A Weekend With Our Uncle - Part 1

By Michelle Thomas

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Every few years, Mum and Dad would decide it was time to have a 'quiet weekend without the kids'. Whenever this happened we'd be farmed out to Uncle Andy and Aunt Mary, who lived up on the coast about two hours drive from home. The last time this happened, Uncle Andy was nearly single, Mary having left him, and the divorce not yet final.

Our mother's younger brother is a top-flight computer programmer who telecommutes to Sydney to work but, being a creature of the night, is angling for a similar job in the U.S. where he can sleep late and work late keeping in touch in real time across the Internet.

Anyway Fiona, Tina and I arrived about dinnertime on Friday and were planning to leave after dinner on Sunday so we could be home in time for our various commitments on Monday morning. After dinner Tina asked Andy if she could use the Internet to do some research for an Info Tech assignment that she had to hand in the following Friday. Uncle Andy agreed and logged her in, which is how she came to be in Uncle's office by herself for about an hour after dinner while Fiona and I kept him company.

It turned out that his technophobic wife had walked out on him because she felt he was spending too much time with his computer and not enough time with her. She seemed to have the idea that because he worked at home, he should be available to help with housework, screw her and so on when he really needed peace to concentrate on the software authoring he was paid so highly to do.

During the course of our conversation the topic turned to Uncle Andy's current project and he enthusiastically rose to get his laptop and some diskettes from his office. He returned shortly with a very nervous Tina who was bare from the waist down.

"I'm not a parent so I'm not sure what I should do about this," Uncle Andy said. "This is how I found Tina in my office. She was in the local chat room having cyber sex with some American. I take it your parents have no idea what you use the Internet for..."

Before anyone else could think of something to say Tina said, "I don't think over-reacting would be an optimum solution, Uncle. Before I took the chance of getting caught cybering I had a look at your browser's cache, where copies of files from recently accessed web sites are kept. I found some very interesting pictures in there. Some of the girls seemed to be very young, not quite eighteen."

Andy looked darkly at Tina and asked, "Just what are you trying to say, young lady?"

"Only that we both have a secret to keep from my parents, that's all. If they knew what any of us really did on the Internet, we'd all be arse deep in shit!"

Fiona spoke up, saying, "Andy, Tina, please. Let's all sit down and discuss this like adults. No one has done any harm and I'm certain none of us wants to cause a situation."

Our uncle sat down in his wing back chair and we all watched as Tina walked over and sat on the couch between Fiona and me, taking our hands. She was still bare below the waist and Andy was starting to react to the scent of arousal coming from Tina as well as to the sight of the half naked young woman sitting nearly opposite him.

Uncle Andy broke the silence saying, "I never said I was going to go running off at the mouth about what you were doing, Tina. I just said that I wasn't sure what I should do. As you point out it would certainly be embarrassing for me if your mother found out her little brother was accessing hard-core adult sites. Although, I can assure you any young women you saw in my computer will certainly be at least eighteen."

With the situation apparently under control, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Literally, we breathed it at the same time and any remaining tension vanished as we all dissolved in gales of laughter.

"Well," laughed our uncle, "now that tension has mounted and ridden off into the sunset, who would like a glass of wine?"

Andy left the room returning moments later with four glasses and a carafe of Moselle. As he filled the glasses and was about to stand to give us ours Tina rose, walked over to him and said, "Here Uncle, let me take them."

Andy just sort of sat there, mouth open, his eyes on a level with Tina's pussy. Tina, keeping a straight face, took the glasses from our uncle turned and walked back to the couch. Winking at us, she bent to offer us our wine, giving Andy a good look at her twat from behind, before turning and taking her seat between Fiona and me.

By this time our poor uncle was thoroughly shaken, but not yet stirred. It seemed that now was a good time to do a little bit of the latter. Stretching, I said, "Tell me Unc, what do you do when you're not working or surfing the 'net?"

"Well, Michelle, I tend to live a pretty quiet life. I don't feel ready to look for a long-term partner and I don't like the idea of a succession of one-night stands. Not much of a bachelor am I?" he laughed.

"Do you mean to say that you've not had a woman in nearly two years since Mary walked out?" Fiona chimed in, looking aghast.

"That just about hit the hammer on the nail Fiona," Andy said dropping one of his famous mixed metaphors.

"Oh you poor man," said Tina leaning forward, "no wonder you're all tense and irritable. Why don't you lay down and let us give you a nice, gentle back rub? I packed some baby oil with my things, I'll just go and get it." Flashing her fur again, Tina stood and hurried from the room.

When she returned, still in just her top, she found our Uncle laying on his front with his shirt off and his head on a cushion. Fiona and I were kneeling on either side gently exploring his back with our fingertips. "Unc," she said, "I really think you should lose the trousers. This oil is nearly impossible to get out of fabric and it would be a shame to ruin a good pair of pants..."

