A Weekend With Our Uncle - Part 4

By Michelle Thomas

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After we had cleaned up for dinner, Andy found some Novocain spray for my bottom and told me to bend over. Kneeling behind me, he first kissed each of my cheeks then sprayed until I felt my bottom was going to freeze. When he had finished, he told me not to stand until it had dried and then came around to sit on the floor facing me.

"Are you very sore?" he asked me, "Your bottom is bright red."

"No Andy, it just stings a bit and the spray is taking that away now. From where he was, Tommy couldn't spank me very hard. I was just putting on a

show for you all, I hope you enjoyed it as much as you seemed to, Uncle Andy. I put a special effort into getting my tits to jiggle for you," I confessed.

Smiling, he told me, "You looked very realistic honey. Every time Tom swatted you, your tits bounced beautifully and I know the look on your face was turning Tina on. You and your sisters are three very kinky girls and it's hard to believe you've just become sexually active."

"Oh," I said, kneeling Japanese style to face my uncle, "Fi, Tina and I have been getting each other off for years whenever we get the chance to be private for a couple of hours. When Fi bought herself a vibrator, we really started having fun! Tell me Andy, when you fucked me in my arse, was that your first time?"

"Yes Mich, I've wanted to do it that way for many years, but I've never been able to get a woman to agree. When you were being submissive and promised to do anything I wanted, I knew I was in with half a chance. How did you like it?"

"I hurt just a little at first, but when I relaxed I slid onto your pole easily. Was it as good as you had hoped?"

"You were tremendous, little one. You've made an old man very happy!"

"You're not old, Andy!"

"I'm nearly twice your age Mich. You're just barely legal and sometimes I almost feel like a child-molester!" he laughed.

"Next time we come up, I'm going to bring my old school uniform and some hair ribbons, then we'll see about child molesting," I told him. "Without any makeup, I can dress to look fifteen."

A kind of dreamy, far-away look came into his eyes while I was telling him that and I smiled to myself.

"Do you have any other fantasies, Uncle Andy?" I asked him, batting my eye lashes.

"You've already done most of them, sweetheart and I really don't think there's much life left in my cock anymore. I've lost count of the number of times I've cumm since yesterday evening! Come on, darling, let's go and see how dinner's coming."

When Andy helped me to my feet I pulled him to me, melted into his arms and gave him a long, passionate kiss that he returned with enthusiasm. I could feel his cock stirring, but it didn't rise.

After dinner, we all went out to sit on the veranda and relax with some cheese, wine and conversation.

After our third bottle we were all feeling very loose and Andy was recovering from the day's sexual excesses. Sitting opposite me, he was resting one foot on the chair between my thighs and I was massaging his sole with my thumbs. Tina was sitting on the swing-seat to my left between Tommy and Fi.

"You know, Fiona," Tina said, "next time Michi misbehaves, I think I'll have to spank her in front of a mirror so I can see her face too. She looked just so funny when Tommy was letting her have it!"

Fiona laughed and said, "That's a good idea. We'll be able to stand behind her and watch her bottom getting red between spanks! What do you men think about that?"

After Andy and Tommy had chorused their agreement Tina smiled at me and asked, "What do you think of that idea Michi?"

Blushing, I looked around to see everyone was waiting for my answer. "Next time I'm naughty enough to get a spanking, I think it's only fair that everyone I inconvenienced should be able to enjoy it. Is there any way I can make getting a spanking more fun for you?"

Tommy laughed and told me, "Oh, Michi, the look on your face each time Tina spanked you made me just so horny. And when you saw Fiona playing with herself right at the end, oh that just made my day!"

"Hmmm," Andy said giving me a smile, "maybe take a bit more time, Tina. The whole thing was over in just a few minutes. If you could spin it out with more swats that aren't quite as hard, and have a bit more time between them, I think we could all have much more fun."

