A Weekend With Our Uncle - Part 2

By Michelle Thomas

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When Tina and I woke up on Saturday morning we were still tangled together. Tina had the foresight to leave the curtains open so that we would be awakened with the dawn.

"Good morning," Tina said when she saw I was awake, "let's think about breakfast in bed for Andy and Fiona."

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"Besides us you mean?" Tina said with a laugh, "Let's get cleaned up and check the kitchen."

Moving quietly, Tina headed for the kitchen while I started a bath. Rummaging through the cupboards, I found some bubble bath and some bath salts. I poured a liberal quantity of each into the tub and stirred to help the foam build up. Once everything looked under control, I brushed my teeth then headed for the kitchen to see if I could help Tina.

Tina meanwhile had gathered together some thin sausages, bacon, tomatoes, eggs and orange juice. "Leave those until we've bathed and made ourselves beautiful," I said, "we'll want to serve breakfast hot and fresh. The bath should be ready now, come on."

Tina followed me into the bathroom and brushed her teeth as I climbed into the tub. Relaxing into the hot foamy water, I watched her titties jiggling in time to the toothbrush. When she had rinsed her mouth, Tina walked over to the tub and stepped in facing me. I took her hands to steady her, kissed her once on the pussy just for fun and let her lower herself to sit facing me, our legs lightly tucked around each other's bottoms. Taking a sponge, I washed her boobs and face then reaching around, washed her back. As I was washing her back, our breasts pressed lightly together, Tina reached down and started to wash my pussy.

"Mmmm, that feels nice. Let's swap," I said, handing the sponge to Tina and leaning back to let my sister wash my front.

When she pulled me toward her to wash my back, I gave her a taste of her own medicine. Reaching down, I gently spread her labia and caressed her pussy lightly, letting the warm water cleanse the traces of last night's eroticism from her.

Before we got carried away with each other, Tina called a halt and we both rinsed off under the shower. After we had brushed each other's hair we went back to the kitchen, still naked, to prepare breakfast.

While Tina was cooking I made coffee in the big eight-cup plunger which is an essential tool of our Uncle's trade and found a nice, big tray to fit everything on.

Carrying the tray between us we headed for the main bedroom where we found Andy and Fiona still asleep, their legs tangled together, amid a rumpled pile of bedclothes.

"Good morning sleepy heads," we chorused, "wakey, wakey, hands off your snaky!"

"Mmmph?" said our uncle, slowly stirring and looking about. His eyes focussed on the two naked sisters holding the breakfast tray and he came awake with satisfying speed. When he tried to sit up, he found that he was still entangled in Fiona's legs and gently shook her awake.

Fiona smiled like the sunrise when she saw our Uncle's face and laughed while she and Andy untangled themselves to sit up and make room for us and the tray.

"Coffee first I think," I told Tina when we got ourselves settled around the tray. Tina poured and I handed a cup each to our Andy and Fiona, keeping the third for myself.

"Did you two have a nice night?" I asked.

"Oh Michi," Fiona said, "Andy was wonderful! Tender, considerate, adventurous and a fucking good lover. I've never been with such an experienced man - you two will enjoy him immensely. If he's not a superstud, I don't know what he is. We made love three times and he made me cumm each time and twice the first time!"

"Fiona," our Uncle responded, "it takes two to tango you know. If Michi and Tina are anywhere near as good as you were I'll die a happy man."

Tina chimed in with, "Let's have no talk of dying. The only stiff we want around here is the one growing in front of you now, Andy."

"Speaking of that," Andy said, "I really do need to go to the bathroom and I don't think having a hard-on is going to help."

Looking at Tina I said, "Your privilege, Teenie, if you hadn't been caught with your pussy hanging out none of this would be happening now."

Kneeling beside the bed, Tina took Andy's cock in her left hand and caressed his balls with her right.

Looking up she said in her best 'little-girl' voice, "Uncle Andy, may I please help to get your cock soft so you can go to the bathroom?"

