Bryan's Surprise ! !

By K. D. Michigan

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Bryan, living under the same roof, was amazing.

Not just for the sex, we just had a lot of fun. He was awesome. We were always together and I think the family was starting to notice. If they knew all the stuff we did do ... well ... that would be a bad thing ... they wouldn't understand ... not at all! So ... we tried not to do as much. We wanted sex to be special, not routine. We didn't consider each other boyfriend and girlfriend ... just cousins who lived together and fucked every now and then. Kind of a strange set up, but it worked for us.

One night after dinner the dishes were done, Bryan sat around talking and listening to music. Bryan was drinking a beer and listening to me blabber on about stuff. That was one of the cool things about him ... he was always interested in me and what I was doing. Needless to say, the conversation went towards sex. He asked me who, if anyone, I had been with after that first time in the woods. I told him about a couple of jerks and explained that, for me, no one was as good as he was. I only cum hard when he fucks me ... not with anyone else. I must have over emphasized the " ... him only ... " thing because he knew I was holding back.

"That's really sweet Deana, but it seems like your holding something back. You can tell me, I won't say anything to anyone. You should know that by now"

He was right. I had done something once that I wasn't sure how he would take. I agreed to tell him and he listened as I explained.

I was having a slumber party and I asked some of my close friends to come over. Most were able to ... a few were not. Some people that I didn't even invite came. When it came time to get ready for bed one of the girl, Kate, didn't have anything to wear. As the others changed I took Kate to my bedroom to find her something to sleep in. As I was doing this, Kate took her bra off while leaving her shirt on. Her breasts were just slightly smaller then mine, but still nice and full. I was shocked at how I couldn't keep my eyes off of her and how I had an odd desire to see more of her tits and her body.

Kate was turning me on as I finally found something that she could wear. It was a nightgown that was on the short side. It was tight in the chest area for me, so I knew it would be snug on her. I started to leave but she said I didn't have to. My mind began to swim as I thought of her soft tits. She was a little shorter than I am, big brown eyes, long dark hair and a little round frame. She pulled off her socks, jeans and then her panties. I tried to not pay attention as I looked for something to wear. My eyes darted back and forth to what Kate was doing and what I was trying to do.

Her panties were wet ... I could see that much ... and the thought began to soaked mine. Then Kate took off her shirt and stood naked in front of me. Her nipples were darker then mine, and bigger too. Her pussy was hairy compared to my trimmed cunt. I could see the juices on her pussy lips. I knew if I could see that ... I must have been staring. She just stood there grinning.

"Do you like what you see ... Deana", Kate asked. I got embarrassed, all of a sudden, and I couldn't believe I was so turned on. She was like a naked goddess standing in front of me. I wanted to taste her ... kiss her ... lick her ... suck every inch of her body ... a strange feeling to be sure. "Very much so ... ", I blurted out.

"Good", she replied as she put on the nightie and left the room. I was so confused that I just stood there. Did Kate just do that to tease me or what, I thought. I had no clue so I got dressed and went to the room full of people.

By this time, Bryan was having a fit. "WHAT", he asked. "Why didn't you tell me this before? Did you do her, did she do you? I mean ... did you two fuck? Did the others join? What happened then ... Deana??"

"Settle down and I'll tell you. I didn't know you would like this so much", I said, glancing down at the bulge in his pants before I continued with the story.

Once in the den, I noticed everyone had picked out a spot to sleep. Some were in their sleeping bags, while others were on top of them. Everyone just sat around and we talked about who was going with who and what not. I found Kate and she was standing by the wall ... just watching the others. I didn't know what to do ... or say ... so I went back to my room ... grabbed my pillow ... comforter and returned to the den. I found a spot that hadn't been taken, spread out my stuff, lay down and got comfy. The next thing I know, Kate is at my side.

"Deana, I don't have a sleeping bag. Do you have any extra I could use?" I told her I would get her a pillow and went to my bedroom. When I returned, Kate was under my comforter. A little shocked, I heard one of the other girls suggest, " ... let her sleep with you" ... and ... "there's enough room for her in that big ol' comforter". I could feel the juice run down my leg at the thought of sleeping next to a girl who made me so wet.

I glanced at Bryan and he could no longer take my story telling and was jerking himself off. I gave him an odd look. "Deana ... I can't believe you are into other girls. That is so awesome", Brian said as he stroked his stiff cock. I was shocked ... glad he liked it ... all at the same time. I asked if he wanted my help jacking off but he said to continue with the story and he would let me know.