Tina nodded her agreement and Fiona walked over and kissed me, hard, on the mouth and said, "You did real good, Punkin. I don't know how hard you were trying but I've never enjoyed masturbating as much as I did this afternoon."

Kneeling beside me, she reached across and took my breast in her hand and started flicking her tongue across my nipple.

I sighed as I felt my nipples crinkling and closed my eyes, enjoying the warm feeling my sister was giving me. Opening my eyes for a moment I saw Andy sitting forward and watching with considerable interest so I gave him a smile and a wink, which he returned. With any luck, I thought, there would still be some life in his cock when it was time for bed and if I played my cards right, it would be me in his bed with him.

Meanwhile, Fiona's fingertips were playing across my tummy making me shudder with pleasure. Suddenly Tina spoke up, "Hey, it's starting to get cold, let's all go inside."

"I'm not cold," I said, making everybody laugh.

"Come on Michi," Fiona told me, "we'll put some cushions down on the carpet and give the boys a real show."

Once the men were seated on the couch, Fiona laid me down on the cushions and knelt down beside me. Reaching over, she took my breast in her hand and kissed my nipple. Tina, meanwhile had positioned herself between my thighs and was starting to kiss the area around my pussy. Feeling tingles from both ends of my body, I sighed and ran my fingers through Fiona's hair as her lips moved slowly up past my throat to my face. As our mouths met, we kissed deeply and wetly letting the guys see our tongues. As Tina's mouth came closer to my labia she started to explore with her tongue, making me moan softly.

"Ooh, that looks like fun," Fiona said looking down at Tina. "Let's turn her around so her twat is facing the men and I'll join you."

While they were turning me, I gathered some cushions behind me so I would be more comfortable watching the men watch my sisters eat my pussy.

I spread my legs wide for them and gently tweaked my nipples as they both started running their fingers and tongues around my love-gap. Tina gently pulled my pubes with her lips, causing the skin around my clit to stretch, sending waves of intense pleasure through me.

"Oh my God," Tommy said from the couch, "that's absolutely beautiful!"

Opening my eyes, I saw Tommy's rod was standing up hard and Andy's cock was also erect, but it didn't seem to be as hard as it was the very first time I saw it. Considering the amount of cumming he had done in the past twenty-four hours, this wasn't too surprising. Both men were staring at what my sisters were doing to my pussy. Feeling their eye-tracks on me sent a thrill through me.

As Tina took my clitoris between her lips and gently sucked it into her mouth, I began to writhe with the intensity of the pleasure she was giving me. Each time she sucked it into her mouth, she would caress the underside of it with the tip of her tongue, making me buck my hips and grind my dripping wet cunt into her face. When Tina felt my climax building she placed her index finger against my freckle and pressed, circling gently. As my moaning grew louder and my breath was coming in short gasps, she inserted her finger all the way inside, starting my orgasm and making me writhe violently at the intensity of the pleasure I was feeling.

After I had calmed down, I opened my eyes and saw Fiona kneeling in front of the men, guiding Andy's hand up and down Tommy's shaft while she sucked on the head. Tommy was sitting back with a look of utter bliss on his face. Crawling over with Tina to watch more closely, Andy winked at me and said, "Fiona told us that it was only fair, if we were going to watch you women getting each other off, she should be able to watch one of us get the other off."

Fiona released Andy's hand and sat back with us to watch. Without Fi's hand guiding his, he moved more slowly up and down Tommy's cock, reaching his thumb over to rub the head each time his hand was at the top. Realising that Fiona had stopped sucking on his head, Tommy looked down to watch Andy's hand working his cock. "Faster Andy, I'm going to cumm," Tommy told my uncle.

Andy pumped Tommy's cock faster and faster until, with a bass groan, Tommy shot all over his chest and Andy's hand. Still gently holding Tommy's cock Uncle Andy asked us, "Well girls, what did you think of that?"

We told Andy that we had thoroughly enjoyed watching him jerk off Tommy, and that it was a sight we wanted to see again.