Suddenly speechless, Andy leaned back on the bed head and nodded dumbly to her. As her tongue slowly circled the tight, shiny knob Andy let out a moan and gently caressed her hair. Looking at our Uncle's face, I couldn't help smiling at the ecstatic expression he wore. Listening to the soft slurping noises Tina was making as her mouth moved up and down his shaft I felt myself getting wet.

I looked over at Fiona but found my eldest sister watching with rapt attention the show Tina was putting on. Remembering how our Uncle had reacted to Tina's 'little-girl' voice, I made a mental note to bring some hair ribbons and my old school uniform with me next time we came up to stay. Returning my attention to Tina and Uncle Andy, I watched as Tina's hands and mouth were working together to bring our Uncle to his first cumm today.

As she worked her mouth over his shaft, Andy started to breathe faster and in little jerks. His moaning was getting louder and his legs seemed to stiffen when, all of a sudden, he gave a kind of long, straining grunt and breathed a massive sigh of contentment. Some of Andy's cumm had escaped Tina's mouth and after swallowing, she carefully licked up all of the drips. Watching this, Uncle Andy seemed pleased that even after last night Tina couldn't swallow all of his cumm.

"Oh Tina, where did you learn to give head like that?" Andy asked her.

"There's this really good site on the web that has a tutorial on sucking cocks by a guy called Dungeonmaster. After we read it, we all practised on our vibrators, but it's good to know it works on a real cock," Tina said. "Now you're not hard any more, Uncle, why don't you go to the bathroom so we can make you all hard again?"

"What a good idea!" Andy laughed, sliding off the bed and walking through the door.

After our Uncle was out of earshot, Tina and I plied Fiona with questions about last night, wanting to know all the dirty details, but Fiona just gave one of her secret smiles and said, "You'll both find out very, very soon. Our Uncle used to think he was a failure sexually after Mary left him. If I ever meet that whore-fucked gutter-slut, I'll kick her cunt sideways!" she said heatedly, "Can you imagine anyone setting out to give someone as wonderful, gentle and considerate as Uncle Andy the idea that he is a failure in bed?"

"Hey, calm down Sis, we're here, she's not and Unks will be coming back to finish breakfast and have desert in a moment," I said, "What do you think we can do to turn him on and give him the best cumm we can?"

"I might have a few ideas on that," Tina said, "after all, I was looking through his cache last night before I got caught. Most of the girls were blonde and about our age."

"Were they doing anything or just posing for the camera?" I asked.

"There were quite a few poses, but most of them were bisexual: two or more girls with one man. Sometimes they were kissing and cuddling each other while the guy was fucking one of them, in others they were working together to bring the guy off. There was a fair bit of cock sucking, too."

"Hmmm," said Fiona, winking at Tina, "I seem to remember most of that was a winner with Tommy, too, that day we all had him."

"Fi," I asked, "how did Unks handle Tina and I kissing last night when you took him off to bed?"

Fi smiled, remembering, and told us, "That made him ferociously horny! He couldn't take his eyes off you until I took him by the cock and led him to bed."

"Okay, Fi," I said, "here's the plan. When Andy comes back, you go and freshen up. Tina and I will be in bed sharing caresses and we'll get him in bed between us. Do we want to decide who get to ride his cock first, or should we let Andy decide?"

Now Tina spoke up, "I don't think it's fair to put that kind of decision on a man, he may be afraid to offend the other one. You go first and I'll play with you both. How wet are you?" she asked, feeling my pussy. "Hmmm, you'll do!"

Hearing the loo flush, Tina and I took our positions in bed as Fiona headed for the bathroom.

By the time our Uncle returned, Tina and I were kissing passionately and caressing each other's breasts and bodies.

"Oh my, that is one very beautiful sight," our Uncle said when he saw us.

Slowly breaking our embrace, we moved apart and I patted the mattress between us and said, "Hi Unks, come and join us."

He climbed up the bed between us, stopping to give a tender kiss on each of our pussies. Once he was between us I kissed his mouth deeply while Tina gently ran her hands over the fine dark hair on his chest. Half turning to face me, he let his hands explore my body in a way that not even my sisters could match. His gentle, knowing, experienced hands were like no others I have ever felt. He even kissed better than I've been kissed before. Giving myself over to this man completely, dissolving in the pleasure his touch was giving me, I felt a warm glow encompassing my body.

