When I was twelve years old, a long time ago, a girlfriend and I went for a picnic and hiked in the local bushland. She brought a Polaroid camera and half a cask of wine. After we had eaten lunch and drank enough to feel good, she brought out the camera and we took nude "glamour" photographs of each other. I did scan those pictures at school, and feared that I might be caught. What might have happened, should I have been caught, is the basis for this composition. "Caught!" is my first work of fiction in the third person.

The photographs, taken when I was twelve years old, aren't around any more... so DON'T ask me for them!

The photos in the story are not of us !

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Caught !

By Michelle Thomas

As Glenda switched the scanner on and powered up the graphics workstation, she couldn't help chuckling to herself. Alone in the computer lab after the last class for the day no one would expect that she, a straight-A student, would be scanning nude photographs of herself!

After she logged-in to the network, she carefully arrayed the eight Polaroids on the glass and lowered the cover. Returning to the computer, she started the software to run the scanner.

Humming quietly to herself as she worked, Glenda failed to notice someone had walked quietly up behind her.

Dave Lennox, the computing teacher, had noticed Glenda working intently by herself in the lab after class. She was certainly the brightest student he had ever taught, astonishingly pretty and never failed to produce exemplary work. Teaching Glenda was a give and take affair. He learned nearly as much from her as she learned from him so it was with a feeling of happy anticipation that he walked up behind her, taking care not to disturb her concentration.

On seeing Glenda's screen it took a moment for him to recognise the girl on it as Glenda herself. Transfixed by the beauty of the nude Glenda on the screen he watched as she painstakingly boxed and captured each image, saving them to her floppy disk.

As her disk drive ground and whirred for the eighth time, Glenda sighed happily and said to herself, "Well, they're in the can."

"They certainly are!" Dave said, in a carefully neutral voice.

Glenda jumped and gave a little scream, feeling ice forming from her pussy up through her belly. Turning around, Glenda asked in a tremulous voice, "Mr. Lennox! How long have you been there?"

"Quite long enough, Glenda," he told her in a grave voice, "I think you had better see me in my office."

Walking to the scanner, he lifted the cover, carefully picked up each of the photographs and slid them into his inside jacket pocket.

When they had reached his office Dave told Glenda, "Sit down young lady, I'll be back in a couple of minutes."

Waiting alone in the office, Glenda made a quick assessment of her situation. It doesn't look good, girl, she said to herself. The worst thing that could happen is that I get expelled, my parents see the pictures, I get my hide tanned and get grounded until I'm ninety. Anything else has to be better. As a profound feeling of despondency descended upon her, she heard footsteps approaching along the hallway outside. By the time they stopped outside the door, Glenda was feeling a definite urge to urinate. As the door opened and Mr. Lennox walked in, Glenda's lip was beginning to tremble.

Looking at Glenda, Dave felt a wave of sympathy for the girl. She was clearly afraid of the possible consequences and looked as though she might burst into tears at any moment.

"I think we can speak privately now. We're the only ones in the building and I've just locked the doors. Now, what do you think your parents would say if they saw these pictures?" he asked, taking the Polaroids out of his pocket and laying the stack on the desk.

"Oh no! Please don't tell my parents Mr. Lennox, they'd kill me! Please! I-I'll do anything if you don't tell them. Please!"

"Calm down Glenda, I didn't say I was going to tell them, I just wanted you to think about what might have happened if someone like Mrs. Bridges had caught you."

A tiny spark of hope had formed in Glenda's heart and quickly flared as Mr. Lennox continued to speak. From despondency, Glenda's mood changed to elation. "You mean you're not going to tell them? Oh thank you Mr. Lennox," Glenda reached across the desk and took his neatly folded hands in hers. "I owe you big-time."

"I didn't say I'd just let the matter go, Glenda, I only said that I wouldn't bring it to your parent's attention." Spreading the photographs out on the desk, he was again taken by the girl's beauty, her developing breasts and the small thatch growing above the pink lips crowning her thighs.

Lifting his eyes from the photographs with an effort Dave asked, "Did you remember to take the diskette out of the machine?"