"Uh, no, really girls, I don't think..." he started to respond.

"Uncle, really, your back has more knots than a Boy Scout Jamboree. You need a massage," I told him, "and besides, if you're embarrassed about stripping down, just remember that we've all seen men's undies!"

He still hesitated so Fiona reached under him for his belt buckle, causing his hips to reflexively rise up. As she undid his belt, I undid his pants and in a matter of seconds our Uncle was laying down again in his briefs. The reason for his reticence had become obvious to me as I was unzipping his fly: He had a roaring, stiff erection!

While this was going on, Tina squirted some baby oil into her hand and had been warming it by pouring it from palm to palm. Once Andy was laying down again, sans his pants, she knelt by his head and started rubbing his shoulders and upper back gently just spreading the oil and apparently quite unaware that her bare pussy was spread right next to his head. Laying with his head to the right and his eyes closed, Andy was unaware of the visual treat waiting for him.

Not to be totally outdone by our sister, Fiona and I quietly removed our tops and skirts and, after warming some oil, we started massaging his lower back and arms. I think we were enjoying listening to Andy's quiet sighs as much as he was enjoying three pairs of hands rubbing two years' worth of knots out of his back.

After massaging our Uncle's back, shoulders and arms for about half an hour, we picked up the tempo slowly to bring him back from the relaxed state he had settled into. After all, there was one more muscle that needed to have its stiffness attended to!

With one enormous sigh, Andy straightened his head and found himself face to face with Tina's pussy. As she still had one knee by each of his shoulders, her pussy was spread wide in front of him.

With a sharp breath and a jump of surprise our dear uncle came fully alert and climbed to a sitting position. "Um, Tina, don't you think you should put something on? I might be your uncle but I am still a man and just flesh and blood."

Giggling, Tina said, "I don't know about blood, Uncle, but I can certainly see the flesh!"

Looking where Tina was looking our uncle suddenly became aware of the erection straining his briefs. Turning around to face us for some support he saw his other two nieces sitting cross-legged just behind him wearing nothing but panties.

"Uncle," I said quietly, "you're the only one without oily hands. I think Tina might like you to help her with her top."

"Yes, please, Andy. We're not your little nieces any more; we're consenting adults. We're all on the Pill, so you've no need to worry about pregnancy and we always practice safe sex so there isn't anything at all to stop us having a really nice time this weekend."

"Did you girls plan this?" Andy asked, trying to suppress a grin.

"No Uncle," Fiona told him, "this is just as unexpected to us as it is to you. But, as some long dead Roman once said: 'Carpe diem' - seize the day. That day is now and we are three nubile women waiting for you to seize us!"

"I never was able to say 'No' to you three for very long," Andy said with a smile as he reached forward to lift Tina's top. Raising her arms, Tina smiled as she became naked and leaned forward to kiss our uncle gently on the lips.

As they kissed, Fiona leaned forward to caress Andy's belly, gently running her fingers up and down the line of fine hair between his navel and the elastic of his briefs, while I reached around to caress his chest and tweak his nipples. Sighing deeply, Andy told us, "I'm about 15 years older than you three and I'm sure I'm no match for the much younger men you're used to."

"Andy," I replied earnestly, "I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we'll be happy with you whomever you're a match for. I'm sure that whether or not you think of yourself as a superstud, you will make us as happy as we intend to make you."

Motioning Fiona to stand, we stood to either side of Tina and I looked my uncle in the eye and said, "Please take our panties down, we can't do it without staining them with baby oil."

Finally bowing to the inevitable, Andy slid his hands gently up my legs and over my bottom to the elastic of my panties. Pausing to plant a gentle kiss on my mound, he lowered them with such delicious slowness that I couldn't help shivering with anticipation at the thought of his experienced hands caressing the rest of me.

"I never dared to think about what I'm doing, Michi, but this has to be one of my wilder fantasies!" Andy said, gently kissing the crease at the top of my thigh.

"Oh Uncle," I said, running my fingertips though his hair, "I have too, ever since I was a child. Really, couldn't you tell?"

"I had a pretty good idea, honey, but there's just no way I'm going to make even a subtle pass at a girl that age, especially when she's my sister's daughter! But, now that you're older . . . "

"Andy," Fiona whispered interrupting Unc', "you and I are the only ones still wearing anything. Would you please take my panties down, too?"

"Of course, honey," he replied.

I watched his finger tips caress their way gently up her calves and inner thighs to pause, teasingly, where her panties covered the moist area between her legs. Gently hooking his index fingers inside the elastic, he slowly pulled them down to expose Fiona's pussy.

"Uncle Andy," Tina said in the wheedling voice she used whenever she wanted to wrap him around her little finger, "before you take your briefs off, would you please stand up so we can see better?"