Never before have I felt so deliciously helpless in the tender arms of a man. Whatever my Uncle wanted of me it was going to be my very great pleasure to give him. As his tongue explored my mouth and his hands caressed my body, the warm feeling in my loins suddenly exploded in one the most intense orgasms I had ever felt.

"Oh God, Andy, do it to me! Fuck me now, please!" I cried weakly, "Please let me feel you inside me!"

"Not yet sweetheart," he said gently, "soon, but not just yet."

He continued to caress me, gently kissing my mouth, my breasts, my nipples, going lower towards my pussy, kissing every inch of me as I lay helplessly in the most delicious torture I could never have imagined before today. I couldn't even try to move, so wrapped up was I in the pleasure being inflicted upon me. As I felt his lips playing around my pussy fur, his breath hot on my skin, I parted my legs to give him better access.

My uncle was certainly in no hurry to get himself off in me and part of my mind wondered if he was torturing himself as he was torturing me with pleasure and anticipation. As he moved his face between my legs I felt myself tingling, waiting for the touch of his lips to my labia. Instead, he seemed to be concentrating on the tops on my inner thighs. Weakly I tried to move my pussy toward his mouth, but he kept evading me, not even letting his face touch my pussy by accident.

When he was ready, he let his tongue gently trace around my sex making occasional forays toward my labia, still evading any moves I made to push my pussy against the frustrating pleasure machine that was his tongue. Slowly he moved in until he was running his tongue with exquisite tenderness between my labia, separating them to touch my vagina before moving up towards my clitoris. As he pointed his tongue and played it along the underside of my clitoral shaft, I felt the pent-up arousal and frustration turning into yet another climax. Sensing that I was ready and that I couldn't stand any more teasing, my Uncle slowly climbed on top of my waiting body and gently guided his rock hard cock into my waiting pussy.

Letting out a sigh that quickly became a moan of pleasure, I turned my face up to his and gave him a kiss that I hope managed to convey how he was making me feel. As he was working his cock inside me, I was too helpless from the pleasuring he was giving me to do anything which might enhance his pleasure at the one moment I felt to be the apex of my life. As the feelings of pleasure in my pussy were spreading through my body I managed to find the strength to wrap my legs around Andy's body and bring him closer to me until I felt the longest and most satisfying orgasm ever. As my mind started to return to something resembling my normal level of consciousness, I regained enough presence of mind to start working Andy's cock with my pussy muscles.

Watching his beautiful face, I saw him react to what must have felt like tiny hands playing with him while he was inside me. Suddenly his eyes lost vision and his body became tense. Working my pussy muscles up and down his shaft as hard as I could to give back some of the pleasure this man gave to me I watched with satisfaction as, with an animal like grunt, his body stiffened and deposited within me spurt after spurt of his hot cumm.

As he lowered his body onto mine, I cradled his head in my arms and kissed him very tenderly on his lips. We lay together like that for some minutes until, reluctantly, he withdrew his now-spent weapon from my sated pussy and rolled onto his back.

As I rolled over to face my Uncle and play with his chest hair, I thought about my limited experience with men. I had been a sex toy for Tommy twice: once when he and Tina caught me naked having cyber-sex, when I lost my virginity, and again when we were all at the beach together. That had been fun and very horny but for pure, unadulterated, sexual bliss my Uncle was without peer.

A hand reaching around me to playfully fondle my breast brought me out of my reverie. "Come on muffin," Fiona's voice said, "let's you and I have something to eat while you get your strength back and leave Tina and Unks to themselves for a while."

Giving Andy one last, heartfelt kiss, I rolled off the bed and went with Fi into the kitchen. While we were recovering Fi had packed two plates from the tray with bacon, sausages, a couple of eggs and some of the fried tomato halves and poured two cups of coffee from the plunger. My sister gave me the two cups and carried the plates herself. When we got there, she seated me with a kiss, put a plate in front of me and sat down opposite.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked.