"Yes sir, of course."

Reaching out towards Glenda he asked, "May I have it for a moment please?"

Without speaking, Glenda handed over the disk expecting her teacher to format it. Instead, after he turned to insert it into his office workstation, he started Winzip, created a new archive, set a password and added Glenda's images to it. Surprising her further, he returned her diskette to her before moving the file to his own floppy disk, which he slipped into his jacket pocket.

"The question remains: what are we going to do with you Glenda? What do you think we should do?"

While she had been watching her teacher looking at the photographs and then copying her files onto his own machine in such a way that he alone could retrieve them, Glenda's mind had been working furiously. When Mr. Lennox asked her what should be done, she took a deep breath and told him, "Punishment usually involves making the victim feel worse than the person administering the punishment. As I recall from physics, Albert Einstein taught that everything is relative to everything else. Therefore it is also valid to view punishment as making the person administering the punishment feel nicer than the victim."

Laughing, Dave said, "You'd make a brilliant lawyer, Glenda. Now, in simple terms, what is it you propose?"

Standing, Glenda started to unbutton her uniform blouse. Watching the growing surprise on Mr. Lennox's face, she smiled as she dropped her top on the floor and deftly removed her skirt. Stepping over it, she reached behind her as she continued to walk around the desk to her teacher.

"Glenda, please let me take the rest off," he asked, his voice breaking.

"Of course sir," she chuckled as she lowered herself onto his thighs, snuggling forward until she felt his erection against her panties. Gently holding his face, she kissed him deeply feeling his mouth respond to hers. As their tongues caressed and explored each other, Glenda started removing her teacher's necktie and shirt.

Breaking from their kiss, Glenda slid off Dave's lap and knelt to undo his belt and unzip his trousers. Dave lifted his hips from the chair allowing Glenda to lower his pants and briefs. Gasping at the size of his erection, Glenda decided that she was going to have that inside her just as soon as possible.

Slipping his shoes and socks off she removed his pants, leaving him entirely nude.

"Stand up for a moment, sweetheart. I want to take your bra and panties off."

Standing, Glenda looked longingly at the swollen pole standing proudly in her teacher's lap. Following her gaze, Dave winked at her and said, "Soon, little one, soon."

Tenderly sliding his hands up her flanks toward her bra, through which her nipples clearly protruded he told her, "Glenda, you are just so beautiful."

"I'm glad you like my body Mr. Lennox. I can't wait until I'm ready for you to be inside it."

Reaching around behind her, he unclipped her bra and very slowly, teasing himself, lowered it to reveal her breasts; firm, not too big, with coral pink areolae and prettily protruding nipples. Gently kissing each in turn, lightly flicking his tongue he heard her sigh and her hands again held his head gently. Still kissing her nipples, he let his hands wander lightly down towards her panties. Finding the moist patch between her legs, he played his fingertips over it.

Glenda was moaning now and she could feel her legs starting to tremble. Mr. Lennox was making her feel so much nicer than she had ever felt in her life. "Please Mr. Lennox, strip me now. Make me naked for you!"

Kneeling in front of her, Dave gently lowered Glenda's panties. As he revealed her young pussy he felt himself growing faint at the sight of her chestnut curls and pale pink labia.

Stepping out of her panties, Glenda widened her stance and tilted her hips forward to give Mr. Lennox the best view of her pussy she could while she was standing. She watched her teacher staring at her for a moment, feeling deliciously wanton at the display she was giving. As she watched, Mr. Lennox moved his face closer to her pussy and started to kiss her pubic hair. Slowly his focus shifted to the crease between her fur and the top of her thigh.

Playing his lips around her pussy, not tasting the sweet flower between her thighs yet, Dave strove to heighten her arousal. He was astonished that this girl would willingly give her body to him and felt that there might be a chance of further encounters if he could give her the best orgasm she had ever experienced.