Seeing Tommy's cumm dripping down his chest, Fiona leaned forward and started to clean it up with her tongue. Catching on, Tina took Tommy's cock into her mouth while I took Andy's hand and, looking him in the eye, sucked each of his fingers into my mouth before licking the cumm from his hand. When I had finished I knelt across his lap and kissed him, giving him a taste of Tommy's cumm in my mouth.

"Well," Tommy told us all, "that was something I never thought would happen to me, or that I would enjoy it as much as I did."

Andy laughed and told him, "Since my wife walked out, two years ago, I've had enough practice to get masturbation down to a fine art. This was the first time I've ever done it to somebody else's cock, though, and I'd never have let Fiona start it if I hadn't been so horny. On that note I think I might have a shower and go to bed, it's been a long and pretty tiring day. The rest of you, make yourselves at home."

Still kneeling astride my uncle I asked, "Can I scrub your back please Uncle Andy?"

"Sure, sweetheart," he said, playfully tweaking my nipples.

After our shower, while we were drying each other off I asked Andy, "Do you want to bring the petroleum jelly to bed tonight?"

"I'd love to honey," he said taking me in his arms. "I'm really going to miss you when you go home."

"We'll miss you, too, Andy," I told him, kissing him lightly.

"Oh, I'll miss Tina and Fiona too," he whispered, "but you've always been my favourite niece and I know I'm going to miss you more. It's you who seem to share my fantasies the most, darling."

Feeling myself going to water, I kissed Andy passionately. Don't fall in love with him girl, I thought to myself, you live too far apart! Of course, if I wanted to study full-time at the TAFE College at this end of the coast, the obvious place to stay would be here. My parents would insist on my having proper adult supervision...

While I was thinking this, I could feel Andy's cock rising between my legs to rest in the cleavage between my cheeks. "Let's go to bed," I whispered, "I want to make you feel as good as I possibly can."

As we settled down together on the bed, I took the jar from Andy and scooped some jelly into my hand to lubricate his cock.

As I slowly moved my hand up and down his cock, he lay back on the bed with one hand on my waist watching my hand working him. "Oh, that feels just sooo good," he sighed, "I can't decide whether to let you keep doing that or to fuck that sweet little arse of yours again."

I chuckled and said, "Why don't you lube me while you're making up your mind?"

I gave him the jar and knelt across his chest facing away from him, holding my cheeks apart. He planted a tender kiss on my pussy before he started to work his greased finger inside me. Again and again he took his finger out and replaced it, covered in more jelly until he was satisfied.

"You wouldn't have brought any lingerie with you, would you sweetheart?" he asked.

"The best I can do this time is a lacy black bra. Would you like me to get it?"

"Yes please, honey."

In the guestroom, I wiped my hands before opening my suitcase and rummaging through. Finding the bra, I put it on. It was a sheer, black 3/4-cup bra through which my nipples could easily be seen. On impulse, I also put on my white pleated skirt and stepped over to the mirror to appraise myself. The effect was not quite what I was after so I got out my makeup kit and brushed a little translucent talc on my face. Pleased with the result, I walked back to Andy's bedroom door.

"Hello Uncle Andy," I said in my best little-girl voice, index finger on my chin and swinging my hips, "may I come in please?"

"My God Michi, you do look under 15!" he said, covering himself with a bedsheet and sitting up on the side of the bed. In a fatherly voice he continued, "Come in, little one, sit on my knee and tell Uncle Andy what the matter is."

"I can't sleep, Uncle Andy," I told him. I squirmed a little on his lap and gasped with surprise. "Oh! What's that, Uncle Andy?" I asked, tentatively feeling his cock.

"Uh, that's Uncle Andy's 'thing' sweetheart."

"It's very big, Uncle Andy. Do you think I'd be allowed to see it?"

"A man's 'thing' is very private, little one," he told me gravely.

"Oh, Uncle Andy, I promise I won't tell anyone," I pouted, "and if you let me see it, I'll do anything you want."

