A Weekend With Our Uncle - Part 3

By Michelle Thomas

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Over lunch we discussed our picture collections. Andy was pretty stunned to find that we had over 128 megabytes of pictures and movies, all neatly filed in a structured directory tree.

"Very impressive! So what do your parents think of it?"

"They'll never know," Fiona told him. "We compress them into a WinZip archive then use PGP just to be absolutely certain that no one can open them without knowing a very, very long pass phrase."

"PGP", Andy asked, "what's that?"

"Pretty Good Privacy. It's a strong encryption program that would take a supercomputer a very expensively long time to crack. We used to just use WinZip with a password until I found a company that sells a cracker program. If you don't want anybody looking at your files, just get PGP and encrypt them with your key. With the latest version for Windows, Macs and Unix, it's drag and drop easy."

While Fiona was lecturing Andy, Tina and I exchanged grins. Don't get Fi talking about data privacy, or you'll have to stick a cock or a clit in her mouth to shut her up!

When she stopped to take a breath, Tina quickly changed the subject. "Why don't we bring Fi's computer up next time so we can swap files?"

"That's a good idea," Andy said, "I've got a cable I use to transfer stuff between my laptop and my desktop. We can set it and forget it until the job's done."

After lunch, we went outside and played tennis. Andy lives out of town on a 3/4 hectare property. Being totally surrounded by dairy and beef farms, you can't see a house nearer than a couple of kilometres away, so there was no chance of anyone seeing us. After Andy took his briefs off last night, none of us had worn a stitch of clothing and we had no intention of getting dressed again until Sunday night.

Playing nude tennis in Tasmania in summer means lots of sunscreen to keep the UV from causing skin cancer. Remembering the last time we used it, and the social event that became, I started to get horny. "Well," I asked, "who gets to do whom?"

"If nobody minds, I'd like to do all three of you," Uncle Andy said with a lecherous grin. "You're all just so wonderfully young and sexy I want to put my hands all over you."

We all agreed to that on condition the three of us got to share him. Fiona, again claiming seniority, knelt down before Andy and he started applying the sunscreen to her while Tina and I watched. He started at the front, working his way down from her shoulders to her breasts, slowly rubbing the lotion over her skin. "Mmm, you're very smooth," Andy told her, "I'm so very glad you three turned out to be the sexy, wanton girls you are. Every time you girls visited over the past few years I couldn't help thinking about the lucky boys who were bedding you."

"Actually Andy," I said, "you're just the second man to have me. Almost all of the guys back home drag their knuckles when they walk! They just don't have any appeal. Tina has the only one worth having, but she doesn't mind sharing, so that's okay."

"What about you Fiona?" Andy asked as he started getting close to her pussy.

"S-same as Michi," she said spreading her legs wider, "if there's nobody I feel comfortable fucking, I'd rather go without. K-keep doing that..."

Tina, fearing that our elder sister was going to monopolise Andy, walked over and sat behind Fiona. Reaching around she told Andy, "You start on her legs while I take care of her pussy. Don't forget, Fi, Michi and I are waiting our turns, too!"

I came over and sat beside Andy to watch Tina playing with Fi's pussy while our Uncle, rather distractedly worked the sunscreen onto her legs.

Once he had finished her front he sat and watched as Tina's fingers chased, spiderlike, over and around Fi's labia bringing her to a high level of arousal without letting her cumm. Fiona was quite red in the face by this time and her head was back, leaning on Tina's. When Tina suddenly noticed that Andy had finished our sister's front, she let her fingers rest on Fi's pussy and said with a laugh, "Lay down Michi, you do Fi's pussy while Andy does her back."

I lay on my back and waited while Tina helped Fi on top of me. I could see she was dripping wet from the workover that Tina had been giving her, so I sucked her clitoris into my mouth and gently tongued it while Andy was suncreening her. I was laying so that I could see Andy's cock while he was working, and wasn't too amazed to see that it was getting hard again. When I judged that Andy was nearly finished I increased the stimulation to Fi's clit, making her start thrashing around. Suddenly, she pushed her twat into my face quite hard and gave a piercing yell that startled the hell out of me before collapsing back onto me.