Glenda felt her legs giving way under the onslaught of pleasure and started to lower herself to the floor. Without stopping, Mr. Lennox supported her bottom and back with his hands as he gently laid her down. Kissing her pussy, he gently probed her vagina with the tip of his tongue before tenderly parting her labia to touch the shaft of her erect clitoris. Through a pink haze Glenda felt her hips starting to move against Mr. Lennox's face. Rolling her head, her breath heaving, Glenda felt pleasure building within her loins. When she was sure she couldn't feel any greater pleasure, she felt Mr. Lennox taking her clitoris into his mouth, sucking it in and out. As wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, Glenda was dimly aware of her hips bucking wildly. Suddenly her pleasure reached a crescendo, her body stiffened, she stifled a scream with her fist and collapsed back onto the carpet.

Looking down her body, she saw Mr. Lennox smiling gently at her. "That was nice, then?"

"Oh, God yes! I hope I can make you feel as nice Mr. Lennox."

Sitting up, Dave extended his hand and helped Glenda onto his lap. Kissing her deeply, he lifted her by her bottom and gently lowered her onto his erection. Feeling his cock being enveloped by her tight, warm, wet teenage pussy, it took heroic control to stop himself cumming inside her right then. Calming himself he gently caressed Glenda's breasts while she, tentatively at first, rocked back and forth pleasuring herself on his pole.

Watching the pleasure growing on her young face through the haze of his own approaching orgasm, Dave played his fingertips across her nipples. Writhing from the pleasure in her breasts and pussy, Glenda's face had taken on an almost angelic expression. As the movement of her hips became more violent Dave could no longer hold back and, his cock pulsing, he deposited spurt after spurt of semen inside her.

Glenda was dimly aware of nothing but the extreme pleasure assailing her body from both her pussy and nipples. As Mr. Lennox's fingers played over her nipples she could feel the almost electrical impulses travelling down to the centre of her chest below her breasts. Coupled with the feelings radiating up from her pussy, she didn't think she could feel any nicer at all.

Suddenly everything seemed to happen at once. Mr. Lennox gave a strained kind of grunt, thrusting his hips against her. His cock seemed to grow inside her and, as her second orgasm exploded through her, she felt his cock pulsing in her and warm liquid squirting into her in time with the pulses.

As their breathing slowed, Glenda asked just a little anxiously, "Was I any good Mr. Lennox? Did I please you?"

"Oh Glenda, I really can't remember any woman ever giving me as much pleasure as you did then," Dave told her, believing it.

Laughing with relief, Glenda leaned forward and kissed her teacher deeply, noticing that his cock was still inside her.

Glenda had lost her virginity earlier that year. It had not been a pleasurable experience for her, the boy being inexperienced and selfish, bursting through her hymen and ejaculating almost immediately. She had sex twice more after that but had never more than approached a climax.

Mr. Lennox seemed to know how to please her and, she thought, tried hard to do so. She knew that she wanted much, much more of this man, as often as possible.

Returning her kiss, Dave felt himself stirring inside this young and very beautiful girl again. Lifting his knees to support her back, he edged across the floor until he could lay back. As he lowered himself Glenda shifted her legs from around his waist until she was kneeling astride her teacher's hips, her pussy open to the still growing cock inside her.

Leaning forward to increase her pleasure Glenda whispered, "Please fuck me hard Mr. Lennox, make your cock cumm inside my pussy as much as you want. Do whatever you want to make yourself feel nicer."

Glenda couldn't believe she had just said that! She giggled nervously as she felt his strong hands grasp her hips, holding her against him as he thrust firmly into her again and again. Glenda experimented with her vaginal muscles, clenching them whenever he was fully inside her. She found this increased her pleasure and, looking at Mr. Lennox's face, she saw it also increased his.

As she worked them both to another climax, she reflected that this is truly what it means to be a woman. No more inept little boys masturbating inside her, she deserved the pleasures a tender and experienced man could give her, taking his pleasure from hers. Taking her own pleasure from him as she alternately gripped and released his cock, they came together once more.

As his milked-out cock began to shrink out of Glenda's pussy Dave told her, "Next time you want some pictures scanned honey, get me to do it. I can wait until the building is empty and it's safe."