"I've had a cock inside me three times now and each was better than the last. If this goes on, my next fuck is going to kill me!"

Laughing, Fi said, "He is good isn't he? I haven't had anyone better since I've been screwing. Oh, God, I wish we'd done this sooner!"

"Oh Fi, I'm scared. Andy made me feel so good I don't think I could enjoy being fucked by anyone else."

"My little cuddle-muffin," Fi said, taking my hands in hers, "are you saying that you'll never again enjoy a cumm unless Andy gives it to you?"

"That's how it feels," I said earnestly. "Nobody: not you, not Tina, not Tommy has ever made me lay like a bag of spuds while I'm getting fucked or eaten. When Uncle Andy was kissing his way down me, I couldn't move to save myself let alone to return my pleasure as I've always done with you and Tina."

"Well, lets just see," Fiona said letting go of my hands and slipping under the table.

The next thing I knew, my sister was parting my knees and kissing her way up my thighs towards my pussy. I sat forward in my chair, spreading my legs further as her face continued to move further along my thigh until she reached the crease joining my thigh to my love-gap.

When her mouth met my pussy, I let out a soft moan. As her tongue began to explore my labia and the cavern that still contained some of our Uncle's semen, I rotated my hips forward to give her better access. I could almost hear her smiling as I started moaning with pleasure as her tongue probed my vagina.

"I love the taste of a man in you," Fiona murmured, "and Andy's taste is truly sublime. Do you mind if I drink it all?"

"Please," I squeaked.

"You think you might cumm if I keep going?"

"Yes, please don't stop now," I begged.

Burying her face in my pussy again,

Fi took my clit between her lips and began gently sucking on it. As her lips were caressing my love button, I edged further and further forward. When my bottom got to the edge of the chair, I let myself slip down onto the floor and lay on my back with my knees up and as far apart as I could get them to allow her the best possible access to my pussy. As she sucked on me I felt tingles turning into lightning bolts and spreading throughout my body. When the lightning finally struck, I let out a scream that mingled perfectly with Tina's as we each climaxed at opposite ends of the house.

"Oh, I'll never cumm again," Fi said with a laugh, "not unless Andy fucks me!"

"Okay, okay," I said with a smile, "you've made your point. I'm glad you found such a wonderful way to prove me wrong. Meanwhile, I think our sister has just come back from heaven. Should we go in and see about another ride on Andy?"

"Sounds good to me, but don't get your hopes up. It's my bet there won't be any more serious action from Mr. Wiggly before this afternoon."

Walking into the main bedroom with our arms around each other we found a rather wrung out Tina and an Uncle Andy who looked for all the world like the cat who ate the canary.

Let's get real for one moment. My sisters and I are three girls varying in age from eighteen to twenty one. Our Uncle is one man who has lived on this planet for thirty five years. In any fair bedroom wrestle we should have been the winners. It should be us sitting and smiling, and our Uncle laying with a stunned look on his face. Instead, he had consistently reduced each of us to a quivering jelly while seemingly being ready for more himself. If that's not a challenge, I don't know what is!

"Uncle Andy," I said accusingly, "I thought you said you're not a superstud. I don't know what you and Fi did three times last night, but nobody has ever fucked me like you have and Tina had just given you a head-job. Now you've fucked her half to death and you still look like you've just had a quiet game of tennis! What are you?"

Laughing, our Uncle said, "I'm just a normal man, Michi. I hadn't had sex for nearly two years before last night but I keep myself in good shape by watching what I eat, exercising regularly and generally living a clean life. I guess I could say that my strength is as the strength of ten because my heart is pure."

Looking at the cherubic expression on Andy's face, Fiona and I just couldn't help dissolving in laughter. Tina, starting to pay attention to the world around her, let out a chuckle and said, "I don't know about the pure heart, but I can vouch for the strength bit!"

"Well," I said, "you're more than a match for us individually, let's see how you cope with us together."