After a moment she got up on all fours and slowly got to her feet, swaying slightly. Looking at Tina she said, "We'll have to try that again sometime, I think."

While Tina and Fi were distracted, I passed the bottle to Andy and squatted down so he could do my back. When he had worked his way down to my waist, I leaned forward and got up on my knees giving him a perfect view of my pussy. Just before he got down past my bottom, he leaned forward and gave my labia a quick, but tender, kiss that made me shiver with pleasure. As he continued to work over my pussy and down my thighs he asked, "Girls, have you ever been with more than one man at a time?"

Tina answered saying, "No Andy, decent men are very thin on the ground back home, why?"

"I've had a fantasy for a while now about watching a girl sucking my cock while someone's fucking her, and it occurred to me that you might know someone..."

"Tommy!" we chorused.

"Andy, do you mind if I make a phone call?" Tina asked.

"Be my guest, I was hoping you would ask that," he laughed.

Tina was back about five minutes later. "He's coming up now," she said, "I gave him your address and directions from the highway so he should be here in about two hours. Meanwhile, I think it's my turn for the sunscreen!"

After Andy had finished Tina, we all converged on him. Laughing, he stood there with his cock standing up while three pairs of young female hands covered every centimetre of his body. Before we all got carried away, Andy called a halt, got the ball and racquets, then took us out to the tennis court.

After about an hour and a half we decided to have a break. Andy lead us back to the veranda where we girls sat down while he went inside to get something cold and wet. Returning moments later with a pitcher and four glasses, he poured orange juice mixed with white wine and ice cubes and handed one to each of us.

While we were sipping and getting our strength back, we heard a car pulling up in the driveway. "I hope that's Tommy," Tina said, "or we're all going to be very embarrassed!"

With that she went inside the house.

Hearing a familiar tattoo knocked on the front door I said, "That sounds like him."

When Tina came back out Tommy was with her, a large bulge in his pants. Our uncle stood and held out a hand while Tina introduced them.

"Call me Tom please sir, Tommy's a pet name for the girls," Tommy said grasping Andy's hand firmly.

"And I'm Andrew, Tom, not 'Sir'. Pleased to meet you."

Tommy said, "I feel a bit out of place here, being the only one dressed."

Hearing that, Fiona and I stood up and closed in smiling wickedly. I knelt and started taking off his sandals while Fi reached around him from behind to unbutton his shirt and Tina took care of his trousers. In seconds Tommy was as buck-naked as the rest of us. Still on my knees, I could see his cock standing up at eye-level with a drip of pre cumm forming at the tip. I watched it grow for a moment, then leaned forward and took it on the tip of my tongue before sitting back to wait for the next one.

When the second drop formed at the tip of his cock I leaned forward, gently taking his cock in my hand and closing my lips about his head. Suddenly, I felt Andy kneel behind me and reach around to run his fingers through my pussy-fur.

"Let's go inside where we can be more comfortable," he said.

"Alright," Fiona told them, "you two men go in now, we'll be along in a moment."

Once the men had gone inside Tina and Fiona closed in on me, taking an arm each. "Okay Michi, it looks like 'toy time' again," Tina laughed, tightening her grip.

"She's wet enough to go straight onto Andy," Fiona laughed, feeling my pussy. "Come on, let's get her inside."

As soon as we were inside the door I started struggling, forcing them to use both hands to hold me. Laughing, they pushed me into the house calling to Andy and Tommy to help. As soon as the men saw what was happening they broke into broad smiles and each took an ankle, lifting me completely into the air, to carry me into the lounge room. Once I was clear of the ground I started struggling harder forcing the men to use two hands, one on my ankle and the other under each knee, causing my legs to be widely parted.

"Don't you love the way her tits bounce when she struggles," Fiona laughed.

Tommy said, "They're nice, but I'm enjoying the view lower down. I can't wait to get back inside her little honey-pot!"

"Andy, once we get her onto Tommy's cock, would you like her to suck your cock?" Tina asked our uncle.

He replied, "Oh yes, if you don't mind."

Fiona and Tina laughed at that and Tina told him, "No, we don't mind at all. We're enjoying this as much as you are. Now Tommy, you give Andy her leg and lay down on the couch so we can put her on you."