Standing up, he paused to survey the three young women now sitting in a semi-circle around him staring at the eye-level bulge in his briefs. Slowly pulling them down, he let his cock stay caught by the elastic until all but the head was exposed. We watched hungrily as his rock hard prick strained against the elastic before finally freeing itself and vaulting to the vertical position in front of us.

"Oh," said Tina, "That's one helluva nice cock! I love my Tommy dearly and wouldn't swap him for the world, but I will have my share of that before this weekend is over!"

Truth to tell, I was thinking exactly the same thing and Fiona, I assume, was too. He had been circumcised and the cock standing proud and naked before us was about 17cm long. It was so engorged that it beat time to our uncle's heartbeat!

Smiling broadly at our reactions Andy just stood there, hands on hips, while we feasted our eyes on his cock.

Staring at my uncle's cock, beating time like a conductor to a fast march, I felt myself becoming more than just aroused, I knew that I would climax if I could stare at it just a little longer.

"Please, nobody move," I whispered, "just let me look..."

Something in my voice must have told them I really meant it, because my sisters sat quietly and Uncle Andy stood there watching me stare...

I watched as the drop of pre cumm on the tip ran down his shaft and another grew to take its place. I felt a climax building and starting to expand from my hot, wet pussy and spread throughout my body. As shaking gave way to shuddering, and moaning gave way to straining, and straining gave way to a sudden release, Tina took me in her arms and said, "You came, didn't you? You told me you could cumm just by looking, but I never believed you. Oh Michi, my little sister, I love you very much. You are just so precious!"

As I returned her embrace, and we both kissed deeply, I could hear Fiona staking her claim to Andy for tonight. Plenty of time, I thought to myself as Tina and I melted into each other's arms and lips. Plenty of time...

When, after some minutes, we broke our kiss it was to find ourselves alone in the living room. We briefly discussed joining Fiona and Andy in bed, but decided to let them enjoy each other tonight and make up for it in the morning.

"But what if she wears him out?" I whispered. "Then there won't be anything left for us!"

"Trust me Michi 35 isn't over the hill, I know!" Tina replied. "Do you remember when I was in Melbourne for a week last year? I met a guy about Andy's age at a nightclub and he screwed me four times during the night when we got back to my hotel and twice more the next morning. Don't worry, honey-pie, none of us are going to miss out. Now, let's go to bed."

As we headed for bed, our arms around each other's waist, we stopped briefly to listen to the action behind the half open door of the main bedroom. Hearing our sister and our uncle moaning and moving about on the bed, we kissed deeply and caressed each other's breasts and bottoms before moving on.

Once in the spare bedroom, we quietly moved the two single beds together, rearranging the blankets and quilts. Satisfied, we turned out the lights and climbed in together.

As our lips met, we caressed and fondled each other's breasts, bottoms and faces. Gently rolling me onto my back, Tina stretched one leg over me, placing it between my thighs to lightly press onto my pussy. That left me with a thigh on her pussy so I reached behind, taking her bottom in my hands, and pulled us closer together. Breaking our passionate kiss, I gently flicked my lips across her face, nibbled my way down her throat and toward her breasts.

As Tina raised herself up onto her elbows, I gently took hold of the nearest breast and tenderly laid kisses over it, returning again and again to her lovely nipple. Each time I kissed or nibbled on her nipple she sighed more deeply and gave a little shiver. Feeling Tina getting hotter and wetter heightened my own sexual arousal until, throwing the bed covers off, she straddled my chest.

Burying her face in my pussy, she lavished kisses on my labia and stroked the shaft of my clitoris with her tongue. Tenderly sucking on the nub, she drew it into her mouth making me gasp with pleasure.

She was treating my pussy to a thorough tongue-lashing so I took the opportunity to reciprocate on her. Exploring her wet pussy with my tongue, I gloried in the taste of her. Using my lower lip to push the fur away from her clit, I took her little nub into my mouth.

Gently sucking it in and out of my mouth while Tina did the same to me, I could feel myself starting to cumm. Laying with my legs apart, my pussy naked and spread before my sister's lips and tongue, I felt waves of pleasure washing up my body, expanding in a pink glow. As I continued to suck Tina's clit, I began to moan louder and louder as my own pleasure grew. With my climax starting to peak, Tina's orgasm was building and she let her body drop until her pussy was resting on my face.

I came with a moan that was almost a scream and Tina ground her pussy firmly against my mouth. As my attention started to return to my sister, I responded to her by again taking her clitoris into my mouth and sucking on it like a gumdrop. Her pussy was awash with her cumm as she collapsed onto my body.

We lay together, head to tail, for a moment until Tina rolled off and turned around to embrace me. Holding each other and kissing gently and intimately we went to sleep in each other's arms.

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