"Come on girls, I've just cumm for the sixth time in about twelve hours. I really don't think I can get another hard on just yet."

"Well," I said, "if you don't think you can keep up with us, I reckon Fi and I will just have to do it to each other. I owe Fi a cumm, so now is probably a good time to pay up!"

Looking over at Andy's cock, it was pretty slack and I wondered just how long it was going to stay that way.

Climbing up onto the bed with Fiona, we knelt facing each other and kissed deeply. As our tongues and mouths worked at pleasuring each other, Fiona gently held my face while I explored her body with my fingers.

Feeling her nipples against my throat as her tongue explored my mouth, I let my hands go to her hips. Pulling her closer to me, I moved my hands slowly up her back, gently dragging my fingernails on her skin. As we broke our kiss for a moment to catch breath, I looked over Fi's shoulder to see what our uncle was doing. He was sitting up watching us with a hand on his half-erect cock. When he saw me looking, he smiled and said, "Keep that up girls and I'll join you shortly."

Laying back on the bed and pulling Fi on top of me, we manoeuvred into a head and tail position. As she settled her pussy over my face and put her head between my raised thighs, I could hear Tina moving behind Andy at the head of the bed. Stealing a sideways glance, I saw her settling down behind him, wrapping her legs around him and running her hands down from his chest towards his cock. Feeling just a little jealous, I put my mouth over Fiona's pussy and started exploring her labia with my tongue. While I was running my tongue along the cleft between Fiona's lips, she took my clitoris into her mouth and gently sucked on it. The taste of her pussy has never failed to turn me on since I first tasted it several years ago.

Suddenly, Fiona took her mouth off my clitoris and got up on all fours. Looking up to see what was happening, I saw Andy squatting by Fiona holding his now stiff cock in his hand.

"Move a bit closer, Michi." he said, so I shinnied down, lifted my butt up and spread my legs for him, but instead of giving sliding his cock into me, he held it for Fiona to lick like an ice cream while he played with my pussy with his finger.

Tina came up behind him and started playing with his balls while Fiona worked her tongue over his head leaving me to play with Fi's titties while Andy diddled me with his finger. I saw Tina whisper something to Andy, who smiled broadly and nodded. He lifted Fiona's face to his, whispered in her ear and kissed her on the lips. With a laugh Fiona grabbed his ears and gave him a deep tongue kiss letting him have a taste of his own pre cumm which he didn't seem to mind...

After Fiona had been licking his head and Tina playing with his balls for several more minutes I could see that Andy was getting ready to cumm, and I hoped Fi wouldn't swallow it all so I could have a taste too.

Suddenly Andy said "Now!", Fi rolled to the side and Andy lunged forward while Fiona held my arms. Tina started massaging the length of his cock right in front of my face and said, laughing, "This will clear up your complexion, Michi!"

At this Fiona tightened her grip on my wrists, forcing me to struggle. Looking down at me Fiona laughed too saying, "Oh, this is going to be just so good to watch! I've wanted to do something like this ever since I heard about Tina and Tommy catching you."

Reminded of Tina holding me out for Tommy to use got me even hotter, so I struggled harder to free myself. Tina let go of Andy's cock to hold my legs, and Andy took himself in hand, pumping with one hand and rubbing his balls with the other.

His smile was so wide it almost seemed to meet at the back of his head! While I was still struggling I saw his cock suddenly seem to get bigger, then spurt after spurt of cumm hit me in my face. I tried to catch as much of it as I could in my mouth, but most of it hit my cheek and ran down onto my neck.

Still looking down at me, Andy said, "Oh, Michi, you look just so gorgeous like that. With your arms held above your head like that, your tits tighten beautifully and your struggles make them wobble and, oh, God, that was just sooo hot! When Fiona told me about Tina and Tommy last night, I just had to try it out for myself."

Leaning forward to lick the last drops of cumm from Andy's head I told him, "It makes me really hot, too, Uncle Andy. If you've got any other fantasies, we can bring stuff up with us next time we come."

"I'll think about that while we get cleaned up for lunch," Andy replied.

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