I was still struggling as Andy took both of my legs in his strong arms and Tommy lay on the couch.

"We're going to have to stop her struggling if we want to get Tommy inside her," Fiona told Tina, "any ideas?"

Looking at me with a wicked grin Tina said, "Yes. Lay her over that chair and I'll make her behave."

"What are you going to do?" I asked.

"You'll see," she said with a laugh. "And I guarantee that you'll think twice about being naughty again!"

Once they had me bent over the chair, with Fiona in front holding my wrists and Andy behind holding my ankles, Tina called Tommy to come over and watch the fun. When he was kneeling beside Tina, she said, "Okay, everybody ready?"

"For what?" I asked.

Tina answered by spanking me, once, hard on my buttocks.

"Owww! You bitch," I yelled, struggling hard to free myself, "when I get out of this I'm going to make you sorry!"

"No Muffin, when you get out of this you're going to be a very, very good little girl and do what you're told," she said quietly.

Fiona laughed loudly and said, "You guys are at the wrong end, you should have seen the look on her face when that spank landed!"

"Wait up Tina, I've got to see this," Tommy told her, coming around to sit beside Fiona.

"Here, take a wrist," she said giving him my right arm. "Now watch!"

As the second slap landed I threw back my head and yelled from the sting, "Owww! That fucking hurt!"

Tommy and Fiona were laughing. Fiona imitated the look on my face when I felt Tina's hand land for the second time, to Tommy's great amusement.

"You two are enjoying this, aren't you?" I asked, accusingly.

Tommy moved forward and put his cock into the hand he was holding and said, "If my cock was any harder I think it would burst, Michi. This is the most fun I've had out of bed, ever."

"Now Muffin," Tina told me, "I'm going to give you four more for a total of six spanks and I want you to say 'Thank you' to me after each one and to ask Tommy and Fiona how they enjoyed watching. Do you understand?"

Realising that this could go on all day if I didn't cooperate, I answered in a small voice, "Yes Tina, I understand."


I threw my head back again, "Oww! Thank you Tina. Fi and Tommy, did you enjoy that?"

Fiona was laughing too hard to answer, but Tommy said, "Yes Michi, that was as good as the others. Tina's sure putting on a good show isn't she?"

Before I could answer, Tina's hand landed on my bottom again: Whack!!

"Owww! Thank you Tina, did you two enjoy that one?"

Neither Tommy nor Fiona could answer through their laughter.


"Owwww! Tina, thank you. I can see that Fiona and Tommy are having a wonderful time and they're laughing too hard to answer if I asked them."

"Okay Muffin. Do you promise to be a good girl from now on, and do as your told?"

"Yes Tina, I'll be good, I promise."

"Alright then, there's just one more to go and here's what I want you to do: When everybody lets you go, I want you to walk to the table and bend over. Then, when you've made sure everyone can see properly, I want you to ask me to give you your last spank. Do you understand?"

"Yes Tina."

As the others released their grip, I stood up and turned around to face Tina and Andy. They both had very broad grins on their faces and, from the size of his erection, Andy had obviously been enjoying my spanking too.

I bent over and held the edge of the table and waited until Tommy and Fiona had sat down opposite me, and Andy was kneeling beside me, 'so I can watch your tits jiggle when Tina's hand lands', he had said with a laugh.

Facing Fiona and Tommy I asked, "Has everybody got a good view?"

They chorused their assent.

I had been composing a suitable request for Tina while I was waiting, and I told her, "Tina, I'm ready for the last of my spanks now. I'm sorry I misbehaved but I'm glad everyone found my pain and humiliation so enjoyable. Thank you very much. Would you give my the last spank now?"

"You didn't say 'please', Muffin. We'll make that two more."

"Oh, I'm sorry Tina. Would you please give me my next spank now?"

Whack!!! By far the hardest spank landed on my bottom.

"Owww, owww, owww!" I cried as Fiona and Tommy again dissolved in gales of laughter. "Thank you Tina," I said. Looking down at Andy I asked, "Did my tits jiggle satisfactorily, Uncle Andy?"

"Yes Michi, they were lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing them do it again too," he said, a twinkle in his eye, "but I think I can be more comfortable and have a better view if I lay down underneath you and look up."