"Mr. Lennox," Glenda replied coyly, "next time I'm naughty enough to bring rude pictures of myself to school, I'm sure I'd deserve to be kept in and punished like this again."

"I'm sure you're right Glenda. Do you think it might happen again?"

"Probably not soon, sir, but I'm sure I can think up other ways to be punished like this."

They laughed together as they rose. After she had dried her pussy on a handful of tissues from the box on his desk, she knelt before her teacher, cupping his balls in one hand and holding his flaccid shaft between the fingertips of her other. Tentatively, she lifted the head with her thumb, gingerly reaching out with her tongue. She knew about oral sex but had never felt happy about having a cock inside her mouth, however Mr. Lennox had pleasured her with his mouth and she firmly believed in quid pro quo.

Cautiously touching the tip of her tongue to the cleft under the head of his cock, she was surprised at the subtle flavour, not at all the intense saltiness she had been given to expect. Gaining confidence, she ran her tongue along the underside allowing the knob to touch her lips. As she enclosed the head with her lips, she looked up to see Mr. Lennox watching her with a look of rapt attention mingled with pleasure. Closing her eyes, she allowed her awareness to narrow until her whole universe was the taste and feel of the cock in her mouth.

As she explored with her tongue and lips, she was only dimly aware of the pleasure she was giving, concentrating fully on knowing this wonderful organ with her mouth and extracting her own pleasure from the joy of learning.

Watching Glenda take his cock into her mouth Dave noticed a change slowly come over the girl. Even as she pleasured him she seemed to clothe herself in serenity, her initial nervousness having changed into, not enthusiasm, but something akin to contentment. This young woman, who had given every appearance of never having tasted a cock in her life, was not only performing better fellatio than he had ever experienced, but she seemed totally unaware of anything but the cock in her mouth.

Giving himself over to the increasing pleasure, Dave stopped analysing Glenda's behaviour and allowed himself to enjoy the experience. As her tongue caressed his cock's shaft, her lips travelled from the ridge at the base of his knob to a point about eight centimetres down. Each time her lips held his knob by its base her tongue would explore his cleft licking upward towards the tip before doubling over and, with the cleavage of the underside of her tongue, cause exquisite pleasure as she again let her lips travel along his shaft.

Serenely, calmly, Glenda explored Mr. Lennox's growing cock. Having lost most of the flavour, which had coated it earlier, Glenda was taking pleasure from discovering the texture of the veins and other organs inside the shaft. She explored the smoothness of his glans; the cleft hiding his urethra, and the urethra itself; the longitudinal ridges of his corpus calosum, again engorging, and the strangely soft band of his circumcision scar.

As she explored with her lips and tongue, Glenda was suddenly aware of Mr. Lennox's hands resting on her head behind her face. Her concentration broken she continued to explore his cock increasing the pressure of her tongue and lips to bring her teacher to a cumm.

Watching Glenda work his cock with her mouth, Dave couldn't help guiding her head with his hands. Gently holding her head, he noticed an immediate change in the way Glenda's mouth was working his cock. After a second's pause her lips and tongue resumed their work, but something that had been there until a moment ago had gone. Glenda's mouth still felt fantastic but an indefinable something had suddenly gone.

She played his cock in her mouth until, in exquisite pleasure, Mr. Lennox came in her mouth.

Groaning in ecstasy, Dave watched Glenda swallowing his cumm as it pulsed into her mouth. When she had sucked him dry she moved back and, licking her lips, smiled up at him. "I only wanted to clean your cumm off it Mr. Lennox," she giggled, "not make it all wet again."

Dave chuckled and told her, "You are a most remarkable young woman Glenda: beautiful, intelligent and by far the most stimulating partner it has ever been my pleasure to be intimate with. Do you think it would be possible for us to have a relationship? We would have to keep it very discreet; if anybody found out I would never teach again after I got out of gaol."

Glenda, serious now, looked up at her information technology teacher and said, "Mr. Lennox, nothing would make me happier than to be with you regularly. I understand that we couldn't have a normal 'going steady' relationship but whatever time we can manage to spend together is enough for me. You probably noticed that I wasn't a virgin when you had me but you are the first to have given any consideration to my pleasure. I don't want little boys masturbating inside me anymore, I want to make love with a gentle, tender man who knows how to please a woman and I hope you'll teach me how to please you more, too."

