyes! I want to touch them, and realize yet another Surprise. My wrists are tied to the headboard, with what feels like velvet rope. I look down at myself and instantly know that my ankles are also tied to the footrail -- No! It's a bar, which is lying along the rail, and I'm sure my wrists are also on another bar. I'm laid out in a big naked X !!! I wiggle my ass cheeks against the bedsheets and discover a new Surprise. My nipple chain has a hook attached to the middle, and a velvet cord runs down my body to my pussy, around through my cunt and up my butt crack!

The end of the cord is stopped there by another horizontal cord around my hips, which leads back to the vertical cord. When I move now, I can feel the cord rubbing my lower lips, and grazing my clit!! Rub, rub, rub, with every move! But, I'm so thoroughly soppy, that my clit is drench, and the friction feels wonderful! I wiggle around, fascinated, trying to raise my tits, so the cord will pull across my Rosebuds, harder!

(as I write this, my nipples are fully alert,
and my cunt is beginning to make those little
"squelchy" noises I love! WET!)

It is then that I see you, standing there in all your glory, your awesome member bobbing "hello" to my yearning puss! You are busy, and not watching me, so I try to say something ... another Surprise! I haven't even noticed that my mouth it taped shut!

I make noises to get your attention, but you ignore me. I strain at my bonds, uselessly... well, not entirely useless, from a titty and clitty STANDPOINT. I want you SOOOO BAD I can't stand it! I want your big bopper in my mouth as far as I can handle him. I'm no Linda Lovelace, but I dream of being able to give you the "deep throat" treatment. Your cock all the way into me, till your balls are slamming my face! Your cum going right down my esophagus! Flashing on this, I twist harder, and suddenly at the right thrust, against my clit, I start coming! I stiffen and buck like my whole body is a penis, my mind goes all out of sync, except for the hot gush between my legs ... I'm screaming into the tape over my mouth, but still, you pay me no mind! I reach climax, and fall back to the sheets limply, my mind fuzzing over with sexual bliss. Abruptly, I am yanked up, and I'm being somehow pulled up, up, up, until I'm "standing", my bars of restraint above and below me. The cord tightens deep in my ass-crack and my cunt, but my clit has slipped to one side, so it isn't damaged. Still the cord hurts some, and I grunt in protest. But my ride isn't over! My footbar lifts out from under me, back, back, until I am horizontal again, but this time, I'm facing the soaked bedsheets, about 2 feet away! Slowly, my whole body is lowered just close enough for me to really see and smell my lust all over the sheets. I want to lick it up, but of course, I can't. So I hang there like a sex hammock, slightly swinging. My tits are perky as ever, nipples saluting, pulled taunt by the clips. They must be an inch long by now, though I'm not looking at them anymore. My pussy is exposed to whatever comes next, and there's not a damned thing I can do about it. My ass twitches in anticipation.

By this time, I have given up fighting, and wait for your every whim. I watch you longingly, like a dog watching a steak. It is then that you come over to me -- and I DO mean COME! Or perhaps I should say, you just cum over me.


My only regret here is that I can't lick any of it!! DAMN, DAMN! YOU PRICK!

You prick, I think, but I don't show it. Then the fun begins, as you start sliding unseen objects up me -- up my asshole, and inside my tunnel! I can only feel, not see them, and this makes me crazy with both curiosity and a bit of anxiety. You could stick anything you wanted up me right now, and I'd be totally helpless. But, as tortured as I am, I'm safe in your hands, 'cause you have other plans for my ass and honey-hole, later. I grunt and groan as you insert metal things, cold and smooth, wooden things, warmer and rougher, and long, hard things which make my moan deeply!!

I've got my eyes closed and my head down, having just received something up each hole, rounded, rock-hard, and very long. You have left them there, and the thing in my ass twitches to and fro as my butthole grips it. The thing in my cunt slide around, but not quite out. I feel you doing something to the objects, but I'm not sure what it is. You are actually chaining the ends of the candlesticks so that the exposed ends are connected. Any movement, and the sticks pull on one another.

I am rotated once again to a horizontal position, and get the biggest Surprise yet ... We have company. A very pretty woman is standing there, running a video cam of the whole proceedings! I stare at her in shock, mostly wondering who the hell she is and how long has she been filming us??? She too is naked, and quite lovely. I manage to look around at you and you wink at me, but say nothing. You tell this Mysterious Cunt to be sure and get close-ups of the candlesticks, especially when they start moving.

"You got it, Boss", she grins, and moves around for a better view. She looks like someone out a Playboy.

She has flawless, rosy skin, long light brown curls spiraling down her naked flesh, down her velvety back, and satiny breasts. her nipples are saluting mine, I see, but the big shock is when I look down at her mound to find that all her pubic hair has been shaved off! Her whole areas is totally clean-shaven and like cream ... smooth and white. Her lips hang down, puffy and open, obviously having seen recent use.

(I wonder if you were fucking her while I was asleep.)

I catch sight of her open cunt as she steps up onto the bed with me. The inside of her lips are a delicate pink, like the inside of a seashell, and all glistening wet. I can't make it out, but I'm sure her clit is blooming. I shiver, fantasizing about making love to such a gorgeous body.

"The Body", as I call her in my head, for you still haven't introduced us -- squats next to me on your big bed, and allows me to look into her dripping love mound as she films me. You tell her to "get ready", and I tense up slightly, wondering, "For What?"

I find out, as a sudden series of quick stings assaults my naked ass!! I yip and flinch and the candles jerk within me. You are whipping my slut-ass with something! I start mewing, and giving out high-pitched moans, which get higher as you continue to redden my cheeks. I'm lurching forward with every flick of your whip, causing the candles to move back and forth, the cord to rub my now-hard clit. My nipples ache as they are pulled to their limit.

I'm screaming, high little shrieks in the tape, and I know I'm gonna explode at any moment! I'm aware of being filmed, and part of my mind wonders who will see this demonstration of whore-whippery. I briefly imagine it playing at some local theater on a big screen, in THX, sound!! Every gasp, grunt, groan, moan, slap, and juicy noise amplified a thousand time, for all to hear. The audience is packed in, enjoying ever second of my pussy torture!

Just as I think I'm going to fly apart or melt, I start cuming. Even when you stop whipping and start spanking me with your bare palms, I'm into multiple orgasms, and can't stop. I wailing like a banshee now, and I can actually hear my gush hitting she sheets. The Body is filming my waterfall, making comments on how much there is, and how she can't wait to have some. Her remarks make me even crazier, like I'm some insane sex doll, plaything, pussy-puppy, whatever, just getting fucked like the pussy-slut whore that I really am!!

At some point, I become dizzy and must have passed out. When I come to my senses, all the devices have been removed, and all the ropes, bars and clips are gone too. I'm lying in bed sore and wet. I moan a little and look around. You and that sex goddess are going at it, doing 69 on one another, so you don't notice me watching. If you did, you wouldn't care! I lay there and watch her technique on you, trying to memorize it, as you seem elated by her tongue. She is weaving and bouncing in sync with your body, intent on her Prizes. My ass is very sore and my tits are still throbbing, so I just lay there and watch, and eventually, fall back into sleep.

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