When Fiona and Tommy had calmed down, I asked, "Did you enjoy watching the pain on my face that time?"

Fiona mimicked the look on my face when the last spank landed on my bottom and said, laughing, "That was the best so far, Michi. Tina's really putting on a good show, isn't she Tommy?"

"The best, Fiona. Michi's antics are making me so horny, I can't wait to fuck her," he told her.

"Can you both see properly?" I asked.

"Just lift your head a little and face me," Tommy told me, "yes, that's better," he said when I was looking him in the eye.

"What about you, Uncle Andy, have you got a good view?" I asked, looking down to see my uncle laying on his back with his hands folded behind his head.

"Yes thank you Michi, I can see quite well."

"Tina", I said, "everyone has a good view. Would you please spank my bottom whenever you like."

"When I do Michi, you'll find that this one will be by far the hardest. The others were for being naughty and for struggling. This one is for not saying please. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Tina," I squeaked nervously.

Fiona squirmed and giggled at my reaction and Tommy's grim turned into a smile.

As I waited for Tina's hand, I maintained eye contact with Tommy as he had told me to do, watching his hungry smile grow as my nervousness became more apparent. The longer I waited, the more nervous I became and the more Tommy was enjoying my suffering.


"Arrh!!!", I screamed, pitching forward from the force of the spank, tears welling in my eyes.

As Fiona laughed, she was squirming in her chair and I realised she had been fingering herself while I was waiting and was now masturbating herself furiously to an orgasm.

At the look of disbelief on my face, she stood up letting me see her hand working her pussy. As her cumm struck, she sank into her chair again, still staring at my face and the tears trickling down my cheeks.

Tommy was laughing hard and pointing to my face. "You sh-should have seen the look on her," he gasped, "she opened her mouth so wide, I thought the top of her head was going to fall off!"

Writhing in pain and humiliation, I looked down at my uncle who was still laying beneath me, where he had been watching my tits jiggle while I was being spanked.

Reaching up to caress my pussy he remarked, "It seems we weren't the only ones to enjoy the show Tina put on for us," as he felt the wetness of my pussy.

Holding his hand where it was, I knelt down and whispered, "Knowing you were all enjoying it so much made me as hot as Tina was making my bottom. She did spank me as hard as it sounded, and the pain was real, but that sort of humiliation is really nice sometimes."

"Okay Tommy, get onto the couch," Tina said, "Michi has something she wants to ask you, don't you Muffin?"

"Yes Tina," I said contritely. "Tommy, may I please serve to release the hardness that my spanking put in your cock?"

"Come on over Michi, I want to be inside you right now," he said.

Kneeling astride Tommy, I lowered myself onto his cock, feeling the hardness of it as I took it inside me.

"Oh, that feels just so good," he sighed. "Watching your face contort with pain like that was just the funniest, horniest thing I've ever seen Michi. How was it for you?"

"Apart from the pain it was very hot for me, too. When you and Fi laughed like you did each time I got smacked it made me feel sort of tingly from my pussy all the way up inside. Seeing Fiona masturbating at my misery was deliciously humiliating!"

"You talk too much Muffin," Tina told me, "don't you have something to ask Andy?"

In my best little-girl voice I said, "Uncle Andy, did I make you feel horny when I was getting spanked?"

"Yes Michi, I got very horny watching your bottom getting redder, and watching your tits jiggle on your last two spanks nearly got me off!"

"Uncle Andy, may I please take your cock in my mouth and get you off? Please, sir?"

As Andy walked to the end of the couch, his cock standing rigid, I leaned over to take it into my mouth. Pulling back just out of reach, he laughed and said, "Don't be greedy little one, I haven't said 'yes' yet."

"Oh Uncle Andy," I wheedled, "may I pleeease be allowed to make you feel good. I'll do anything you want, I promise..."

"Very well then Michi, just remember what you promised," he said stepping closer.

"Oh thank you, Uncle Andy, I will." I said taking his cock into my mouth.

While I was sucking Andy's cock, I was riding Tommy waiting for him to cumm inside me. When I first leaned forward to take Andy's cock in my mouth, he had started sucking on my nipples and began thrusting his cock in and out of me faster and harder. As he thrusted, he held my hips and Andy guided me over his cock with a hand on my head. Both of these men were very highly aroused and I could feel them both getting ready to cumm.