Sitting on the carpet opposite the girl, Dave told her, "Glenda, if you had given me any more pleasure I'm sure I would have died! What are your plans for this coming weekend?"

Moving toward her teacher until her pussy was touching his flaccid cock and her nipples were brushing his chest, Glenda said, "Saturday I'm free until dinner-time when I have to stay in to deal with any study left over from the week. Sunday morning the family goes to church and then I teach Sunday school but the afternoon is okay, so how does that mesh with your plans?"

Looking incredulously at Glenda, Dave said, "You teach Sunday school?"

Gently kissing Mr. Lennox on his lips Glenda told him, "We both have public personae totally at odds with our private lives. How many people are going to suspect me, a Sunday school teacher and regular church-goer, of having an affair with a respectable high school teacher?"

As his cock started to stir again, Dave smiled at Glenda and said, "You're absolutely right of course. I mean this in the nicest way, but I think you're fifteen going on thirty! You have more common sense than do most adults I know. I hadn't any plans this weekend at all other than a bit of work with the computer, so what time would be best for you on Saturday?"

As Mr. Lennox's cock grew against her pussy Glenda snuggled against him rotating her hips forward so that, as his cock rose, it would find her moist hole waiting.

"The earlier I arrive, the longer we can spend together. How does seven o'clock sound?"

"Seven o'clock it is then. I'll give you a front door key tomorrow so you don't have to stand by the door until I answer."

While they were planning their rendezvous Glenda felt Mr. Lennox's cock continuing to grow and was now pressing into her cleft. Leaning back a little and pushing her hips forward she managed to capture the head with her pussy and shinnied forward allowing the shaft to slide inside her again. Wrapping her legs around Mr. Lennox's waist she leaned back and sighed contentedly as she worked her vaginal muscles on his shaft.

Feeling his cock immersed again in the warm slipperiness of Glenda's pussy and seeing her budding breasts held up before his gaze, Dave couldn't resist fondling her nipples with his fingertips. Gently pinching and toying with them he found that her gasps and moans of pleasure were stimulating him to another cumm rather more quickly than he wanted. As Glenda's pussy muscles worked their way along his cock Dave felt his next orgasm coming ready-or-not. Moving his hands down to her lovely hips he thrust her against his cock while it pulsed and dribbled a few drops of semen inside her.

Laying back, gloriously impaled upon Mr. Lennox's cock, Glenda felt his fingers playing with her nipples. As pleasure steadily built in her loins, she gasped at the electric pleasure radiating out from her nipples, through her breasts and down to her solar plexus. Suddenly, Mr. Lennox stiffened, grasped her hips and pulled her almost roughly against him. Clenching her pussy hard on his cock, Glenda smiled thinking of the power her young body had over this wonderful man. If he was masturbating inside her, he deserved to do so in exchange for the pleasure he had already given her.

Today, after school, when she thought she was totally doomed and had been willing to exchange her body for his silence he had given her the first orgasm she had ever experienced in the act of love, and then had given her several more. This man was a catch in a million and she had no intention of letting him go whether it was her helplessness that he had initially exploited or whether he had a genuine affection for her.

As his breathing slowly returned to normal, Dave again regarded the beautiful, intelligent, naked girl who had given herself to him in exchange for his silence. Nearly twice her age, never having met a woman he was prepared to have a serious relationship with, he was touched by the irony of the situation. All lust aside, in two years' time she wouldn't be his student; in three, she would be of legal age...

Pulling himself together, Dave smiled at Glenda and gave her a gentle kiss on her lovely lips.

Taking his mouth in hers, Glenda melted her body against her teacher's and wondered what else he might be able to teach her. There was a wanton side to her that wanted to come out and, knowing how many older men fantasised about young women her age, she knew there would be a lot of fun to be had on both sides of this relationship.

Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my Soul.
- Vladimir Nabokov

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