So, all us girls talked for a while, and, slowly someone would fall asleep. I grew nervous as the lights were turned off. I lay there with my eyes wide open, wondering if anything was going to happen with Kate and me. She had rubbed her feet across my leg a couple times while we talked but that was all.

I must have slumbered for I nearly jumped and screeched when Kate touched her hand on mine. It was so soft and gentle. She didn't say a word as she my hand to her breasts. "Ooohh ... God", I thought as I felt her tight smooth tits in the nightgown I gave her. I could feel her nipples harden under my touch as I began rubbing them through the cloth. I could feel her heart beating faster as my other hand slid down to her furry pussy. Her cunt was drenched. I knew what I liked ... so ... I just did the same thing to her. After all, she was the first female I was with and I didn't know what else to do. I tugged at her nipple ... fingered her clit ... rubbed her pussy-lips ... spread her juice over her thighs.

Kate made a little purring sound as I sat up slightly to check to see if everyone was asleep. They were so I went under the comforter and wiggled my finger against her clit faster, while abusing her nipple between my thumb and finger. "Good little Deana", Kate whispered, " ... rub my clit hard ... you bitch ... make me cum", she hissed. I liked the way she was talking to me but I wanted to control. She was in MY house ... at MY party ... under MY comforter ... so ... I stopped all together.

Flustered, she leaned over and asked me why I had stopped. Hoping that my actions would work, I pushed her over, grabbed her by her chin and held her tightly. "You want to play ... then shut up and play my way!!!", I hissed back.

Kate was silent for a moment when she whispered, "Yes ... Mistress."

I stood up and motioned for her to follow me. We went into the bathroom where I closed and locked the door. I turned on the bright lights and told her to lie on the floor. Kate lay on the round bath mat as I had her spread her pussy so that I could look inside. I had her spread her cunt wide with both fingers before I had her get on all fours and spread her ass hole. As When I had finished inspecting her I had Kate lay on her back and I straddled her, pushing my shaved pussy over her face. She was hesitant at first but soon her hands reached around my hips and pulled my dripping cunt to her mouth as she licked my juices. Kate's tongue felt so good on my hot pussy as I told her what to lick ... where ... how long ... and she loved it. When I felt she really wanted me I got up, letting her tongue dangle in the air as I turned ... lay next to her ... instead of pinching her nipples ... I licked them. I loved the feeling and so did Kate.

She was breathing heavily I went right to rubbing her clit very hard. Between the licking and sucking on Kate's nipple and fingering her clit, Kate was on the edge of exploding. I stuck my finger in her ass as I tapped her clit and that did it.

"Oh ... make me cum ... Deana", Kate whispered as she pushed my fingers deep into her ass and squeezed her fingers over mine, crushing her clit. "Make me cum ..... ", she said, squeezing hard. At that, I bit down on her nipple and shoved three fingers into her pussy while I thumbed her clit. Kate nearly came off the floor.

"FUCK ME ...DEANA ... FUCK ME ... please ... ram your fingers in my cunt baby!! You know how a girl likes it!!!", she screamed.

Yes I did!! Bryan had taught me about pain is pleasure and Kate was about to find out. I bit harder on her nipple, and crammed a fourth finger in her juicy puss hole.

"Deana ... that hurts ..... stop ... stop ... please ..... ooowwwww", she cried.

"You wanted to play" Well play my way now ... Kate ... you beautiful bitch!", I whispered as I spread her cunt with my fingers and fucked her with my hand.

I was excited and so was Bryan. "DEANA ... COME HERE ... PLEASE ... COME HERE", he said, as I looked over and he was ready to cum. I had gotten turned on myself by telling him the story and I thought he wanted me to suck his cock. But ... I wanted more. I dropped my panties and jumped on his stiff prick ... ramming his cock deep into me.

Shocked but happy, he grabbed my hips and drove deep into me.

"Ugh ... ugh ... ugh ..... Mmmmmmm GOD DAMN ..... Oohhhhhhhh fuck yeah, fuck .... OOOOOOohhhhhhhhhh ughh", he moaned. Bryan filled me with his hot load as I rocked hard against him.

"I take it you liked that story ... huh ... Bryan??" When he nodded I continued, " ... and ... you haven't even heard the whole thing. Do you think you can take the rest?"

Brian nodded again.

"I hope so ... because ... you don't have a choice ... Dearest, Bryan!!"

:-) DEANA (-:

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