Each time Andy guided my head down his cock, I would rub the length of my tongue over the head of his cock and as far down the shaft of his cock as I could reach. When he guided my head back, I would wait until just the head was between my lips and squeeze, flicking the tip of my tongue into the cleft at the tip. I could feel his hands shaking as he guided me and knew it wouldn't be much longer until he came in me.

Just as he had started guiding my head down his shaft again, I felt him tense and fuck his cock hard into my mouth. As I rubbed his head with the base of my tongue, I felt his cumm spurting into my mouth. Swallowing it easily, I let my tongue slow its caresses of his shaft until, satisfied, he withdrew from my mouth and went around to watch Tommy's cock going in and out of my pussy.

Each time Tommy had all of his cock inside me, he thrust hard into me while I clenched my pussy muscles on his shaft. Suddenly he slid his hands down from my waist, past my hips and around onto my bottom. Gasping softly, because I was still tender, I continued working his cock while he felt the heat my cheeks were giving off. Looking down into his face, I saw his delighted smile. Returning it, I squeezed his cock harder with my pussy while he continued to explore my hot, sore bottom.

"Oh, that is one red-hot arse, Michi. Is it still sore?"

"Yes, but not as bad as it was," I replied.

"We'll see about that," he said with a laugh. "Come closer and look me in the eye."

As I got down onto my elbows and made eye contact with him, he slapped my tender cheeks with enough force to make me gasp. "Fiona, come and watch!" he called out, slapping my bottom again.

"I am, honey," she said from a metre in front of me.

Looking up, I saw her sitting with her legs apart, smiling broadly and fingering herself. To my right, sitting on the floor, Andy was gently holding Tina against him, his arms wrapped around her as he fingered her. They were all enjoying the show Tommy was making me put on now.

"I'm gonna cumm in a minute Michi, how are you going Fi?" he called.

"Soon, honey, don't stop!" she replied.

Smack! I gasped at the sting, letting Tommy see more pain in my face than I felt.

I could feel his cock jiggling inside me in time with his laughter, laughter that suddenly became a mindless groaning as he emptied his cock inside me with spurt after spurt of cumm. I squeezed my pussy as hard as I could and ground my hips on his cock as it throbbed inside me.

Slowly relaxing, he told me to look at Fiona, who was still fingering herself. Tina and Andy had moved around beside her, Andy still fingering Tina, the three of them smiling broadly.

Smack! Fiona chuckled as I gasped, again showing the pain on my face.

Tina laughed saying, "You're right, Fi, this is the end to watch from!"

Smack! "Ow!" I said, watching the enjoyment on everybody's face as they watched the pain on mine.

Smack! Fiona was getting red in the face and Tina was enjoying herself immensely as I felt Tommy's cock starting to harden inside me again.

Smack! Fiona's breathing was getting faster as were her hands in and on her pussy. Tina had spread her legs wide apart and was guiding Andy's hands on her pussy with hers and Andy was grinning from ear to ear.

Smack! My shout of pain mingled with Fiona's yelp of pleasure as she came, watching my face.

Smack! Tommy's cock had grown to full hardness again and he was thrusting in and out of me, smacking my poor bottom every second or third time he pulled out.

Smack! Fiona laughed at my cry of pain and Tina looked like she was about to cumm.

I clenched as hard as I could on Tommy, trying to get him to cumm again so he might stop.

Smack! Tina came, laughing in my face as I again cried out.

Smack! "Owwwww!" I cried, to the sound of everybody's laughter.

Suddenly Tommy grabbed my tits and thrust his cock hard into me saying, "I'm gonna cumm again, make it good."

I clenched his cock as hard as I could as he grunted his pleasure, cumming inside me again.

After his breathing returned to normal, he smiled up at me and said, "Thanks, Michi. That was the best fuck I've ever had."

"Manners, Michi!" cautioned Tina with a laugh, "what do you say?"

"You're most welcome, Tommy, the pleasure was all mine," I said as everybody again burst into laughter.

"Michi," Andy said, "do you remember making me a promise when I let you suck my cock?"