"Anything, Michi?" he asked.

"Oh yes Uncle Andy, anything at all. Might I pleeeease be allowed to look?"


He seemed to be thinking it over. "Alright, Michi, but only because you're Uncle Andy's favourite little girl and because of the promise you made."

"Oh, thank you Uncle Andy," I said, clapping my hands together with glee.

I knelt on the floor beside Andy and, wide-eyed said, "I'm ready, Uncle Andy."

As he slowly lowered the sheet to expose himself, I stared wide-eyed until he was again completely exposed.

I put my hands up to my open mouth, as to cover my surprised intake of breath. "Oh Uncle Andy, it's just so big!" And in truth, it was bigger than I had seen it any time today. "May I please be allowed to touch it, Uncle Andy?"

"Yes, sweetheart, you're allowed to touch Uncle Andy's 'thing'" he told me, a slight quiver in his voice.

Gingerly, I reached out toward the head of his cock. "It's dripping Uncle Andy. Is that wee?" I asked.

"No Michi," he said, "when a man is feeling very sexy, his 'thing' drips with pre-cumm. It's his 'thing's' way of getting ready to have sex."

"Oh, who are you going to have sex with, Uncle Andy?" I asked, gently touching his shaft.

Smiling at me, he said, "You did promise to do anything Uncle Andy wanted, Michi. You're not going to break a promise are you?"

"Oh no Uncle Andy, I'd never break a promise, but what if I got pregnant?" I asked.

"Don't worry sweetheart. You won't get pregnant where Uncle Andy is going to put it. By the way, a man's thing is called his cock. Can you say that?"

"Yes, Uncle Andy. Do you want to put your cock in me now?"

"Stand up in front of your Uncle Andy, Michi," he told me gently.

When I was standing he reached out with trembling hands and undid my skirt, letting it fall to the floor, exposing all of my body except for my breasts.

Fondling my very wet pussy, Andy told me, "Come and lay down on the bed, sweetheart. Uncle Andy's going to put his cock inside your bottom."

"Yes, Uncle Andy," I said as I lay beside him.

I lifted my legs into the air, spreading my cheeks with my hands. Andy lay beside me and very gently inserted his engorged cock into my anus.

As soon as he was inside me he reached over and lowered my bra to play with my breasts. My playing the little girl for Andy had made him so horny, his hands were still shaking as he fondled first, my breasts, then my pussy. I kept my legs raised so that he could have the best possible access to any part of me he might want to touch. Silently I massaged his cock with my anal muscles and gently squeezed his root with my sphincter. I was working his cock very gently, wanting to prolong his extreme arousal as much as possible. Suddenly, he grasped my hips and moaning, fucked his cock in and out of me almost hard enough to make me cry out. I bit my lip and moaned back, not wanting to spoil my uncle's enjoyment.

"O-oh M-ich-i," he gasped, "I-i'm g-going to c-cummm..."

I ground my bottom against his cock to heighten his pleasure as, with a long grunt, he held his cock fully inside me and I felt it pulse its orgasm.

He kept his cock inside me until it had gone limp and fallen out. Once we were no longer intimately joined, I turned to embrace my uncle. Pressing my body against his, we embraced as he lavished kisses on my lips, face, throat and neck.

"Oh Andy," I whispered, "I love you so much, and I want to do anything to make you feel good."

"You do sweetheart." he whispered. "Nobody, ever, has made me feel as good as you do. When you were being a little girl I was getting so horny I nearly came in your face. It took all of my control to wait until I was inside you."

"Seriously, Andy, nobody has ever pleasured me as much as you did this morning. If I knew you were that good, I would have seduced you years ago! We're going to have to think of a plausible reason for me to come here more regularly."

"Tomorrow, darling," Andy said through a bone-cracking yawn, "we'll put our heads together tomorrow."

I yawned myself, saw Andy was nearly asleep, snuggled against his strong chest and gave myself up to Morpheus.

More to cum... 

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