"Yes, Uncle Andy," I replied, climbing off Tommy, "what do you want me to do?"

"Just wait here, sweetheart, and Uncle Andy will be back in a minute to do something he's always wanted to do," Andy told me.

When Andy came back, he was carrying a jar of petroleum jelly in one hand and smearing some onto his cock with the other.

Sitting on the couch, he said, "Come here, bend over and spread your bottom, honey."

I gasped as I felt his finger slowly applying the lubricant to my arse. "Don't worry honey, there's no way your bottom is going to get spanked once I'm inside you this time," he laughed.

Once he was satisfied that I was as slippery inside as his cock was outside, he supported my thighs as I lowered myself onto him. When the head of his cock was against my arse, he gently increased pressure until he was slipping inside. As his cock slowly filled a hole no other cock ever had, I turned my head to see his face. The look of pleasure in his eyes told me that this was something he had either never asked of another woman, or no other woman had agreed to.

When he was completely inside me, he cupped my tits in his hands and whispered, "How do you like anal sex, honey?"

"I could enjoy getting used to it, Uncle. More to the point, how do you like it?"

"Oh honey, it's wonderful. You're so tight and your bottom is so hot in my lap, I think I could sit here 'til the end of time!"

I started to rock my hips slowly and asked, "Does that make it nicer, Andy?"

"Yes honey. You know that trick you have with your pussy muscles, do you think you arse muscles can do the same thing?" I experimentally squeezed, trying different muscles. "Oh yes Michi," he sighed, "keep doing that, but slowly I want this to last as long as possible."

As I kept squeezing his cock at different places along its length, I found myself getting turned on as much as Andy was. Looking around the room, I found that we had a gallery of spectators sitting on the floor in a semi-circle, watching us with interest. Tommy, staring at my pussy as his cumm dripped out and over Andy's balls was getting hard again. Tina and Fiona were sitting side by side holding hands, watching with expressions of rapt fascination on their faces.

Suddenly Tommy looked up at Andy and asked, "Andrew, would you mind if I made use of Michi's cunt while you're fucking her arse?"

"Not at all Tom," my uncle told him, "be my guest." He leaned us both back so Tommy could get into me more easily and held my knees apart for him. "How's this?" he asked.

"That will do nicely Andrew, thanks."

I couldn't help noticing that no one had asked me, but the thought of being fucked by both men at once was getting me as excited as my earlier spanking had. Maybe this time, with no pain to get in the way, I might cumm too.

When Tommy came over, I asked if I could guide him inside me. He knelt across me, putting my hand on his cock and said, "Slide it in, Michi. Let me know how it feels when you have two cocks inside you at once."

As he lowered himself onto me, I positioned his cock and let him slip it inside. Suddenly Andy gasped and said, "I can feel your cock fucking into her, Tom. Keep doing that please!"

"You bet Andrew, I can feel yours too," Tommy said with a laugh.

When I started to feel an overdue cumm building, I guided one of Andy's hands down to stimulate my clit. As it built, I accidentally moved it to where it was touching Tommy's cock as he was fucking it in and out of me. When neither man objected, I moved Andy's hand down until the ball of his thumb was pressing my clit against Tommy's cock and his thumb and index finger were encircling Tommy. With so much stimulation, the three of us came within seconds of each other and collapsed in a tangle of limbs.

Fiona and Tina gave us a round of applause, and Tina said, "That was probably the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Two guys fucking one girl at the same time, and one of the guys helping to bring the other one off! I'm glad that didn't start a fight Tommy."

Tommy raised himself up on one elbow and told her, "If it feels good, it won't be me starting the fight. This was a better than average fuck to begin with and it ended even better!"

"Before I get squashed, do you think now would be a good time to get cleaned up for dinner," came the muffled voice of Uncle Andy.

Laughing, Tommy stood and offered me a hand. Thanking him, I let him help me up and off Andy's now flaccid cock. Then, with one arm around the other, we turned and each offered Andy a hand. Taking them both, he let us help him up and we gave each other a close three-way hug.

More to cumm...
"I can't do it" never accomplished anything; "I will try" has performed wonders.
- George P. Burnham

A Weekend With Our Uncle - Part 4

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